Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 114: Nick Nemeroff v. A BP Listener
Nick Nemeroff (comedian) makes his return to the show and in a moment of panic that he wouldn't have a great Block Tale, blocks a BP listener to have something to talk about on the show. It's much sweeter than it sounds, and Nick displays his general...
82 min
Episode 113: Darcy Michael v. TikTok
If you're into John getting bullied, this is the episode for you, as returning guest Darcy Michael (comedian, High School Sucked) and Stefan team up to bust John's chops for not owning a cat, never making it in hockey, and an old classic: forcing him...
80 min
Episode 112: Josh Gondelman v. Not Cap'n America
Josh Gondelman (writer, comedian) joins the podcast to tell us the story of a very confusing block that only gets more confusing as we learn that all 3 of the Blocked Boys are also blocked by the very same account. But that hardly matters on this very...
88 min
Episode 111: Allie Pearse v. A Filmmaker Ex
It's a new year but it's the same us, as Allie Pearse (comedian, writer) joins us for a classic Block Tale, where after she breaks up with an ex, he blocks her on everything and then makes a short film where the main character strongly resembles her...
79 min
Episode 110: The 2021 Blocked Party Enemies List
In the second edition of this yearly tradition, John and Stefan eschew a guest in favour of a list of enemies to set the table for the turn of the calendar. 2020 was a year full of ups and (mostly) downs, and we try to predict who will continue into...
83 min
Episode 109: Kofie Yeboah v. Common App
It's an educational episode this week, as Kofie Yeboah (Fumble Dimension, Chillin' with Kofie) lets us know exactly how NOT to apply for college, as he manages to get rejected by eight colleges at once through the American university service Common...
82 min
Episode 108: James Austin Johnson v. A Former P...
James Austin Johnson (comedian) joins the show by telling us before we start recording that "he doesn't have a very exciting Block Tale" and then it turns out to be one of the most personal and messy Block Tales in show history, as him and a former...
99 min
Episode 107: Claire McNear v. MC Hammer
Claire McNear (author, The Ringer) joins us for a lesson in rookie journalism, as she gets blocked by MC Hammer for some, shall we say, unprofessional practices. Block: Hammer Time! Given Claire's new book is about Jeopardy!, the Blocked Boys take the...
77 min
Episode 106: Demi Adejuyigbe v. The CW
Demi Adejuyigbe (comedian, writer) gives us a double dose of blocks: one that makes a great deal of sense, and his feature block, The CW, which really doesn't. We help him try to get to the bottom of this baffling block as he gets blocked by an entire...
80 min
Episode 105: Gina Harms v. A Comedian
Gina Harms (comedian, Dear Pop Culture) joins the show for some more local comedy scene drama, as we get the scoop on open mic "hierarchy" and the entitlement of room-runners in a baffling and childish Block Tale. It's also a big episode this week for...
79 min
Episode 104: Arian Foster v. Jerry Rice
Arian Foster (former NFL All-Pro running back, current Twitch/YouTube streamer and hip-hop artist) joins the show to let us know what can happen when you criticize an NFL legend on Twitter, even if you're an NFL All-Pro yourself. The episode...
75 min
Episode 103: Brendan James v. Steven Crowder
Brendan James (Blowback podcast) joins the show for another pile-on for conservative "comedian" and all-around numbskull Steven Crowder. This Block Tale goes deep into the early origins of Crowder's success and Brendan teaches us that sometimes,...
91 min
Episode 102: Carla Mah v. Men on the Internet
Carla Mah (improviser) joins us to talk about the unique and strange experience of being an Asian woman online, and how it leads to many blocks, almost all for the same reason. It's a spooky episode as we recorded mere hours from Halloween and we get...
89 min
Episode 101: Mack Gordon v. Blues Traveler
It took 101 episodes, but Mack Gordon (actor) helps us get to one of the most notorious name-searchers on all of the Twitter [dot] com (who will absolutely block us once he finds this episode title), John Popper of Blues Traveler. He's such an easy...
90 min
Episode 100: A Celebration!
We made it! We couldn't think of a better way to celebrate a century of Blocked Party episodes than by bringing a bunch of our favourite people on to PARTY (get it?) with us, and boy did we get spoiled! First things first, the Blocked Boys get...
121 min
Episode 99: Maddy Kelly v. A Special Reply Guy
Maddy Kelly (comedian) joins the show to tell us about a very unique "reply guy" situation, where she replies back and he isn't quite sure how to handle it. Maddy offers a lot of other great advice on this episode, like how to properly manage your...
77 min
Episode 98: Cole Hersch v. Tobey Maguire
Cole Hersch (writer, Podcast But Outside) joins the show with one of the earliest-in-life Block Tales we've had, as he got blocked by Spider-Man himself, Tobey Maguire, on AOL Instant Messenger when he was 11. It's a saga with many twists and turns...
75 min
Episode 97: Jemele Hill v. Travis Tritt
Who knew the Kentucky Derby VIP section could be a source of consternation? We learn just how, as Jemele Hill (The Atlantic, Jemele Hill is Unbothered) tells us the story of her positive meeting with country star Travis Tritt over mint juleps and how...
65 min
Episode 96: Sarah Ramos & Caroline Goldfarb v. ...
It's only the second time ever that the BP Studios have been graced with two guests on one main episode, but it's a special occasion as we have Sarah Ramos (actor, filmmaker) and Caroline Goldfarb (comedian, writer) join us to tell us all about their...
82 min
Episode 95: Jack Allison v. Hoarse Wisperer
It's here. The most requested Block Tale in the history of the show is finally here, as Jack Allison (JackAM, Struggle Session) joins the Blocked Boys to talk about the Hoarse Wisperer saga. We get all the gritty details from their initial dealings...
82 min
Episode 94: Brian Gaar v. Chuck Woolery
Brian Gaar (comedian) joins the show to talk about getting blocked by America's favorite game show host over his "pain-free catheter" line of products, and this episode delves into other pain as we chat about Producer Dan's illness. But it's not all...
85 min
Episode 93: Becca v. A Married Guy
The time has come. A guest that has been requested for many moons (both hexed and not), John's partner Becca (writer) joins the show to get into it with the Blocked Boys about the time a married guy got aggressive with her in the DM. The BBs don't...
80 min
Episode 92: Racquel Belmonte v. Ronnie Ortiz-Magro
What do you get when you cross two guys who are recording their third podcast episode of the day and entering some sort of fugue state with a guest who doesn't understand espresso has more caffeine than coffee and drinks an entire mug of it? You get...
80 min
Episode 91: Tony Boswell v. Culture Abuse
Tony Boswell (Minion Death Cult) proves the theory that if you name your band something as dumb as "Culture Abuse", then you probably are very bad at tweeting, being online, and just generally being cool about getting mentioned in a story about a bee...
81 min
Episode 90: Libby Watson v. Glenn Thrush
Libby Watson (writer, The New Republic) joins the show as we begin the countdown to the big 100 with one of our favorite types of blocks, one from a man who loves to wear bad hats! We strike a victory for the Bad Hat Haters, as Libby makes fun of his...
75 min