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Orlando Magic's turnover problems come to roost
The Orlando Magic have been uncharacteristically struggling with turnovers this season. They clearly came to roost in a blowout loss to the Brooklyn Nets.
25 min
The Second Half Will Be Hard for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic's second half of the season will be as difficult as advertised and force the team to make a decision sooner than later.
30 min
Nikola Vucevic is the anti-All-Star
Nikola Vucevic's journey to a second All-Star appearance was not the typical path for a star in this league. His game is not the typical one for a star in this league.
33 min
Terrence Ross has found his spark again
Terrence Ross went through a monthlong drought where he struggled to find his shot and rhythm. But he is back and the Orlando Magic are streaking again.
26 min
Orlando Magic stayed in the fight and are makin...
The Orlando Magic have won three straight games and are making their push. They never gave up on their season and now are in position to make something of it.
31 min
The Defense Rises for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic used a strong defensive fourth quarter and timely plays from rookie Chuma Okeke to come from behind and defeat the Golden State Warriors.
32 min
The season on the line
The Orlando Magic are still holding out playoff hopes. If they want to make a run these final games before the All-Star Break will determine their path.
34 min
Orlando Magic share the load and find their way...
The Orlando Magic returned home, got healthy and found their way to play in a big win over the New York Knicks.
31 min
What could we learn from the Orlando Magic's ro...
Road trips are supposed to help inform us about what kind of season the team is going to have and bring the group together. But injuries have ripped the team apart instead.
31 min
Early Big Questions Part 3
The Orlando Magic finished their road trip as they limp home full of injuries. So we are finishing up our survey of big questions with a look at the Draft and the trade deadline.
31 min
Early Big Questions Part 2
The Orlando Magic are near a crossroads as their season slowly drifts away. It is not for lack of effort. But all the injuries have put a lot of big questions into view.
48 min
Early Big Questions Part 1
The Orlando Magic's road trip continues, but we are pausing to ponder some big questions facing the Orlando Magic as the season gets away from them.
45 min
Orlando Magic in an impossible situation
The Orlando Magic again lost and then lost another player to injury. The team is getting stretched thin as they try to compete.
30 min
Orlando Magic playing for and setting up the fu...
The Orlando Magic's season is quickly falling apart. But there is still plenty to play for. The team should be working today to make sure a trip to the Lottery is only temporary.
32 min
Nikola Vucevic in the background no more
The Orlando Magic took a split that showed their need to mix things up and find a new way to play. But Nikola Vucevic remained the center of attention, no longer in the background.
27 min
Orlando Magic must keep it simple
The Orlando Magic hope a day off and a day of practice can help them reset. They should focus on doing the simple things and staying in their lane.
24 min
Mohamed Bamba and the Point of Pain
The Orlando Magic's season is quickly falling apart and fans are calling for the team to let their young big play. The point of pain is coming where the Magic become about their future.
28 min
Orlando Magic aren't playing Orlando Magic bask...
The Orlando Magic saw Fred VanVleet go off for 54 points as they again succumbed to frustration and kept themselves from winning the game.
35 min
The hits keep coming, Aaron Gordon is out
The Orlando Magic got hit with another injury as Aaron Gordon is likely out until the All-Star Break with a severe ankle sprain.
31 min
Orlando Magic's identity and culture are slippi...
The Orlando Magic lost again as they continue to struggle with things they used to count on blindly.
34 min
Getting back to Orlando Magic Defense
The Orlando Magic have dropped into the bottom 10 in the league in defensive rating and they know they have to get that back to have any chance of making the most of their season.
27 min
The problems begin at the start for the Orlando...
The Orlando Magic are struggling once again to find consistency and it starts at the beginning. Their first quarters are digging them a deep hole.
31 min
Orlando Magic's first quarter a restart and unc...
The Orlando Magic's first quarter of the season ends with uncertainty as the team tries to reset itself after the devastating injury to Markelle Fultz.
31 min
Orlando Magic's offense showing signs of roundi...
