Having It A.L.L.

Welcome to Having It A.L.L., the podcast that flips the script on what it means to “have it all” in life. I’m Matthew Bivens, your host and friend, and I’m inviting you to join me in conversations designed to help you radically shift your confidence, self worth, and clarity. In order to create new results in your life - whether that’s in your relationships, your health, your money, your family or your life’s purpose - you must make new decisions and build new habits. This podcast will not only deliver the lessons and action items that will help you move the needle in your life, but also share the vulnerable and honest truth about the challenges of working to improve and ultimately master yourself. Each breakdown can lead to breakthrough, and we cover it all on this podcast. Personal development is not an easy road, but you can create meaningful change that lasts. Let’s do it together one choice at a time. Tune in each week and see that it’s not only possible to have it all, but that you were meant to all along! 

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Relationship Misconceptions That Are Making You...
What are your core beliefs when it comes to relationships? In today's episode I'm joined by my Queen, Sarah Bivens, and we're diving into some big relationship myths and misconceptions that we have believed that have lead to unhappiness in our relationships.
65 min
Creating Your Word For The Year, 2021 Edition
Are you ready to show up with purpose, integrity and intention over the next 12 months? It's time for the annual Having It A.L.L. tradition of creating your Word For The Year!
44 min
Kicking Off A Year Of Having It ALL - 12 Months...
Are you ready to have it all this year? Seriously, are you ready to start believing in your greatness and proactively shaping the life you desire for yourself?
40 min
The Big Self Help Mistake I Used To Make (Don't...
Do you ever get down on yourself when someone else's self help advice just doesn't work for you? I've read, listened to and watched thousands of pieces of self help content over the years, and for a long time I thought that there was something wrong with me when I failed to incorporate someone else's advice into my life. I would blame a lack of discipline, focus, grit, or consistency as the reasons why I never made it past day two on someone else's stellar self help routine.
38 min
Do You Know What A "Sponsoring Thought" Is? Unc...
Have you heard of the concept of a "sponsoring thought"? In today's episode I'm breaking down the concept of a sponsoring thought, showing you the essence of what all of life's choices really boil down to, and helping you get down to the weeds of what might be keeping from your abundant loving life. And as always, I'm sharing my examples of how I'm flowing with the idea of sponsoring thoughts, and how I'm utilizing the tools at my disposal to have it all (and in the process giving you permission to do the same, in your own way).
32 min
How To Stop Taking Things So Personally (Yes, I...
Why does it feel so hard at times to not take things personally? For me, I used to take things very personally. Growing up, my emotions would be triggered by the slightest look or question that I felt was off or directed at me in a malicious way. I made villains out of a lot of people, I felt small and hurt often, and I just plain took things personally a lot.
44 min
Bare-Bones Self-Care Habits You Need In 2020 an...
Are you feeling like life has you struggling in all sorts of ways, and you just need to get back to some self-care basics? In today's episode I'm breaking down "bare-bones self-care" habits that can quickly and easily be incorporated into even the busiest schedule. If you don't have any other self-care routine, then this is one to adopt. These habits are super simple, some take seconds to perform and can be done virtually anywhere. But adding them into your life can be a game changer.
51 min
How To Deal With Sadness and Overwhelm In A Hea...
How do you process the periods in life of prolonged sadness or overwhelm? In today's episode I'm sharing with you my strategies for dealing with sadness and overwhelm in a healthy way that allows you to honor the feelings while creating momentum to rise above them. Tune in and you'll walk away with habits, mindsets and strategies to more powerfully deal with the circumstances that life is throwing at you right now.
54 min
7 Thoughts On Gratitude You Haven't Heard Befor...
When was the last time you intentionally stopped and expressed some gratitude? You've probably heard all throughout your life of the importance of "gratitude". In personal development circles it's touted as a powerful tool for happiness and success. As kids many of us are reminded constantly about the importance of being grateful. But is it a part of your everyday routing and a strong tool in your toolbox? Do you even believe in the power of gratitude?
24 min
The Buck Stops Here! Making A Commitment To Bre...
What patterns of unhealthy behavior did you pick up from others (perhaps the environment you grew up in), that you're continuing to do yourself? In today's episode I'm introducing an idea and exercise to help you break the cycle of unhealthy ways of thinking, acting and being. It's called "the buck stops here!".
