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Can Stocks Overcome Historic Headwinds?
A global pandemic, a war in Eastern Europe, and runaway inflation make for an impressive wall of worry.
34 min
The Next Big Trade - Tavi Costa Envisions a Bri...
The Next Big Trade - Tavi Costa Envisions a Bright Future for Precious Metal Exploration
43 min
My Life in 4 Trades - Carson Block on Why Activ...
My Life in 4 Trades - Carson Block on Why Activist Short Sellers Are Misunderstood
45 min
Stocks Rally as Investors Shrug Off Consumers' ...
Persistent inflation has darkened Americans' views of the economy.
35 min
When "Peak Inflation" Seems Like a Myth
Although yields have retreated on growth fears, bonds are having one of their worst years ever.
35 min
Is the Fed Tightening Fast Enough? Or Too Fast?
April consumer price index data suggest inflation has gone from "transient" to "persistent."
35 min
Selling Will Soon Create Opportunity But When?
Markets continue to reflect concern about central bankers' ability to engineer a soft landing for the economy.
36 min
Can We Tame Inflation Without Tanking Growth?
That appears to be the major question on every market participant's mind right now.
33 min
The Next Big Trade - Ross Gerber Believes This ...
The Next Big Trade - Ross Gerber Believes This is Only The Beginning for Tesla
36 min
My Life in 4 Trades - Peter Brandt Has Seen It All
My Life in 4 Trades - Peter Brandt Has Seen It All
46 min
Can the Fed "Catch Up" Without Tanking the Econ...
Thursday's sell-off continued Friday, as investors struggle for clarity about rates, inflation, and growth.
36 min
Stocks Sell Off in Sharp Reversal of Post-FOMC ...
Investors question whether the Federal Reserve can control inflation without hurting earnings and the economy.
33 min
Fed Boosts Benchmark By 50 Basis Points
The Federal Open Market Committee made clear that inflation fighting is the central bank's top priority.
37 min
Does Anyone Want to Talk About Stagflation?
Ultimately, high inflation will crowd out consumer discretionary spending. The economy and markets will suffer.
31 min
Should You Batten Down Your Portfolio's Hatches?
"Most traders and investors are not prepared for the perfect storm we are all facing," says Dave Floyd.
33 min
The Next Big Trade - Raoul Pal & Why The Bond M...
The Next Big Trade - Raoul Pal & Why The Bond Market is the Ultimate Truth Teller
41 min
My Life in 4 Trades - Tony Greer's Triumphs and...
My Life in 4 Trades - Tony Greer's Triumphs and Tribulations to TG Macro
47 min
Inflation, Stagflation, and Recession: No Way Out
Raoul Pal joins Ash Bennington to put a complex set of geopolitical and macroeconomic factors into context.
35 min
The U.S. Consumer Boosts the Stock Market
The question is, when will inflation begin to dissuade them?
39 min
The Bank of Japan Is Playing a Dangerous Game
Will its efforts to control the yield curve even as the yen hits new lows create a global financial crisis?
35 min
Why Yields Will Go Higher ... and Then Sharply ...
Eventually, market-based interest rates will reflect supply and demand.
30 min
Is This a "Lose-Lose" Scenario for Stocks?
Central banks are raising interest rates while the economy appears to be slowing.
36 min
Real Visionaries-What is Beta?
Real Visionaries-What is Beta?
11 min
Mish Schneider’s Journey to the NYSE
Mish Schneider’s Journey to the NYSE
31 min
Is Recession Risk Growing With Rate Hikes?
"The bond saga begins. We are in it for the long haul." - Jared Dillian
32 min
Why We Need To Watch the Japanese Yen
It's probably the second-most-important currency in the world, and it's in trouble.
33 min
Are the Bank of Japan and Netflix Disasters in ...
The Japanese yen hit a two-decade low, and Netflix is bleeding subscribers.
37 min
U.S. Stocks Rally on Strong Start to Earnings S...
Companies are posting solid quarterly results, reflecting favorable operating conditions on the ground.
36 min
Why You Need To Know About the High-Yield Bond ...
Is this where you want to look for protection from the ravages of inflation?
33 min
Why Did Markets Rally After a Fed Rate Hike?
Why Did Markets Rally After a Fed Rate Hike?
39 min
Hugh Hendry’s Extraordinary Journey
Hugh Hendry’s Extraordinary Journey
45 min
Is It Time to Talk About Hyperinflation?
We're headed in that very direction "socially, culturally, and psychologically" according to Jared Dillian.
32 min
Is Inflation the Only Thing That Matters Right ...
