Strong Mind, Strong Body

Looking to strengthen both your mental and physical state? You’ve come to the right place. Host, NASM Master Instructor, and health therapist Angie Miller discusses how to best balance and enhance both of these important facets.

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Tapas Style Training Information from Industry ...
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Demystifying Heart Disease- What does it mean ...
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Working with Older Adults- The Importance of Re...
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How to Help Your Clients Stop Hating Their Bodies
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How to Help Clients Overcome Mental Barriers to...
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How Reinvention Can Be Your Guide to Greater Su...
<p>Transitioning from in-person to online training is one form of reinvention, but building a dynamic brand with multiple income streams requires an entrepreneurial mindset. Join host, Angie Miller, NASM Master Instructor and AFAA Mentor, along with her guest, Josh Gonzalez, NASM Instructor and owner of the Push Code, for a deep dive into reinvention. Josh will share the story of his journey and the highs and lows of growing your brand. This is a can't miss session.</p><p>If you're looking to reinvent yourself, online training could be just right for you. Learn the basics about virtual personal training with our FREE Fundamentals of Virtual Coaching Mini Course. <a href=";h=AT2UxJ2ccrHuWEXT_4Dmrs8mNH5dg74zRS2mEYt3glhpzxaQ_MvjsB7lmWfns30IaDMk6uAlwjV2wkHgP26XLrYf3E9CSO3SyygBC-RlXWkSOz80OwJR8BSoT4vGI0G-aggY&amp;__tn__=-UK-R&amp;c[0]=AT0MBU-cY_OtsKYHWfSyUuw0t7o1wlDcN1INBy0yINwTLMr-MPIohvlXnpDFP2_Qc-M5l3t6FQzpfxqLeaG99ccd6pjJa6GZ3v54f9wh2mHmJFg5voI48HyQ_dfXYMJwwwG4XrqWvHNqzO-brj1tyZHYuZblm5YV7_FhSPREBF-MulTbPZPAPaG8MyN3RCkmIKPtzOZyvKYt_8v0N2sEZ061X_KjSA" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank"></a></p>
41 min
Body Image in a Body Conscious Industry of Fitness
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Helping Clients Cope During the Holidays
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The Cost of Caring: Why Fit Pros Need Self-Care
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