Having It A.L.L.

Welcome to Having It A.L.L., the podcast that flips the script on what it means to “have it all” in life. I’m Matthew Bivens, your host and friend, and I’m inviting you to join me in conversations designed to help you radically shift your confidence, self worth, and clarity. In order to create new results in your life - whether that’s in your relationships, your health, your money, your family or your life’s purpose - you must make new decisions and build new habits. This podcast will not only deliver the lessons and action items that will help you move the needle in your life, but also share the vulnerable and honest truth about the challenges of working to improve and ultimately master yourself. Each breakdown can lead to breakthrough, and we cover it all on this podcast. Personal development is not an easy road, but you can create meaningful change that lasts. Let’s do it together one choice at a time. Tune in each week and see that it’s not only possible to have it all, but that you were meant to all along! 

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How Men Can Care For Women And Show Up Powerful...
"What are 3 things you want the world to know about caring for women?" My friend, Dr. Nathan Riley, asked me that question on his podcast, The Holistic OBGYN, and it sparked a really great conversation between the two of us. I'm excited to share that full conversation with you today!
44 min
Relationship Misconceptions That Are Making You...
What are your core beliefs when it comes to relationships? In today's episode I'm joined by my Queen, Sarah Bivens, and we're diving into some big relationship myths and misconceptions that we have believed that have lead to unhappiness in our relationships.
69 min
New Years Resolutions: Why I'm Not A Fan Of The...
Are you one of the 92% of people who never come close to completing their New Year's Resolutions? As you can tell by the title, I don't like New Year's Resolutions at all. I'm all for people committing to better themselves, but the New Year's Resolutions framework is not set up for you to succeed. In today's Classic Having It A.L.L. episode I share why I dislike New Year's Resolutions and what to do instead if you want to start off your year on a powerful note.
32 min
My Interview On The Project UnchainED Podcast -...
Have you ever found yourself at a crossroads where you knew with all your soul that one decision was better for you than another, yet making that decision was terrifying? I've shared various parts of my story over the 5+ years of this podcast, and there's a theme that comes up for me often: crossroads moments. On today's episode, I'm sharing with you an interview that I did with my good friend Ross Leppala, host of the great podcast Project UnchainED. In this interview Ross and I get very open, raw and real about a lot of topics: love vs fear, sexual healing, monogamy, and more.
85 min
Overcoming Male Shame: Stories And Wisdom On Ho...
What shame are you hiding? Fellas, this episode is for you. As a man, I've carried with me different types of shame through my life that have had a big impact on how I see the world and operate in it. I learned early on that burying my shame and pretending it wasn't there was the safest way for me to operate. The truth is, it's not. In today's episode we're tackling a topic that lives within many men -- shame. I'm pulling from various sources here to help you understand shame, watch how it plays out in the lives of men like you, and see how other men are choosing to face it.
66 min
How To Bounce Back Quickly When You're Dealing ...
How do you bounce back when your world gets rocked? When everything seems to be going wrong in your life? When your dreams are shattered? In today's episode I share with you what inspired me to jump off the couch, grab my mic, and record this very podcast!
27 min
Being Deeply Introverted And Finding Direction ...
Have you ever felt completely lost in your life? Like you didn't know what you were "supposed" to do, who you should be as a person, and what your true passion was? You can't see it, but I'm raising both hands at that! If you consider yourself an introvert, have felt lost in life, have never really felt like you know who you should be as a person, and feel like you're lacking direction, then this is an episode to tune into!
57 min
How To Deal With A Confidence and Self Worth Br...
When was the last time you had a major breakdown in confidence and self worth? So often when our confidence is shook and we're questioning our own value, it's a major challenge to recover and get back into a powerful place. I have too many stories that are a testament to this. In today's episode I'm sharing one of these stories - my recent experience attending my wife's high school reunion. I went through the gamut of emotions, limiting beliefs, and self deprecating stories, leading up to and during this reunion. I questioned my abilities as an entrepreneur, husband and provide. It was fascinating!!
48 min
How To Discipline Your Thinking So That You Get...
What does it mean to "discipline your thinking" and how is this directly tied to you feeling like you have it all? In today's episode, I'm bringing you wisdom from Dr. Joe Dispenza, Abraham Hicks and Shi Heng Yi about the power of your thinking and the importance of cultivating control over your thoughts. Learning these tips WILL allow you to create what you desire in your life and truly feel that you have it all!
46 min
Trust And Let Go Of What It "Should" Look Like ...
How attached are you to the way you feel your life should look like? If you're frustrated with the way things are right now... If you're annoyed because something in your life is not going according to your plan... If you're experiencing anxiety because the goals you set are not being met in the timeframe you wanted them to... Then we are in the same place, and this episode is for you.