The Orlando Magic have struggled offensively (an understatement) all year. But lately it is rounding into form and becoming a strength.
30 min
The Orlando Magic can and must be better
The Orlando Magic took another frustrating loss after losing a 12-point lead. The team knows it can and must be better.
34 min
Cole Anthony and the Orlando Magic after the shot
The Orlando Magic celebrated their rookie's big moment. Now they have to build on it with the confidence he showed to finish the game.
30 min
Cole Anthony ends the losing streak
Cole Anthony saved the day for the Orlando Magic, completing a miraculous comeback with a buzzer-beating 3-pointer to end the team's six-game losing streak.
29 min
Orlando Magic see light at the end of the tunnel
The Orlando Magic are starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. The team may soon get three key rotation players back.
26 min
Orlando Magic reaching the limits of their roster
The Orlando Magic dropped their sixth straight game as they again struggled to shoot and lost a strong defensive effort.
38 min
Poor shooting is a symptom of Orlando Magic's b...
The Orlando Magic started to show signs of life behind their star Nikola Vucevic. But their shooting struggles remain and they are a symptom as much as the disease.
38 min
Aaron Gordon gets the point (guard duties)
Aaron Gordon is set to take on a larger playmaking role. This has actually been a plan for the Orlando Magic from the beginning. But now the responsibilities are even greater.
28 min
The Orlando Magic are in a holding pattern on t...
The Orlando Magic watched James Harden go to the Brooklyn Nets. Their chances of striking a big deal are on hold while they wait for players to get healthy.
38 min
Orlando Magic get a breather with postponed game
The Orlando Magic's game Wednesday against the Boston Celtics was postponed giving them a pause from this rushed season.
29 min
Orlando Magic are back to a preseason team
The Orlando Magic are still trying to find their way to play and are not trusting themselves enough to get wins as they rebuild themselves on the fly.
34 min
Steve Clifford has a lot of work to do and no p...
Steve Clifford is a meticulous planner who uses practice as his testing ground. Needing to reshape the Magic, one of his biggest tools is not available to him.
31 min
Orlando Magic deserve the chance to succeed or ...
The Orlando Magic are moving on this year without Markelle Fultz. While the outlook looks bleak, the team has earned the chance to succeed or fail before everyone frets about the future.
32 min
Markelle Fultz tears his ACL... and another hol...
Markelle Fultz tore his ACL early in the Orlando Magic's win Wednesday, tearing another hole in the team's future.
38 min
Orlando Magic needed the fast start
The Orlando Magic are off to a fast start, something they did not have in their playoff pushes in 2019 and 2020. It should give them a cushion to build from.
25 min
Aaron Gordon unleashed
The Orlando Magic got back to their winning ways by finally unleashing Aaron Gordon and watching him boost the team to a win.
27 min
No choice but to shoot the ball
The Orlando Magic had an abysmal shooting night in a loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. But shooting is the only solution out of it.
30 min
Undefeated no more
The Orlando Magic took their first loss of the season as they struggled to get anything going on either end in a blowout loss to the Philadelphia 76ers.
32 min
Coming through in the clutch
The Orlando Magic have seen Markelle Fultz grow the most in the clutch where he has taken control and guided the Magic to an undefeated start.
30 min
History made
The Orlando Magic made history with their first ever 4-0 start and another solid win and Nikola Vucevic made history of his own.
31 min
Not so fast my friends...
The Orlando Magic are off to a 3-0 start, but don't celebrate quite yet. This team still has a lot of work to do.
27 min
What good teams look like
Good teams find a way to win even on their worst nights. The Orlando Magic did that in two different ways in a weekend sweep of the Washington Wizards.
35 min
Confidence from the start
The Orlando Magic are working to change their narrative after a disappointing 2020 season. Defeating the Miami Heat in the opener is a start.
32 min
The future begins. . .
The Orlando Magic begin their 2021 season with one eye on the playoffs and the other on their future.
31 min
Jonathan Isaac and Markelle Fultz are the future
The Orlando Magic made a sizable investment in their future, taking the plunge on new contracts for Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac.
