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Welcome to Having It A.L.L., the podcast that flips the script on what it means to “have it all” in life. I’m Matthew Bivens, your host and friend, and I’m inviting you to join me in conversations designed to help you radically shift your confidence, self worth, and clarity. In order to create new results in your life - whether that’s in your relationships, your health, your money, your family or your life’s purpose - you must make new decisions and build new habits. This podcast will not only deliver the lessons and action items that will help you move the needle in your life, but also share the vulnerable and honest truth about the challenges of working to improve and ultimately master yourself. Each breakdown can lead to breakthrough, and we cover it all on this podcast. Personal development is not an easy road, but you can create meaningful change that lasts. Let’s do it together one choice at a time. Tune in each week and see that it’s not only possible to have it all, but that you were meant to all along! 

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5 Expert Rules To Make Goal Setting More Effect...
Do you want this year to be different so badly, but secretly you fear that you'll fail at reaching any of your goals or desires? I know how terrible that feeling can be. But there is an answer, and in today's episode I'm bringing you tips from 5 experts who know a few things about achieving goals and creating change. By the end of this episode you'll feel prepared to take on the task of setting better goals for yourself, and actually making progress towards achieving them!
30 min
How To Create Your Word For The Year And Have I...
Have you created your Word For The Year yet? New Year's Resolutions focus on the doing, while Word For The Year focuses on the BEING (and that's where your best results will come from). In today's episode I'm walking you through the 6 simple steps to creating your word for the year, and teaching you how to use this tool to make a big impact in 2023.
35 min
The #1 Reason You Fail At New Years Resolutions...
How effective are you at keeping your New Year's Resolutions? Today we're talking about new year resolutions and why so many of us fail at keeping them going throughout the year. I look at the statistics behind new years resolution failure, the most common resolutions set each year, and explore some reasons why they fail and tips to avoid failure. I also share an interesting psychological angle into why we don't succeed with our resolutions. But all of this is overshadowed by the #1 reason why we fail to accomplish our new years resolutions, which I share at the end!
33 min
Some Big News PLUS 5 Tools For Letting Go
Do you struggle with letting go? Me too! It's been one of my biggest and most recurring challenges over the years, and it shows up in so many different areas. In today's special episode I'm sharing some exciting news with you, along with 5 simple tools that I've been using to help me LET GO and create more presence and peace in my life.
21 min
Why Being Family Centered Leads To Pain (HIA Cl...
What does family mean to you? Better yet, what does family FEEL like to you? In today's episode we explore the idea of family. We look at what happens when we are family centered (that means we get our sense of security, wisdom, guidance and power from the people in our family and from our family reputation), and I talk about my experience of moving from a family center to something that better helped me to "have it all".
40 min
You Are What You Believe (HIA Classic)
What beliefs are you currently holding that is robbing you of your health, happiness, and power? Today I'm talking about the power (and consequences) of your beliefs. Your internal conversations and the beliefs associated with them are something you rep more than any workout.
27 min
How I'm Using Visualization To Literally Reprog...
Are you familiar with visualization? It's a technique that world class athletes and high achievers of all types, use to literally put themselves into a higher state of being, mentally and emotionally. Visualization helps these individuals live into their greatest selves. In today's episode I'm sharing with you what the practice is all about, how it's done, and why I absolutely feel it's a powerful pathway to reprogramming your subconscious to live your best life.
36 min
It's Time To Kill Work-Life Balance And Replace...
Do you feel you have work-life balance? Or are you one of the millions of people who are feeling out of balance because they've been using this old context to look at their lives? In today's episode I'm sharing with you a different perspective for looking at how you can balance out the important things in your life. This perspective is one that I practice and teach all of my clients, and if you give it a try it will change your life!
47 min
How Gratitude Improves Your Productivity - Prac...
In today's episode I'm talking about how gratitude can improve your productivity. There are very practical benefits to creating a gratitude practice, that honestly, until recently I was unaware of. But after reading an article by my good friend, Garland Vance (www.GarlandVance.com), I now have greater awareness around the role gratitude can play in our lives.
20 min
Mind-Body Connection: How Labels & Fears Can Im...
Are you familiar with the mind-body connection? Every person needs to understand the physical impact of their thoughts and beliefs. If you're not being intentional about this right now, then the chances are great that your self-talk is taking a toll on your physical health. In today's episode I talk about the mind-body connection, particularly as it relates to the labels we wear on about ourselves.
34 min
The Key To Building Real Self Confidence
How do you build lasting self confidence? I struggled with self confidence for a very long time. The main reason wasn't because I failed to apply the lessons (although many times I did), the issue was that I didn't understand the groundwork of what self confidence is built upon. In today's episode I bring to you some wisdom on self confidence that will help you - no matter how low your confidence is - take steps forward in developing real, lasting confidence with yourself.
33 min
What To Do If You Struggle With Consistency (HI...
Do you struggle with staying consistent? You know the feeling. You start something, feel great for a while, then seemingly inevitably you fall off and quit. At that point the self doubt convos enter, the "I knew you couldn't do it!" self talk enters. All that stuff. In today's episode I'm giving you some simple tips for helping you be more consistent in life.
