Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 133: Brandon Wardell v. Justin Bieber
It's our first episode in 8 months where we have everyone including the guest in studio, and boy do we have a fun time with our wonderful guest Brandon Wardell (actor/comedian). To borrow a phrase from past guest David J. Roth, we "remember some...
94 min
Episode 132: Yasi Salek v. Audrey Kitching
Yasi Salek (podcaster, writer) joins the pod and lays down the law, as someone finally sides with John in the great "peen nut" incident and agrees the story is boring. There's a block in here too, as "scene queen" Audrey Kitching blocks Yasi and sends...
75 min
Episode 131: Globe Hell Warning v. LaFemmeFatali
It's only our second-ever dual guest episode, as we welcome Josiah and Drew from the Globe Hell Warning podcast to tell us about a Twitter prank that goes awry but has a heartwarming ending, as we learn all about a new weird sect of Twitter. The show...
104 min
Episode 130: Ashley Feinberg v. Salena Zito
Ashley Feinberg (writer, Trashberg) returns to the show to tell us about a back-and-forth with gas station interviewer Salena Zito, who went on a merry-go-round of soft-blocking Ashley before finally pulling the trigger after MONTHS of playing games....
87 min
Episode 129: Lauren Ash v. A Reply Guy
Lauren Ash (Superstore) joins us for a look inside a popular actor's mentions, as a guy who assumed he was going to be ignored got just about the opposite treatment from Lauren and her followers until HE needed to block HER to avoid being messed with...
80 min
Episode 128: Ben Flores v. Jerry Saltz
It's our first-ever "anti-block" this week, as art critic Jerry Saltz takes what would be a likely block situation for 95% of Twitter's genteel population and turns it into a success story with our guest, Ben Flores (writer, podcaster). It's also the...
87 min
Episode 127: Dan O'Sullivan v. Piers Morgan
Dan O'Sullivan (writer, Welcome to Sullyville) appears on a main episode of the show for the first time, and him and John find themselves to be kindred spirits as John is uncharacteristically "on one" throughout the whole episode. Speaking of being on...
87 min
Episode 126: Andrea Jin v. Ali Wong
Andrea Jin (comedian) returns to the show with a Block Tale that is quite rare: the one where you're so embarrassed by someone you admire potentially seeing a past DM you sent, that you block them so they don't. It's a first for the show and an...
88 min
Episode 125: Wes Barker v. 200 People
Wes Barker (magician) joins the show to tell us what happens when magicians prank each other, and how it can lead to actual, real-world consequences of the utmost annoyance. The episode itself is also magic, as Wes makes for a great first-time guest...
76 min
Episode 124: Tim Gray v. Peter Nygard
Tim Gray (comedian) joins the show for our first-ever cease-and-desist, as apparently telling jokes about someone on a local cable access show is grounds for getting lawyers involved. It's a particularly scummy man and so it feels like a great thing...
82 min
Episode 123: Lauren L. Walker v. Ricky Gervais
Lauren L. Walker (writer/podcaster) joins the show to demonstrate that the best way to get blocked by Ricky Gervais is to write one of his jokes for him. He's another in a long line of very famous name-searchers and we're surprised it took 123...
85 min
Episode 122: Molly McAleer v. Robert Herjavec
Molly McAleer (podcaster) joins us to discuss a much juicier Block Tale than the one in the episode's title, one so juicy we've diverted attention from it because we don't want that particular website's followers after us. The Shark Tank block is very...
87 min
Episode 121: Beth McColl v. An LOTR Fan
Beth McColl (writer) joins the show and breaks new ground for us as our first-ever guest outside of a North American time zone. This prompts a discussion about Daylight Savings Time and doing taxes in different countries, amidst a Block Tale where...
93 min
Episode 120: Jane Stanton v. A Tinder Match
Jane Stanton (comedian, High School Sucked) joins us for what is truly the craziest and weirdest Block Tale we've ever had, and both John and Stefan lose their minds over a shocking reveal. The rest of the episode isn't quite as shocking but still has...
79 min
Episode 119: Lance St. Laurent v. Arthur Chu
Lance St. Laurent (Jeopardy! champ) joins the show to demonstrate that the fraternity of Jeopardy! champions is not guaranteed, as he tells the story of being blocked by past J! champion and noted internet shitheel Arthur Chu. John and Lance also get...
74 min
Episode 118: Lance Storm v. Taz
It's the grand finale of BP Sweeps Month, and we couldn't have capped it off any better, as Lance Storm (former ECW, WCW, and WWF wrestler) joins the program to tell us why you'd have to block a fellow wrestler, and the consequences if you forget to...
82 min
Episode 117: Karen Kilgariff v. A Wraith
BP Sweeps Month continues as Karen Kilgariff (My Favorite Murder) joins the show to talk about getting a very strange follow that led to an immediate block, a follow so bad we won't even mention the person's name in this space. The rest of the episode...
86 min
Episode 116: Brent Butt v. Awful Twitter Usernames
BP Sweeps Month continues as we welcome Canadian hero and comedy legend Brent Butt (Corner Gas) on the show for a look inside his block list. We ask the question, "what's in a name?", as it seems that you can almost immediately tell why Brent would've...
82 min
Episode 115: Julie Klausner v. Pauley Perrette
BP Sweeps Month is here!!! And we kick it off in a big way, as Julie Klausner (actor, author, Double Threat) joins the show to tell us about her one red carpet interview experience: at the Golden Collar Awards, where she runs into Pauley Perrette, the...
85 min
Episode 114: Nick Nemeroff v. A BP Listener
Nick Nemeroff (comedian) makes his return to the show and in a moment of panic that he wouldn't have a great Block Tale, blocks a BP listener to have something to talk about on the show. It's much sweeter than it sounds, and Nick displays his general...
82 min
Episode 113: Darcy Michael v. TikTok
If you're into John getting bullied, this is the episode for you, as returning guest Darcy Michael (comedian, High School Sucked) and Stefan team up to bust John's chops for not owning a cat, never making it in hockey, and an old classic: forcing him...
80 min
Episode 112: Josh Gondelman v. Not Cap'n America
Josh Gondelman (writer, comedian) joins the podcast to tell us the story of a very confusing block that only gets more confusing as we learn that all 3 of the Blocked Boys are also blocked by the very same account. But that hardly matters on this very...
88 min
Episode 111: Allie Pearse v. A Filmmaker Ex
It's a new year but it's the same us, as Allie Pearse (comedian, writer) joins us for a classic Block Tale, where after she breaks up with an ex, he blocks her on everything and then makes a short film where the main character strongly resembles her...
79 min
Episode 110: The 2021 Blocked Party Enemies List
In the second edition of this yearly tradition, John and Stefan eschew a guest in favour of a list of enemies to set the table for the turn of the calendar. 2020 was a year full of ups and (mostly) downs, and we try to predict who will continue into...
83 min
Episode 109: Kofie Yeboah v. Common App
It's an educational episode this week, as Kofie Yeboah (Fumble Dimension, Chillin' with Kofie) lets us know exactly how NOT to apply for college, as he manages to get rejected by eight colleges at once through the American university service Common...
82 min