Central bankers continue to struggle with a rapidly changing global economic landscape.
33 min
When Will Inflation Abate, and What Will Make T...
U.S. consumer prices rose in March at their fastest pace since 1981.
32 min
Where We Are in the Market Cycle
The impact on inflation and consumer behavior of tighter monetary policy probably won't be seen for months.
34 min
A Special Bonus Trade From Rick Rule
A Special Bonus Trade From Rick Rule
6 min
Rick Rule & The Art of Trading Natural Resources
Rick Rule & The Art of Trading Natural Resources
40 min
The U.S. Dollar Continues To Show Its Strength
A hawkish Federal Reserve has put a bid under the greenback.
38 min
Markets React to Crude Chess Games
It s often said that "crude oil is a global market." Not since the 1970s has that felt more real.
28 min
Faster Balance Sheet Runoff, Steep Rate Hikes H...
The Federal Reserve is trying to get back in front of the inflation curve.
32 min
Fed Voices Get Hawkish on Inflation - LIVE from...
The pace of interest rate hikes and balance sheet runoff are all that's in question now.
38 min
What's the Message From Recent Price Action? LI...
Financial markets continue to send conflicting signals about the economy.
33 min
No Going Back: The Post-Pandemic Economy
We're living through "one of the biggest economic events in our lifetime." What's next?
7 min
The Realities of Positioning for a Pandemic
The portfolio that produced big returns when the markets came tumbling down.
9 min
How To Make Sense of All These Inflationary Pre...
Raoul Pal is here to shed light on the macro picture.
51 min
Will Crude Oil Constraints Continue To Drive In...
A release from the SPR will ease short-term pressures. But what about the oil market's structural supply deficit?
31 min
What's Wrong With the Yen, and Why Is It Import...
Japan's currency was, until recently, a safe haven. But everything is different now.
37 min
Is the Market Pricing In Peace?
Stocks are rallying on optimism the end of the war in Eastern Europe is in sight.
33 min
Is Recession the Only Answer to Inflation?
Another segment of the U.S. Treasury yield curve inverted today. Is a recession imminent?
31 min
Gold Mine: Creating Value Through Entrepreneurship
From a lifelong journey of building up businesses and investing, Ross Beaty shares valuable lessons learned in the energy and mining space.
51 min
Making Sense of Massive Change
We're in the midst of almost unimaginably rapid global disruption. Here's a one-stop opportunity to grasp it.
12 min
How Fragile Is the Global Funding System?
The Russia-Ukraine crisis on top of inflation and policy responses to it could lead to a global liquidity crisis.
39 min
Markets Have Their Own March Madness
Russia's invasion of Ukraine has destabilized both geopolitics and financial markets.
31 min
A Hawkish Fed Eyes Inflation (and Not Much Else)
Markets are extremely sensitive to energy prices and interest rates right now.
34 min
The Fed's Hawkish Tone Hits the Bond Market Hard
What do rising prices really mean in a service-oriented economy such as ours?
38 min
As Gas Spirals, Can Europe Divorce Russia?
The West is terribly tied to Vladimir Putin's vast supplies of oil and gas.
37 min
Adapt and Overcome
Rebuilding the entire internet on blockchain technology that will "set the world free."
9 min
Meme Commodities, Central Banks & Crypto
Meme Commodities, Central Banks & Crypto
39 min
Do You Believe the Stock Market or the Bond Mar...
Equities are having their best week since November 2020. But the yield curve's inversion is accelerating.
37 min
A Hawkish Fed Moves Against Inflation
The Federal Reserve is dealing with a complex set of circumstances, including an inverting yield curve.
32 min
RV After Dark with Raoul Pal & Friends | Highlight
RV After Dark with Raoul Pal & Friends | Highlight
22 min
Are We at the Point Where Central Bankers Can D...
The hope is the Fed can engineer a soft landing amid still-rising inflation and increasing global uncertainty.
42 min
Will Commodity Prices Drive Inflation Even Higher?
Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's job has gotten much more difficult over the last couple of weeks.
35 min
Will We Sacrifice Growth on the Altar of Inflat...
Spiraling prices and escalating war make for some kind of conundrum for policymakers.
36 min
An Update From Raoul on the Geopolitical Situat...
Real Vision's co-founder and CEO shares his thoughts on the Russia-Ukraine conflict and its impact on financial markets.
26 min
Volatility: The Tail That Wags the Dog
Identifying volatility and mania in markets.
6 min
The Crisis of Inflation, the Cataclysm of War, ...
It really is the end of the world as we know it, and Raoul Pal is back to explain why.
