Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 250: Jamie Loftus v. Joey Chestnut
Jamie almost gets blocked by competitive eating legend Joey Chestnut!
75 min
Episode 249: Erica Sigurdson v. A Facebook Friend
COVID brings out the best in all of us, especially on Facebook.
82 min
Episode 248: Niki Mohrdar v. Panago
Niki is in a pizza fight!
93 min
Episode 247: Gianmarco Soresi v. A Texting Fan
Gianmarco is here in studio to talk that talk!!!
101 min
Episode 246: Tom Walker v. ???
Tom Walker has a surprise in store for this week's blockee.
85 min
Episode 245: Kevin Banner's Block Brigade
Kevin has so many blocks we can't keep up!
78 min
Episode 244: Mark Chavez v. A Friend
Stop taking pictures of my damn kid!
80 min
Episode 243: Graham Clark v. Nicole Arbour
Graham catches a block from one of Canada's worst exports.
101 min
Episode 242: Danika Thibault v. A Twitter Account
Danika goes viral a few times, which has some weird results.
88 min
Episode 241: Danielle Florence v. An Ex
Danielle gets broken up with and then faces a strange request.
80 min
Episode 240: Becca v. An Ex
Becca goes through a tough breakup that only gets weirder.
83 min
Episode 239: Dave Harris vs. SkipTheDishes
Yes, we have a mobile food delivery app called that.
92 min
Episode 238: Randee Neumeyer v. A Facebook Mark...
Randee learns that FB Marketplace isn't all it's cracked up to be.
91 min
Episode 237: Ivan Decker v. Microwave Experts
People take a joke of Ivan's much too far.
97 min
Episode 236: Christine Bortolin v. A Scammer
Christine joins the Four-Timers Club!
86 min
Episode 235: Joe Kwaczala v. Summoning Salt
A loving tribute leads to a block.
81 min
Episode 234: Dakota Ray Hebert v. Her Mom
Dakota plays block tag with her mom over the years!
74 min
Episode 233: Jacob Samuel v. A Showrunner
Jacob spills some tea on the local comedy scene and tells us how he picked up a block.
85 min
Episode 232: Raft v. A Catfish
Raft returns and their block involves someone pretending to be...a porn star?
95 min
Episode 231: Sasha Mark v. A Grindr Guy
A hookup turns sour after the guy gets real weird.
85 min
Episode 230: Bridget Todd v. Neil deGrasse Tyson
Bridget Todd finally grows sick of NdT's BS.
80 min
Episode 229: Ryan Beil v. A&W Canada
Ryan tells of how he lost his A&W job, then got it back again, then lost it again.
90 min
Episode 228: Jackie Pirico v. An Ex
Those damn ex-boyfriends!
78 min
Episode 227: Jacob Balshin v. Barb
Perhaps our wildest Block Tale EVER, Jacob goes on a true odyssey and finds himself blocked.
90 min
Episode 226: Ben Fawcett v. A FIFA Opponent
Our first-ever online gaming block!
84 min