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Re-evaluating the Orlando Magic's needs and Big...
The Orlando Magic have a lot to debate before the NBA Draft as they figure out what their goals are for draft night.
30 min
How fast do the Orlando Magic want to grow? And...
The Orlando Magic have the opportunity to do a lot in free agency. The real question is how quickly do they want to grow and develop their team and how important is this season?
32 min
Orlando Magic free agency rumors and Cole Antho...
The Orlando Magic are at the center of a lot of free agent discussions and rumors. And nobody knows what direction the team will go.
31 min
Orlando Magic have few options to solve their b...
The Orlando Magic have a need to shore up their backup center question. But the options this offseason are few.
36 min
Orlando Magic Mock Draft Monday 2: Finding Tale...
It is another Mock Draft Monday as we consider the importance of talent over need and the need to maximize their draft picks.
37 min
Amen Thompson & Ausar Thompson: How the Orlando...
Amen and Ausar Thompson are both immensely talented but also come with a lot of questions as they prepare for the NBA Draft process.
33 min
Orlando Magic storylines to follow in the NBA F...
The Orlando Magic will be watching the NBA Finals like the rest of us as they aim to make their way to that level soon.
33 min
Gradey Dick or Jordan Hawkins? The Orlando Magi...
The Orlando Magic need a shooter. And Gradey Dick and Jordan Hawkins are two incredible options for the Magic in this draft.
27 min
Orlando Magic need to learn to thrive in discom...
The Boston Celtics' playoff run ended because they struggled to live in discomfort. The Orlando Magic are learning how to play in the clutch and prepare for it.
33 min
Mock Draft Monday and the Orlando Magic's battl...
The Orlando Magic have a lot to consider as they lineup for the NBA Draft. Their decisions at Nos. 6 and 11 will balance fit with talent.
29 min
Paolo Banchero is on the cover of SLAM and want...
Paolo Banchero is on the cover of SLAM as the future. But he wants his future to be now.
31 min
Orlando Magic hold the keys on Draft night: Loc...
Locked on NBA Big Board's Richard Stayman joins the pod to discuss how the Orlando Magic hold the keys on Draft night.
53 min
How Markelle Fultz got his groove back
Markelle Fultz had a strong recovery season for the Orlando Magic. And his growth could be the big story for the team in 2024.
31 min
2023 NBA Draft: 5 prospects to know for the Orl...
The Orlando Magic will have a lot of options as they consider who to take with the 11th pick.
32 min
Let's Make a Deal: Orlando Magic and Portland T...
The Orlando Magic and Portland Trail Blazers are already favored trade partners ahead of the NBA Draft.
39 min
5 prospects to know for the Orlando Magic's 6th...
The Orlando Magic have a lot of options at the No. 6 pick. We introduce the five prospects to know for this spot.
29 min
Wingspan Day! Orlando Magic draft prospects wit...
It's Wingspan Day as we review the Orlando Magic prospects and their measurables at the Combine.
29 min
NBA Draft Lottery Results: Orlando Magic stand ...
The Orlando Magic will stay with the sixth and 11th picks in the NBA Draft. And they have options ahead of them.
29 min
NBA Draft Lottery Day! The Orlando Magic are ho...
The Orlando Magic are gearing up for NBA Draft Lottery day as they assess their needs and plan out a key draft that will add to their roster.
31 min
Jordan Poole, Deandre Ayton and why the Orlando...
The Orlando Magic are at the center of trade rumors once again. But they are not quite ready to push all their chips in and limit their flexibility.
28 min
Orlando Magic's future is not guaranteed and th...
The Orlando Magic seemingly have a bright future ahead of them. But it is important to remember it is not guaranteed. The Magic still have work to do.
34 min
The Orlando Magic have their star, what comes n...
The Orlando Magic are one of the most promising teams in the NBA this year. But there are still a lot of big questions to answer. Howard Beck joins the show to preview what comes next for the Magic.
40 min
The Orlando Magic need shooting and there are p...
The Orlando Magic's biggest need is shooting. Fortunately there are places to go to fill the need this offseason.
35 min
Our Community Mock Draft and how the Orlando Ma...
The Orlando Magic are preparing for a busy draft night. We did our first run through and learned a bit about what the Magic's draft strategy could be.
35 min
Jonathan Isaac, Bol Bol and Chuma Okeke leave a...
The Orlando Magic have plenty of questions throughout their roster. No bigger one exists than the backup forward spot and the questions three players leave them.
29 min