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Orlando Magic close their preseason experiment
The Orlando Magic closed their preseason with a win as they tried one final experiment before the games count.
33 min
Orlando Magic's young core gets noticed
The Orlando Magic's group of young players is starting to get some notice around the league and in media circles.
25 min
The Wagna Carta connection is a good sign for O...
The Orlando Magic turned to the basketball IQ of Franz Wagner and Wendell Carter to win Tuesday's preseason game.
26 min
Orlando Magic get big (preseason) win... this i...
The Orlando Magic won their preseason home opener with clutch baskets from starters. It was a preseason win that did not feel like a preseason game.
39 min
Orlando Magic turn toward home this preseason
The Orlando Magic enter their final week of the preseason still aiming to tie things together.
29 min
Jalen Suggs injured as Orlando Magic face the f...
Jalen Suggs left in the first quarter with a knee injury as the Orlando Magic again stare down injury.
32 min
Orlando Magic find some preseason swagger
The Orlando Magic found an offensive groove and finally pushed through for a positive preseason result.
29 min
Paolo Banchero, Orlando Magic's offense will ne...
Paolo Banchero had his share of offensive struggles in the Orlando Magic's opening preseason game. It was a symbol of the Magic's larger lingering offensive problems.
29 min
Orlando Magic learning walking their talk won't...
The Orlando Magic talked a lot about how they wanted to grow in training camp. Preseason is showing how difficult it might be to walk that talk.
30 min
Orlando Magic ready to go big
The Orlando Magic have not been shy about trying some unconventional lineups. They are planning to go big and planning to try their players everywhere this preseason.
27 min
Orlando Magic aren't catching up, they aim to w...
The Orlando Magic returned to practice after Hurricane Ian and were focused on winning the day not on catching up.
29 min
Orlando Magic growing up with the Detroit Pistons
The Olando Magic and Detroit Pistons find themselves on similar timelines as they look ahead to their opening night game in Detroit.
53 min
Orlando Magic put words to action at camp
The Orlando Magic opened camp and began to put their desire to level up to action.
28 min
Orlando Magic set their expectation to win
The Orlando Magic held their Media Day and while expectations were tempered, one thing is clear: This team believes and wants to win this year.
30 min
Injuries again Orlando Magic's story, Markelle ...
The Orlando Magic will open training camp with injuries as the big question with Markelle Fultz out with a broken big toe.
23 min
How the Orlando Magic "level up"
The Orlando Magic are aiming to level up. But what does this coachism mean? A lot apparently.
28 min
NBA top 100 rankings disrespect the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic are not just getting overlooked in the national top-100 rankings. They are getting ignored.
29 min
Orlando Magic training camp battles to watch
With training camp a week away, we look at the camp battles we expect to follow this month and into the season.
26 min
Bronze Franz Wagner: What the Orlando Magic lea...
Franz Wagner helped Germany win the bronze medal at EuroBasket and took a big step forward in every way.
24 min
Orlando Magic continuing our Franz-tastic journey
Franz Wagner continues to impress even though Germany fell in the semifinals at EuroBasket.
32 min
Orlando Magic's history of 3-point shooting
The Orlando Magic have been essential to the evolution of 3-point shooting in the NBA.
35 min
Orlando Magic's players with something to prove
The Orlando Magic are in a major prove-it season for their young players. Two guards in particular have to show a lot.
31 min
Orlando Magic making moves (in the future)
Orlando Magic fans are excited about this team's future and are already thinking about how to make their next big play.
32 min
Ups and downs with the Orlando Magic
The Orlando Magic have a lot of promise. But they also still have a lot of questions for how that promise gets fulfilled.
42 min
Franz Wagner struggles and Expectations for the...
Franz Wagner encountered his first road block of EuroBasket. And we take to the Twitter Spaces to set expectations for the Orlando Magic.
30 min