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Welcome to Having It A.L.L., the podcast that flips the script on what it means to “have it all” in life. I’m Matthew Bivens, your host and friend, and I’m inviting you to join me in conversations designed to help you radically shift your confidence, self worth, and clarity. In order to create new results in your life - whether that’s in your relationships, your health, your money, your family or your life’s purpose - you must make new decisions and build new habits. This podcast will not only deliver the lessons and action items that will help you move the needle in your life, but also share the vulnerable and honest truth about the challenges of working to improve and ultimately master yourself. Each breakdown can lead to breakthrough, and we cover it all on this podcast. Personal development is not an easy road, but you can create meaningful change that lasts. Let’s do it together one choice at a time. Tune in each week and see that it’s not only possible to have it all, but that you were meant to all along! 

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Let's Talk About Sex: Understanding Your Sexual...
What is your sexual story? We all have a sexual story that was started when we were young and is being added to constantly. Many people's stories around sex are based in shame, judgement, embarrassment and expectation. That leads to sexual experiences and feelings that are unhealthy and certainly don't uplift and heal.But it doesn't have to be that way! You can rewrite your sexual story, heal those sexual wounds you carry, and create an entirely new sexual experience for yourself that's based in love, feels authentic, and full of genuine connection. Today I'm kicking off a series about sex which will help you transform your views on sex, from the inside out.
37 min
The Balance Between Being A Leader And A Follow...
Are you more of a leader or a follower? You might think that one of these roles is better or more preferred than the other. However, the truth is that it's your ability to balance between the two that will lead to your greatest success, and your goal is to understand your leadership-to-followership ratio.
37 min
What Does It Really Mean To Be An "Involved Dad...
How would you describe what being an "involved dad" is? And, if you're a father, would you currently consider yourself an "involved dad"? This idea came up in a conversation Sarah and I were having on our other podcast, Doing It At Home, and I was clear that discussing fatherhood and what it looks like to show up powerfully as a dad was something to bring to Having It A.L.L.. Join me as I dive into what it really means to be an "involved dad" and why that label itself carries with it some controversy.
53 min
Doomscrolling: What It Is, Why You Need To Know...
Have you ever found yourself up late at night, scrolling through social media, feeling worse and worse with every thumb flick, but unable to break away? That my friend is known as "doomscrolling" and it's robbing you of your happiness, peace and mental health. In today's episode I talk about Doomscrolling, break down why we do it, and give you some expert advice on how you can break the cycle and reclaim your health!
62 min
NOW Is The Time To Start Prioritizing Your Heal...
Where does your personal health rank on your list of priorities? Probably not at the top. Well, as you can guess from this title of this episode, I'm making a strong case for why you MUST begin to push your health to the top of your list. And I'm talking right now! Not next month, next quarter, over the summer. NOW!
44 min
The 6 F's - HIA Framework Part 3 (HIA Classic)
How do you know whether or not you "have it all" in your life? One of my goals for you is that you move closer towards your definition of "having it all", and to do that you need to have an objective way of assessing whether you currently have it all. That's where the 6 F's come in! Today's episode is part of a series I did where I breakdown the meaning of "Having It A.L.L." (particularly the A.L.L. acronym). In today's conversation I'm sharing with you the 6 key areas of life that are an integral part of the Having It A.L.L. Framework, the 6 F's: Faith, Family, Friends, Fitness, Finance, and Fun. In the episode you'll hear my definition of each of those areas, how they impact your life, and things you can do to improve or increase any of those 6 areas so that you can get closer to truly "having it all".
32 min
The Hero's Journey: A Roadmap To Unlocking Your...
What is the Hero's Journey and how does it apply to your life? In today's episode I'm breaking down the Hero's Journey, walking you through each of the 12 stages, and relating it back to your personal journey as you move from the background player of your story, to the Hero standing front and center! Grab the free PDF that goes along with this episode at www.matthewbivens.com/hero.
