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If you want to succeed in today’s changing business climate and create the life you desire, you’ll need to understand the psychology of success. Join author and entrepreneur Polly Campbell as she offers science-based success strategies and practical ideas you can adopt today, to build a better business and create a life you want to live.

Mental Health
Ep. 154 Is Gig Work for You?
Consider these factors before kissing your office job goodbye and becoming a self-employed freelancer
26 min
Ep. 153 This Practice is Essential to Coping wi...
Curiosity helps diffuse stress and amp up innovation. Plus it just feels better.
21 min
Ep. 152 Reclaiming Your Mojo
G. Brian Benson talks about slowing down, creativity, self-acceptance, and authentic living
27 min
Ep. 151 How To Get Rolling With Any Project
It can be hard to get going, but by upping our speed of engagement we can move more easily through our days
20 min
Ep. 150 Building Better Relationships with Lind...
The renowned therapist shares how we can skillfully navigate the challenging times together
32 min
Ep. 149 Break the Bad-Mood Pattern
Our negative moods can hurt our relationships and business, here's how to manage them
22 min
Ep. 148 Networking for Introverts
Skip the group gatherings and go direct
21 min
Ep. 147 Badass Educator and Author M.J. Fievre...
Awareness and action can help end racism and empower our community and all of its people
34 min
Ep. 146 Breaking the Pattern of Procrastination
No, you are not lazy! But a different approach can help you feel better and get more done
22 min
Ep. 144 Build the Lifestyle, Then the Business
These ideas can help you create a sustainable lifestyle and business you love
27 min
Ep. 143 Why Reflection is More Powerful Than R...
Take time to notice, your accomplishments, failures, and growth and you'll be energized for the new year
28 min
Ep. 142 Find Your Next Big Idea with Sam Sanders
Launch 2022 with the ideas and energy that will move your life and business forward
26 min
Ep. 141 Micro-habits to Ease Seasonal Stress
Managing stress is key to enjoying the season at work and at home
25 min
Ep. 140 Give Kindness this Season
Looking for a creative gift? Try a Joy Jar or a random act of kindness
28 min
Ep, 139 Grieving Through the Holidays
Grief doesn't diminish during the festive season of celebration and joy, says bereavement counselor and author of  Opening to Grief, Claire Willis. Often we feel it deeply during this time. And that's nothing to be ashamed of. Grief is an...
26 min
Ep. 138 Give Your Brain a Break With a Mental H...
When you are feeling stressed and anxious, exhausted and overwhelmed it's time for a break. Take a Mental Health Day, like you would take a sick day if you were down with the flu. Here's why I think this is essential to do every once in awhile and how...
20 min
Ep. 137 Talking Resilience with Gwen Moran
Do you keep going through tough times or are you more likely to fold up your tent and go home?  Can you bloom anywhere? Today we are talking resilience with author Gwen Moran, host of  . We'll cover what it means to be resilient and...
30 min
Ep. 136 Relationships Built to Last
Our relationships with others whether it be family members, spouses, or friends, are the most important things in our lives--but they aren't always easy to navigate. In this episode, Polly offers some research-based tips that anyone can use to create...
28 min
Ep. 135 Build Your Business with Intuition
What are the "Clairs" and how can we use them to gain insights to help our business and improve our lives? Psychic, intuitive, and author of Intuition @ Work and other books, Melanie Barnum, tells us how we can combine our innate intuitive and...
29 min
Ep 134 Make Your Own Definition
Success is a matter of how you talk about it
23 min
Ep. 133 The Transformative Power of Pets
Animal intuitive Lynn McKenzie talks about how animals help elevate and enrich our lives and how we can learn to connect and communicate with our furry friends in a deeper way. www.PollyCampbell.com Lynn McKenzie, www.LynnMcKenzie.com, is the author...
25 min
Ep. 132 Future Cast a Healthier Life
Would you like $30 now or $45 in 30 days? How you answer that question can impact your happiness. But we can all learn to "futurecast" and use our thoughts to create a healthier, happier life now and going forward. This episode discusses the research...
22 min
Ep. 131 Tess Whitehurst Talks Self-Love
 You don't have to accomplish anything, lose weight, be any different than you are. You are already worthy of being here. You matter right now. When we learn to love ourselves this way--like we love others--we can discover the treasures and...
25 min
Ep. 130 An Interesting Life Can Lead to Health ...
The pursuit of happiness may not bring us happiness at all. But a life filled with interesting and diverse experiences and perspectives increases our sense of well-being and that can lead to a good life, and a happy one too. Today, we'll talk about...
24 min
Ep. 129 Learning about Reiki with Raven Keyes
Reiki uses spiritual energy for health and transformation. Master teacher and practitioner Raven Keyes tells us what Reiki is and how it can help in healing and help us navigate these challenging times. Raven Keys, author of Medical Reikie,...
19 min