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Facts, Cole Anthony is the Orlando Magic's firs...
Cole Anthony was the engine that made the Orlando Magic go for whatever progress they could make in the first quarter of their season.
35 min
Cole-Back Win for Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic came back from 16 points down to defeat the Denver Nuggets as Cole Anthony and the defense returned.
33 min
Another day, another injury for the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic took another brutal injury as Jalen Suggs broke his thumb in their loss Monday.
29 min
Orlando Magic struggling at the quarter pole
The Orlando Magic have reached the quarter pole of the season and are struggling to find their footing.
29 min
The ups and downs of Jalen Suggs
As the quarter pole of the season nears, Orlando Magic rookie Jalen Suggs has shown a ton of promise and a ton more work he still has to do.
26 min
Injury updates or lack thereof
The Orlando Magic remain pretty silent when it comes to giving injury updates. As Thanksgiving rolls around, fans still have no clue how close or far Markelle Fultz and Jonathan Isaac are.
32 min
A night to forget in Milwaukee
The Orlando Magic did not really bother to show up n their second outing in Milwaukee, getting waxed and run off the floor.
38 min
Lessons learned for the Orlando Magic this weekend
The Orlando Magic learned two very different lessons in losses this weekend to the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks.
34 min
A Jalen Suggs game and the Orlando Magic solvin...
Jalen Suggs finally paid back all the confidence the Orlando Magic have put in him this season during Wednesday's win.
28 min
Orlando Magic come up clutch in New York
Everyone had a hand in helping the Orlando Magic make some big plays down the stretch and score a big win over the New York Knicks.
36 min
Orlando Magic just have to get to the 4th quarter
The Orlando Magic are one of the best 4th-quarter teams in the league... they just can't get there competitively.
30 min
Orlando Magic can't keep pace... can't keep up ...
The Orlando Magic are struggling to maintain the pressure and intensity their culture is trying to build.
31 min
The Razzamataz is back! The Orlando Magic's off...
The Orlando Magic revived their beloved theme song. Now if only they could get some shots to fall.
29 min
Jalen Suggs' start is not abnormal... yet
Jalen Suggs' slow start is not unusual for rookies both past and present.
36 min
Sometimes, you just need shots to fall
The Orlando Magic didn't have to learn anything profound in a loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Sometimes, you just need shots to fall.
29 min
Orlando Magic's rookies can defend
The Orlando Magic's rookies have jumped right into the league defensively. Even with his struggles on offense, Jalen Suggs' defense has made a positive contribution.
35 min
Orlando Magic playing for threes, playing with ...
The Orlando Magic are holding true to the central tenets Jamahl Mosley has put out in some positive early season trends.
37 min
Orlando Magic get a marquee win and the humble ...
The Orlando Magic put the pieces together to score a marquee win over the Utah Jazz.
37 min
The Orlando Magic's defense is better than its ...
The Orlando Magic are near the bottom of the league in defense, but they are certainly a lot better than their early season numbers.
26 min
The best of the Orlando Magic, the worst of the...
The Orlando Magic played a stellar first half, but one bad quarter was a stark reminder of how immature and inconsistent the group is.
35 min
Cole Anthony is the Orlando Magic's hearbeat so...
Cole Anthony has been on a tear to start the season. He has been the Orlando Magic's most important player so far.
34 min
Sweet Franz! Orlando Magic win and Franz Wagner...
Franz Wagner and Cole Anthony put the league on notice with two stellar performances in an Orlando Magic win.
33 min
Jamahl Mosley, "zero lineups" and the Orlando M...
Jamahl Mosley is still getting his feet wet as a head coach. Some of his rotation designs show that as he keeps his focus on the big picture.
35 min
Orlando Magic starters and understanding their ...
The Orlando Magic's starting lineup continues to dominate. But there are clear reinforcements on the way and the team is still understanding its roles.
26 min
Orlando Magic's starters need some help
The Orlando Magic fell short in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Charlotte Hornets. But their starters are the one grasping for help early on.
