Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 219: Alexander Edward v. A Facebook Guy
Alex Edward joins the show to tell us about the weirdos on Facebook!
89 min
Episode 218: Darcy Michael v. 10,000 People
Darcy's back in studio for the first time in 200 episodes and things get wild!
95 min
Episode 217: Girl God v. Each Other
It's a show first, as two guests join us and block one another live on the show!
82 min
Episode 216: Erika Gajda v. Tinder
Erika's "Swipes4Daddy" account runs into some troubles over at Tinder HQ.
86 min
Episode 215: Dino Archie v. Himself
Dino gets himself locked out of his Facebook fanpage by doing the one thing you should never do.
88 min
Episode 214: The 2023 Blocked Party Enemies List
Some people have hell to pay in 2023.
89 min
Episode 213: Stefan v. NORAD Santa Tracker w/ M...
Stefan can't find out where Santa is on Christmas Eve.
90 min
Episode 212: James Hartnett v. Jeff Blair
James picks up a sports block and we get all weird.
86 min
Episode 211: Annie Rauwerda v. A Nose Guy
Annie has a guy in her mentions who...well, loves her nose. It's the rare Block Tale with a nice ending.
87 min
Episode 210: Alyssa Limperis v. A Herbalist
Alyssa has to block a weird bot account that promises herbal remedies for HPV on a post about her deceased father.
82 min
Episode 209: Producer Dan v. BigBearGrizzly
Producer Dan is here and gets blocked by a weird account!
81 min
Episode 208: Ola Dada v. 4 Words
Ola Dada sees four words from a reply on a viral joke and that's enough to get his block finger going.
87 min
Episode 207: Lizzy Cooperman v. An "Artist"
86 min
Episode 206: Brandon Ash-Mohammed v. A Grindr Guy
Brandon has a very strange dating app encounter that leads to a disappointing evening and a block.
90 min
Episode 205: Mark Little v. A Bad Fella
Mark Little gets a troubling DM and is forced into an instant block.
81 min
Episode 204: Zach Cherry v. John Legere
Zach Cherry gets frustrated with too many promoted tweets and blocks the former T-Mobile CEO.
98 min
Episode 203: Demi Lardner and Tom Walker v. A H...
Two of our faves are here live in studio, all the way from Down Under!
98 min
Episode 202: Jesse Farrar v. Dewayne
Jesse Farrar joins us LIVE in Vancouver for the first-ever live edition of the show. It gets wild, as you'd assume.
102 min
Episode 201: Dana Smith v. A WhatsApp Scammer
Dana fights back against scammers with a unique strategy that involves...well, a toilet.
86 min
Episode 200: David J. Roth v. Republican Commen...
Dave finds a unique way to get blocked by guys on Twitter we all dislike.
110 min
Episode 199: Ryan Williams v. Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams doesn't do battle with himself, but a rather unfortunate namesake.
97 min
Episode 198: Charlie Demers v. A Friend
Charlie gets into it with a childhood friend in the rare Block Tale with a happy ending.
98 min
Episode 197: Racquel Belmonte v. The Pope
It's chaos, baby! Racquel is back and trying to get blocked by his high holiness.
82 min
Episode 196: Mo Amir v. Sukh Dhaliwal
Mo Amir tries to get to the bottom of a local politician blocking him without them ever interacting.
91 min
Episode 195: Joshua Custodio v. Ryback
Josh gets blocked by a former WWE wrestler, who then steals the meme he blocked him for.
89 min
Episode 194: Robin Hatch v. Kanye West
Musician Robin Hatch faces down scores of Kanye West fans.
91 min
Episode 193: Sexual Jumanji v. Elon Musk
SexJ gets blocked and then unblocked by Elon Musk, with the help of Joe Rogan.
86 min
Episode 192: Kelly Dwyer v. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kelly Dwyer (basketball writer) fittingly gets blocked by one of the NBA's all-time leaders in blocks (both on the court and apparently off), for mostly just reporting that people were beefing with Kareem for one reason or another. If we seem a little...