39 min
How I Manage A Busy Life While Keeping Overwhel...
How do you juggle all the different roles and responsibilities that you have? That question was asked to me recently by a listener and client, and I think it's in such alignment with everything that we talk about on this podcast. A major part of living your abundant loving life is being able to experience peace, joy and flow in the midst of the life you've created. In today's episode I share with you the mindsets, tools and personal practices that grant me the ability to peacefully and joyfully juggle many roles and responsibilities, while keeping overwhelm and imbalance at bay.
54 min
Why I Embrace P.A.I.N. (And Why It's Important ...
When pain hits you, do you lean into it or run from it? I used to be the person that ran from pain. Any type of pain, from physical to emotional, I wanted nothing to do with it! And it made perfect sense to me: pain did not feel good, and so why would I want to experience something that didn't feel good? Today I have an entirely different perspective towards PAIN. In fact, I embrace and love pain today, and doing so has been a critical step in my personal growth and healing journey. Tune in as I give you a new way to look at PAIN and show you why leaning into pain will free you from your fears.
38 min
Codependency: The Silent Killer Of Your Self-Wo...
What is codependency? As you read that question above, you probably have an idea of what codependency is in your mind. Most people can spot signs of codependent behavior when they see it in others, but fail to notice it in their own lives. The truth about codependency is that it's much more prevalent, damaging and insidious than you might imagine, and in fact it's at the root of many of the biggest challenges that people face day-to-day.
26 min
QUICK FIX: Learn To Love Life's Hardships (HIA ...
In today's Quick Fix I let you know why you need to learn to love and get excited about life's hardships
6 min
Now Is NOT The Time To Be Slacking On Your Exer...
Have you given yourself permission to slack on your exercise and overall physical health? In today's conversation I'm illuminating the 5 key areas of your health - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and social - and I'm showing you how they are all connected. Now is not the time to take your foot off the health gas. Especially if you're afraid for your physical health, now is the time to do MORE exercising, MORE clean eating and MORE healthy social connecting.
50 min
The Morning And Nighttime Routines That Help Me...
How intentional are you with the way you start and end your day? Here's the truth, there are people out there living incredibly fulfilling lives, they HAVE IT ALL, the Big S Success, and you can bet that it's not by accident. The way you start your day and the way you end your day have a HUGE impact on not only what happens during the course of your day, but also how you feel about yourself and your life. A winning morning and nighttime routine doesn't have to be long and complicated and rigid, but it does need to be intentional. In today's episode I share with you the very specific habits and routines I use in the morning and evening to set myself up for success each day.
43 min
The Key To Living A Life Of Purpose And Meaning
Do you feel your life lacks purpose and meaning? On today's episode I'm sharing with you the key to living a life of purpose and meaning, and I'm revealing why so many people struggle in this area DESPITE having a strong desire to create a life they love living.
31 min
When Asking For Help Is Hard - A Simple Way To ...
Do you struggle with asking for help or accepting help when it's offered to you? For me, asking for help has been a challenge since I was young. I don't really know when I started to feel like I needed to take care of things on my own, but that belief follows me to this day. In this episode I'm sharing with you a few common examples of when the universe places people or things in our path that are there to help us.
12 min
Achieve Your Highest Dreams By Looking At Your ...
What if the path to achieving your highest dreams wasn't in the clarity of your vision, but in the standards you hold for yourself? Todays episode explores the idea that, "We become our lowest standard, not our highest dream." I unpack this statement and give you action steps for raising your standards so that you can have it all!
33 min
Why You're Failing to Tap Into Your Full Creati...
“We are all creators. Whether or not we create is not up to us. We are human, and creating is what we do.” - Michael Gungor. Today’s episode is an exercise in creation. I followed the advice of a friend and fellow podcaster, and recorded this episode with no notes and no script. Every part of this episode was created organically, on the spot.
42 min
What Is Your Joy-to-Sadness Ratio? (HIA Classic)
If you looked at your average day, how much of it do you spend in a state of Joy vs Sadness? My coach and mentor Day Adeogba shared with me a conversation he had with his kids recently, where he asked them "What do you think your Joy-to-Sadness ratio is?" That idea of a Joy-to-Sadness ratio totally fascinated me, and inspired me to think about it for myself....which of course led to this podcast episode! Tune in to hear about the Joy-to-Sadness ratio, how you can determine your goal Joy-to-Sadness ratio, and what you can do to experience the amount of Joy you desire in life.
30 min
7 Self Love Practices I Do Everyday (And 3 I St...
How do you practice self love on a daily basis? In today's episode I'm sharing with you 7 ways that I practice self love every single day. I'm breaking down the simple habits and practices that keep my tank full and provide a spark in my life. And I'm also sharing with you 3 habits that I STOPPED doing because they didn't support or honor me.
41 min
Change Your Life Series: Why Is Change So Frust...
Why is change so frustrating? You'd think it wouldn't be so difficult to change something that you REALLY want to change. I know in the past I've been incredibly hard on myself for "not having the willpower" or "not wanting it enough" or "not being disciplined enough", when I failed to make change happen in my life. But what I told you there were crucial pieces of the change equation that you were missing? Ones that illuminate why change is so hard, and how to actually make it work for you.
36 min