77 min
Is 2022 Not Turning Out The Way You Thought It ...
As we head towards the midway point of 2022, how are things shaping up? Have you made noticeable progress on achieving your goals, solving your problems or realizing your vision for the year? Or are you facing the tough reality that things haven't changed much since the beginning of the year? In today's bonus episode I'm talking about a huge reason why you might not be seeing the results you wanted by now, and I'm helping you get out of the rut before it's too late.
12 min
7 Ways To Be More Bold When You’re Afraid Of Ta...
Does the idea of taking risks scare the mess out of you? I know it did for me, and for much of my life I was completely risk averse. But thankfully I grew to realize that everything I wanted -- a fulfilling career, a deep and loving relationship, healthy and vitality -- all could be mine if I was willing to take the necessary risks, and I started pushing my comfort zones. And the beautiful thing is that it's a learned behavior, something that ANYONE can improve. In today's episode I help you become more bold when you're afraid of taking risks, and I break down simple things you can do and think about that will get you moving in the direction of your abundant loving life.
42 min
Toxic People, Negative Noise And Marriage Prep:...
Do you have toxic people in your life? How about in your inner circle? Are there folks in your life who are constantly bringing negativity and noise into your world? And what are the things you should be reviewing and thinking about when preparing for marriage? These are the questions I answer in today's episode of the podcast! The topics today were suggested by YOU and all have to do with OTHERS. Last week I focused on SELF, and today we're focusing on OTHERS (next week is LIFE). I get fiery in this one, so buckle up for some real talk!
67 min
What To Do When You're Feeling Stuck! Our Story...
What do you do when you're feeling stuck in life? It's not uncommon to feel stuck at some point in life. It could be in a job that's no longer fulfilling, a relationship that has lost its intimacy, or just a general feeling of going through the motions in life. The reasons for feeling stuck are as varied as you and I, but the solution to getting unstuck is often a few layers deeper than you might be thinking. In today's episode I'm sharing my story of where my wife and I were stuck for 2 years, how we got unstuck, and why the way you are approaching the problem might just be making it worse.
34 min
Getting More Out Of Life By Working Smarter, No...
In today's episode I'm sharing with you my tried and tested process for being more productive and feeling more fulfilled, by working smarter and not harder.
44 min
Your Personal Growth Depends On 3 Types Of Feed...
Are you open to receiving feedback? Feedback is an integral part of the growth and evolution process. It's one of the most important ingredients to making improvements, progressing towards your goals, and ultimately creating a life where you feel like you "have it all". In today's episode I'm sharing the three types of feedback that exist, and talk about why each one is essential for your own growth and evolution. I also dig into why you keep experiencing the same results over and over in your life.
36 min
Excuses That Keep You From Abundance (HIA Classic)
Are you aware of the impact of the excuses you make in your life? Your desires, wants, goals, aspirations all move you in a certain direction in your life. Excuses pull you in the complete opposite direction. This is true for all of us (it's principle, not personal). In today's episode I'm sharing with you 5 excuses that are keeping you from the abundance you desire, and showing you how to end the excuse so that you can get to living your abundant loving life!
35 min
Mastering Your Body Vehicle: A Deep Dive Into I...
What does it mean to be healthy and fit? How healthy and fit are you right now? I've shared a lot of different tools with you over the course of this podcast, and in today's episode I'm going to go deep into one particular tool/concept that I want you to really understand well, because your health depends on it! I'm talking about your Body Vehicle and the 5 wheels that make up your Body Vehicle: Mental, Spiritual, Social, Emotional and Physical.
73 min
Healing My Wounded Inner Child
What does it mean to heal your inner child? The process of growing up into adulthood is filled with many impactful events, some empowering and others not. As children, we are experience life with little to no filter, leaving us open to experience hurts, fears, angers and traumas with an extreme level of intensity and realness. Those "wounds", when not addressed properly, carry into our adulthood and have a profound influence over our lives. In today's episode I'm sharing with you a recent experience where I had the opportunity to look at, talk with and heal my wounded inner child.
