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Long shot options for the Orlando Magic at No. 1
Everyone has settled in on the top three for the Orlando Magic. We look at some of the long shot options for the Magic and why they are not in that top tier.
31 min
Debunking the myths about the top three prospects
The consensus top three prospects for the upcoming NBA Draft all come with some questions as they prepare for the next level. Questions they seem already ready to answer.
33 min
Meet Paolo Banchero, the scorer
The Orlando Magic need offense and that is what Paolo Banchero was born to do.
44 min
The Orlando Magic's Next Unicorn: Meet Chet Hol...
Chet Holmgren is the next evolution of the unicorn forward. But there are plenty wondering if he is truly worthy of the top pick.
45 min
The Orlando Magic's offseason checklist
A lot of the focus is rightly on the Orlando Magic's first overall pick coming up. But the team has a lot of other needs to fill this offseason. And those answers aren't so simple.
39 min
Jabari Smith is ready to work! Meet the potenti...
Jabari Smith is the betting favorite to go No. 1 in the draft. We get to know him a bit better thanks to Zac Blackerby of Locked on Auburn.
36 min
Orlando Magic's test has no wrong answers
The Orlando Magic have a choice with the top pick. And while there is pressure to get it right, there really is no bad choice for now.
32 min
Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren or Paolo Banchero? ...
The Orlando Magic seem to have three clear choices at the top of this NBA Draft. What will the Magic look at to pick apart these three high-value prospects.
42 min
What fits best for the Orlando Magic at No. 1?
The Orlando Magic "needs" at the first overall pick are very different. The Magic need to find the player who will build their roster toward winning.
33 min
Our final grades for the Orlando Magic's 2022 s...
As the offseason comes into greater focus, we hand out our final grades for the Orlando Magic's 2022 season.
31 min
Uncertain futures for Cole Anthony and Mo Bamba
The Orlando Magic's changing roster has put the focus on how things will change for Cole Anthony and Mo Bamba.
27 min
The first pick opens the door for the Orlando M...
The Orlando Magic's offseason undoubtedly changed now that they have the first pick of the draft in tow.
32 min
Meet the Orlando Magic's options at No. 1
It appears the Orlando Magic will be picking from three players with their No. 1 pick in the 2022 NBA Draft.
29 min
Finding the Orlando Magic's franchise pillars
The Orlando Magic have the No. 1 pick in their pocket. Now they are going to spend their season finding the other pillars for the franchise's future.
31 min
The Orlando Magic win the NBA Draft Lottery!
The Orlando Magic gave their fans a huge dash of hope as fortune finally favored them and delivered the No. 1 pick!
36 min
The Lottery is Soon
The NBA Draft Lottery is just a day away and we ponder who the top pick will be if the Orlando Magic win it.
44 min
The Importance of the Draft
The NBA Draft Lottery is quickly approaching and the Orlando Magic will soon need to act and build on their future regardless of what happens.
31 min
Markelle Fultz and Jalen Suggs build their base
Markelle Fultz and Jalen Suggs gave hints of what they can do as the Orlando Magic build their base.
30 min
Playoff Lessons: It takes a team
As the NBA Playoffs continue, it is clear that it takes a full team to be successful.
25 min
Orlando Magic players in need of a resurgence
The Orlando Magic had a lot of positives exiting their season. But there are players who have a lot of work to do to help the team progress.
31 min
Orlando Magic will face roster decisions soon
The Orlando Magic will face some key roster decisions soon even as they enter the next phase of their rebuild.
26 min
Mock Draft Friday III - Who the Orlando Magic t...
In our third Mock Draft Friday, we take a look at who the Orlando Magic should take with the first pick.
45 min
Orlando Magic's questions for the offseason
The Orlando Magic have plenty of internal questions to answer ahead of their offseason.
31 min
Jalen Suggs slowed by injury
Jalen Suggs will be out for a little while thanks to surgery to repair a small stress fracture in his troublesome ankle.
27 min
Our second Mock Draft Friday!
It is time to close your week with another Mock Draft Friday as we play out another scenario for the Magic and talk about the Draft.
48 min