Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 64: Carlos Maza v. Comfortably Smug
BP Sweeps Month keeps bringing the heat as Carlos Maza (media critic, YouTube, Vox) learns that even if you want to win an ignominious award for being a liberal hack, you can’t stuff the ballot box, as he gets blocked by one of the worst Republicans...
87 min
Episode 63: Taylor Lorenz v. Lin-Manuel Miranda
It's BP's Sweeps Month and Taylor Lorenz (New York Times) takes the beautiful lob pass we've thrown at her and dunks on one of Blocked Party's favorite targets, Lin-Manuel Miranda. We celebrate Taylor's block by playing another round of "Is This a...
77 min
Episode 62: Derek Estevez-Olsen v. George Shapiro
Derek Estevez-Olsen (TruthPoint) joins us in studio for one of the best reaction moments in show history, as the #FunkoPopChallenge gets taken to an all-new level when John opens his Funko gift from Stefan. Elsewhere, the Blocked Boys talk curling,...
79 min
Episode 61: Christine Bortolin v. An Ex-Employee
Christine Bortolin (improviser) returns for an episode that gets wild right out of the gate, as talk of the #FunkoPopChallenge goes sideways. John opens his first Funko Pop from a listener (and Christine brings him one as a gift!) and it leads to...
75 min
Episode 60: Gavin Matts v. Chris D'Elia
Gavin Matts (comedian) returns to deliver a double dose of D'Elia, though his block is a little more innocuous than Olivia Stadler's, as he tells Chris that another comedian is better than him. That's it. That's the whole block. Seems a bit sensitive...
74 min
Episode 59: Ellen Cushing v. Taylor Swift Fans
Ellen Cushing (The Atlantic) sparks the wrath of one of the worst online fanbases despite being a massive Taylor Swift fan herself, as the fans show Ellen no mercy for a fairly innocent Swift take, and it becomes pretty hard for her to look at her...
80 min
Episode 58: The 2020 Blocked Party Enemies List
It’s a new year and a new us, as we kick off the turn of the new decade by declaring our top 10 enemies for 2020. Enough with positive resolutions, it’s time that our enemies be identified and aware that we are not putting up with their shit in...
73 min
Episode 57: Clare Belford v. Her Uncle
Clare Belford (comedian) helps us understand that the time our mom added us on Facebook really wasn't as bad as we thought it was, because one time, her uncle added her on Instagram and it was...well, his profile was pretty horny. It's the perfect...
78 min
Episode 56: Taz VanRassel v. His Dad's Friend
Taz VanRassel (improviser, The Sunday Service) picks up a block in a surprising place: from a senior citizen! We didn't even know they knew how to block, but an ironic swear word in a Facebook post does the trick as Taz's dad gets served with a...
81 min
Episode 55: Jamie Loftus v. Mensa
Jamie Loftus (writer, Bechdel Cast) returns to give us a sneak peek of her new show, "My Year in Mensa", by detailing the time she went to a Mensa thing called "Nerd Camp" and got blocked from a very weird alt-right Mensa Facebook group as a result....
88 min
Episode 54: Olivia Stadler v. Chris D'Elia
Olivia Stadler (comedian) teaches Chris D'Elia (and us) a valuable lesson: just because you're famous doesn't mean you can slide into the DMs clumsily. An attempted meet-up ends with the two never meeting and Chris footing Olivia's hotel bar bill in a...
78 min
Episode 53: Jesse Farrar v. Jessica Morales Roc...
Jesse Farrar (Your Kickstarter Sucks, Go Off Kings) returns to the show, and whips up a frenzy to try and get blocked for the occasion. After firing barbs at the likes of Mark Cuban and Jonathan Chait, Jesse finally catches a block from "JMR" after...
96 min
Episode 52: Chris Locke v. Gary Gulman
Chris Locke (comedian) becomes our first guest to return for a second regular episode, and folks, it's a doozy. If last episode with Becca Lewis proved we were a smart podcast, we go all the way dumb on this one as Chris gets blocked by famed comedian...
85 min
Episode 51: Becca Lewis v. Internet Trolls
Becca Lewis (PhD candidate in Internet Politics, Stanford) makes us all smarter by telling us what life is like as a PhD student who exclusively studies internet culture. It's mostly good but also sometimes very bad, when that culture you research...
78 min
Episode 50: Nick Nemeroff v. Comedy Central Com...
Nick Nemeroff (comedian) gets very excited for his first TV appearance on Comedy Central, without considering that they have 3M Facebook followers, and they might have some opinions on his comedy that are very bad. However, Nick deals with it in the...
80 min
Episode 49: Chris Griffin v. A Girl He Met Afte...
Chris Griffin (comedian) joins us on the show to tell a cautionary tale: no matter how well you do at a show, and no matter how interested a woman seems, there's always the potential for things to go sideways. And go sideways they do, as the woman...
76 min
Episode 48: K.C. Novak v. A Booty Call
K.C. Novak (comedian) asks the question, "can you do sex tonight?" and folks, the answer isn't a positive one. We learn all about her ex-boyfriend and occasional lover blocking her while also leaning on K.C. for emotional support but also being mad at...
82 min
Episode 47: Sam Seder v. Dave Rubin
Sam Seder (Majority Report) is definitely not encouraging you or discouraging you from asking Dave Rubin to debate him, as he fills us in on the months-long saga that progressed from an offer for a debate to a Twitter muting to finally a blocking....
73 min
Episode 46: Paul Bae v. A Twitter Troll
Paul Bae (The Black Tapes, Marvels, The Big Loop) joins us for a block as old as time: a Twitter egg replies to you, you dunk on him for a few minutes, and then you get blocked. As far as old tales go, the Blocked Boys also waste no time getting to...
83 min
Episode 45: Cait Raft v. Their Middle School Crush
Cait Raft (JackAM, This Podcast is Self Care) created 30+ AIM accounts to profess their love for their middle school crush, ranging from posing as his best friend to blatantly creating accounts just for him, and he blocked 'em all! It's one of our...
73 min
Episode 44: Graham Wright v. Gary Janetti
Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club, Girlfriend Material, our theme song writer) joins us for a lot of firsts: the first time our theme song has ever been played live, the first cold open in the show's history, and the first time a Block Tale has been...
74 min
Episode 43: Josiah Hughes v. Mike Bullard
Josiah Hughes (writer, blink-155 podcast) dips deep into the well of CanCon to discuss being blocked by a legendary Canadian talk show host about a matter of "chivalry". The Blocked Boys also look at the famous episode of Open Mike where Tom Green...
86 min
Episode 42: Andrea Jin v. Contest Voters
Andrea Jin (comedian) tells us that she'll do just about anything for votes in a stand-up comedy contest, whether that means showing her body, face, or stringing along a guy from Miami. Also on the show, The Blocked Boys finally put a pin in the...
75 min
Episode 41: Guy Branum v. Antoni Porowski
One of the most requested guests in Blocked Party history, Guy Branum (comedian, author “My Life as a Goddess”) joins the show to help us learn why a man with a 6-pack should never be trusted to be a food critic. Speaking of food, John continues...
62 min
Episode 40: Sophia Johnson v. Her Classmate
Sophia Johnson (actor, comedian) is probably the first woman in history to get blocked for playing Magic: The Gathering with a guy her classmate had a crush on. He played an all-blue deck, so he was probably too controlling anyway. This episode sees...
85 min