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Orlando Magic trading up options: Finding a fra...
The Orlando Magic will no doubt be trying to trade up in this draft. We look at the options to do so with the No. 4 pick Toronto Raptors.
42 min
The Orlando Magic need shooting? Meet Corey Kis...
The Orlando Magic worked out Gonzaga forward Corey Kispert as he aims to show he is much more than a shooter.
26 min
Orlando Magic coaching search nears an end
The Orlando Magic have begun second round of interviews as their coaching search seems to have winnowed down and is beginning to wind down.
26 min
The Orlando Magic definitely have a type
The Orlando Magic coaching search is entering a new phase and it is clear they have a type as their search continues.
32 min
Staying home for the coaching search and Moses ...
With the LA Clippers eliminated, expect the Orlando Magic's coaching search to heat up. Plus I break down Moses Moody's draft prospects.
33 min
Penny Hardaway has left the chat
After a few days of rumors bringing Anfernee Hardaway to the Orlando Magic, he has withdrawn from the coaching search.
28 min
The NBA Draft Combine Movers and Shakers
The NBA Draft Combine saw some players impress, other players confirm and others make their names.
36 min
Penny Hardaway has entered the chat
The Orlando Magic's coaching search took a nostalgic turn as Penny Hardaway reportedly had a strong interview.
30 min
Post-Lottery Therapy Sessions
The disappointment of the Draft Lottery is starting to wear off as the Orlando Magic focus on what comes next. We talk it out in this week's Spotify Green Room.
65 min
Lottery disappointment, the Magic land fifth
The Orlando Magic bet on the NBA Draft Lottery and it disappointed them, handing them the fifth overall pick.
29 min
3 final spins before the Lottery
It is NBA Draft Lottery day so we are taking our final spins of the Lottery to see what the Orlando Magic might do.
36 min
Jeff Weltman in focus as the Draft Lottery nears
The Orlando Magic tore down their rebuild and Jeff Weltman got some kudos. Where does that leave him and the Magic this offseason?
35 min
Locked On NBA Mock Draft 3.0
It is almost Lottery time and so we review Locked On NBA Mock Draft 3.0.
30 min
It has been a week (or two days)
It was a wild and newsworthy two days in the NBA. How the coaching changes and rumors flying around the league affect the Orlando Magic.
59 min
What the Orlando Magic are looking for in their...
The Orlando Magic are starting to get a solid (public) list of coaching candidates and they all have one skill in common -- the ability to develop and motivate young players.
25 min
New Kidd in town?
The Orlando Magic coaching search continues with a report they will interview Jason Kidd. Plus which veterans will the Orlando Magic keep around?
34 min
The early coaching tea leaves
It has been a week since the Orlando Magic coaching job hit the market and we are beginning to see some candidates take shape.
32 min
Waiting for the Draft Lottery
The Orlando Magic are waiting for the Draft Lottery to help them set their future and plan out their team for next year.
60 min
Jalen Green or Evan Mobley, it's Mock Draft 2.0!
The Locked On Mock Draft 2.0 is done. And it left the Orlando Magic with a central question for their rebuild.
32 min
Rookie successes
The Orlando Magic had few things to cheer about this season. Their rookies in Chuma Okeke and Cole Anthony were some of the few.
29 min
The early coaching list
The Orlando Magic have begun their coaching search in earnest so we look at the early names getting some buzz.
32 min
Orlando Magic part ways with Steve Clifford
The Orlando Magic's vision for the future no longer aligned with coach Steve Clifford's. And so the team is now looking for a new coach.
29 min
The Magic's cap situation and knowing when to g...
The Orlando Magic have indeed cleared up the cap sheet and have set themselves back up for free agency. The biggest challenge though is knowing when to go for it.
34 min
What's the deal with the trade exception and ot...
The Orlando Magic will be focused on the draft, but the unspoken tool the team has is a massive trade exception acquired from the Boston Celtics.
29 min
The First Locked On Mock Draft
We have completed our first Locked On Mock Draft this season. I review my thought process in my haul and break down the big decision ahead for the Magic.
32 min