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Orlando Magic searching for a little respect
The Orlando Magic are still undermanned and struggling. But the team is fighting and they hunt for some respect in the league.
34 min
Franz Wagner is really good... and the world ne...
Franz Wagner turned in a career day with 38 points as the Orlando Magic got a glimpse of their future.
28 min
Orlando Magic keep the 10-day guys and show ple...
The Orlando Magic are still stitching their roster together after COVID ran through the team. Still, the team has shown plenty of positive growth.
29 min
Some flowers for Gary Harris, and the Orlando M...
After another loss to the Miami Heat, Gary Harris stood out for his consistency and leadership as his strong December continues.
26 min
How the Orlando Magic have started to figure th...
The Orlando Magic fell into a deep hole in the first half. How they climbed out is a good sign for the team's growth.
30 min
Orlando Magic and a win for the culture
The Orlando Magic picked up a second straight win and showed hints of what they could be as they build their team culture.
34 min
Meet the new guys... all the new guys
The Orlando Magic have added a lot of new players this week... let's meet them all!
25 min
A weekend full of injuries and an Orlando Magic...
The Orlando Magic got hit wit the COVID bug in addition to the injury bug but still scratched out a win.
29 min
Orlando Magic learning to finish and injuries d...
The Orlando Magic's offense has a lot of areas it is struggling, including getting to and finishing at the rim.
29 min
Orlando Magic's search for defensive identity c...
The Orlando Magic have not been the defensive team they claimed they wanted to be as their identity continues to struggle to take hold.
31 min
The rise of Franz Wagner and Orlando Magic's si...
Franz Wagner was among some silver linings in the Orlando Magic's West Coast road trip.
27 min
Markelle Fultz (and the trade deadline) are com...
The Orlando Magic are going to see Markelle Fultz return to the lineup very soon. Eyes are also starting to turn toward the trade deadline.
30 min
Orlando Magic take a haymaker and can't find th...
The Orlando Magic ate a big run in a loss to the Los Angeles Lakers as they struggled to find their pace.
32 min
Orlando Magic stock report: Gary Harris going u...
Gary Harris has started to round into form, shaking off some early season struggles and criticism.
26 min
Orlando Magic frustrated with 'pitiful' defensi...
The Orlando Magic scored plenty of points, but their defense continued to lag as they struggle to meet the promise of their identity.
31 min
What the Orlando Magic have learned so far in t...
The Orlando Magic are more than a quarter of the way through the season and there is a lot the team is still trying to learn.
33 min
Orlando Magic cannot beat themselves and the Wa...
The Orlando Magic have had a turnover problem of late and the Golden State Warriors turned it into a gashing hole.
32 min
Facts, Cole Anthony is the Orlando Magic's firs...
Cole Anthony was the engine that made the Orlando Magic go for whatever progress they could make in the first quarter of their season.
35 min
Cole-Back Win for Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic came back from 16 points down to defeat the Denver Nuggets as Cole Anthony and the defense returned.
33 min
Another day, another injury for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic took another brutal injury as Jalen Suggs broke his thumb in their loss Monday.
29 min
Orlando Magic struggling at the quarter pole
The Orlando Magic have reached the quarter pole of the season and are struggling to find their footing.
29 min
The ups and downs of Jalen Suggs
As the quarter pole of the season nears, Orlando Magic rookie Jalen Suggs has shown a ton of promise and a ton more work he still has to do.
26 min
Injury updates or lack thereof
The Orlando Magic remain pretty silent when it comes to giving injury updates. As Thanksgiving rolls around, fans still have no clue how close or far Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac are.
32 min
A night to forget in Milwaukee
The Orlando Magic did not really bother to show up n their second outing in Milwaukee, getting waxed and run off the floor.
38 min
Lessons learned for the Orlando Magic this weekend
The Orlando Magic learned two very different lessons in losses this weekend to the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks.
34 min