Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 157: Matt Wright v. A Cabaret
Matt Wright (comedian) joins us for a landmark recording, as it's the earliest recording we have ever done! With Stefan out of town next weekend, the Blocked Boys were forced to record at 9 am, with some predictably delirious results. Matt gets...
82 min
Episode 156: Justine Stafford v. A Foot Guy
Justine Stafford (comedian) joins the show as our first-ever Irish guest and teaches us that no matter what side of the Atlantic you're on, there will still be weird feet guys in your DMs! She gets the episode started off with a weird request and the...
86 min
Episode 155: John Semley v. Steven Crowder
John Semley (writer) joins us to throw another Steven Crowder block onto the scrap heap as we wax nostalgic for childhood candy, lunch items, and crushes. John also enjoys having a fellow John on the show and we get into getting mistaken for Jons and...
86 min
Episode 154: Rax King v. SantaCon
Rax King (writer) introduces us to the world of SantaCon, something that sounds joyous but is in actuality, very grim and bad. Her fateful day trip into NYC during SantaCon leads to a block as the dark side of the internet sees fit to get involved....
82 min
Episode 153: Amy Goodmurphy v. A Rude Commenter
Amy Goodmurphy (comedian/actor) gets fooled by the Blocked Boys into thinking they're wholesome, as the episode starts with some very pleasant conversation about acting in commercials, chocolates, and Christmas. But it quickly devolves as Amy herself...
80 min
Episode 152: Jesse Farrar v. The Calf Cramp Lady
Jesse Farrar (Your Kickstarter Sucks) returns to the show fresh off of doing a Go Off Kings stream with Stefan and that vibe permeates throughout the show as it starts chaotic and keeps that feel all the way through to the end. Jesse finds a block...
87 min
Episode 151: Aiden Arata v. A Party Guest
Aiden Arata (writer, content creator) joins us to discuss a time that a combination birthday party went awry as one guest in particular got very possessive over the leftovers. The rest of the episode is all content that's never been reheated though,...
82 min
Episode 150: Tony Hawk v. The Olympics
Tony Hawk (legend) joins the show to fulfill John's dream and to talk about the time that the International Olympic Committee booted him off the Park Course and then the time right after that when he got home from Tokyo and got blocked by NBC for...
73 min
Episode 149: Andrew Zuber v. J.P. Arencibia
Our good friend The Zubes (Wrestling Brain, Sportsfeld) joins the show to talk about being blocked by a former Major League Baseball player, who he then works with in sports media and gets unblocked by, who he then finds out is dating a very terrible...
91 min
Episode 148: Juliana Rodrigues v. An Injury/Foo...
Juliana Rodrigues (comedian) joins the show to discuss how an older guy who works at a comedy venue has an extremely strange Instagram account that only shows his workplace injuries and bad pictures of his food, leading Juliana to block him. Of...
78 min
Episode 147: Clare Belford v. Weight Loss Insta...
Clare Belford (comedian) returns to the show and she's got a new view on life where she doesn't want to hear about your weight loss program, your diet, your latest fad, or just your weight in general. And she's got a block for that! We discuss how...
87 min
Episode 146: Nathan Hare v. Subway
Nathan Hare (comedian) joins the show to tell us of the time that an innocent joke about Subway went sideways and he got blocked by one of the world's largest fast food chains. Most things on this episode go sideways as a discussion about fancy juice...
80 min
Episode 145: Producer Dan v. Lance Archer
Producer Dan (producer) joins us as a guest for the first time on a main episode as the Blocked Boys go on vacation to the Heck Family Cabin. We record outside so you can enjoy the sounds of nature in the background as we talk about our usual BS and...
82 min
Episode 144: Raina Douris v. Joe Warmington
Raina Douris (NPR's World Cafe) joins the show to hearken back to her old days as a Toronto resident, as she tangles with one of the resident dirt-kickers over at Toronto's worst newspaper, the Sun. We also manage to get into chatter about one of our...
92 min
Episode 143: Rory Dunn v. Matt Walsh
Rory Dunn (comedian) joins us to bear gifts of cheesecake and to share the story of how an 8-second video got him instantly blocked by one of Twitter's worst ghouls. Speaking of ghouls, we go on an extended tour of the biblical summer camps we all...
88 min
Episode 142: Ryan Williams v. Ezra Levant
Ryan Williams (comedian, writer) returns to the show to take on Canada's Rebel Media, our pathetic answer to the American alt-right community, and he goes straight to the top, catching a block from its founder, Ezra Levant. Elsewhere, John is home...
87 min
Episode 141: Alison Rosen v. An Instagram Comme...
Alison Rosen (podcaster, writer) joins us to warn of the dangers about posting a photo on Instagram of a recent manicure, lest people think you're too much of a narcissist. In fairness, we do manage to talk a fair amount about ourselves on the...
83 min
Episode 140: Taylor Lorenz v. Logan Paul
Taylor Lorenz (New York Times) returns to the show to explain her confusion over how she got blocked and unblocked and blocked again by Logan Paul, and in the process of telling the tale, figures out how it might've happened. We figure out a lot of...
87 min
Episode 139: Danika Thibault v. A Man Named Ashley
If you're thinking you can't trust a man named Ashley, our guest this week, Danika Thibault (comedian), is here to prove you right, as she tells a tale about a chance encounter leading to a very weird online interaction and subsequent blocking by...a...
83 min
Episode 138: Tom v. Jamie Sweaty
It's a long-awaited episode as our old friend Tom (ChapoFYM) joins us after the worst intro in show history to tell us a great Block Tale as he revisits the "horny Twitter" we got into with the Globe Hell guys and folks...this time, it might be worse....
90 min
Episode 137: K.C. Novak v. A Perfumer
K.C. Novak (comedian) makes her return to the show to talk about another romantic rejection, this time through a business she falls in love with over the pandemic. The Blocked Boys offer moral support as she walks us through the DMs and puts herself...
106 min
Episode 136: Will Weldon v. Elizabeth Hackett
Will Weldon (comedian, actor) joins the show for the third time but the first on a main episode, as we dig into his old "L.A. Meetings" bit on Twitter and find out how it led to getting blocked by a prominent screenwriter. Elsewhere on the show it's a...
95 min
Episode 135: Sophie Ross v. Kendall Jenner
Sophie Ross (writer/podcaster) joins us to discuss a pretty big-time block from Kendall Jenner that involved getting quote-tweeted by Kim Kardashian and a whole lot of Twitter drama. It's a perfect fit for our show and so is Sophie, as we run down her...
87 min
Episode 134: Nate Ruess v. Max Collins
Nate Ruess (musician, fun.) joins the show to talk about a very weird series of tweets from the guy from Eve 6, who called out Nate's band and forced Nate to block him just because Nate was sick of people talking to him about it. Nate doesn't get sick...
88 min
Episode 133: Brandon Wardell v. Justin Bieber
It's our first episode in 8 months where we have everyone including the guest in studio, and boy do we have a fun time with our wonderful guest Brandon Wardell (actor/comedian). To borrow a phrase from past guest David J. Roth, we "remember some...
94 min