Having It A.L.L.

Welcome to Having It A.L.L., the podcast that flips the script on what it means to “have it all” in life. I’m Matthew Bivens, your host and friend, and I’m inviting you to join me in conversations designed to help you radically shift your confidence, self worth, and clarity. In order to create new results in your life - whether that’s in your relationships, your health, your money, your family or your life’s purpose - you must make new decisions and build new habits. This podcast will not only deliver the lessons and action items that will help you move the needle in your life, but also share the vulnerable and honest truth about the challenges of working to improve and ultimately master yourself. Each breakdown can lead to breakthrough, and we cover it all on this podcast. Personal development is not an easy road, but you can create meaningful change that lasts. Let’s do it together one choice at a time. Tune in each week and see that it’s not only possible to have it all, but that you were meant to all along! 

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Let's Talk About Sex: Figuring Out What You Lik...
What do you enjoy in the bedroom? How do you express yourself sexually (or not)? In life, self expression is a major part of understanding yourself, growing, living life to the fullest. It's the same in the realm of sex! In today's episode I'm helping you get clear on what you enjoy in the bedroom, and we're discussing how to express yourself more in the bedroom.
36 min
How We Keep Our Sex Life Hot As New Parents (Re...
Does your sex life have to change for the worse after kids? We know of course the answer is “No, it doesn’t”, but how do you keep it from turning stale? How do you keep the fire burning for your partner after you’ve had a kid or two? Today I'm bringing you a "SEX-PISODE" from my other podcast, Doing It At Home, where my wife Sarah and I get real about what our sex life has been like after having a baby.
63 min
Let's Talk About Sex: Your First Sexual Experience
How was your first sexual experience? How would you describe it in two words? In today's episode we're diving into our first sexual experiences with the goal of examining it from an empowered and mature perspective. You have the power to rescript what sex means to you, and to write your personal sexual story (past and future) in a way that leaves you feeling confident and uplifted.
26 min
Let's Talk About Sex: Understanding Your Person...
What is your sexual story? No, I'm not talking about a romance novel type of story. I'm talking about the narrative you have around sex, the one that was started many years ago with your very first encounters with the ideas, feelings and attitudes around sex. We all have a sexual story that was started when we were young and is being added to constantly. Many people's stories around sex are based in shame, judgement, embarrassment and expectation. That leads to sexual experiences and feelings that are unhealthy and certainly don't uplift and heal.
35 min
Get Your 7 Minutes Back! A Breakthrough In Rela...
How stressed out do you feel right now? Have you dealt with stress earlier today or this week? In today's episode I'm sharing with you a massive breakthrough I had that led to me looking at stress in a whole new way. The "7 minutes" breakthrough as I like to call it, has helped me get back into my center when life's stressors have knocked me out of alignment.
46 min
A Quick Guide To Shower Meditations (My Go-to T...
How do you feel about meditation? What about meditating in the shower?? Meditation and mindfulness are two of the most powerful self care habits available to all of us. If you don't have a meditation or mindfulness practice currently, I highly recommend you start creating one (see my episodes on meditation for simple ways to get started). In today's episode I break down what shower meditation is, how I practice it, and walk you through steps to trying it our for yourself.
9 min
Here's The Thing About Pain And Discomfort In L...
Do you enjoy pain? Most people don't, and it makes sense. Pain hurts. Pain is uncomfortable. Pain isn't something that a sane person wants to run towards. Yet, what if I told you that pain was inevitable....that whether you chose to step up, stay put or step back, pain would be present. Would that change the choices you made?
31 min
Quit Holding Back! How Not Expressing Yourself ...
Where are you not feeling fully expressed? Self expression is one of the most important aspects of Having It All. Allowing yourself to be, do and say what is real and true for you is as important as breathing. However, it's a habit that can easily be overlooked and brushed aside. In today's episode I break down the importance of feeling fully expressed, the consequences of not living a life of authenticity, and how you can start expressing yourself more and more in your everyday life.
40 min
The Most Powerful Way To Practice Self Love (Re...
What does "self love" really mean? In this episode I'm going to give you a completely new way to look at self love. It's not another thing for you to do, but a lens through which to look at all of your self love activities.
12 min
I Fasted For 3 Days. Here Are 3 Things I Learne...
