Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 199: Ryan Williams v. Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams doesn't do battle with himself, but a rather unfortunate namesake.
97 min
Episode 198: Charlie Demers v. A Friend
Charlie gets into it with a childhood friend in the rare Block Tale with a happy ending.
98 min
Episode 197: Racquel Belmonte v. The Pope
It's chaos, baby! Racquel is back and trying to get blocked by his high holiness.
82 min
Episode 196: Mo Amir v. Sukh Dhaliwal
Mo Amir tries to get to the bottom of a local politician blocking him without them ever interacting.
91 min
Episode 195: Joshua Custodio v. Ryback
Josh gets blocked by a former WWE wrestler, who then steals the meme he blocked him for.
89 min
Episode 194: Robin Hatch v. Kanye West
Musician Robin Hatch faces down scores of Kanye West fans.
91 min
Episode 193: Sexual Jumanji v. Elon Musk
SexJ gets blocked and then unblocked by Elon Musk, with the help of Joe Rogan.
86 min
Episode 192: Kelly Dwyer v. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Kelly Dwyer (basketball writer) fittingly gets blocked by one of the NBA's all-time leaders in blocks (both on the court and apparently off), for mostly just reporting that people were beefing with Kareem for one reason or another. If we seem a little...
77 min
Episode 191: Stacey McLachlan v. Kelladactyl
Stacey McLachlan (comedian) returns after a too-long absence from the show to tell us about having to block an Instagram/TikTok dancer for moving in a weird way. Not in general, just weird to Stacey. And we pair that with a very grim listener block to...
76 min
Episode 190: Malik Elassal v. A Friend's Ex
Malik Elassal (comedian) joins the show for the first time to tell us about a friend's ex who went rogue to start the pandemic and forced Malik into blocking her after some very strange comments regarding Malik getting COVID early in the pandemic....
79 min
Episode 189: Jesse Thorn v. Merrill Markoe
Jesse Thorn (Jordan, Jesse, Go!, Bullseye) joins the show with a very original Block Tale, a first in show history, as he gets blocked by the former head writer of The Late Show with David Letterman for making her sit in traffic. It's a true...
98 min
Episode 188: Ginny Hogan v. Blake Masters
Ginny Hogan (writer/comedian) returns to the show in the midst of her "eat pray love" journey, a 3-week trip to Vancouver Island that ended up with her being too bored. So lucky for us, she decided to head to Vancouver for some standup shows and a...
71 min
Episode 187: Rachel Brodsky v. An Ex
Rachel Brodsky (writer) joins the show and immediately proves herself to be one of our smartest guests ever, as she comes up with the perfect answer to "what is the opposite of corn?", helps us with our lacking musical knowledge, and has the rare...
92 min
Episode 186: Chris Locke v. A Comedian
Chris Locke (comedian, Evil Men) returns to the show with a Block Tale that we are all too familiar with: someone you haven't talked to in a decade gets weird in the DMs all of a sudden. That comes off of the back of a discussion about how the...
93 min
Episode 185: Jon Hendren v. Several Celebs
When John’s away, Stefan and Dan will play… and boy, did they ever. Along with co-host DB and returning guest Jon Hendren, the boys discuss the insane shit they’ve made with Midjourney AI, Jon’s blood clot scare, and what sort of huge spiders...
93 min
Episode 184: Bryan Quinby v. Tom Leykis
Bryan Quinby (Street Fight Radio) returns to the show to run through an important event in BP history: John and Becca getting married! Becca hops on the show for a little bit to discuss the night that was, from the lovely time we had to Stefan's new...
90 min
Episode 183: Rachel Feltman v. An AIM Crush
Rachel Feltman (author) joins the show to talk about that frightening yet seminal moment in every 11 year-old's life: when they have their first online crush reciprocated and then immediately panic and block them. Rachel runs us through the whole tale...
76 min
Episode 182: Alistair Ogden v. A Scammer
After 3 failed attempts, we finally get Alistair Ogden (comedian) on the show to discuss one of our more involved Block Tales of all-time, as he takes an Instagram scammer WAY further into the weeds than they likely ever expected to go. And you know...
87 min
Episode 181: Tin Lorica v. A Roommate
Tin Lorica (comedian) joins the show to tell us about the time their roommate just simply had to be ghosted, and John reveals his thoughts on the story and potentially blows the whole thing wide open for Tin. And that's not the only spot we blow up...
103 min
Episode 180: Aaron Read v. A Bagel Place
Aaron Read (comedian) joins the show to tell us about a time he got blocked for politely asking a Vancouver bagel shop to change their notoriously bad work environment. Why change anything when you can just block people who complain? We find their...
85 min
Episode 179: @Weedguy420Boner v. A Weird Twitte...
John’s out this week which means Stefan’s in charge. Which means the episode might not get uploaded. But assuming it does, Stefan is joined by guest host Jesse Farrar (YKS, Go Off Kings) and their friend Greg (@weedguy420boner) as they discuss a...
93 min
Episode 178: Christine Bortolin v. Music Fans
Christine Bortolin (comedian) returns to the show for a third time and in a weird role reversal is she is in studio but Stefan isn't, as he hosts the show remotely from Ontario. His connection is poor but his takes are strong as Christine shows us...
83 min
Episode 177: Shane Koyczan v. A Facebook Commenter
It's a double dose of different on the pod this week as Stefan attends to a family situation so our friend Chris James fills in as a guest host, and we have our first-ever poet on the program, as one of Canada's finest poets, Shane Koyczan, joins us...
86 min
Episode 176: Cody Johnston v. John Mayer
John and Stefan return from John's bachelor party weekend and lived to tell the tale, as we welcome Cody Johnston (Some More News) onto the show to tell HIS tale, about being blocked by John Mayer on Tumblr of all places. We get into Cody's recurring...
74 min
Episode 175: Sarah Pappalardo v. A Former Class...
Sarah Pappalardo (Reductress) joins the show to tell us about where they do most of their trolling: Facebook. And on that Facebook? A former member of their queer friend circle at college who has gone rogue as a transphobic anti-vaxxer and who blocks...
82 min