The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Resilience, Creativity, and Authenticity with J...
In this episode, I am joined by author, podcaster, and entrepreneur James Altucher to discuss resilience, creativity, and authenticity in life. We explore bouncing back from failures and navigating self-expression in today's culture.
17 min
Master the Art of Influence: 6 Steps to Credibi...
Today's episode is a throwback training I did in 2018 on the 6 steps to pitching that will help you gain credibility and influence people.
8 min
Old School Strategies in a Digital World | How ...
In this episode, I chat with Dave Skena, Krispy Kreme's Global Chief Brand Officer, about the authenticity behind their iconic brand, the power of generosity in marketing, and the deep emotional resonance brands can have in society. Join us for insights on nostalgia, strategy, and measuring "brand love.”
18 min
Building Good Habits & Breaking Bad Ones with J...
James Clear, the best-selling author of *Atomic Habits*, shares insights on the best ways to begin forming a habit, some of the different approaches to behavior modification, and the relationship between our habits and our identity.
25 min
Embracing Our Flaws and Rejection with Hunter C...
I sat down with Hunter Clowdus to discuss the power of kindness, personal growth, and the significance of consistency in one's journey. Delve into a conversation that underscores valuing actions over external validation and embracing the beauty of the process.
19 min
Unlocking the Power of Consciousness: Shaping H...
This episode explores how our behaviors shape our progress, offering valuable insights into regulating our subconscious through our conscious inputs.
56 min
The Importance of Showing Up Everyday with Step...
In today's episode, I chat with football legend Stephen Jackson about his journey from sports to entrepreneurship with his lifestyle brand OBS. We explore authenticity, the significance of barbering, and cultivating a spirit of excellence.
8 min
The Offense and Defense of Entrepreneurship wit...
In today's episode, I chat with Baron Davis, former NBA star turned entrepreneur. We discuss his platform "Business Inside the Game," which helps him manage multiple ventures.
8 min
My Personal and Professional Blueprint to Happi...
Today's episode is from my recent talk at Columbia University, where I unpack my personal strategies for compassionate capitalism. I delve into my approach to decision-making, community-building, time management, staying present, and overcoming fears, all while sharing insights on achieving both financial success and true happiness.
38 min
Grounding the Body & Freeing the Mind with Baro...
In this episode, I sat down with Baron Baptiste, founder of Baptiste Power Yoga Institute. We reveal the enlightening world of yoga, exploring its transformative effects on clarity, balance, and focus, and learn how to overcome resistance, initiate personal change, and empower your "I am.”
12 min
Accepting Your Not an Expert at Everything with...
Maria Sharapova, one of the highest earning athletes in history, shares the business knowledge that she has accrued through her career, and how she positioned herself to learn from “heavy-hitters” outside of tennis, including NBA commissioner Adam Silver. Maria discusses what she’s learned building and scaling her company, Sugarpova, as well as the role of trust for entrepreneurial success.
19 min
Discovering Your Inner Genius with Bob Proctor
Today’s episode is a special one! A throwback to July 2017 when I sat down with my late mentor and hero Bob Proctor.
17 min
Unveiling the Secrets: Navigating the “5 To Thr...
Join me as I unravel the '5 To Thrive' system, guiding you on stimulating interest and identifying open minds across various platforms. Learn to transition that interest, share a compelling vision, manage it effectively, and apply the '3 No Rule,' paving your path to unparalleled success and community growth.
25 min
Overcoming Bankruptcy and Developing an Abundan...
Today's episode is from a conversation with Ed Hart on his “From The Hart” podcast, where I share my journey from affluence to bankruptcy and back to prosperity. I candidly discuss how I regained success and fulfillment by embracing gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication.
26 min
Aligning Life’s Priorities: The Power of Genuin...
Today's episode is from a conversation on the Committed Podcast with JC Hite in which we explore my transformative journey from pursuing material wealth to true fulfillment. I share my transformative journey from losing myself in material success to re-engineering my commitment, focusing on gratitude, forgiveness, control, and faith.
17 min
Anchoring Emotions: From Trauma to Triumph | Pl...
In today’s episode, I sit down with Michael Unbroken to discuss the power of genuine connections, our emotional anchors, and the journey from trauma to self-worth, emphasizing actions over words.
12 min
Breaking the Mold: How Frito-Lay Builds Iconic ...
Today's episode features a conversation with Brett O’Brien, CMO of Frito-Lay North America. We explore his unique career journey, discuss the essence of brand building, and delve into Frito-Lay's impact on social causes like women's sports.
18 min
Growing Starbucks From 28 to 15,000 Locations w...
Growing Starbucks From 28 to 15,000 Locations with Former President Howard Behar
23 min
Business in the Sky: How Private Aviation Can B...
I sat down with Cory Bengtzen, President of Skyshare, to discuss the benefits of private aviation and how the company is making it more affordable and accessible for all.
11 min
Creativity Unleashed: Embracing Innovation in T...
In this episode, I dive into enriching conversations with David Moreno, Lacey Book, Fredrik Haren, and Craig Siegel. We share valuable insights on content creation, navigating adversity and rejection, embracing curiosity, and fostering empathy and growth through genuine conversations and an understanding of diverse worldviews.
57 min
How Leila and Alex Hormozi Build Companies
In today's episode, I chat with everyone’s favorite entrepreneur’s, Leila and Alex Hormozi, about the crucial role of people and culture in business success.
14 min
Master Your Mindset & Maintain Momentum During ...
In today’s episode I sat down with entrepreneur and business coach Nathan Mansfield. Together, we explore the importance of self-belief, positive self-image, and the consistent pursuit of aligning skills, knowledge, and desires to overcome challenges.
19 min
Navigating Your Career Journey with Dan Patrick...
Today’s episode is from a conversation I had back in 2018 with sports broadcasting legend Dan Patrick, host of the Dan Patrick Show.
22 min
From Self-Sabotage to Peak Performance with Coa...
Today's episode features a deep dive with Coach Dar into the essence of mindset, covering intelligence, intuition, and inspiration. We explore the art of reframing and the value of focusing on life's positive aspects.
12 min
AI Is Your Ally, Not Your Enemy
Today’s episode is from a conversation with Daniel Farber during the PropTech 360 webinar. We discuss the servant mindset's role in real estate and sports, its core pillars, and how businesses can leverage technology, especially AI, to align with a servant-driven approach and a company’s core values.
27 min