77 min
Episode 191: Stacey McLachlan v. Kelladactyl
Stacey McLachlan (comedian) returns after a too-long absence from the show to tell us about having to block an Instagram/TikTok dancer for moving in a weird way. Not in general, just weird to Stacey. And we pair that with a very grim listener block to...
76 min
Episode 190: Malik Elassal v. A Friend's Ex
Malik Elassal (comedian) joins the show for the first time to tell us about a friend's ex who went rogue to start the pandemic and forced Malik into blocking her after some very strange comments regarding Malik getting COVID early in the pandemic....
79 min
Episode 189: Jesse Thorn v. Merrill Markoe
Jesse Thorn (Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Bullseye) joins the show with a very original Block Tale, a first in show history, as he gets blocked by the former head writer of The Late Show with David Letterman for making her sit in traffic. It's a true...
98 min
Episode 188: Ginny Hogan v. Blake Masters
Ginny Hogan (writer/comedian) returns to the show in the midst of her "eat pray love" journey, a 3-week trip to Vancouver Island that ended up with her being too bored. So lucky for us, she decided to head to Vancouver for some standup shows and a...
71 min
Episode 187: Rachel Brodsky v. An Ex
Rachel Brodsky (writer) joins the show and immediately proves herself to be one of our smartest guests ever, as she comes up with the perfect answer to "what is the opposite of corn?", helps us with our lacking musical knowledge, and has the rare...
92 min
Episode 186: Chris Locke v. A Comedian
Chris Locke (comedian, Evil Men) returns to the show with a Block Tale that we are all too familiar with: someone you haven't talked to in a decade gets weird in the DMs all of a sudden. That comes off of the back of a discussion about how the...
93 min
Episode 185: Jon Hendren v. Several Celebs
When John’s away, Stefan and Dan will play… and boy, did they ever. Along with co-host DB and returning guest Jon Hendren, the boys discuss the insane shit they’ve made with Midjourney AI, Jon’s blood clot scare, and what sort of huge spiders...
93 min
Episode 184: Bryan Quinby v. Tom Leykis
Bryan Quinby (Street Fight Radio) returns to the show to run through an important event in BP history: John and Becca getting married! Becca hops on the show for a little bit to discuss the night that was, from the lovely time we had to Stefan's new...
90 min
Episode 183: Rachel Feltman v. An AIM Crush
Rachel Feltman (author) joins the show to talk about that frightening yet seminal moment in every 11 year-old's life: when they have their first online crush reciprocated and then immediately panic and block them. Rachel runs us through the whole tale...
76 min
Episode 182: Alistair Ogden v. A Scammer
After 3 failed attempts, we finally get Alistair Ogden (comedian) on the show to discuss one of our more involved Block Tales of all-time, as he takes an Instagram scammer WAY further into the weeds than they likely ever expected to go. And you know...
87 min
Episode 181: Tin Lorica v. A Roommate
Tin Lorica (comedian) joins the show to tell us about the time their roommate just simply had to be ghosted, and John reveals his thoughts on the story and potentially blows the whole thing wide open for Tin. And that's not the only spot we blow up...
103 min
Episode 180: Aaron Read v. A Bagel Place
Aaron Read (comedian) joins the show to tell us about a time he got blocked for politely asking a Vancouver bagel shop to change their notoriously bad work environment. Why change anything when you can just block people who complain? We find their...
85 min
Episode 179: @Weedguy420Boner v. A Weird Twitte...
John’s out this week which means Stefan’s in charge. Which means the episode might not get uploaded. But assuming it does, Stefan is joined by guest host Jesse Farrar (YKS, Go Off Kings) and their friend Greg (@weedguy420boner) as they discuss a...
93 min
Episode 178: Christine Bortolin v. Music Fans
Christine Bortolin (comedian) returns to the show for a third time and in a weird role reversal is she is in studio but Stefan isn't, as he hosts the show remotely from Ontario. His connection is poor but his takes are strong as Christine shows us...
83 min
Episode 177: Shane Koyczan v. A Facebook Commenter
It's a double dose of different on the pod this week as Stefan attends to a family situation so our friend Chris James fills in as a guest host, and we have our first-ever poet on the program, as one of Canada's finest poets, Shane Koyczan, joins us...
