The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Everyday Habits For A Fulfilling Life
Today's episode focuses on the essentials of daily practices, highlighting gratitude, health, and the balance between giving and receiving, while exploring living abundantly and the impact of effectively managing our time each day.
6 min
Embracing New Opportunities in Las Vegas with M...
In this episode with Matt Perrault, we explore Las Vegas's transformation into a sports and gambling hub, highlighting its economic and societal benefits. We also tackle the challenges men face in seeking meaning, focusing on the importance of positive behaviors, gratitude, and personal growth.
20 min
Scaling Beyond the Startup with Michael Noicos
In this episode, Michael Noicos discusses his evolution from engineer to entrepreneur and the significance of discipline, strategic growth, and adapting to AI for business success.
18 min
Embracing Authentic Self-Discovery with Jesse M...
Join us as Jesse Metcalfe shares his transformative journey from overcoming personal challenges to finding true authenticity and fulfillment.
19 min
Achieving Empowerment Through Collective Support
In this episode, I address the journey from scarcity to abundance, emphasizing the importance of gratitude and effective giving. We dive into transforming personal and community life by fostering a mindset of abundance and support for impactful causes.
55 min
How To Protect Your Mindset
In this episode, I explore the "Cancel Clear Connect" strategy for aligning thoughts and actions with goals, emphasizing the importance of managing mindset and expectations to navigate life's challenges and opportunities.
7 min
Navigating Leadership & Legacy with 49ers Presi...
In today’s episode, Al Guido discusses his rise in the sports industry and the importance of technology, leadership, and addressing social media's impact on youth, highlighting the need to focus on the present.
19 min
The Biggest Energy Crisis In Our Lives
In this episode, I discuss the impact of social media on self-awareness and the journey towards authenticity, highlighting the power of core values and self-acceptance in the digital age.
6 min
Cultivating Collective Success with Eddie Wilson
In this episode, Eddie Wilson, CEO of Collective Influence, discusses his journey from personal adversity to entrepreneurial triumph, emphasizing the roles of resilience and emotional intelligence. Learn about his unique leadership style and the impactful community he's built through his experiences and insights.
21 min
The 2 Tools You Need To Change Your Life
In today's episode, I explore how awareness and gratitude in giving and receiving can lead to a life of increased abundance.
4 min
Comedy & Character in the Public Eye with Forre...
In this episode, I chat with Dane Cook and Forrest Griffin about the power of humor in entertainment and sports, discussing its role in storytelling, mentorship, and maintaining authenticity in personal branding.
17 min
Cultivating a Value Add Mindset
In this episode, I explore shifting mindsets from scarcity to abundance, examining victimization, giving, receiving, and the power of gratitude
26 min
Dealing with Toxic People in Your Life
In this episode, I reflect on my personal struggle to recognize and distance myself from toxic influences, guided by insights from those closest to me.
3 min
Living Spiritually in a Modern Age
In this episode, I discuss balancing spirituality with daily life, emphasizing the importance of focusing on the present. I offer strategies for aligning actions with goals and managing fears, guiding listeners towards a balanced, meaningful existence.
8 min
Inside the Coach's Playbook with Chuck Pagano
In this episode, I chat with Chuck Pagano, former head coach of the Indianapolis Colts, about the challenges of coaching and managing diverse personalities in high-stakes games. Chuck also shares his unique insights on the upcoming Super Bowl, highlighting the nuances of football strategy and leadership.
17 min
Finding Your “Why” in Life and Business
In today's episode, I guide you through finding your "why," overcoming fear, and embracing gratitude to live a fulfilling, abundant life.
10 min
Learn to Love What You Do
In this episode, I explore the transformative impact of loving what you do, showing how finding joy in daily tasks can deeply enrich our lives and strengthen our connections.
6 min
Engaging Audiences with Heart and Humor with Da...
In this episode, Dane Cook shares insights on authentic expression and connecting deeply with audiences, blending heart and humor while challenging the 'fake it till you make it' mentality. He highlights the importance of genuine self-representation and consistent effort in crafting a successful career in comedy and beyond.
19 min
Takeaway of the Month
In today's episode, we journey through embracing 'enoughness,' the power of stepping out of comfort zones, and the balance in giving and receiving. We highlight community action, the importance of listening, and adopting an abundance mindset, all integral to personal growth and transformation.
59 min
Mastering the Art of Asking Open-Ended Questions
In this episode, I highlight the effectiveness of open-ended questioning in decision-making and project alignment, along with tactics for engaging closed-minded individuals and leveraging conversations for new opportunities.
3 min
Nurturing Success Through Community Building wi...
In a vibrant discussion with The Basement Talk Podcast, I shared key strategies for mastering time management and building a supportive community, emphasizing the importance of daily non-negotiables and nurturing relationships for long-term success.
29 min
The #1 Reason Why People Quit on Their Goals
Explore the power of exponential growth and persistence in achieving big dreams. Learn how starting small can lead to massive change, inspiring you to empower yourself and others.
2 min
You’re Looking at Growth the Wrong Way
In this episode, I discuss how focusing on consistent, persistent efforts rather than shortcomings can lead to exponential personal and professional growth.
8 min
How to Create The Life You Love
In this insightful talk at Tulane University, I share my journey from aspiring athlete to CEO, highlighting the roles of resilience, gratitude, and seeking help in achieving transformative success.
42 min
Building a Sports Media Empire with Danny Corte...
In this episode, I'm joined by Danny Cortenraede, serial entrepreneur investor, and the Founder and Managing Partner of InStudio Ventures, as we discuss building ventures in sports and media, emphasizing resilience, community impact, and the future of sports innovation.
18 min