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#956 - Is the Record Stock Rally Overextended? ...
Stocks surge to new 52-week highs. All clear?
36 min
#955 - Should Dollar Bears Throw in the Towel? ...
Gains in big tech lead stocks higher, while yields also rise and bitcoin drops.
35 min
#954 - Is The Options Market Flashing Bear Sign...
U.S. stocks dip and bond yields rise as strong retail sales data causes investors to rethink their rate cut expectations.
38 min
#953 - Is it Time to Adjust Fed Expectations? W...
10-Year bond yields bounced back above 4% as Fed officials cool the talk of rate cuts.
33 min
#952 - Ask Me Anything - Happy Hour with Raoul Pal
Pour a drink, sit back, and start your weekend with Raoul.
55 min
#951 - Has the Real Estate Market Bottomed? Wit...
December CPI comes in hotter than expected as investors weigh the Fed's next move.
36 min
#950 - Is It Time To Fade Bonds? With Bob Elliott
As 10-Year yields hover above 4%, all eyes are on tomorrow's CPI data.
36 min
#949 - Is Big Tech About to Make Another Run? W...
Stocks chop, oil spikes, and yields tick higher as investors await Thursday's CPI print.
34 min
#948 - Prepare for Takeoff? With Dave Floyd
Boeing anchors the Dow Jones as tech stocks propel the NASDAQ.
34 min
The Metaverse Needs a Reckoning ft. Evan Helda
61 min
Why 2024 Could Be Very Exciting for Bitcoin ft....
72 min
#947 - Is Inflation Still a Worry? With Mish Sc...
10-year yields are back over 4% as oil prices rise on tensions in the Middle East
34 min
#946 - Restrictive for Longer? With Tavi Costa
The dollar pulls back as 10-year yields creep back over 4%.
33 min
#945 - Consolidation or Something More? With Mi...
The market continues its slide as the Fed’s December meeting minutes fail to clear up much uncertainty.
34 min
#944 - 2024: Bull or Bust? with Greg Weldon
The NASDAQ sells off to start the year, as investors pare back risk with volatility rising.
34 min
See You in 2024!
The holiday period is upon us and the Real Vision Daily Briefing will be taking a short break, returning on January 2nd, 2024.
1 min
Higher for Not Much Longer?
Markets are convinced that a cutting cycle for all central banks will soon occur.
28 min
Up, Up, Up
What will a new year bring for investors? Here’s what Peter Brandt is watching.
47 min
Living in an Exponential Age
Tech has become a major disruption to the macro landscape. What comes next?
31 min
What a Fed Pivot Means for Fixed Income
What will 2024 bring for fixed-income markets?
31 min
What’s in Store for 2024?
The market's rally continues as traders try to squeeze more upside out of 2023.
32 min
Is Bond Volatility Here to Stay?
Oil prices continue to rise as the S&P 500 closes in on record highs.
32 min
Will the BOJ change course?
Oil markets spike in reaction to Red Sea Attacks
34 min
An AI Drama in the C-Suite
What to make of Open AI’s recent leadership turmoil?
61 min
Finding Value in Commercial Real Estate
Why investing in this troubled real estate sector could generate alpha.
33 min