86 min
Episode 176: Cody Johnston v. John Mayer
John and Stefan return from John's bachelor party weekend and lived to tell the tale, as we welcome Cody Johnston (Some More News) onto the show to tell HIS tale, about being blocked by John Mayer on Tumblr of all places. We get into Cody's recurring...
74 min
Episode 175: Sarah Pappalardo v. A Former Class...
Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) joins the show to tell us about where they do most of their trolling: Facebook. And on that Facebook? A former member of their queer friend circle at college who has gone rogue as a transphobic anti-vaxxer and who blocks...
82 min
Episode 174: Paul Bae v. Producer Dan
Paul Bae (The Big Loop, Black Tapes) returns to the show to a surprise when Producer Dan informs him that he has actually BLOCKED Dan on Twitter! It's the first time we've ever had the Blocker and the Blockee meet face-to-face, and it turns out Dan...
84 min
Episode 173: Derek and dril v. Dog the Bounty H...
The boys are back in town, and this time that's quite literal, as Derek and dril are in Vancouver to join the Blocked Boys live in BPHQ. And this episode is about what you'd expect from this foursome, as an innocent conversation about hotpot turns to...
85 min
Episode 172: Maddy Kelly v. An Emailer
Maddy Kelly (comedian/writer) returns to the show with another very special reply guy, one who stoops to finding her email address to be unnecessarily critical and then extremely weird very, very quickly. It's a fun episode of the show that starts out...
87 min
Episode 171: Jamie Loftus v. The Olympics
Sweeps Month comes to a rousing conclusion as Jamie Loftus (comedian/writer) returns to become best friends with Tony Hawk (just as we are) by being blocked by none other than the Olympics themselves. Jamie actually tracks down the IOC headquarters in...
103 min
Episode 170: Michael Hale v. Bowling for Soup
It took 170 episodes, but Michael Hale (Your Kickstarter Sucks) finally joins us for a main episode and...let's be honest. If you're a fan of this show, or YKS, or hopefully both, you know exactly what you're getting here. It's John's worst nightmare...
73 min
Episode 169: Chris Locke v. The Convoy
Chris Locke (comedian, Evil Men pod) is BACK and he's gotten some people upset with him online for having takes against the very stupid Freedom Convoy here in Canada or whatever dumb thing they're calling it now. Luckily we don't have much other dumb...
100 min
Episode 168: Cait Raft v. 300 Facebook Friends
It's Sweeps Month, baby! This year, it's all fan favourites all month and we start by bringing back one of our faves who hasn't appeared on a full main episode in over two years, Cait Raft! Fresh off of their star turn as "Jonathan Van Mouse" on the...
73 min
Episode 167: Michael Balazo v. The Toronto Sun
Michael Balazo (Evil Men Podcast) joins the show for his first main episode, and he gets blocked by an entire newspaper! Apparently the tabloid-style papers in Toronto don't take too kindly to their front pages having jokes made about them. But there...
82 min
Episode 166: Becca v. Her Ex's Ex
Becca makes her triumphant return to the show and tells us the story of how her ex's wild ex made Becca's life very weird for a little while, from weird social media comments to parking in her building's parking lot and staring into their window. The...
84 min
Episode 165: Jordan Foisy v. A Rude Customer
Jordan Foisy (comedian) takes the show to real life, as he remembers a time an ignorant customer at his serving job forces his weaselly manager to take action in the best way possible. But before we get there, the show skews very Canadian as an...
102 min
Episode 164: Johnny Pemberton v. An Instagram T...
Johnny Pemberton (comedian/actor) joins the show to talk about blocking someone for going a little bit too far in questioning the COVID safety protocols on the set of Superstore, and reveals his unique strategy (other than muting/blocking) for dealing...
85 min
Episode 163: Caitlin Durante v. Her High School
Caitlin Durante (Bechdel Cast) joins us to demonstrate just how you can get blocked by your high school, over a decade after graduating from it. Hint: it involves the school mascot. There's nothing cartoony or mascot-like about the rest of the episode...