42 min
Jalen Suggs needs to slow down
Jalen Suggs has had some early expected struggles. The rookie needs to slow down to get back on track.
29 min
Orlando Magic feeling the inconsistency of youth
The Orlando Magic came crashing back to earth with a loss to the Miami Heat. Their youth and mistakes were the big reason for it.
32 min
Orlando Magic get their roadmap to winning
The Orlando Magic set their roadmap to winning as they picked up their first victory of the season.
28 min
Orlando Magic snubbed from NBA 75th Anniversary...
Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic were almost completely snubbed from the NBA's 75th Anniversary team.
36 min
Orlando Magic's night to forget, night to learn
The Orlando Magic got beaten up in their opening loss to the San Antonio Spurs. It was a night for learning.
31 min
It's opening night! Orlando Magic vs. San Anton...
The Orlando magic open their season against the San Antonio Spurs. We dive into everything surrounding the opening game.
33 min
The importance of the Orlando Magic's veterans
The Orlando Magic are a young team, but their veteran players will have a key role to the team's growth and success.
25 min
Orlando Magic invest in Wendell Carter, youth
The Orlando Magic extended Wendell Carter's contract continuing to show their willingness to invest in their young players.
27 min
Orlando Magic preseason takeaways
The preseason is over and we learned a lot about the Orlando Magic and who they might want to be.
31 min
Ring the bell, the Orlando Magic have an identity
The Orlando Magic finished their preseason with a rousing effort and a win. The big takeaway is the team has the beginnings of their identity.
35 min
This Mo Bamba hits different
Mo Bamba is getting some real minutes and making the most of them. It is just preseason, but still this feels different.
30 min
Franz Wagner steps in for the Orlando Magic
Franz Wagner has had some preseason struggles, but his presence is vital to the Orlando Magic.
24 min
Orlando Magic begin to make their identity
The Orlando Magic are turning toward the regular season and their key to success is emerging.
31 min
Lineups and the Orlando Magic's place in the Ea...
It is time for another live mailbag. I answer questions about the Orlando Magic's lineup and one curious Golden State Warriors' fans thoughts on the Magic's place in the future of the East.
42 min
Orlando Magic face adversity for the first time
The Orlando Magic struggled and fell flat in their second preseason outing, facing adversity and learning an important lesson in the process.
34 min
Don't forget about Wendell Carter! How the Orla...
Wendell Carter has quietly become a forgotten prospect for the Orlando Magic. But he is already showing promising growth in his game.
30 min
Orlando Magic are fun again
The Orlando Magic looked like they were having a lot of fun as they impressed in their preseason debut.
33 min
For the first time... IT'S ORLANDO MAGIC GAMEDAY!
The Orlando Magic take the floor for the first time this preseason and we finally get to see what this team looks like.
31 min
How the Orlando Magic will play
How the Orlando Magic will play is still a huge mystery entering the season. We try to break down how best to use their new roster.
43 min
Orlando Magic bringing the energy
The Orlando Magic have emphasized energy early on in training camp and it is something that will be key to the team in general.
30 min
Ring the bell, Orlando Magic training camp has ...
The Orlando Magic are beginning to set their identity as they begin training camp and their focus is clearly on their defense.
27 min
It's Orlando Magic Media Day!
Orlando Magic Media Day is here. The team lays out its goals for the season and the culture they want to build.
35 min
Jonathan Isaac and vaccine hesitancy -- GET THE...
Jonathan Isaac was quoted in a story expressing skepticism of the COVID vaccine.
35 min
Training camp battles to watch
Training camp is around the corner as the Orlando Magic get to work next week. We review the training camp battles to watch and answer your questions in our live mailbag episode.
40 min
No Pressure, Jalen Suggs
The Orlando Magic are hoping for big things from Jalen Suggs. And indeed, the rookie might set the team's culture from the start.
31 min
J.J. Redick, unsung hero
Orlando Magic legend J.J. Redick announced his retirement, completing an unlikely 15-year career in the NBA.
38 min
Orlando Magic's proof of concept season
The Orlando Magic are not going to win many games this year. Rather they are looking for proof of concept that they are building and growing in the right direction.