29 min
Treat Him Like A King, Treat Her Like A Queen: ...
What does it really mean to treat your partner like a King or Queen? In today's episode I'm joined by my Queen, Sarah Bivens, and we dig into the topic of "how to treat your partner like a King or Queen". This is a powerful conversation for anyone who has struggled with feeling like they deserve to be treated with kindness and respect, or anyone who feels their current relationship dynamic has room for growth.
95 min
Creating Amazing Relationships: How Courage and...
In your relationships would you say you lean more on the side of Courage or Consideration? We each fall somewhere in the spectrum of Courage vs Consideration. When there's an imbalance, relationships suffer and life gets challenging.
36 min
Choose Your Hard
How do you feel about challenges in your life? For today's episode I'm sharing with you a post I first saw on Instagram about challenges, and giving you some food for thought around how you may be approaching those uncomfortable moments in your life.
33 min
Are You Living With Passion And Doing What You ...
Are you doing what you love in life? In this episode I’m sharing with you questions to ask yourself that can help you identify your passions and build a life where you’re living those passions regularly.
50 min
6 Mental Tricks To Help You Power Through Your ...
Are you aware of the most important piece of equipment for working out? It's your BRAIN! In today's episode I'm sharing with you 6 of my top mental tricks that will help you power through your workouts, and can even help you turn your exercises into a fun and enjoyable experience!
53 min
How To Let Go And Gain Closure (When It Seems T...
How do you let go when you’re feeling very attached? How do you gain closure when you felt like you’ve been wronged? Those are some million dollar questions right there! Figure that out, and you might just be able to life a happy, drama free life for the rest of your years! But that's the thing about letting go and closure - they are simple in concepts, but very hard to accomplish in reality.
64 min
A Raw and Vulnerable Conversation on Conception...
When was the last time you wanted something so strongly, but it just wasn't happening and you had no answers as to why? Each one of us knows what it's like to experience the vast range of emotions that come with having unmet desires. For Sarah and I, it's no different.
48 min
Learn How To Master Your Stress (Instead Of Run...
How do you deal with stress? For many people, one big goal in life is to reduce the amount of things that stress them out. Getting the "stress inbox" to zero is a noble feat, but one that I believe is completely missing the point!
50 min
A Pragmatists View On Affirmations: How To Get ...
How do you feel about affirmations: Do you do them? Do you feel they can be effective? Do you believe they are bogus? Affirmations can be a tool to help you on your growth journey. But a tool is only as effective as the user's knowledge and wisdom. In this episode I'm talking about affirmations and positive self talk, and giving you my perspective as a self-diagnosed pragmatist.
23 min
Do Less, Get More
Do you feel like the only way to get what you want in life is by doing MORE? I held this belief for a LONG time, and the result was that I absolutely got more….more stress, more worry, more tension in my shoulders, more anxiety looking at my bank account, more feelings that I wasn’t doing enough, more frustration, more fights with my partner.
39 min
Some of Our Biggest Breakthroughs in Sex and In...
What is the difference between sex and intimacy? How does this play out in your relationship and how you feel about your own sex and intimacy both before and after kids?
62 min
Infinite Patience Yields Immediate Results
Where are you lacking in patience right now? In what area of your life would your experience be greatly improved if you could just be patient? In today's conversation I'm sharing with you a concept "infinite patience yields immediate results" and I'm passing along some stories to help you connect with your most patient self. It's in there, trust me! And when you connect with your infinite patience, you'll feel like you have it all.
31 min
Cultivating Humility, Keeping Your Ego In Check...
Does your ego run the show? If you answered anything other than "Yes, at times", than today's episode for you!
41 min
Doomscrolling Is Eating Away Your Happiness, Pe...
Have you ever found yourself up late at night, scrolling through social media, feeling worse and worse with every thumb flick, but unable to break away? That my friend is known as "doomscrolling" and it's robbing you of your happiness, peace and mental health.
57 min
4 Self Awareness Examples To Help You Improve Y...
How self aware are you? That's a loaded question, huh! In today's episode I'm sharing with you 4 real examples from my life where I've succeeded and struggled with self awareness. These simple examples will help you see how I'm actively working on being more self aware each day, and you'll learn tips for improving your self awareness as well.
48 min