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Simply not good enough
The Orlando Magic got blown out home in embarrassing fashion as their team is simply not good enough even to get a learning experience out of games right now.
34 min
Cole's world is getting bigger
Cole Anthony has returned from injury and is displaying a ton of growth and promise as the Orlando Magic wind down their season.
28 min
A lot of positives, but the Orlando Magic's sho...
The Orlando Magic did a lot of things well in a loss to the Atlanta Hawks, but their shooting continues to be the biggest factor holding them back.
30 min
It's still about pace, baby
The Orlando Magic's offense has been pretty terrible. The key to it becoming better is still about our favorite buzz word: Pace.
32 min
Orlando Magic living through their lessons to l...
The Orlando Magic again struggled to make adjustments as they saw their first half lead evaporate and another chance to make progress slip away.
32 min
Orlando Magic won the trade Locker Room party
The Orlando Magic showed plenty of exciting signs in a win over the Chicago Bulls. We break it down and more in this week's Locker Room.
73 min
The Orlando Magic won the trade, right?
The Orlando Magic defeated the Chicago Bulls getting a spirited and physical effort from several players.
27 min
What was lost in the third quarter of the Magic...
Everything changed for the Orlando Magic in the third quarter of the season. What was lost has hurt the team in the present as they try to map out their future.
27 min
Orlando Magic need to make the most of their fi...
The Orlando Magic are limping into the final quarter of their season as they try to figure out how to get the most of their young roster.
31 min
The Orlando Magic learned nothing
The Orlando Magic got beat up by the Milwaukee Bucks as they struggle to carve an identity. They seemed to learn nothing from their loss.
34 min
Locker Room Friday: Orlando Magic embrace the y...
The Orlando Magic are fully embracing the youth movement. We head into the Locker Room for your questions and thoughts.
62 min
Cole Anthony is back and all about the team
Cole Anthony makes his triumphant return for the Orlando Magic and looked no worse for the wear after two months on the shelf.
28 min
Orlando Magic back to basics on the glass
The Orlando Magic have some fundamental tenets that are vital to their chances to winning. Rebounding is first among them and it has been an area they have struggled so far.
29 min
R.J. Hampton gets his chance
The Orlando Magic are proving to be a great proving ground for young players like R.J. Hampton.
29 min
Effort is only half the battle, Orlando Magic n...
The Orlando Magic have shown plenty of effort, but their attention to detail wanes and the Magic are losing because of it.
39 min
Locker Room Rebroadcast: The new path forward
I went into the Locker Room to chat about what comes next for the Orlando Magic and answer some of your questions after a <gasp> win streak.
51 min
Orlando Magic fight for their new identity
The Orlando Magic pick up another gutsy win over the New Orleans Pelicans as the outlines of a new identity have begun to form.
35 min
Orlando Magic reset their rotation
The Orlando Magic are still working to integrate new players and get comfortable with them on the floor. That will bring with it a reset to the team's rotations.
22 min
Heart and Hustle 2.0 (again, probably)
The Orlando Magic picked up a stunning victory over the LA Clippers thanks to a spirited effort. That will be key to the rest of the season.
35 min
Back to basics and getting organized
The Orlando Magic are going back to basics as they try to get organized with their new roster.
30 min
The new standard, same as the old standard
The Orlando Magic are not changing their standard or expectations just because they made some roster changes.
38 min
The Orlando Magic and their new path
The Orlando Magic are striking a new path. We hear from Jeff Weltman about why the team hit reset and we hear from you about what comes next.
54 min
The Orlando Magic have made their moves, shifting and changing the franchise with three trades that have completely flipped the team on its head.
33 min
One Last Time
The Orlando Magic defeat the Phoenix Suns in what might be Evan Fournier's last game in an Orlando Magic uniform as the trade deadline has arrived.
41 min
Interview with the front-runners: How an Aaron ...
The Orlando Magic are shopping Aaron Gordon and Evan Fournier. The Boston Celtics may be the favorite. How do they fit and will a trade work?
44 min