38 min
Volatility Defines Markets Right Now
Asset prices are all over the place. This kind of environment can be good for options traders.
37 min
Will the U.S. Get a Digital Dollar?
President Biden issued an executive order directing federal agencies to devise a plan to regulate digital assets.
28 min
Will Choking Off Russian Energy Sales Change th...
Public and private actors continue to step up pressure on Putin. But there will be down-the-line effects on producer and consumer prices.
37 min
Bill Browder on What's Next for Russia
Hermitage Capital was once the biggest foreign investor in Russia. Its founder joins Maggie Lake to discuss the impact of sanctions on Putin's regime.
45 min
Trading Geopolitical Risk Part 2
Trading Geopolitical Risk Part 2
30 min
My First Million With Our Very Own Raoul Pal
Learn more about Real Vision's co-founder in this special episode of the My First Million podcast.
51 min
Energy, Food, and War in Eastern Europe
How will the world respond to the loss of critical exports from Russia and Ukraine?
33 min
Will Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Raise Inflati...
The potential for damage to the global economy will only increase while Vladimir Putin pursues his misadventure in Eastern Europe.
30 min
When the Promise of a Quarter-Point Rate Hike I...
U.S. equity indexes posted strong gains despite an increasingly dire geopolitical outlook.
31 min
"We Cannot Say How the Conflict Will End in the...
This is as unpredictable a set of circumstances as any investors have faced in decades.
29 min
Volatility Reigns as Sanctions Regime Takes Shape
Financial markets continue to digest events on the ground in Eastern Europe and the reaction of the global community.
34 min
How to (and not to) Trade Geopolitical Risk
How to (and not to) Trade Geopolitical Risk
30 min
The Power of Seduction
A brand isn't a thing or a service, it's an emotion. Feelings are what drive commerce.
10 min
How Will War in Eastern Europe Impact the Battl...
Stocks are in rally mode, despite the ever-more complex interplay between foreign policy and monetary policy.
33 min
Russia's Invasion of Ukraine Shocks Global Markets
Vladimir Putin has the world on the brink of the most consequential armed conflict in nearly 80 years.
31 min
Investors and Markets Are Stuck Between Two Mon...
The prospect of war in Eastern Europe and the reality of rising interest rates have everyone on edge.
33 min
What Are Markets Telling Us About Russia s Inva...
U.S equity indexes tumbled, key commodities spiked, and real yields backed up as the crisis in Eastern Europe deepened on Tuesday.
28 min
How The Bank of Japan Uses Media to Test Policies
How The Bank of Japan Uses Media to Test Policies
47 min
Hunting Volatility: The Winning Strategies for ...
Volatility trading is vital for capitalizing on opportunity in the market but should we be investing elsewhere first?
9 min
How Will Hedge Funds Adjust to Tighter Monetary...
A well-connected insider shares thoughts from the front line at the dawn of a new er
33 min
There Is No Gold But Gold
The spot price for the yellow metal is rising on fear of inflation and war.
31 min
Is There Light at the End of the Inflation Tunnel?
Minutes for the January Federal Open Market Committee meeting indicate we're in for a rapid tightening cycle.
30 min
Investors Shrug Off the PPI as Ukraine Tensions...
Wholesale prices came in hotter than expected. But Putin appears to be cooling off.
39 min
No Love Lost This Valentine's Day as Markets Br...
Bond yields are rising along with anti-inflation rhetoric and geopolitical tension.
32 min
Inefficiency vs. Risk Premium
Inefficiency vs. Risk Premium
8 min
Why Global Markets are Addicted to the Bank of ...
Why Global Markets are Addicted to the Bank of Japan
38 min
Will the Fed Be Forced To Make a Move Before Ma...
A sentiment split is another major challenge for a tightening central bank.
31 min
Pressure on the Fed Rises as the CPI Hits a 40-...
Inflation accelerated to 7.5% in January, the hottest reading since 1982.
35 min
Between "Inflation and Deflation" Lies More Vol...
How will markets perform amid the uncertainty of a rate-hiking cycle?
31 min
Did Macron Convince Putin Not To Invade Ukraine?
Markets rallied on news of the French president's six-course meal with Russia's president.
34 min
Can Small-Cap Stocks Help You Beat Inflation?
It's the only major asset class to beat inflation during every decade since the 1930s.
32 min
Exploring China's Political and Economic Climate
Mike Green sits down with Louis Vincent Gave to examine China's 'outsized' role in the world, & why the nation has buy-in from its massive population.
84 min
Post-Trade Analysis: Long Position SONY/Short XLK
Post-Trade Analysis: Long Position SONY/Short XLK
14 min