31 min
The preseason is over. . . let the games begin
The Orlando Magic turned in their best effort of the preseason in defeating the Charlotte Hornets on Saturday, but work still remains.
27 min
A slice of normal
The Orlando Magic returned to the Amway Center and found a little slice of normal as they played the Charlotte Hornets.
37 min
The clock is ticking down...
The clock is ticking down as opening night gets closer and the Orlando Magic are still focusing on getting their rhythm back from a shortened offseason.
30 min
Proper Tribute
The Orlando Magic might be paying tribute to their second-best jersey design with their Earned Edition uniforms.
32 min
Come one, come quarter capacity
The Orlando Magic announced their plans for fans to attend games at the Amway Center this season.
29 min
Time to play
The Orlando Magic split their preseason games with the Atlanta Hawks, showing signs of progress and a chilling realization of their foundation.
33 min
It's Gameday!
The Orlando Magic play their first preseason game against the Atlanta Hawks. There is a lot to watch (and it's not the final score).
28 min
Markelle Fultz, just you wait
Orlando Magic coach Steve Clifford was buzzing about the improvements from guard Markelle Fultz, giving some new hope for internal development for this Orlando Magic team.
26 min
The next level
The Orlando Magic know they have to get their defense back on track to have a strong season. Just as they know they need to see Nikola Vucevic reach his next level.
28 min
The Challenges Ahead
The Orlando Magic know there are major challenges ahead as expected injuries and absences are sure to spot the season.
26 min
Half the schedule, all the pressure
The NBA released the first half of the 2021 schedule and the Orlando Magic will face a tough road that will require them to get off to a fast start.
28 min
Pick up where they left off?
The Orlando Magic are still confident they were due for a better season if not for the pandemic. But it will take a lot of work to realize that missed opportunity.
28 min
Keep on doubting
Markelle Fultz has fed his entire basketball career on proving doubters wrong. There is plenty of doubt to go around.
28 min
Begin again
The Orlando Magic are set to begin their season again, hoping continuity will give them a base to grow quickly.
26 min
Win for the present, plan for the future
The Orlando Magic face a lot of questions in the 2021 season as they balance a playoff chase with their future.
32 min
The original believer
Orlando Magic co-founder Jimmy Hewitt passed away this weekend as the Magic and Orlando lose their first believer.
24 min
What comes next? And meet Dwayne Bacon
The Orlando Magic have long-term goals still to accomplish. Figuring out how to get there will be part of this season's task. And it all rests with the team's young players.
32 min
Development success and failure
The Orlando Magic's 2021 season will be a development year. They will need to see players look ready to take on bigger roles. Something Wesley Iwundu might have been ready to do.
27 min
The youth shall lead them. . . eventually
The Orlando Magic are expected to finish the same as they did last year. Whether they have a good season or not will depend on their youth and development.
37 min
The more things stay the same, the more they ne...
The Orlando Magic wrapped up free agency by doing very little. They retained most of their players and kept largely the same roster. That is only making the calls for change louder.
32 min
What's left for free agency
The Orlando Magic got their man in the Draft. But they still face a lot of questions as they prepare for free agency.
34 min
Orlando Magic select COLE ANTHONY
The Orlando Magic made their big play, adding the super-talented Cole Anthony with the 15th pick.
30 min
The stage is set
The NBA Draft is tonight and the Orlando Magic are facing a critical decision as they build their future and prepare for the 2021 season.
34 min
The Magic need to get better
The Orlando Magic enter an offseason trying to have things both ways -- they want to compete for the playoffs and build for their future. One thing is certain: they need to get better.
24 min
The first domino to fall
The Orlando Magic's first domino for the offseason fell as big questions wait on the horizon.
30 min
The Mock Draft Pick is in
The Locked on NBA Mock Draft is going on right now and the Orlando Magic's pick is in. Why R.J. Hampton is the guy to risk on with the 15th pick.
28 min
Building the framework for a trade
The Orlando Magic are hunting for deals. and it is clear they can make on. Having the framework for a deal is the start to getting something done.
