The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

How Spirituality & Mindset Drive Business Succe...
On today's episode, I host a fireside chat with John Assaraf, Forbes Riley, and soccer legend Chicarito, and we discuss the importance of having a positive spiritual outlook in business ventures, as well as our personal ventures.
50 min
Building the NFL Empire in Germany | Conversati...
On today's episode, I sit down with Dr. Alexander Steinforth, Managing Director of NFL Germany, where we speak the growth of the NFL in Germany, it’s history in the country, and the growth they’ve seen attributed to social media.
19 min
Stocks, Tech, and Human Connections | Conversat...
In this episode, Peter Tuchman and I speak about his experiences in the NYSE, human connection, technology, and AI’s role in trading, crypto, NFTs, and the difference between being rich and being wealthy.
13 min
Lessons from an Icon: Building an Iconic Brand ...
A conversation with SVP & Chief Marketing Officer of PepsiCo International Beverages, Mark Kirkham, about building an iconic brand in the digital age, executing a multifaceted digital marketing strategy, and the art of modifying and perpetuating your brand.
20 min
Unleashing Your Potential: Strategies for Ident...
In this episode, you will learn to identify the roots of the fears that hold you back from achieving your potential and gain strategies to overcome those fears.
28 min
Going From Victim to Victor | Interview on Man ...
I joined the Man of War podcast hosted by Rafa Conde to discuss the victim mentality that is prevalent in society today and how we can shift our mindset from being victims to being grateful for the opportunities we have
30 min
The Power of Authenticity in Personal Branding ...
A conversation with Rene Rodriguez about the importance of staying true to yourself while following the formula of content creation, without resorting to clickbait or sensationalism.
14 min
The Art of Handling Disagreements in Business |...
I hosted a Q&A meetup in Chicago answering questions on the importance of self-care and prioritization in relationships, power of networking, and handling disagreements in business
50 min
The Future of Golf & Growing The Game | A Conve...
A conversation with Ken Kamada, CEO of aboutGOLF Simulators, about the boom of golf simulators and its positive impact on the entire game, the immigrant experience, the emotional nature of sports, and being able to balance life responsibilities.
18 min
The New Preferred Asset: Collectables | Convers...
Mark Salzberg, Chairman at NGC and Senior Grading Finalizer, talks about the exploding collectibles market, how they’ve become a preferred asset class, and how emotions play a big role in the entire market.
18 min
Accept Everything: The Journey to Radical Self-...
In this episode, I sit down with James Dixon, where we speak about being kind, ignorant arrogance, self-acceptance, finding joy, and the role of rejection in the self-development process.
22 min
Transforming Beliefs for Abundance and Growth |...
In this episode, you’ll learn to align (or re-align) your beliefs and your goals, which will help you to create the future you’ve always desired.
59 min
Kindness, Tech, and Personal Branding | Money B...
In this episode, I’m on the Money Buys Happiness Podcast, talking about the impact of my mother, kindness, my job experience, quick and decisive decision making, and the importance of setting large goals.
44 min
My 4-Pronged Approach to Monetizing a Digital B...
Discussing my take on Threads, Meta's validation challenge, the necessity to adapt one's essence across platforms, AI's role in content amplification, monetization strategies with a 4-pronged approach, and the power of open-ended questions for value delivery.
29 min
Why Gratitude is More Than Just a Buzzword | Me...
Today’s episode is from a talk I gave to the Medtronic sales team. We dive into why gratitude is more than just a buzzword and how sharing knowledge isn’t just good for others, but for you too.
32 min
How Sugarfina Built a Multi-Million Dollar Cand...
Scott LaPorta, Payton White, and I discuss the acquisition of Sugarfina, cultivating its following, collaborations, and dealing with the pandemic shutdowns.
20 min
Building the Stock Market for Sports Cards, Sne...
In this episode, Josh Luber, the co-founder of StockX and zerocool, joins me to discuss the investable nature of collecting and the incredible resurgence of sports cards.
17 min
How Fear Influences Our Decision-Making Process...
In this episode, Van Carlson and I discuss how fear influences our decision-making, managing risk, and reflecting on our “success process”.
18 min
Get Out of Your Comfort Zone | Road to Revenue
In this episode, we discuss the pivotal role of time and forgiveness in shaping our lives, and unravel how these elements unlock our path to ease, prosperity, and spiritual growth.
57 min
How to Build an Abundant Mindset | A Conversat...
My interview on the “On Leadership” podcast with Scott Jefferey Miller, Scott and I discuss the journey to success, leadership, loss, scarcity, and building an abundance mindset.
30 min
The Evolution of Building a Loyal Community | Q&A
Answers Q&A discussing the significance of community-building, my guidance from Gary Vaynerchuck on using podcasts and social media, the evolution of community-building over a decade, the need to tailor content for each platform, and I answer questions from the virtual audience.
25 min
The Biggest Losses Teach The Greatest Lessons |...
On the "Digital Social Hour Podcast," Sean Kelly and I delve into our professional journeys, my $100 million setback, my goal to make over 1 billion people happy, the quest for one's "why," the significance of faith, and the universe's exponential rhythm.
33 min
Scott Jeffrey Miller on the Art of Great Mentor...
David and Scott Jeffrey Miller talk about the importance of leadership and mentorship, focusing on the power of validation and the customization of mentorship to fit the mentee's requirements.
22 min
The Addictive Nature of Winning | Conversation ...
The addictive nature of winning in business and poker, the entrepreneurial spirit, collectibles, and trading cards.
16 min
Managing Energy, Fear, and Personal Habits | A ...
David and Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar discuss advice for handling life's big problems, how to build a shield against bad vibes, and why anger is a punishment we give to ourselves
23 min