44 min
Personal Development Burnout (You Have Permissi...
Have you experienced "personal development burnout"? You may not know exactly what it is, but your best guess is probably not far off! In today's episode I'm talking about personal development burnout and letting you know that it's okay to HIT PAUSE.
12 min
How To Use Your Inner Genius To Get Unstuck!
With your last major life challenge, did you seek out solutions from other people or from within yourself? You have a vast amount of wisdom and knowledge within yourself that can be used to helping you get unstuck in life. However, you probably don't trust it right now. Most people are so used to seeking out answers from others, that they are presented with a challenge in life they toss their hands up in the air and claim they don't know how to overcome it. I don't believe that at all, and after today's episode you won't either! In today's conversation I'm helping you tap back into your inner genius so that you can coach yourself on overcoming your own challenges and getting yourself unstuck.
19 min
6 Giant Life Lessons From 6 Years Of Having It ...
What does it take to "have it all"? That really has been the purpose of this entire podcast, hasn't it?! Today we celebrate the podcast turning 6 years old, and it only seemed fitting to share with you 6 giant lessons from the last 6 years of Having It A.L.L.
44 min
Answering Your Listener Questions On Big Impact...
What are the habits that have created a big impact in your life? How do you keep positive momentum going when you get derailed? How do you deal with outside criticism and judgement? These are the listener questions that I'm answering in today's episode!
50 min
The Most Dangerous Part About Making Commitments
How do you feel about making commitments? About going "all in" in life? There's great payout to going "all in", but there's also great risk. The risk lies in spending too much time in the "danger zone" of commitment. In this episode I'm going to share with you the process of making commitments and going all in, and explain what the "danger zone" is and why you find yourself in it. Understanding this can free you and unlock your ability to create your abundant loving life!
34 min
What Is The Goal Of Sex In Your Relationships A...
When you think about sex, what is the goal for you? Is it to have an orgasm, or to make sure your partner has one? Is it to show your partner how much you love them and to validate your relationship? Is it something else? In today's episode I'm diving into the goal of sex and am serving up a few alternative perspectives that can help you create a more powerful and healthy sexual experience.
48 min
My #1 Piece Of Advice On Improving Your Relatio...
How can you improve any relationship in your life? Today I'm sharing with you an incredibly effective way to improve any relationship in your life, from a marriage to a friendship to your relationship with your boss or neighbor. This episode pulls from many past relationship experiences that have both improved and terminated. The advice today will totally change how you feel about your relationships and who you attract into your life. APPLY FOR COACHING: https://www.matthewbivens.com/apply/ SEND ME A QUESTION: matthew@matthewbivens.com
39 min
The Biggest Lessons I Learned From Bob Proctor
How are the laws of vibration and attraction impacting your life RIGHT NOW? Before being introduced to the words and works of Bob Proctor, I'd have no idea what the heck that question even meant! But today not only do I understand it, but I am very intentional about practicing it and aligning with these laws to create my Abundant Loving Life. And this is all in large part to Bob Proctor. On today's episode I want to take a minute to reflect on the life and lessons of Bob Proctor, who transitioned last week at the age of 87 years young. Bob Proctor's message came into my life when I was just starting to "work on myself" and became intentional about creating a better life for myself. I credit his ability to explain concepts which I was struggling to understand, for unlocking within me a way of looking at my life, my results, and my personal power.
14 min
3 Things I'm Doing To Create Even More Results ...
What's holding you back from creating a greater life for yourself this year? Well that's a loaded question, isn't it! Because if you knew what that answer was then maybe you'd feel more confident in making this your greatest year yet! Don't worry though, because today I'm sharing with you 3 habits that I've doubled down on to create even more results for myself in 2022. AND, I'm also going to share with you the reasons why you will probably not follow me in adopting these habits as well.
60 min