33 min
The foundations of team building
The Orlando Magic are starting from scratch on a decision that is looking more correct each day. But how they restart now will be key as they look to the future.
31 min
Player comparisons for Magic's rookies and near...
As the Orlando Magic get set to rebuild, we take a look at who the Magic's rookies and near veterans compare to.
29 min
What's next for Orlando Magic's sophomores?
The Orlando Magic have three promising second-year players who showed enough to merit further investment.
25 min
Ben Wallace, (Orlando Magic) Hall of Famer
Ben Wallace was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this week, allowing us to reflect on his season with the team.
29 min
Welcome Robin Lopez
Robin Lopez met with the media and explained his role, what he hopes to see from the Orlando Magic and his truce with STUFF.
31 min
The case for the Magic hitting the over
The Orlando Magic are expected to be one of the worst teams in the league. But there is still plenty of reason to believe they can hit their over.
29 min
An update on Jonathan Isaac
Jonathan Isaac spoke to the media and gave an update on his recovery, even if his return date is still vague.
26 min
Terrence Ross a starter?
Everything should be under review for the Orlando Magic with a new coach. That includes considering moving Terrence Ross back into the starting lineup.
30 min
Orlando Magic keep their shooting coach
Everyone knows the Orlando Magic have had issues with their shooting for several years. But keeping shooting coach Bruce Kreutzer is a good decision.
38 min
Mohamed Bamba and the "motor" problem
A constant criticism has always existed for Orlando Magic center Mohamed Bamba. They claim he has a low motor. That does not exactly define itself as Bamba tries to redefine his career.
31 min
Breaking down the Orlando Magic's schedule: Int...
We have had the Orlando Magic's schedule for a week. We break down the trouble spots and the big opportunity at the end.
25 min
Magic will miss Michael Carter-Williams in camp
Michael Carter-Williams is out to start the season after a surgery to repair ligaments in his ankle. They will miss the veteran guard to start the season.
29 min
What to do with all the Orlando Magic's cap room
The Orlando Magic have positioned themselves well with tons of cap room next summer. That will play a factor in how they play out this season.
26 min
The Orlando Magic's schedule is out!
The Orlando Magic have their schedule and it is going to be a rough start for the team.
22 min
Jalen Suggs, the leader
We wrap up Summer League with a look at which players might be in line for the Orlando Magic's two-way contract and how Jalen Suggs emerged as a leader.
30 min
Orlando Magic shouldn't be afraid of the playof...
The Orlando Magic aren't likely to make the playoffs this year, but they should not be afraid of aiming high.
30 min
The roster questions remaining for the Orlando ...
With Summer League over and free agency more or less completed, the Orlando Magic still have some long-term roster questions this season will answer.
25 min
The foundation the Orlando Magic laid at Summer...
The Orlando Magic finished Summer League hoping they have left a foundation they can build on.
28 min
Catching up on Summer League and the Jamahl Mos...
The Orlando Magic have had an interesting Summer League run that has revealed some of the way Jamahl Mosley plans to coach his team.
33 min
Jalen Suggs Jalen Suggs Jalen Suggs
Jalen Suggs had a stellar Summer League debut, leading the Orlando Magic to an overtime win.
29 min
Progress and improvement are Orlando Magic's Su...
The Orlando Magic begin their Summer League schedule Monday. But the overall goal is not wins, but progress and improvement through the week.
33 min
Let's learn Jamahl Mosley's coachisms
The Orlando Magic started practice for Summer League in Las Vegas and we are getting our first glimpses of Jamahl Mosley as coach.
24 min
Wendell Carter and the Magic's centers of atten...
The Orlando Magic made their first free agent signing, shoring up their center position with Robin Lopez. The position as a whole will present interesting dilemmas.
24 min
Meet Jalen Suggs with Locked On Zags
The Orlando Magic have been predictably quiet in free agency, so we open the season with a chat with Locked On Zags' Steven Karr to learn more about Jalen Suggs.
