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If you want to succeed in today’s changing business climate and create the life you desire, you’ll need to understand the psychology of success. Join author and entrepreneur Polly Campbell as she offers science-based success strategies and practical ideas you can adopt today, to build a better business and create a life you want to live.

Mental Health
Ep. 110 Luminous Spaces with Maureen Calamia
Maureen Calamia, author of Creating Luminous Spaces talks about Feng shui, biophilia, and how we can align with our natural elements wood, fire, earth, water, metal to connect to our higher energy and live a more luminous life indoors and out. 
26 min
Ep. 109 Post Traumatic Growth
No doubt life is filled with challenging moments and battering adversity. Yet even in the most difficult moments, there can be growth and opportunity. Psychologists call it post-traumatic growth and many of us are experiencing it right now. Polly...
25 min
Ep. 108 Talking Tea with Jodi Helmer
Farmer, tea expert, and author of Growing Your Own Tea Garden: The Guide to Growing and Harvesting Flavorful Teas in Your Backyard talks about the health benefits of tea and how we can grow our own tea gardens and brew our own blends, right now in our...
24 min
Ep. 107 How to Deal with Sadness and Stress
There is nothing wrong with feeling big emotion even if it's sadness or fear. In fact, allowing yourself to acknowledge your feelings, is an important way to cope with them. So what can we do when we are feeling bad?  Polly covers how to vent,...
23 min
Ep. 106 Are You a Sensitive Striver? Here's How...
Are you a sensitive striver? A hard worker who feels deeply, leads with empathy, and yet never feels as though you are doing  enough? Yep been there, but not anymore. Thanks to today's guest Melody Wilding, we don't have to sabotage ourselves....
25 min
Ep. 105 One Superpower to Help You Avoid Burnout
Curiosity can help you banish worry and stress and feel healthier, happier, and more connected. And it all starts by asking questions. Acting curious builds empathy, ease, and enthusiasm. It attracts novelty which also makes life more fun and...
25 min
Ep. 104 Creating the Best Story of Your Life
There are many different ways to tell a story and we tell them all the time. But the way we tell the story of our lives determines the kind of lives we'll live. Tell a story of hardship, unhappiness, and challenge, that will be what you notice. Tell...
24 min
Ep. 103 Do This to Create Good Habits
Thinking about what we have to eliminate or cut out of our lives to live well, feels hard and punishing. Instead, let's shift our focus to what we can add in to enhance our lives, to renew, and recharge. When we do that, we create all kinds of...
25 min
Ep. 102 Boost Your Natural Vitality and Renew ...
Spring is a time for new growth and fresh starts. In this episode we'll talk about one way we can boost our natural vitality by identifying and plugging the energy drains that keep us feeling stuck, tired, and burned out. No matter what is going on in...
28 min
Ep. 101 Jessica Lahey on Preventing Addiction i...
Prevention is the key when it comes to keeping our kids safe from addiction. Author of The Addiction Inoculation and The Gift of Failure, Jessica Lahey shares some strategies and her own story as a teacher, mom, and alcoholic.  Contact: 
27 min
Ep. 100 Tapping into Your Intuition with Amy Sc...
Learning to use our sixth sense, our intuition, can help us make better decisions and live with greater ease. In today's show intuitive business strategist and energy healer Amy Schuber tells us how to do it.  Amy says "on the other side of the...
28 min
Ep. 99 How to Ease Overwhelm
When we are in a flurry of doing--working, playing, parenting, living full lives--we can wind up feeling depleted, overwhelmed, burned out. Listen to today's episode and learn how to avoid that kind of energetic crash. Simply Nifty: Read about...
28 min
Ep. 98 The Real Way to Make a Positive Difference
Can we really make a positive difference in this world. Yep, and doing that might look different than what you think. Activism isn't violent, or damaging--it can even be quiet. Today we talk to Kate Hanley, author of How to Be a Better Person who...
23 min
Ep. 97 Living a Values-Based Life
If life feels hard and draining, if your days feel like a drag it could be because your behaviors don't align with what matters to you most. We can change that. Polly shares how she did that in her own life and how it helped her recharge. ...
25 min
Ep. 96 Recharge Your Body with Movement
As part of our continuing series You, Recharged we talk with trainer and fitness expert Tonya Robson who tells us how to maximize our movement to strengthen our bodies and elevate our mood--just while we are wandering around the house. A customized...
20 min
Ep. 95 Winterize Your Mindset Ease the Blues
Feeling the winter blues? Here are some ways to manage your mindset to create better wellbeing, health, energy, and yes, even joy. 
26 min
Ep. 94 Launching Our Best Lives, Reaching Goalt...
Time to recharge and start the New Year with vitality and energy and that means setting good goals. Goals that inspire us and drive us toward the things that add value, fun, and meaning. Author of the DEB Method  Debra Eckerling explains how to...
23 min
Ep. 93 Expectations
Holding tight to expectations about what we'd like the New Year to bring can lead to more stress, upset, disappointment. Plus, we can't hold 2021 to the same expectations from previous years because the world has changed and so have we. Things are...
26 min
Ep. 91 Why Giving is Good For Your and the Caus...
'Tis the season for giving, but before you start giving your time and money, here are some things to consider to make sure your contributions make a positive difference to the causes you care about. Chris Benninger, CEO and President of Guide Dogs for...
21 min
Ep. 90 Keeping it Simple
One thing I've learned this year is that keeping things simple helps me manage stress and create comfort. This got me thinking about minimalism and how clearing clutter from my mind, environment, and schedule has helped me become more purposeful and...
24 min
Ep. 89 Easing the Pressure
S2 Interview with Dr. Carrie Hastings
28 min
Ep. 87 Don't Be Bored!
Boredom can trigger depressed moods and bad habits, but how can we keep things interesting even when we are stuck in the mundane of a daily routine? We'll cover some practical, boredom-busting strategies in this episode. And, we'll also explain how...
23 min
Ep. 86 Make Your Own Happiness
One way to experience more happiness is to believe you can be happier. In this episode, we talk about the research and the strategies that can help us feel happier no matter what's going on the world. 
27 min
Ep. 85 This Can Change the World
Choose compassion. Not only will you help others who are struggling, but the choice will boost your mood, improve your heart health, and leave you feeling better no matter what's going on in the world. Here's how to do it. 
26 min
Ep. 84 Working Better from the Home Office
S2 Interview with author Laura Vanderkam
22 min