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Orlando Magic shut down Paolo Banchero but cont...
The Orlando Magic have ended Paolo Banchero's Summer League. But there is still a lot to learn and grow in Las Vegas.
32 min
Paolo Banchero steps up in the spotlight
The Orlando Magic got to see Paolo Banchero engage in the clutch as he stepped up to make two huge plays in an imperfect game for the team.
36 min
Paolo Banchero is just getting started
Paolo Banchero turned in an impressive Summer League debut as the No. 1 pick previewed what is still to come.
31 min
Orlando Magic's Summer League expectations
Summer League is here for the Orlando Magic. What they hope to get out of it is more their foundations than their record.
27 min
Orlando Magic ready Paolo Banchero for Summer L...
The Orlando Magic are off to Vegas as they get ready for Summer League with a lot to accomplish.
31 min
Orlando Magic are keeping the band together
The Orlando Magic spent their offseason keeping their team together despite winning only 22 games.
33 min
Orlando Magic have cap room to spend FREE AGENC...
It is our live free agency special as we react to the Orlando Magic signing Mo Bamba and answer all your questions.
61 min
Orlando Magic let Mo Bamba loose into free agency
The Orlando Magic did not retain restricted free agency rights to Mo Bamba, likely setting the big man loose to free agency.
34 min
Orlando Magic have playoff models in Boston Cel...
The Orlando Magic are still building their identity, but they sure look similar to two successful franchises.
32 min
Orlando Magic offseason macroscopic view
The Orlando Magic's biggest offseason addition is in place in Paolo Banchero. Now we look at what comes next in free agency.
32 min
Paolo Banchero is ready to work for the Orlando...
Paolo Banchero arrived in Orlando and said he is ready to earn his keep and make his name for the Orlando Magic.
29 min
Banchero Bunch ASSEMBLE! Orlando Magic select P...
The Orlando Magic stunned the NBA in grabbing Paolo Banchero. They made it clear he was their guy.
35 min
Draft Day is only the beginning for Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic are finally on the clock and we will know who they pick. But this pick is just the start of the journey.
28 min
Odds and Ends on NBA Draft Eve
The rumor mill is churning on NBA Draft Eve and we make sense of some of it as we prepare for the final push to the pick!
35 min
Jeff Weltman is sticking to the plan ahead of t...
Orlando Magic President of Basketball Operations Jeff Weltman is sticking to his plan and his process as the Orlando Magic prepare to make their pick.
44 min
Paolo Banchero falls off the pace
The race between three players at the top of this year's draft has quickly become a two-man race. How Paolo Banchero feel to the wayside.
30 min
Chet Holmgren Arrives in Orlando
Chet Holmgren made his much-anticipated arrival to Orlando as he met with the Magic this week.
29 min
Ultimate NBA Mock Draft 2022: Picks 1-6 With Ra...
41 min
Why Jabari Smith, Jr., is the Orlando Magic's pick
The Orlando Magic are on the clock with one week to go before the NBA Draft. I have made my selection for the Locked On Ultimate NBA Mock Draft.
37 min
Mo Bamba may be the Orlando Magic's best center...
The Orlando Magic will need to find a backup center. And in a tight free agent market one of their own may well be their best option.
28 min
Orlando Magic aren't picking a player, they are...
The first pick gives the Orlando Magic a chance to shape their team. They are not merely picking a player, they are picking the team they want to become.
29 min
How the Orlando Magic should approach their sec...
The Orlando Magic have two high-value second-round picks to spend in this year's NBA Draft. How should they use them and who should they spend them on?
31 min
Jabari Smith arrives for his audition
Jabari Smith arrived in Orlando for his workout and interview as the Orlando Magic get the chance to see Smith as a person and how he fits with the team.
28 min
Long shot options for the Orlando Magic at No. 1
Everyone has settled in on the top three for the Orlando Magic. We look at some of the long shot options for the Magic and why they are not in that top tier.
31 min
Debunking the myths about the top three prospects
The consensus top three prospects for the upcoming NBA Draft all come with some questions as they prepare for the next level. Questions they seem already ready to answer.
33 min