What comes up for you when you think of fasting? You might feel scared, disinterested or excited by the idea. You may have never considered it, have openly dismissed it, or have embraced it as part of your lifestyle. In today's conversation I'm sharing with you my biggest insights from a 3-day juice fast I recently did, and I'm relating these insights in a way that you're guaranteed to be able to apply them to your life (whether you've ever fasted or not).
43 min
Progress Over Perfection: How To Focus On Small...
Do you consider yourself a Perfectionist? Are you constantly feeling like you're not doing or being enough? Do you judge yourself harshly because you're failing to live up to your standards or expectations? In today's episode I'm talking about progress versus perfection, and I'm giving you real strategies that you can apply in your life to focus more on making small steps forward and less on being perfect.
51 min
My Recent Epic Challenge Of Control Issues, Sca...
Where are you feeling stuck in life? We all have an "Epic Challenge" - an area in our lives where we're feeling stuck, where we're not enjoying the experience and are having a hard time changing things. In today's episode I'm sharing with you my most recent Epic Challenge which was creating a lot of stress and frustration in my life. I'm peeling back the layers on what I go through to face my challenges, and the people and processes that I've brought into my life to help me.
60 min
How To Stop Emotional Manipulation In Relations...
In what ways do you manipulate in relationships? In today's episode I'm reading an email from a listener who wants some help with her manipulative tendencies in relationships. I talk about the origins of manipulation, how to peel back the layers to address what's really going on, and ways to stop the manipulative behavior as it's happening.
54 min
Learning How To Deal With Resistance In life
Where are you experiencing a lot of resistance in your life? Chances are, the thing you're resisting most is actually the thing that contains that answer to you getting unstuck and ultimately having what you want in life.
21 min
Monthly Habit Focus: Creating A Fitness Routine...
How well are you caring for your fitness? We experience life through our bodies. Our health and fitness reveals the relationship that we have with life. So what is your fitness telling you about how you deal with life?
60 min
The Morning And Nighttime Routines That Help Me...
How intentional are you with the way you start and end your day? For years I completely neglected the importance of my morning and nighttime routines. No one taught me to think otherwise and therefore I simply rolled out of bed into life and went from there.
45 min
The Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying: Are You Creatin...
What regrets do you have in life? In today's episode I'm sharing a moving and insightful essay written by Bronnie Ware - a nurse who took care of patients in their final days of life.
46 min
Sexual Confidence and Male Performance Anxiety:...
Are you ready for a raw and honest conversation about sexual confidence? Today I'm talking about sexual confidence and male performance anxiety: what it looks like, how it happens, how we feed it, and how we heal it.
64 min
How To Finally Stop Self Sabotage (Rebroadcast)
How do you stop the process of self sabotaging? That's a million dollar question if I've ever heard one! In today's episode I'm answering a great question from a listener that starts with self sabotage, and ends up going into some really awesome directions addressing goals, visualization and mission statements.
36 min
Monthly Habit Focus: Get A Handle On Your Money
What thoughts, feelings and emotions come up for you when you think about your MONEY? We either feel abundant about money, or scarce. Excited or intimidated. Confident in our ability to manage and multiply it, or scared and inexperienced around it (which leads to immature money money behavior and habits).
64 min
Listen To This If You're Going Crazy In This Pa...
Need some relief from the stress of the pandemic? It's been a very stressful year with no end in sight, and that's left many people feeling like they're going to crack. Let me help you deal with the stress, fear, anxiety and weight of the current situation, by offering you some words of comfort and motivation.
18 min
What Do You Need To Have In Common With Your Pa...
What makes a relationship work? "Common interests" is a typical answer, and for good reason. It makes sense that we need to have things in common with our partners if we want relationship success. In today's episode I invite my Queen, Sarah Bivens, back on the podcast to talk about how to create real synergy in relationships, and what things you want to be fully aligned on with your partner (and what is okay for you to differ on). This is a great conversation whether you're in a relationship right now or not, because it will get you thinking about the purpose of relationships and what makes a "successful" relationship in your eyes.
58 min
Learning How To Connect With Yourself When The ...
How do you "connect with yourself" and why is it important?
43 min
Monthly Habit Focus: Getting Grounded
How do you handle the stressors of everyday life? In today's Monthly Habit Focus episode I'm talking all about Getting Grounded, and I'm helping you learn simple and effective ways to ground yourself when life is coming at you fast and hard.
45 min
Listen To This When You're Scared To Take The N...
Need a some motivating words to help you take a leap of faith? Let me give you some encouragement and remind you of what you've forgotten about yourself, as you're feeling scared to take the next step.
18 min