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The end is here: Aaron Gordon requests a trade
Aaron Gordon has requested a trade from the Orlando Magic and the team must make the deal now.
63 min
Orlando Magic are at the end of the road
Sunday afternoon in Boston looked like a team that knows it has reached the end of the road. The Orlando Magic seem to be unable to play consistently and this group has done all it can.
29 min
Orlando Magic snap their losing streak!
The losing streak is over after the Orlando Magic defeat the Brooklyn Nets. Plus I head to the Locker Room to answer some of your questions.
39 min
Orlando Magic, offense wanted
The Orlando Magic lost to the New York Knicks as their offense again let down a strong defensive effort.
39 min
Positive vibes only at Orlando Magic practice
The Orlando Magic were happy to focus back on practice as they aim to break an eight-game losing streak.
30 min
What the Orlando Magic are thinking weighing an...
The Orlando Magic appear to be listening to a lot of deal ahead of the trade deadline. What they are actually thinking and doing with a week to go before pencils down.
34 min
Orlando Magic need some offense (duh)
The Orlando Magic's offense again faltered as the Miami Heat used turnover to crack a defense that is playing well.
34 min
Orlando Magic undermanned and undisciplined
The Orlando Magic fell to the Miami Heat in another game where their lack of discipline and their lack of talent cost them.
37 min
Orlando Magic are back at work
The Orlando Magic are back at work with the promise Aaron Gordon will return soon.
27 min
Looking ahead to the third quarter of the 2021 ...
It is time to look ahead to the third quarter fo the 2021 season as the All-Star Break ends and the Orlando Magic ponder their future.
36 min
What's behind a Nikola Vucevic trade rumor with...
A fresh batch of NBA trade rumors are out and the Orlando Magic are again at the center of them as several teams inquire about Nikola Vucevic.
47 min
Nikola Vucevic, The All-Star Game and You
Nikola Vucevic was at the All-Star Game! His evolution is part of the league's revolution of shooting the Orlando Magic need to get a part of.
30 min
Orlando Magic hot stove gossip
The Orlando Magic are on the hot stove as a few rumors popped up about what the team is considering and has on the table.
30 min
Orlando Magic lose their chance to win in unacc...
The Orlando Magic built a lead against the Atlanta Hawks and saw it crumble in an unacceptable fashion as the Magic are losing their way.
35 min
What it will take for the Orlando Magic to move
The Orlando Magic are getting closer to the trade deadline and there will be pressure to move. But what are they looking for in a deal?
28 min
Orlando Magic's defense letting them down
The Orlando Magic are struggling to hang their hat on defense and it is something different every time.
31 min
Orlando Magic Getting Mo Bamba
The Orlando Magic are planning to play Mo Bamba more and it is a big opportunity for the young center.
28 min
Orlando Magic's turnover problems come to roost
The Orlando Magic have been uncharacteristically struggling with turnovers this season. They clearly came to roost in a blowout loss to the Brooklyn Nets.
25 min
The Second Half Will Be Hard for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic's second half of the season will be as difficult as advertised and force the team to make a decision sooner than later.
30 min
Nikola Vucevic is the anti-All-Star
Nikola Vucevic's journey to a second All-Star appearance was not the typical path for a star in this league. His game is not the typical one for a star in this league.
33 min
Terrence Ross has found his spark again
Terrence Ross went through a monthlong drought where he struggled to find his shot and rhythm. But he is back and the Orlando Magic are streaking again.
26 min
Orlando Magic stayed in the fight and are makin...
The Orlando Magic have won three straight games and are making their push. They never gave up on their season and now are in position to make something of it.
31 min
The Defense Rises for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic used a strong defensive fourth quarter and timely plays from rookie Chuma Okeke to come from behind and defeat the Golden State Warriors.
32 min
The season on the line
The Orlando Magic are still holding out playoff hopes. If they want to make a run these final games before the All-Star Break will determine their path.
34 min
Orlando Magic share the load and find their way...
The Orlando Magic returned home, got healthy and found their way to play in a big win over the New York Knicks.
31 min