Blocked Party

Twitter Genius/Idiot Stefan Heck and comedian John Cullen invite guests on the program to talk about the who and the how of getting blocked on social media. From celebrities to jilted ex-lovers, every block has a story and we’re here to get to the bottom of it.

Episode 46: Paul Bae v. A Twitter Troll
Paul Bae (The Black Tapes, Marvels, The Big Loop) joins us for a block as old as time: a Twitter egg replies to you, you dunk on him for a few minutes, and then you get blocked. As far as old tales go, the Blocked Boys also waste no time getting to...
83 min
Episode 45: Cait Raft v. Their Middle School Crush
Cait Raft (JackAM, This Podcast is Self Care) created 30+ AIM accounts to profess their love for their middle school crush, ranging from posing as his best friend to blatantly creating accounts just for him, and he blocked 'em all! It's one of our...
73 min
Episode 44: Graham Wright v. Gary Janetti
Graham Wright (Tokyo Police Club, Girlfriend Material, our theme song writer) joins us for a lot of firsts: the first time our theme song has ever been played live, the first cold open in the show's history, and the first time a Block Tale has been...
74 min
Episode 43: Josiah Hughes v. Mike Bullard
Josiah Hughes (writer, blink-155 podcast) dips deep into the well of CanCon to discuss being blocked by a legendary Canadian talk show host about a matter of "chivalry". The Blocked Boys also look at the famous episode of Open Mike where Tom Green...
86 min
Episode 42: Andrea Jin v. Contest Voters
Andrea Jin (comedian) tells us that she'll do just about anything for votes in a stand-up comedy contest, whether that means showing her body, face, or stringing along a guy from Miami. Also on the show, The Blocked Boys finally put a pin in the...
75 min
Episode 41: Guy Branum v. Antoni Porowski
One of the most requested guests in Blocked Party history, Guy Branum (comedian, author “My Life as a Goddess”) joins the show to help us learn why a man with a 6-pack should never be trusted to be a food critic. Speaking of food, John continues...
62 min
Episode 40: Sophia Johnson v. Her Classmate
Sophia Johnson (actor, comedian) is probably the first woman in history to get blocked for playing Magic: The Gathering with a guy her classmate had a crush on. He played an all-blue deck, so he was probably too controlling anyway. This episode sees...
85 min
Episode 39: Kevin Banner v. Gene Simmons
Kevin Banner (comedian) returns, this time on a regular episode, to tell us about the time he pissed off the lead singer of KISS and the Prime Minister of Canada in one fell swoop. Kevin and John get an up-close look at Stefan’s new weed pen as they...
65 min
Episode 38: Bobby Big Wheel v. Benny Johnson
Bobby Big Wheel (internet funnyman) gets Stefan extremely excited for his Block Tale by getting blocked by Stefan's most hated man on the internet, Benny Johnson. This block also leads to an extremely fun revelation during the listener block segment,...
75 min
Episode 37: Rachel Schaefer v. Her “Roommate”
Rachel Schaefer (comedian) joins us to tell a story of how a close friend became an unwitting roommate after she asked to couch surf and then never left. Needless to say, the story doesn’t end well. The Blocked Boys don’t waste any time and give a...
76 min
Episode 36: Jake Flores v. Jen Kirkman
Jake Flores (comedian, Pod Damn America) spins the wheel of comedy blocks he has and lands on Jen Kirkman, who we find out even blocked one of our listeners for just tweeting “Russia” at her. The Blocked Boys then get riled up talking about dog...
66 min
Episode 35: Dave Shumka v. The Captain's Boil
Dave Shumka (Stop Podcasting Yourself, This Sounds Serious) shows some dedication to the show, reviving his SPY Twitter exchange with crappy restaurant The Captain's Boil in an effort to be blocked for the show. That doesn't work, but a surprise...
