Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 87: David J. Roth v. Donald J. Trump
It's a bit shocking that it's taken us 87 episodes to get here, but folks, we finally have the big man himself, the damn Cheeto-in-Chief, in our sights, as our guest, David Roth (writer, Deadspin) joins us to talk about the time he got blocked by...
82 min
Episode 86: Ginny Hogan v. A Twitter Psycho
Ginny Hogan (comedian, author) joins us for an episode that gets weirdly topical for BP, as John gets a COVID test and we dig into the very odd Wayfair conspiracy. And that's not the only conspiracy theory we dig into, folks. ToppingsGate once again...
74 min
Episode 85: Ike Barinholtz v. Jimmy John's
Ike Barinholtz (The Mindy Project, The Hunt) joins us for a rare double block against two monstrous human beings: the guy who owns Jimmy John's (makes bad sandwiches, bad guy) and Sebastian Gorka (eats a lot of sandwiches, bad guy), as neither one of...
69 min
Episode 84: Brandon Ash-Mohammed v. His Family
Brandon Ash-Mohammed (comedian) joins the show for the first time right after hosting a virtual Pride Parade and the Blocked Boys learn a lot as they get into the TLC Tugger, Prince Alberts, and Brandon dons his "Gay Sorting Hat" to identify their...
76 min
Episode 83: Chris James v. The Go Off Kings
Whether he's playing the triangle, the square, or the fiddle, Chris James (comedian, Not Even a Show) is always a fan favourite, and this episode is wild off the hop as some changed plans result in a remote episode with one of our closest friends. The...
77 min
Episode 82: Savannah Erasmus v. Her Ex
We're back in studio again and this time, everyone is here! We're joined by our first in-studio guest in three months, Savannah Erasmus (comedian), who has the most powerful block in the show's history, a flex that will be talked about for episodes to...
91 min
Episode 81: Alex Goldman v. Zappin_Liberals
The Blocked Boys are back, baby! In studio, that is. With the COVID restrictions in BC allowing social gatherings of up to 6, the BBs get together in the BPHQ Studio for the first time since March, and we haven't missed a beat. Well, we think, anyway....
79 min
Episode 80: Grace Spelman v. Kevin Spacey
In an episode that was recorded a week ago and thus feels like it was recorded eons ago, Grace Spelman (writer, musician) joins the show to talk about being blocked by Kevin Spacey, but not for any of the reasons you'd suspect. Call it serendipitous...
87 min
Episode 79: Charles v. John Podhoretz
Our one-named friend Charles (@Ugarles, Hostile Witness podcast) makes his show debut having an argument about religion with noted dumbass and bad Twitter guy John Podhoretz that follows the classic "I've lost this argument, so I will block you...
79 min
Episode 78: Ashley Feinberg v. Lena Dunham
Ashley Feinberg (writer) makes her first appearance on the show a memorable one, as she gives us one of the best Block Tales of all-time, a block that starts in the emails and ends up on Twitter as she questions Lena Dunham's weird relationship with...
80 min
Episode 77: Lydia Burrell v. Ryan Saavedra
Lydia Burrell (musician, comedian) joins the show and since Stefan failed to explain the concept of the show to him properly, delivers a litany of blocks including Steven Crowder and his own governor before concluding with his favourite, right-wing...
86 min
Episode 76: Molly Lambert v. SKD Knickerbocker
Molly Lambert (writer, Night Call) scoops up one of the most prestigious blocks in an election year: the Public Affairs Agency that represents Joe Biden and many others, after she discovers one of their prime tactics for “managing crisis” (it’s...
89 min
Episode 75: Branson Reese v. Scott Adams
One of our favourite targets is BACK, baby! Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert, returns with a vengeance, and Branson Reese (artist, Rude Tales of Magic) is here to tell us how he managed to get blocked by the trigger-happy cartoonist turned horny,...
85 min
Episode 74: Graham Clark v. The Cast of America...
Graham Clark (comedian, Stop Podcasting Yourself) returns to the show and does something few of our guests have tried to do, in that he tries to get blocked just so he can be on the program. Not only does the brave Graham try to get blocked, but he...
86 min
Episode 73: Alison Stevenson v. Mindy Kaling
Alison Stevenson (writer, comedian) joins us to help get to the bottom of a mystery John calls "The Mindy Project": why did Mindy Kaling block her? It's another Block Tale where we try and help our guest get unblocked, as she cannot figure out how or...
89 min
Episode 72: Eli Yudin v. ?uestlove
Eli Yudin (comedian, What a Time To Be Alive) joins the Blocked Boys and it's clear they're all getting stir-crazy, as this is our longest episode to date, chatting about blocks you didn't know you had, especially when they're from people you respect...
110 min
Episode 71: Nikki Glaser v. DM Sliders
Nikki Glaser (comedian, "Bangin'" out now on Netflix!) gives us a glimpse into the DMs of a female celebrity, and it's uhh....not good. We delve into the push and pull of wanting to possibly meet the right person through the DMs, while also needing to...
81 min
Episode 70: Kate Willett v. John Cusack
Kate Willett (comedian) joins us for our first-ever fully remote episode, as John, Stefan, and Dan all observe social distancing despite living 5 minutes away from each other. The episode is understandably a bit COVID-heavy, as we make sense of this...
81 min
Episode 69: Jaya Sundaresh v. Jon Favreau
It's episode 69 (nice), so you know what that means: it's one life cycle of the podcast, as Jaya Sundaresh (journalist, Jaya Time) brings it all back to where we started, by getting blocked by Pod Save America dweeb Jon Favreau. Like many before her,...
76 min
Episode 68: Adam Christie v. ???
Adam Christie (comedian) refuses to tell the Blocked Boys who his block is, and the surprise paid off for us, so we figure it should have the chance to pay off for you in one of the more memorable Block Tales that ends with the three men in song. The...
82 min
Episode 67: Beth Stelling v. Her Ex-Stepdad
Sweeps Month comes to an end with another huge guest, as Beth Stelling (comedian) joins us to break things off with her ex-stepdad quite a few years after her mom did, as she blocks him live on the show after one of the craziest Block Tales ever....
87 min
Episode 66: Doughboys v. Hoarse Whisperer
It's a podcasting crossover for the ages as we near the end of BP Sweeps Month, with the Doughboys themselves, Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, joining the Blocked Boys in the studio. We discuss how being friends with Jack Allison is definitely very good...
79 min
Episode 65: Charlie Demers v. Himself
BP Sweeps Month continues with one of our most requested guests of all-time, Charlie Demers (author, comedian). Charlie has one of the more involved Block Tales ever, as he has an existential crisis over a tweet going viral, and decides to quit the...
109 min
Episode 64: Carlos Maza v. Comfortably Smug
BP Sweeps Month keeps bringing the heat as Carlos Maza (media critic, YouTube, Vox) learns that even if you want to win an ignominious award for being a liberal hack, you can’t stuff the ballot box, as he gets blocked by one of the worst Republicans...
87 min
Episode 63: Taylor Lorenz v. Lin-Manuel Miranda
It's BP's Sweeps Month and Taylor Lorenz (New York Times) takes the beautiful lob pass we've thrown at her and dunks on one of Blocked Party's favorite targets, Lin-Manuel Miranda. We celebrate Taylor's block by playing another round of "Is This a...
77 min