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Is Inflation Disappearing?
Or is it actually a false signal?
25 min
Argentina: Investable, or Not Yet?
Is Argentina’s pivot towards pro-capitalist candidates a game-changer for its economy and markets?
41 min
Is the Good News Already Priced In?
Fed Chair Powell is unsure about rate cuts next year.
31 min
Immaculate Disinflation?
Investors weigh today's inflation data as expectations meet reality.
39 min
Is Gold ready to shine?
Markets look to end November with big gains.
35 min
Is The Fed Done Raising Rates?
Explore the steadying market amid speculation on the Fed's future rate moves.
31 min
Will Risk Assets Keep Rallying Into 2024?
U.S. stocks are mixed as investors take a “wait and see” approach ahead of economic data later this week.
32 min
The End of China as We Know It?
Exploring the ambitious reinvention of the Chinese Economy.
55 min
Is the Real Rates Tsunami Incoming?
As the Fed continues to conduct QT, what does that mean for real rates and growth?
61 min
AI's Impact on Macro Trends With Andreas Steno'...
Explore the profound impact of AI on markets with Andreas Steno Larsen and AI expert Alex Campbell
43 min
The Q4 Business Cycle: Leads and Lags
How will markets finish 2023? All eyes are on the business cycle.
51 min
The State of Macro? Let’s Hear from the Pros Wi...
Successful investing starts with a robust macro framework.
28 min
How Long Can the Fed Hold Rates? With Noelle Ac...
The market pulls back as investors weigh the latest statement from the Fed.
33 min
Inflation Is Down, but Is It Contained? With Mi...
November's rally continues, with the NASDAQ leading the way.
33 min
Is the Green Transition at a Crossroads?
What do rising geopolitical tensions and turbulent energy markets mean for green energy?
59 min
The Present and Future of Chainlink
Sergey Nazarov jumps on to give us the latest updates himself.
51 min
Drinks with Raoul Pal - Ask Me Anything
November's wild ride continues as markets look to end with gains.
64 min
Is the Goldilocks Forecast Too Good to be True?
Markets hit the pause button as bonds continue to rally.
37 min
Is Inflation Finally Tamed?
The market continues its gains as Investors weigh the possibility that the Fed is done.
34 min
Year-end rally, here we go!
The markets catch fire as October's inflation data defies Wall Street's expectations
33 min
Are We Still Headed for a Recession?
Stocks stall as Moody's downgrades the U.S. credit rating and investors wait for tomorrow's October CPI data.
33 min
Currencies From Digital to Physical
From the fate of Dollar Yen to the impact of a Bitcoin ETF, get ready for a deep exploration.
24 min
The Exponential Age Series: Part 4
The intersection of macro and exponential technologies like AI has never been more important to understand.
98 min
The Exponential Age Series Part 2: Why Apple Ma...
With the Vision Pro, Apple refines mixed reality, paving ways forward in the metaverse and AI.
57 min
What is the Treasury Market Telling Us?
U.S. equities take a slide as bond yields bounce back.
33 min