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If you want to succeed in today’s changing business climate and create the life you desire, you’ll need to understand the psychology of success. Join author and entrepreneur Polly Campbell as she offers science-based success strategies and practical ideas you can adopt today, to build a better business and create a life you want to live.

Mental Health
Ep. 260 Dealing With Difficult Moments Before T...
24 min
Ep. 259 Transform Your Future Today
Hilda Fainsod says we can create what we want by taking small steps each day.
25 min
Ep. 258 Loneliness is Universal: Here's How to ...
You are more likeable then you think.
20 min
Ep. 257 Be Happy Now With Cynthia Gregory
Add time to play into your day.
21 min
Ep. 256 Sleep Better Tonight
Disruptions in our sleep pattern are linked to mood disorders, but we can offset the risk with a sleep plan.
22 min
Ep. 255 How to Cope with the Stress of Climate ...
Therapis and climate change expert Leslie Davenport talks about what we can do to manage feelings of overwhelm and make a difference.
29 min
Ep. 254. The Language of Optimism
The words you use to explain and manage life challenges, can help you through them.
26 min
Ep. 253. Madeline Schwarz: Make Your Voice Hear...
Tired of being interrupted or having a hard time communicating your thoughts? Try these tips from Madeline Schwarz, communications coach.
22 min
Ep. 252 Feel Less Stressed, Get Unstuck, and Co...
Some simple changes can help us feel less stressed and more excited about where we are now.
21 min
Ep. 251. How to Find Love with Love Coach Cari...
The right person is out when you are open and ready.
25 min
Ep. 250. Tracking Your Way to Success
Recording your progress, is an easy way to help keep you moving forward.
18 min
Ep. 249 Failing Better with Emily McIntyre
24 min
Ep. 248 Two Step Process to Manage Stress
How we think about the stress in our lives impacts how we experience it.
27 min
Ep. 244 Design Your Life with a Vision Board
Marcia Layton Turner offers her top tips for giving a vision to your goals.
25 min
Ep. 247 You Matter and It's Important That You ...
The feeling that we would be missed if we didn't show up is essential to our well-being, it's also something we can influence in ourselves and others.
21 min
REPLAY Ep. 246 Christy Whitman Manifesting Your...
Christy Whitman, bestselling author of The Desire Factor and other books talks all things Law of Attraction and how we can access it to create the lives we desire, raise our energy, and feel good.  Find Polly at and order her newest book, You,...
29 min
Ep. 245. Fantasizing About the Future Helps Us ...
The practice can elevate our moods and boost motivation too as long as we take a realistic approach.
26 min
Ep. 243 Embrace these Habits for a Happier Winter
Happiness grows when we choose thoughts that help ease stress.
23 min
Ep. 242. Access Your Spirit Guides to Access A...
Erin Newman talks about opening the the bigger energies and becoming aware of the wisdom of the Universe.
34 min
Ep. 241 Gratitude Makes Your Relationships Stro...
Gratitude is a powerful practice to improve health and wellbeing and now we know it can also improve your marriage
21 min
Ep. 240 Creating Good Energy with Feng Shui
Feng Shui consultant and interior designer Julie Ann Segal talks about the simple changes we can make to feel good in our homes and offices
23 min
Ep. 239 Raising the Level by Replacing Bad Habits
If you are feeling bored, drab, frustrated, could be time to add in some new actions and attitudes. Here's how.
28 min
Ep. 238 Changing What It Means to Be Productive...
Are you living a busy life or a meaningful and productive one. It's time to rethink how we spend our time.
25 min
Ep.. 237 Choosing a Powerful Monday Mindset
If you dread Monday' you are not alone, but there are some schedule tweaks that can help make the start of the workweek easier.
22 min
Ep. 236. Developing Digital Literacy with Dr. P...
Learning how to use technology to feel good, stay productive, and be healthy
27 min