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Orlando Magic can't keep pace... can't keep up ...
The Orlando Magic are struggling to maintain the pressure and intensity their culture is trying to build.
31 min
The Razzamataz is back! The Orlando Magic's off...
The Orlando Magic revived their beloved theme song. Now if only they could get some shots to fall.
29 min
Jalen Suggs' start is not abnormal... yet
Jalen Suggs' slow start is not unusual for rookies both past and present.
36 min
Sometimes, you just need shots to fall
The Orlando Magic didn't have to learn anything profound in a loss to the Brooklyn Nets. Sometimes, you just need shots to fall.
29 min
Orlando Magic's rookies can defend
The Orlando Magic's rookies have jumped right into the league defensively. Even with his struggles on offense, Jalen Suggs' defense has made a positive contribution.
35 min
Orlando Magic playing for threes, playing with ...
The Orlando Magic are holding true to the central tenets Jamahl Mosley has put out in some positive early season trends.
37 min
Orlando Magic get a marquee win and the humble ...
The Orlando Magic put the pieces together to score a marquee win over the Utah Jazz.
37 min
The Orlando Magic's defense is better than its ...
The Orlando Magic are near the bottom of the league in defense, but they are certainly a lot better than their early season numbers.
26 min
The best of the Orlando Magic, the worst of the...
The Orlando Magic played a stellar first half, but one bad quarter was a stark reminder of how immature and inconsistent the group is.
35 min
Cole Anthony is the Orlando Magic's hearbeat so...
Cole Anthony has been on a tear to start the season. He has been the Orlando Magic's most important player so far.
34 min
Sweet Franz! Orlando Magic win and Franz Wagner...
Franz Wagner and Cole Anthony put the league on notice with two stellar performances in an Orlando Magic win.
33 min
Jamahl Mosley, "zero lineups" and the Orlando M...
Jamahl Mosley is still getting his feet wet as a head coach. Some of his rotation designs show that as he keeps his focus on the big picture.
35 min
Orlando Magic starters and understanding their ...
The Orlando Magic's starting lineup continues to dominate. But there are clear reinforcements on the way and the team is still understanding its roles.
26 min
Orlando Magic's starters need some help
The Orlando Magic fell short in the fourth quarter of a loss to the Charlotte Hornets. But their starters are the one grasping for help early on.
42 min
Jalen Suggs needs to slow down
Jalen Suggs has had some early expected struggles. The rookie needs to slow down to get back on track.
29 min
Orlando Magic feeling the inconsistency of youth
The Orlando Magic came crashing back to earth with a loss to the Miami Heat. Their youth and mistakes were the big reason for it.
32 min
Orlando Magic get their roadmap to winning
The Orlando Magic set their roadmap to winning as they picked up their first victory of the season.
28 min
Orlando Magic snubbed from NBA 75th Anniversary...
Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic were almost completely snubbed from the NBA's 75th Anniversary team.
36 min
Orlando Magic's night to forget, night to learn
The Orlando Magic got beaten up in their opening loss to the San Antonio Spurs. It was a night for learning.
31 min
It's opening night! Orlando Magic vs. San Anton...
The Orlando magic open their season against the San Antonio Spurs. We dive into everything surrounding the opening game.
33 min
The importance of the Orlando Magic's veterans
The Orlando Magic are a young team, but their veteran players will have a key role to the team's growth and success.
25 min
Orlando Magic invest in Wendell Carter, youth
The Orlando Magic extended Wendell Carter's contract continuing to show their willingness to invest in their young players.
27 min
Orlando Magic preseason takeaways
The preseason is over and we learned a lot about the Orlando Magic and who they might want to be.
31 min
Ring the bell, the Orlando Magic have an identity
The Orlando Magic finished their preseason with a rousing effort and a win. The big takeaway is the team has the beginnings of their identity.
35 min
This Mo Bamba hits different
Mo Bamba is getting some real minutes and making the most of them. It is just preseason, but still this feels different.
30 min