The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

How to Create The Life You Love
In this insightful talk at Tulane University, I share my journey from aspiring athlete to CEO, highlighting the roles of resilience, gratitude, and seeking help in achieving transformative success.
42 min
Building a Sports Media Empire with Danny Corte...
In this episode, I'm joined by Danny Cortenraede, serial entrepreneur investor, and the Founder and Managing Partner of InStudio Ventures, as we discuss building ventures in sports and media, emphasizing resilience, community impact, and the future of sports innovation.
18 min
Transforming Sales with the “Five to Thrive” Ap...
In this episode, I walk you through the 'Five to Thrive' system, showing you how to spark interest and build a strong community with smart sales strategies. Learn the art of connecting with open minds and clearly expressing value for shared growth and success.
26 min
Gratitude is a Superpower
In this episode, I explore the transformative power of gratitude through personal stories of overcoming setbacks and redefining success. Learn how embracing life's challenges with a thankful heart can lead to unexpected growth and resilience.
10 min
Navigating Rejection & Finding Confidence
In this episode, join me with Randy Jackson, Ja Rule, and Tony Brown as we discuss overcoming rejection, the power of mentorship, and maintaining self-belief in the music industry.
7 min
The Richest People on Earth Started With Other ...
In this episode, I explore how the wealthiest start with resources from others and the power of building a strong network. I discuss balancing life, seeking help, and understanding our influence on our own success and happiness.
32 min
Finding Harmony in Everyday Life with Sadhguru
In this episode, I'm joined by Sadhguru, a renowned Yogi and Mystic, to discuss transformative insights on achieving true well-being and harmonizing the pursuit of a higher self with our everyday lives.
30 min
The Art of Value-Driven Selling with Craig Gold...
Join me in a conversation with Craig Goldberg, founder of inHarmony Interactive, as we explore the essential skills in sales, focusing on articulating quantitative value and building a responsive community for successful business growth.
13 min
The Art of Power and Influence with Robert Greene
In this episode, I chat with Robert Greene about the lasting impact of "The 48 Laws of Power" and the interplay of power, seduction, and emotional investment in professional success.
25 min
Developing a Blueprint for Lifelong Achievement
In this episode, I address questions on personal growth, fear management, and business strategies, offering relatable advice for enhancing both personal well-being and professional success.
31 min
Patience and Consistency are the “Shortcuts” to...
Shift focus from slow progress to the joy in consistent, persistent pursuit of potential. Learn how steady effort transforms goals and life's challenges.
6 min
Be Careful What You Say To Yourself, You’re Alw...
Today we talk about my 'cancel, clear, and connect' approach, a strategy to counter negative thoughts and reshape the brain towards positive thinking.
4 min
Break Your Bad Habits Today
This episode uncovers the profound influence of DNA and genetics on habit formation, challenging the common 21-day belief. The role of neural pathways and subconscious processes is examined, highlighting their impact on addiction, personality traits, and broader life experiences.
4 min
Entrepreneurial Mindset for Global Change with ...
In this episode, I talk with Daymond John about his journey from realizing his entrepreneurial potential in 1992 to reshaping business through Shark Tank insights. Daymond shares the power of personal branding, the impact of his mother's wisdom, and the importance of vulnerability and community in entrepreneurship.
22 min
The Mindset of Making Money
In this episode, I explore the intersection of helping others and personal financial success, while advocating for humility and learning in our unpredictable financial journey.
3 min
The NFL’s Unique Business Evolution with Mike F...
In this episode, I chat with Mike Florio about the NFL's resilience and unique business model. Mike, a seasoned sportswriter and creator of [](, shares his insights on the league's complexities and his guiding principles in sports journalism.
21 min
Unlocking the Karmic Equation
In today's episode, I explore a mathematical equation for good karma and luck, emphasizing the importance of aligning our thoughts, actions, and intentions with our goals.
28 min
Create Opportunity, Stop Waiting For It
Discover how to proactively create business opportunities instead of waiting for them, with a special focus on innovative strategies for young real estate agents.
2 min
Increase Your Sales in 6 Steps
In this episode, I reveal the six key steps to boosting sales, from establishing credibility to the 100/20 rule for value justification, highlighting how to connect, quantify, and maximize the impact of your offerings for tangible customer benefits.
3 min
Ask Yourself These Questions Every Day
Everything in life, from the construction of a building to a relationship, requires a solid foundation, or it will crumble.
4 min
Embracing Dreams and Overcoming Fear with Dane ...
In today's episode, legendary comedian Dane Cook discusses his transformative journey in comedy, from overcoming personal fears to achieving landmark success, and the power of laughter as a tool for healing and happiness.
10 min
Revealing My Business Secrets for Success in 2024!
This episode unveils my business secrets for 2024, highlighting lessons from overcoming financial challenges and the importance of managing fear and habits for success.
15 min
From Duke to the White House with Reggie Love
In this episode, Reggie Love, Barack Obama's former personal aide, discusses his journey from Duke athletics to the White House, emphasizing the transformative power of teamwork, leadership, and resilience in shaping his life and career.
26 min
Growth and Reflection: Takeaway of the Year
This week's training emphasizes the importance of bridging the gap between actions and outcomes through wisdom and faith, and highlights the transformative power of positive self-talk, forgiveness, and consistent efforts in personal and professional growth.
32 min
Brutally Honest Business Advice YOU Need to Know
In this episode, I explore balancing emotions with business, emphasizing the joy in pursuing potential and learning from past experiences to enhance future aspirations.
15 min