39 min
The Season Finale: Jalen Suggs is a big deal fo...
The Orlando Magic are turning the page to the 2022 season with a big deal on the roster in drafting Jalen Suggs.
54 min
Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner fit the culture
Jalen Suggs and Franz Wagner arrived in Orlando and it is clear they fit the culture the Magic are trying to build.
23 min
Orlando Magic build their foundation with Jalen...
The Orlando Magic certainly feel fortunate to land a potential star in Jalen Suggs. But more importantly, they used their draft night to build their foundation.
29 min
Orlando Magic Draft Day: Get the best players, ...
Draft day is finally here. The Orlando Magic will look to build their future and take the best player they can to start their rebuild.
32 min
Orlando Magic's goal? Get the best players, duh
The Orlando Magic have one goal coming out of this draft: Grab the best players they can.
31 min
Orlando Magic Draft: Fit has to matter a little
The Orlando Magic need talent first and foremost, but they also should consider fit as they make their selection on draft night.
27 min
Orlando Magic sitting one week before the Draft
The Orlando Magic have a lot on the plate as they prepare for the NBA Draft next week.
67 min
Orlando Magic NBA Draft preview with Aaron Gold...
The Orlando Magic have one week to go before the NBA Draft. We go over all the possibilities with Orlando Pinstriped Post's Aaron Goldstone.
58 min
Jonathan Kuminga wants to be your star
Jonathan Kuminga worked out for the Orlando Magic and displayed a quiet confidence that he is indeed the star the team is looking for.
40 min
The Orlando Magic's strategy at No. 5
The Orlando Magic will pick fifth, which leaves them in a tricky spot after the celebrated top four. We get into what the Magic's strategy and thought process should be.
27 min
Orlando Magic players eager for a fresh look
The Orlando Magic are getting a fresh start with a new coach in Jamahl Mosley. And several players on the team need the new look.
28 min
Draft strategy and the Barnes/Kuminga debate
The Orlando Magic have two picks and that should set a clear strategy and thought process for them to follow during the draft.
33 min
Jalen Green is a lot of what the Orlando Magic ...
As the Orlando Magic watch the NBA Finals, a scorer is a clear need for the team. It is easy to see why Jalen Green is such an exciting prospect.
30 min
What's next for Jamahl Mosley and the Magic + J...
The Orlando Magic have their coach, so what comes next for Jamahl Mosley?
26 min
Meet Jamahl Mosley
The Orlando Magic introduced Jamahl Mosley to the media on Monday as he gets set to begin rebuilding the Orlando Magic.
29 min
Orlando Magic have their man: Jamahl Mosley
The Orlando Magic have hired Jamahl Mosley as the team's next head coach. We break down what he brings to the team.
33 min
The Orlando Magic probably have a coach now
The Orlando Magic appear to be zeroing in on a new coach in Jamahl Mosley. For a team in need of player development, he fits the bill.
26 min
Orlando Magic trading up options: Finding a fra...
The Orlando Magic will no doubt be trying to trade up in this draft. We look at the options to do so with the No. 4 pick Toronto Raptors.
42 min
The Orlando Magic need shooting? Meet Corey Kis...
The Orlando Magic worked out Gonzaga forward Corey Kispert as he aims to show he is much more than a shooter.
26 min
Orlando Magic coaching search nears an end
The Orlando Magic have begun second round of interviews as their coaching search seems to have winnowed down and is beginning to wind down.
26 min
The Orlando Magic definitely have a type
The Orlando Magic coaching search is entering a new phase and it is clear they have a type as their search continues.
32 min
Staying home for the coaching search and Moses ...
With the LA Clippers eliminated, expect the Orlando Magic's coaching search to heat up. Plus I break down Moses Moody's draft prospects.
33 min
Penny Hardaway has left the chat
After a few days of rumors bringing Anfernee Hardaway to the Orlando Magic, he has withdrawn from the coaching search.
28 min
The NBA Draft Combine Movers and Shakers
The NBA Draft Combine saw some players impress, other players confirm and others make their names.
36 min