82 min
The 2022 Blocked Party Enemies List
In the third instalment of what has become an annual tradition and a fan favourite episode, John and Stefan run down who they're targeting in the year 2022 as their mortal enemies. This could be a concept--in the past, Stefan has targeted the Bristol...
86 min
Episode 161: Libby Watson v. Jason Calacanis
Libby Watson (writer) is back for a comfy mid-December episode that sees John power through the haze of potential COVID illness for a memorable episode, as Libby gets blocked by Silicon Valley weirdo and Defector Media's "interested investor" Jason...
94 min
Episode 160: Dino Archie v. The Cosmopolitan
Dino Archie (comedian) gets physically blocked from The Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas for, and I quote, "doing too much". It's a self-admitted, well- deserved block, and the lifetime ban leaves Dino wondering just how heavily they'll enforce that if he...
101 min
Episode 159: Lucy Valentine v. Scott Adams
Chalk another one up for the bad guy, as Lucy Valentine (Boonta Vista) gets blocked by the creator of Dilbert for making fun of his precious cartoons. It's a famous "night-time" episode of the show, as John is away for the weekend and thus, the boys...
79 min
Episode 158: Dave Weigel v. Amy Schumer
One of our most requested guests, Dave Weigel (Washington Post) is finally able to make an appearance on our show after getting the approval from the higher-ups, and it does not disappoint. Despite writing about politics and all the blocks that come...
88 min
Episode 157: Matt Wright v. A Cabaret
Matt Wright (comedian) joins us for a landmark recording, as it's the earliest recording we have ever done! With Stefan out of town next weekend, the Blocked Boys were forced to record at 9 am, with some predictably delirious results. Matt gets...
82 min
Episode 156: Justine Stafford v. A Foot Guy
Justine Stafford (comedian) joins the show as our first-ever Irish guest and teaches us that no matter what side of the Atlantic you're on, there will still be weird feet guys in your DMs! She gets the episode started off with a weird request and the...
86 min
Episode 155: John Semley v. Steven Crowder
John Semley (writer) joins us to throw another Steven Crowder block onto the scrap heap as we wax nostalgic for childhood candy, lunch items, and crushes. John also enjoys having a fellow John on the show and we get into getting mistaken for Jons and...
86 min
Episode 154: Rax King v. SantaCon
Rax King (writer) introduces us to the world of SantaCon, something that sounds joyous but is in actuality, very grim and bad. Her fateful day trip into NYC during SantaCon leads to a block as the dark side of the internet sees fit to get involved....
82 min
Episode 153: Amy Goodmurphy v. A Rude Commenter
Amy Goodmurphy (comedian/actor) gets fooled by the Blocked Boys into thinking they're wholesome, as the episode starts with some very pleasant conversation about acting in commercials, chocolates, and Christmas. But it quickly devolves as Amy herself...
80 min
Episode 152: Jesse Farrar v. The Calf Cramp Lady
Jesse Farrar (Your Kickstarter Sucks) returns to the show fresh off of doing a Go Off Kings stream with Stefan and that vibe permeates throughout the show as it starts chaotic and keeps that feel all the way through to the end. Jesse finds a block...
87 min
Episode 151: Aiden Arata v. A Party Guest
Aiden Arata (writer, content creator) joins us to discuss a time that a combination birthday party went awry as one guest in particular got very possessive over the leftovers. The rest of the episode is all content that's never been reheated though,...
82 min
Episode 150: Tony Hawk v. The Olympics
Tony Hawk (legend) joins the show to fulfill John's dream and to talk about the time that the International Olympic Committee booted him off the Park Course and then the time right after that when he got home from Tokyo and got blocked by NBC for...
73 min
Episode 149: Andrew Zuber v. J.P. Arencibia
Our good friend The Zubes (Wrestling Brain, Sportsfeld) joins the show to talk about being blocked by a former Major League Baseball player, who he then works with in sports media and gets unblocked by, who he then finds out is dating a very terrible...
91 min
Episode 148: Juliana Rodrigues v. An Injury/Foo...