28 min
How To Start Your Own Podcast: A Not-So-Short-B...
Have you considered starting a podcast? If yes: Awesome! If no, why the heck not?? In today's episode I'm giving you information, motivation and DIY steps to starting a podcast in 2021 and beyond.
78 min
The 5 Key Principles I Live By (Rebroadcast)
Do you have principles? What are they? How do you use them? Are you confident that you know what living a principally based life means? Today I'm shining light on this idea of "principles" that so many self help gurus and successful people tout as the key to living a great life. You will learn the 5 key principles that I choose to live my life by and I show you how you can live by them too.
51 min
How To Stop Taking Things So Personally (Yes, I...
Why does it feel so hard at times to not take things personally? For me, I used to take things very personally. Growing up, my emotions would be triggered by the slightest look or question that I felt was off or directed at me in a malicious way. I made villains out of a lot of people, I felt small and hurt often, and I just plain took things personally really frequently. But I had my breakthrough moment and can show you how to have yours as well.
44 min
My Personal Mission Statement: Why Knowing What...
What are you playing for in life? Each of us have something we're striving for in our lives. One powerful tool that I've used to help me become the person I want to become, is a personal mission statement. In today's episode I'm sharing with you my new personal mission statement and unpacking all of its elements.
55 min
Do Something You've Always Wanted To Do This Fa...
What is something that you've always wanted to do, but you know you've let fear and discomfort hold you back? It's the first week of September, and that means Fall is officially here. You've been putting in deposits into your tank for a while now, and now it's time for you to act. In today's episode I'm setting up a context for getting into action to do things you've been afraid to do, to experience things you've always wanted to experience.
22 min
A Powerful Method For Changing Your Relationshi...
In today's episode I'm sharing a way for you to learn how to change your relationship towards stress. If you're used to feeling stressed out with ish hits the fan, and you have been unable to shift that feeling, then tune in! I'm going to share with you how you can use exercise to learn how to deal with stress more effectively.
17 min
What The Birth Of My Child Has Taught Me About ...
This episode is all about FAITH, but not in the most widely used sense. I’m talking about having supreme confidence and trust in someone or something. This episode is all about faith, trust and surrender. I briefly talk about Maya’s birth experience, but spend the bulk of the episode diving into what it looks and feels like when we lack faith in our lives.
26 min
“I Can’t F*&%$#@ Do This” - Breaking Your Fear ...
By now you might have heard of the Tony Robbins documentary “I am not your guru”. It’s been making its way around Netflix and the internet. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend you give it a watch! This episode is about what it really takes to experience a breakthrough in your life.
34 min
Not Feeling Fulfilled In Life? Here's What You ...
Are you able to answer the question -- "What would have to happen in order for you to feel fulfilled in your life?" If you're struggling with feeling fulfilled then LISTEN UP!
41 min
How To Be More Consistent When Building Healthy...
In today's episode I'm sharing an example of consistency that I experience in my life every week.
9 min
The 5 Taboo Topics You Need To Stop Avoiding An...
What subjects are off limits to you? What things do you avoid in your life like the plague? Most people have some topics that they refuse to address. These "taboo subjects" are robbing you of your power, your freedom and your life! If you want to truly have it all and live the life you're meant to live, then you MUST start addressing these things in a real way. Today I talk about how to do just that.
51 min
How Much Life Can You Handle? 7 Ways To Show Up...
As your responsibilities go up (new children, new job, more lovers), is your capacity to handle these new responsibilities going up as well?
36 min
The Key To Living A More Proactive Life (Rebroa...
Where do you spend most of your emotional time and energy: in things you can influence or in things you have zero control over? If you're a proactive person who takes response-ability for their lives, then you absolutely focus on the things you can influence. Reactive people spend their time focusing on things that they have zero control over. The difference between circle of influence and circle of concern is at the heart of today's podcast. 
23 min
Yes, You Can Have It All! Why So Many Get It Wr...
Can you have it all? This was the question that launched this podcast. 5 years later, and my answer to that question hasn't wavered one bit: Yes, you absolutely can! There's no "...BUT" at the end of the statement either. You can have it all in life, AND I'll show you how it's possible for you!
52 min
Let's Talk About Sex: The #1 Reason Why You Are...
Why do people, supplied with wisdom and a clear path of action, not experience breakthroughs? Why is it that we can be so clear that addressing our beliefs, paradigms and traumas around sex will be so healing and beneficial, but we never take the next step? On today's episode I share with you things I've learned from my experience as a life coach, and wisdom I've gained from addressing my biggest fears around sex.
33 min