68 min
Episode 34: Karen Geier v. Ed Krassenstein
Karen Geier (writer, On Belief podcast) proves to be a dream guest as she's blocked by a long-time nemesis of the podcast, Ed Krassenstein, who follows up blocking her with a weird series of emails that do nothing to dispel the Krassenbrothers' creepy...
79 min
Episode 33: Dave Harris v. An Ex-Girlfriend
Dave Harris (comedian, Beer Me) uses the threat of a block to win back an ex-girlfriend (and it works! Sort of). Elsewhere, the Blocked Boys continue on their crusade to be the first show ever with multiple hosts that refuse to use the term co-host...
78 min
Episode 32: Stacey McLachlan v. A MasterChef Ju...
Stacey McLachlan (comedian, Nasty Women Comedy, AfterChef Junior) shows us that you can never be too sure who listens to your podcast after she gets blocked by the parent of a MasterChef Junior contestant. It's also a huge episode as the Blocked Boys...
76 min
Episode 31: Jon Hendren v. Lin-Manuel Miranda
Jon Hendren (@fart, internet funnyman) hates that we introduce him as "internet funnyman", but we do it anyway. We also hate Lin-Manuel Miranda's daily affirmations, and Jon tells the story of how he found out that LMM hates when people criticize...
78 min
Episode 30: Hunter Collins v. "Felix"
Hunter Collins (comedian) brings a hidden identity with him to the podcast, as the threat of actual legal action makes this Block Tale so juicy we can't reveal exactly who he was blocked by. But it's a wild story and easily our best Blocked Tale yet....
80 min
Episode 29: Kath Barbadoro v. Nick Jackson
Kath Barbadoro (comedian, What a Time to Be Alive, Wrestlesplania) demonstrates how wrestlers are the most egregious name searchers on earth, as she manages to get blocked on both her personal and podcast account by one of the AEW's Young Bucks...
82 min
Episode 28: Tom Hill v. A Basketball Player
Tom Hill (comedian, Hip.Bang!) is the first person to come on the show with a PHYSICAL block, as he gets owned in a game of basketball and his dead tooth from the incident haunts his acting career from then on. After the Blocked Boys once again dive...
85 min
Episode 27: Alex Goldman v. William Shatner
Alex Goldman (Reply All) and the Blocked Boys attempt to solve a mystery for the ages: if you never interact with someone, why do they block you? We dig around to try and find the truth about why Alex was blocked by Captain Kirk. The BBs also explore...
75 min
Episode 26: Allie Entwistle v. Her Best Friend
Allie Entwistle (comedian, Brunch Comedy) joins the show this week to demonstrate that even those who are the closest to us can block us, as she gets blocked by her sketch comedy partner and best friend. The Blocked Boys also get into John's past as a...
83 min
Episode 25: Kevvy v. A Fan’s Dad
Kevvy (musician, producer, Fake Shark) shows the Blocked Boys that there are fewer embarrassments worse for a teenage girl than your father getting in a Twitter war with your favourite band’s lead singer. Before that, the episode goes way off the...
79 min
Episode 24: Denea Campbell v. An Incel Ex
Denea Campbell (improviser, Nasty Women Comedy) joins the Blocked Boys to let them know what happens when you get old, don’t have a high school degree, and get dumped by your much younger girlfriend. Strong lessons, indeed. Your favorite BBs also...
69 min
Episode 23: Myles Anderson v. A Clingy Craigsli...
Myles Anderson (comedian) tells us what happens when a random from Craigslist thinks the laptop you sell him comes with tech support. The Blocked Boys also keep it classy this week with long talks about hiking, art, neighbourly love, and the funniest...
77 min
Episode 22: Patrick Monahan v. Meghan McCain
Patrick Monahan (comedian, What a Time to Be Alive) joins the show to help us profile the fastest blocker on Twitter, Meghan McCain (did you know her dad fought in the war?) as Stefan also details his tango with her. It's a double block! Elsewhere,...
85 min