Juliana Rodrigues (comedian) joins the show to discuss how an older guy who works at a comedy venue has an extremely strange Instagram account that only shows his workplace injuries and bad pictures of his food, leading Juliana to block him. Of...
78 min
Episode 147: Clare Belford v. Weight Loss Insta...
Clare Belford (comedian) returns to the show and she's got a new view on life where she doesn't want to hear about your weight loss program, your diet, your latest fad, or just your weight in general. And she's got a block for that! We discuss how...
87 min
Episode 146: Nathan Hare v. Subway
Nathan Hare (comedian) joins the show to tell us of the time that an innocent joke about Subway went sideways and he got blocked by one of the world's largest fast food chains. Most things on this episode go sideways as a discussion about fancy juice...
80 min
Episode 145: Producer Dan v. Lance Archer
Producer Dan (producer) joins us as a guest for the first time on a main episode as the Blocked Boys go on vacation to the Heck Family Cabin. We record outside so you can enjoy the sounds of nature in the background as we talk about our usual BS and...
82 min
Episode 144: Raina Douris v. Joe Warmington
Raina Douris (NPR's World Cafe) joins the show to hearken back to her old days as a Toronto resident, as she tangles with one of the resident dirt-kickers over at Toronto's worst newspaper, the Sun. We also manage to get into chatter about one of our...
92 min
Episode 143: Rory Dunn v. Matt Walsh
Rory Dunn (comedian) joins us to bear gifts of cheesecake and to share the story of how an 8-second video got him instantly blocked by one of Twitter's worst ghouls. Speaking of ghouls, we go on an extended tour of the biblical summer camps we all...
88 min
Episode 142: Ryan Williams v. Ezra Levant
Ryan Williams (comedian, writer) returns to the show to take on Canada's Rebel Media, our pathetic answer to the American alt-right community, and he goes straight to the top, catching a block from its founder, Ezra Levant. Elsewhere, John is home...
87 min
Episode 141: Alison Rosen v. An Instagram Comme...
Alison Rosen (podcaster, writer) joins us to warn of the dangers about posting a photo on Instagram of a recent manicure, lest people think you're too much of a narcissist. In fairness, we do manage to talk a fair amount about ourselves on the...
83 min
Episode 140: Taylor Lorenz v. Logan Paul
Taylor Lorenz (New York Times) returns to the show to explain her confusion over how she got blocked and unblocked and blocked again by Logan Paul, and in the process of telling the tale, figures out how it might've happened. We figure out a lot of...
87 min
Episode 139: Danika Thibault v. A Man Named Ashley
If you're thinking you can't trust a man named Ashley, our guest this week, Danika Thibault (comedian), is here to prove you right, as she tells a tale about a chance encounter leading to a very weird online interaction and subsequent blocking by...a...
83 min
Episode 138: Tom v. Jamie Sweaty
It's a long-awaited episode as our old friend Tom (ChapoFYM) joins us after the worst intro in show history to tell us a great Block Tale as he revisits the "horny Twitter" we got into with the Globe Hell guys and folks...this time, it might be worse....
90 min
Episode 137: K.C. Novak v. A Perfumer
K.C. Novak (comedian) makes her return to the show to talk about another romantic rejection, this time through a business she falls in love with over the pandemic. The Blocked Boys offer moral support as she walks us through the DMs and puts herself...
106 min
Episode 136: Will Weldon v. Elizabeth Hackett
Will Weldon (comedian, actor) joins the show for the third time but the first on a main episode, as we dig into his old "L.A. Meetings" bit on Twitter and find out how it led to getting blocked by a prominent screenwriter. Elsewhere on the show it's a...
95 min
Episode 135: Sophie Ross v. Kendall Jenner
Sophie Ross (writer/podcaster) joins us to discuss a pretty big-time block from Kendall Jenner that involved getting quote-tweeted by Kim Kardashian and a whole lot of Twitter drama. It's a perfect fit for our show and so is Sophie, as we run down her...
87 min
Episode 134: Nate Ruess v. Max Collins
Nate Ruess (musician, fun.) joins the show to talk about a very weird series of tweets from the guy from Eve 6, who called out Nate's band and forced Nate to block him just because Nate was sick of people talking to him about it. Nate doesn't get sick...