33 min
The finish line, orange uniforms and Tyrell Terry!
The NBA sets its offseason dates and the Magic release their City Edition jerseys.
38 min
Offseason mailbag fun!
It is time to open up the offseason mailbag as the Draft and free agency finally approach.
41 min
Glimpses into the future with Keith Smith (Part 3)
The NBA now has a start date (tentatively) planned. And we finish our conversation on the Orlando Magic's future and what they need with Keith Smith.
36 min
Glimpses into the future with Keith Smith (Part 2)
We continue our conversation with Keith Smith as we break down the opportunities in front of the Orlando Magic and the big decisions coming this offseason.
35 min
Glimpses into the future with Keith Smith (Part 1)
The Orlando Magic face a lot of big decisions and questions throughout their roster this offseason. We begin to break them down with Keith Smith of Yahoo! Sports.
41 min
Jonathan Isaac, one step at a time
Jonathan Isaac gave an update on his recovery as he goes through each step for his return, determined to come back better than he was before.
37 min
So you are drafting a point guard?
The Orlando Magic may not seem to be in the market for a point guard, but there are some good options available to give the team some depth.
30 min
Searching for value on the Orlando Magic's roster
The Orlando Magic stagnated in 2020 as they struggled to find their footing. The search for value and increasing that value is the key to the team's long-term success.
32 min
Aaron Gordon faces an important 2021 season
Much of what the Orlando Magic can do in the 2021 season will depend on what they do with Aaron Gordon and what he does with his season.
23 min
The Devin Vassell episode
It is time to do a deep dive on one of the favored prospects of Orlando Magic fans. We look at 3-and-D ace Devin Vassell.
31 min
I'll have a season for Christmas
The NBA is reportedly hoping to begin its 2021 season before Christmas setting up a ramped up period to prepare.
33 min
Trading up? Let's play Ball!
The Orlando Magic will have plenty of options to trade up. We review the trade up possibilities with LaMelo Ball and Killian Hayes as the Magic examine their trade opportunities.
31 min
A position of power
The Orlando Magic enter the trade market knowing they don't have to deal. How this gives them power even with a market that is uncertain for many of their players.
35 min
A successful Draft + Aaron Nesmith Profile
What makes a successful Draft? It isn't always about double, triples and stars. Plus we profile Aaron Nesmith, one of the players the Orlando Magic should absolutely target.
35 min
Jeff Weltman and the weight of expectations
Jeff Weltman entered the season hoping to fortify the Orlando Magic's foundation. He did that. But the neglect of the roster held the team back.
30 min
Steve Clifford, this is your season
The Orlando Magic's season was both a success and a failure. And Steve Clifford played a hand in both as the team analyzes what happened.
31 min
Lessons learned and targets acquired?
The Orlando Magic certainly should have learned some lessons from this year's postseason. How will that help them prepare for the offseason and what about some targets popular with fans?
38 min
Player Evaluation Speed Round
It is time to wrap up player evaluations as we run through the final four players who each struggled to find their place in the Orlando Magic's future.
36 min
Dwight Howard is a champion
The Los Angeles Lakers are NBA champions and Dwight Howard has finally brought a title to Orlando.
37 min
What's the deal with the defense?
The Orlando Magic know their success depends on their defense. So why did it feel so off this season? And what do the Magic do to fix it?
36 min
Give the Magic the benefit of the doubt
The 2021 season is still far away. But already everyone is counting out the Magic for a third trip to the Playoffs.
30 min
The problem with the offense, duh
The Orlando Magic's offense struggled again this year. The problem was obvious and could be the key to unlocking everything.
24 min
The wheels are turning
Things might seem quiet on the Orlando Magic's front, but the wheels are still turning as the offseason awaits.
27 min
Nikola Vucevic grew and still has room to grow
Nikola Vucevic had some rough moments, but he stepped up in the playoffs
35 min
This is a Lakers podcast now
The NBA Finals have begun. I explain what players and storylines you should be rooting for as Magic fans as the series begins.
40 min