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Preparing for the Orlando Magic's trade deadline
The Orlando Magic figure to be active once again at the trade deadline as they again try to shape their future.
36 min
A no good, terrible bad weekend for the Orlando...
The Orlando Magic did not show up for a pair of home games this weekend as they seemed to regress.
30 min
Inside the Orlando Magic's offense with Roger Galo
The Orlando Magic's offense is experiencing a brief revival. How they can keep things going and shed some of their offensive struggles with offensive efficiency expert Roger Galo.
35 min
Orlando Magic learn their lessons to pick up a win
The Orlando Magic are quickly absorbing lessons they need to win and pulling everything together on the court.
30 min
Orlando Magic's rising stars show their potenti...
The Orlando Magic put a trio of players in the Rising Stars game. They showed plenty of potential and plenty of youth in a loss to the Chicago Bulls.
31 min
The trade winds and change and Chuma Okeke is b...
The trade winds may have changed with a Western Conference injury and Chuma Okeke has found his rhythm again.
28 min
Orlando Magic start to tie everything together
In securing a winning homestand, the Orlando Magic are starting to show the poise and composure to win games and tie their whole project together.
30 min
The Orlando Magic's trade rumor mill spins
The Orlando Magic are going to be at the center of the rumor mill as the trade deadline draws closer.
35 min
Orlando Magic need to learn to be aggressive
The Orlando Magic lost their aggression and control in a nightmare fourth quarter in a loss to the LA Clippers.
32 min
The third quarter of the season will be about c...
The Orlando Magic are starting to find their rhythm and identity. So now they must play consistently to give themselves a chance.
29 min
Orlando Magic finally get to have some fun
The Orlando Magic finally got to have some fun, putting together a strong performance they could puff their chests out about.
31 min
Orlando Magic Trade Deadline Preview with Keith...
The NBA trade deadline is three weeks away and the Orlando Magic figure to be active again.
47 min
Joel Embiid is a star... Orlando Magic need theirs
Joel Embiid put on a star performance scoring 50 points and singlehandedly burying an Orlando Magic team looking for its way.
32 min
Let's talk about the Orlando Magic's offense
The Orlando Magic's offense has continued to struggle even as the team's defense shows encouraging signs.
29 min
The Orlando Magic got one! And then they gave i...
The Orlando Magic showed the poise they needed to break their losing streak. Then they gave it away with a lethargic effort the next night.
28 min
Jalen Suggs is back! And Franz Wagner makes his...
Jalen Suggs is set to return tonight against the Charlotte Hornets. Plus Franz Wagner makes his claim with a strong first half.
27 min
Orlando Magic need to flip the script to close ...
The Orlando Magic lost another close game as they tried to rally back. To break this 10-game losing streak they need to change something.
31 min
Did somebody say injury updates?
The Orlando Magic appear to be inching closer to full health as several players with long-term injuries are nearing their returns.
30 min
Orlando Magic extend Jeff Weltman, now the cloc...
The Orlando Magic are set to extend Jeff Weltman's contract. The clock is now ticking to get the rebuild moving in the right direction.
32 min
Orlando Magic still fighting, still coming up s...
The Orlando Magic again struggled with their fourth-quarter play as they failed to pick up wins despite late leads.
33 min
The Orlando Magic's offense might be getting be...
The Orlando Magic are seeing some modest offensive improvements even during the team's battle with health and safety protocols.
30 min
Orlando Magic so close to the breakthrough, sti...
The Orlando Magic are again getting closer and closer to a win. But their mistakes keep them still far away.
33 min
Franz Wagner is your Rookie of the Month and he...
Franz Wagner earned the Rookie of the Month Award and it feels like he is only getting started.
31 min
If Orlando Magic keep this process, the results...
The Orlando Magic lost again, but the team keeps doing impressive things and the results will surely follow.
32 min
Lessons from an impossible loss
The Orlando Magic thought they had Sunday's game in the bag. But the Boston Celtics stormed back to win in overtime.
32 min