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If you want to succeed in today’s changing business climate and create the life you desire, you’ll need to understand the psychology of success. Join author and entrepreneur Polly Campbell as she offers science-based success strategies and practical ideas you can adopt today, to build a better business and create a life you want to live.

Mental Health
Ep. 136 Relationships Built to Last
Our relationships with others whether it be family members, spouses, or friends, are the most important things in our lives--but they aren't always easy to navigate. In this episode, Polly offers some research-based tips that anyone can use to create...
28 min
Ep. 135 Build Your Business with Intuition
What are the "Clairs" and how can we use them to gain insights to help our business and improve our lives? Psychic, intuitive, and author of Intuition @ Work and other books, Melanie Barnum, tells us how we can combine our innate intuitive and...
29 min
Ep 134 Make Your Own Definition
Success is a matter of how you talk about it
23 min
Ep. 133 The Transformative Power of Pets
Animal intuitive Lynn McKenzie talks about how animals help elevate and enrich our lives and how we can learn to connect and communicate with our furry friends in a deeper way. www.PollyCampbell.com Lynn McKenzie, www.LynnMcKenzie.com, is the author...
25 min
Ep. 132 Future Cast a Healthier Life
Would you like $30 now or $45 in 30 days? How you answer that question can impact your happiness. But we can all learn to "futurecast" and use our thoughts to create a healthier, happier life now and going forward. This episode discusses the research...
22 min
Ep. 131 Tess Whitehurst Talks Self-Love
 You don't have to accomplish anything, lose weight, be any different than you are. You are already worthy of being here. You matter right now. When we learn to love ourselves this way--like we love others--we can discover the treasures and...
25 min
Ep. 130 An Interesting Life Can Lead to Health ...
The pursuit of happiness may not bring us happiness at all. But a life filled with interesting and diverse experiences and perspectives increases our sense of well-being and that can lead to a good life, and a happy one too. Today, we'll talk about...
24 min
Ep. 129 Learning about Reiki with Raven Keyes
Reiki uses spiritual energy for health and transformation. Master teacher and practitioner Raven Keyes tells us what Reiki is and how it can help in healing and help us navigate these challenging times. Raven Keys, author of Medical Reikie,...
19 min
Ep. 128 The Upside of Failure
When it came to my economics class,  I crashed and burned, and then, I did it again. Economics wasn't fun. Either was failing. But when we think about failure as productive, as a way to learn and grow, we tend to gather the information we need to...
26 min
Ep. 127 The Book Maven Shares Her Favorite Book...
Bethanne Patrick, The Book Maven, a book critic who writes for The Washington Post, the LA Times, and other publications shares her top books for fall and why listening to audiobooks is as powerful as reading in print.  
28 min
Ep. 126 Acceptance Makes It Easier to Get Through
Acceptance is not giving up or giving in. It's recognizing what the situation or circumstances are--what is--without judgment or complaint. That allows the kind of clarity we need to then work through challenges and cope better with them. It also...
23 min
Ep. 124 Are Early Risers Happier?
Today we talk about the link between chronotype--your sleep/wake patterns--and well-being. And we also cover some strategies Polly is using to try to get a good night's sleep and wake feeling more energized. Research reminds us that knowing our...
24 min
Ep. 123 Kundtz Stop to Hear Inner Wisdom
Author of The Art of Stopping, David Kundtz talks about the importance of learning to get quiet, to become still so we can hear the wisdom we have within. Kundtz believes we have all the inner wisdom we need to live a good life, but we must break free...
28 min
Ep. 122 Learn to Love the Body You Have--It is ...
Making peace with how you look and feeling good about the body you are in is an important aspect of living a healthy and happy life. Research shows that when we learn to filter out the messages that lead to comparison or doubt we will feel better...
19 min
Ep. 121 Nita Sweeney, Moving Through Depression
Nita Sweeney, author of Depression Hates a Moving Target talks about her experience with depression and bipolar disorder and how moving--running even just 60 seconds at first with her dog--helped her find her own inner strength and cope with mental...
32 min
Ep. 120 Stress Management at Work
Stress is unavoidable, but we can deal with it better.
28 min
Ep. 119 Kim Forrester Talks Activating Our Intu...
Author Kim Forrester tells us how to activate our sixth sense and how we can connect to our psychic energy.  Our intuitive power is not a mystery she says, but a sense we all have and one relied on by some of the most successful people in the...
31 min
Ep. 118 Time Tweaks to Boost Well-Being
Managing our time well is about more than getting stuff done. Science says the right kind of time-use strategies will boost our well-being and improve our health, which ultimately helps us be more productive.  Listen today to learn about how we...
22 min
Ep. 117 Letting Go to Move Forward
Transitions can be difficult and scary, but when we let go of our expectations and become open to the possibilities we will find a path of greater meaning and less stress. We talk about it today with author, actor, Tedx speaker, G. Brian Benson. ...
28 min
Ep. 116 Re-Entry Anxiety and Optimal Discomfort
Research shows about half of all people are experiencing what psychologists are calling re-entry anxiety, the kind of anxiety that comes as we learn how to navigate this new world. But some discomfort,  managed, or "optimal" discomfort can help...
23 min
Ep. 115 Make Your Ripple of Impact Marc Angelo ...
We can all create a movement by making a positive change, a ripple of impact , that adds joy and meaning to our lives and changes the world for the better. Marc Angelo Coppola, podcaster and founder of Valhalla and the Superhero Academy tells us how...
27 min
Ep. 114 Quick Ways to Relax and Calm
It's easy to get riled and upset, but that constant stressed state can do damage to our minds and bodies and keep us from the clarity we need to manage difficult moments. Today, Polly offers some quick-and-easy, in-the-moment strategies you can use to...
23 min
Ep. 113 Rachael Wolff Talks Letter Writing for...
Rachael Wolff, author of Letters from a Better Me, explains how we can use letters to figure things out, tap into our spiritual side, and develop awareness and acceptance that allows us to break painful patterns in our lives.  Find Polly:...
30 min
Ep. 112 Watch out for Toxic Positivity
You don't have to feel good all the time to live a meaningful, even happy life. Learning to feel all of the difficult emotions is what allows us to move forward despite challenging circumstances. In this episode, we talk about how to avoid toxic...
21 min
Ep. 111 Transforming Big Energy with Michelle W...
Plus: The Magic of 111
33 min