88 min
Episode 133: Brandon Wardell v. Justin Bieber
It's our first episode in 8 months where we have everyone including the guest in studio, and boy do we have a fun time with our wonderful guest Brandon Wardell (actor/comedian). To borrow a phrase from past guest David J. Roth, we "remember some...
94 min
Episode 132: Yasi Salek v. Audrey Kitching
Yasi Salek (podcaster, writer) joins the pod and lays down the law, as someone finally sides with John in the great "peen nut" incident and agrees the story is boring. There's a block in here too, as "scene queen" Audrey Kitching blocks Yasi and sends...
75 min
Episode 131: Globe Hell Warning v. LaFemmeFatali
It's only our second-ever dual guest episode, as we welcome Josiah and Drew from the Globe Hell Warning podcast to tell us about a Twitter prank that goes awry but has a heartwarming ending, as we learn all about a new weird sect of Twitter. The show...
104 min
Episode 130: Ashley Feinberg v. Salena Zito
Ashley Feinberg (writer, Trashberg) returns to the show to tell us about a back-and-forth with gas station interviewer Salena Zito, who went on a merry-go-round of soft-blocking Ashley before finally pulling the trigger after MONTHS of playing games....
87 min
Episode 129: Lauren Ash v. A Reply Guy
Lauren Ash (Superstore) joins us for a look inside a popular actor's mentions, as a guy who assumed he was going to be ignored got just about the opposite treatment from Lauren and her followers until HE needed to block HER to avoid being messed with...
80 min
Episode 128: Ben Flores v. Jerry Saltz
It's our first-ever "anti-block" this week, as art critic Jerry Saltz takes what would be a likely block situation for 95% of Twitter's genteel population and turns it into a success story with our guest, Ben Flores (writer, podcaster). It's also the...
87 min
Episode 127: Dan O'Sullivan v. Piers Morgan
Dan O'Sullivan (writer, Welcome to Sullyville) appears on a main episode of the show for the first time, and him and John find themselves to be kindred spirits as John is uncharacteristically "on one" throughout the whole episode. Speaking of being on...
87 min
Episode 126: Andrea Jin v. Ali Wong
Andrea Jin (comedian) returns to the show with a Block Tale that is quite rare: the one where you're so embarrassed by someone you admire potentially seeing a past DM you sent, that you block them so they don't. It's a first for the show and an...
88 min
Episode 125: Wes Barker v. 200 People
Wes Barker (magician) joins the show to tell us what happens when magicians prank each other, and how it can lead to actual, real-world consequences of the utmost annoyance. The episode itself is also magic, as Wes makes for a great first-time guest...
76 min
Episode 124: Tim Gray v. Peter Nygard
Tim Gray (comedian) joins the show for our first-ever cease-and-desist, as apparently telling jokes about someone on a local cable access show is grounds for getting lawyers involved. It's a particularly scummy man and so it feels like a great thing...
82 min
Episode 123: Lauren L. Walker v. Ricky Gervais
Lauren L. Walker (writer/podcaster) joins the show to demonstrate that the best way to get blocked by Ricky Gervais is to write one of his jokes for him. He's another in a long line of very famous name-searchers and we're surprised it took 123...
85 min
Episode 122: Molly McAleer v. Robert Herjavec
Molly McAleer (podcaster) joins us to discuss a much juicier Block Tale than the one in the episode's title, one so juicy we've diverted attention from it because we don't want that particular website's followers after us. The Shark Tank block is very...
87 min
Episode 121: Beth McColl v. An LOTR Fan
Beth McColl (writer) joins the show and breaks new ground for us as our first-ever guest outside of a North American time zone. This prompts a discussion about Daylight Savings Time and doing taxes in different countries, amidst a Block Tale where...
93 min
Episode 120: Jane Stanton v. A Tinder Match
Jane Stanton (comedian, High School Sucked) joins us for what is truly the craziest and weirdest Block Tale we've ever had, and both John and Stefan lose their minds over a shocking reveal. The rest of the episode isn't quite as shocking but still has...
79 min