The Playbook With David Meltzer

Welcome to The Playbook, hosted by entrepreneur, CEO, author and keynote speaker David Meltzer. On the podcast you’ll find a mix of interviews, Q&A, fireside chats, keynotes, and exclusive conversations with the most influential CEO’s, sports icons, and successful entrepreneurs who share their personal and professional play-by-play of the “what”, “why”, and “how” to achieve anything you set your mind to.

The Mindset of a Champion with Jeff Griffin
Explore Jeff Griffin's incredible journey of overcoming paralysis to achieve national championships and world records, proving that the right mindset can break all barriers.
12 min
From Undrafted to Unstoppable with Austin Ekeler
Join me as Austin Ekeler, NFL running back, discusses his rise from undrafted rookie to influential athlete and philanthropist, and his commitment to leaving a legacy beyond football.
11 min
The Evolution of Ambition with Tom Bilyeu
Join me as Tom Bilyeu shares his journey from filmmaker to entrepreneur, and offers invaluable advice on pursuing passions and building success.
14 min
Create a Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Darnyelle...
In today's episode, Dr. Darnyelle Jervey Harmon shares her journey from a challenging upbringing to achieving millionaire status, focusing on the transformative power of raising one's vibration to achieve financial success.
22 min
The Impact of Strategic Storytelling with Shawn...
Join me as Shawn Walchef explores transforming a classic restaurant business into a global media entity, emphasizing the power of community and digital storytelling.
14 min
The Power of Competition with Forrest Griffin
Join me and Forrest Griffin as we discuss athlete development, the value of competition, and leadership within the UFC.
12 min
Building Diversity in Professional Spaces
Join me as I explore gender dynamics in business with Veena Jetti, Shawn Dill, and Lacey Book, discussing how supporting female leadership drives impactful change.
59 min
I Wish I Could Be Just Like My Mom
In today's episode, I pay tribute to my mother's unwavering love, reflecting on the life lessons and values she instilled through her sacrifice and resilience.
6 min
Living Longer and Healthier with Naveen Jain
In this episode, Naveen Jain explores how personalized nutrition and innovative health solutions can drastically enhance longevity and quality of life.
12 min
The Science of Self-Talk with John Assaraf
In this episode, I'm joined by John Assaraf, CEO of NeuroGym, to discuss how our brain and self-talk influence our life's path and how we can harness this power to foster success.
13 min
Broke to a $1 Billion Dollar Exit with Bobby Ca...
Join me as I explore Bobby Castro’s journey from humble beginnings to a billion dollar exit, revealing the secrets to his success and insights from his book, "Upsiders.”
21 min
Beyond Limitless with Jim Kwik
Today, I sit down with brain coach Jim Kwik to discuss overcoming personal limitations and utilizing AI to expand human potential.
19 min
The Champion's Mindset with Paul Rabil
Join me as I explore the journey of lacrosse legend and entrepreneur Paul Rabil, discussing the lessons learned from sports that apply to reinventing oneself and leading in business.
27 min
Unlocking the Quantum Mind
Discover how to align with the "Quantum Mind" to enhance intuition, inspiration, and personal growth by minimizing interference from daily fears and behaviors.
28 min
Amplifying Authenticity with Melanie Wilking
In this episode, Melanie Wilking shares her evolution from dance to digital prominence, focusing on authenticity and community in the social media landscape.
14 min
Unlearning for Business Innovation with Dain Wa...
In this enlightening conversation, Dain Walker and I explore the evolution of learning, the strategic use of technology in business, and the profound role of energy in achieving professional success.
43 min
Breaking the Cycle of Scarcity with Gratitude
Explore how giving unconditionally can unlock a world of limitless abundance and why receiving with gratitude is essential to personal and global prosperity.
14 min
Breaking Economic Barriers with Arlan Hamilton
Join me and Arlan Hamilton as we discuss transitioning from adversity to abundance, breaking economic barriers, and the transformative power of asking for help.
16 min
Acting and Action with Rob Riggle
Join me as Rob Riggle discusses his dual legacy of service as a Marine and entertainer, and his lifelong commitment to philanthropy.
12 min
Working With Steve Jobs & Designing The Apple S...
Tim Kobe, CEO of Eight Inc. and X Eight Ventures shares his thoughts on working with Steve Jobs, designing the Apple Store, and designing human experience
20 min
Monthly Takeaways on Persistence and Growth
This episode features powerful community insights on self-reflection, persistence, and the importance of consistency in achieving personal and professional growth.
57 min
Burning the Boats with Matt Higgins
Join me as I chat with Matt Higgins about transforming crisis-driven clarity into everyday strategy and the myths surrounding internet advice.
12 min
Real World Money Lessons with Dan Fleyshman
Explore financial literacy and economic realities with angel investor Dan Fleyshman, as we uncover the power of open discussions on wealth and the societal impacts of media narratives.
26 min
The Miracle Mindset with Tim Storey
Join me as Tim Storey, the Comeback Coach, shares invaluable wisdom on overcoming setbacks and the power of the miracle mindset in transforming lives.
13 min
Authenticity in Entrepreneurship with Albert Pr...
In this episode, I chat with entrepreneur Albert Preciado who discusses the transformative power of authenticity, resilience, and leadership in business and personal growth.
28 min