Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 224: Caitlin Durante v. A Bumble Match
Caitlin gets distracted by their own horniness and meets up with a sketchy Bumble match.
95 min
Episode 223: Emily Heller v. A Comedian
Emily Heller gets blocked by a comedian who was at January 6th.
99 min
Episode 222: Alex Schmidt v. the "Today I Learn...
Hard to believe our nicest guest ever got blocked, but he did!
81 min
Episode 221: Debra DiGiovanni v. A Comedian
Deb catches a pre-block as a comedian goes in on fat people.
85 min
Episode 220: Nathan Macintosh v. A Lazy Follower
A follower makes a promise to Nathan he doesn't follow through on.
83 min
Episode 219: Alexander Edward v. A Facebook Guy
Alex Edward joins the show to tell us about the weirdos on Facebook!
89 min
Episode 218: Darcy Michael v. 10,000 People
Darcy's back in studio for the first time in 200 episodes and things get wild!
95 min
Episode 217: Girl God v. Each Other
It's a show first, as two guests join us and block one another live on the show!
82 min
Episode 216: Erika Gajda v. Tinder
Erika's "Swipes4Daddy" account runs into some troubles over at Tinder HQ.
86 min
Episode 215: Dino Archie v. Himself
Dino gets himself locked out of his Facebook fanpage by doing the one thing you should never do.
88 min
Episode 214: The 2023 Blocked Party Enemies List
Some people have hell to pay in 2023.
89 min
Episode 213: Stefan v. NORAD Santa Tracker w/ M...
Stefan can't find out where Santa is on Christmas Eve.
90 min
Episode 212: James Hartnett v. Jeff Blair
James picks up a sports block and we get all weird.
86 min
Episode 211: Annie Rauwerda v. A Nose Guy
Annie has a guy in her mentions who...well, loves her nose. It's the rare Block Tale with a nice ending.
87 min
Episode 210: Alyssa Limperis v. A Herbalist
Alyssa has to block a weird bot account that promises herbal remedies for HPV on a post about her deceased father.
82 min
Episode 209: Producer Dan v. BigBearGrizzly
Producer Dan is here and gets blocked by a weird account!
81 min
Episode 208: Ola Dada v. 4 Words
Ola Dada sees four words from a reply on a viral joke and that's enough to get his block finger going.
87 min
Episode 207: Lizzy Cooperman v. An "Artist"
86 min
Episode 206: Brandon Ash-Mohammed v. A Grindr Guy
Brandon has a very strange dating app encounter that leads to a disappointing evening and a block.
90 min
Episode 205: Mark Little v. A Bad Fella
Mark Little gets a troubling DM and is forced into an instant block.
81 min
Episode 204: Zach Cherry v. John Legere
Zach Cherry gets frustrated with too many promoted tweets and blocks the former T-Mobile CEO.
98 min
Episode 203: Demi Lardner and Tom Walker v. A H...
Two of our faves are here live in studio, all the way from Down Under!
98 min
Episode 202: Jesse Farrar v. Dewayne
Jesse Farrar joins us LIVE in Vancouver for the first-ever live edition of the show. It gets wild, as you'd assume.
102 min
Episode 201: Dana Smith v. A WhatsApp Scammer
Dana fights back against scammers with a unique strategy that involves...well, a toilet.
86 min
Episode 200: David J. Roth v. Republican Commen...
Dave finds a unique way to get blocked by guys on Twitter we all dislike.
110 min