Polly Campbell, Simply Said

If you want to succeed in today’s changing business climate and create the life you desire, you’ll need to understand the psychology of success. Join author and entrepreneur Polly Campbell as she offers science-based success strategies and practical ideas you can adopt today, to build a better business and create a life you want to live.

Mental Health
Ep. 12 Growing Success
A growth mindset can help you learn and improve, and have more fun.
22 min
Ep. 11 Living Easier with Big Feelings
With awareness and a couple of practical strategies our feelings can be motivating rather than maddening
21 min
Ep. 9 Celebrate Everything
Simple celebrations and rituals can make life more fun
19 min
Ep. 8 Everyday Courage
How we can tap into own courage to get throug the tough times
20 min
Ep. 7 Wrestling with Rejection
Screw-it action is one way to deal with the pain of rejection.
23 min
Ep. 6 Super Powers 2: The Easy Way to Change Yo...
Super powers compassion and kindness
21 min
Ep. 5 Super Powers Gratitude, Optimism, and Cur...
You don't have to don a cape or body suit to create goodness in the world
21 min
Ep. 1 Backstory: How I Got Unstuck and Moving A...
Baby Steps, People, Just Take Baby Steps
21 min
Ep. 2 Staying Flexible (Instead of Freaking Out...
Adopting the agile mindset
19 min
Ep. 4 Small Wins = Big Success
Even a little progress can help us keep going
16 min
Ep. 3 Easy Peasy Ways to Reboot Your Energy
You don't have to feel tired all the time
17 min