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Raoul Pal: Takeaways from "After the Hype: Real...
40 min
Has the FED's Goal of Substantial Employment Pr...
Jared Dillian joins the Daily Briefing to discuss a pandemic low for jobless claims and market reactions to recently released manufacturing surveys.
30 min
Jimmy Song: A Philosophical Approach to Bitcoin
Jimmy Song discusses how his thoughts on Bitcoin have been evolving over the last year, its future, alt-season, and the path to decentralization.
62 min
Making Sense of June's CPI
Tommy Thornton joins the Daily Briefing to discuss the CPI print released today, equity pricing, and earnings season.
32 min
Are Markets Mispricing Inflation Expectations?
Darius Dale joins the show to discuss his updated outlook on inflation expectations & market sentiment as the S&P 500 hits a new intra-day high.
32 min
Building a Portfolio that Benefits from Inflati...
The risk of inflation is clearly one of the top market narratives for 202 -- but how do you actually build a portfolio to benefit from inflation?
62 min
Tail Wagging the Dog: How Options Gamma Drives ...
Imran Lakha and Brent Kochuba are veterans of the options market, and they shed light on how options exert a hidden pressure on the stock market.
40 min
Dario Perkins: Rebooting the Fiscal Software
Dario Perkins argues that we are seeing a global regime shift in economic policy from monetary dominance to fiscal dominance.
56 min
Equities Surge as the U.S. Bond Rally Relents
Ash Bennington, Weston Nakamura, & Jack Farley discuss how the surge in job openings surge in the U.S. is reshaping the American labor market.
32 min
Stocks Crash Worldwide as Reflation Trades Back...
Peter Boockvar joins Real Vision to make sense of the risk-off sentiment that dragged down almost every stock index worldwide deep in the red.
34 min
Oil Crashes as Bond Yields Slide to 5-Month Low
Darius Dale is back to discuss his updated outlook on FAANG stocks, the retreat from Chinese tech stocks, & the release of the FED's FOMC minutes.
34 min
Sygnum: Paving a New Banking System with Heritage
Mathias Imbach discusses his background, Sygnum's services, European regulations, central banks, and the future of digital currencies.
51 min
OPEC+ stalls as China's Increases Regulatory St...
Weston Nakamura returns to the Daily Briefing to discuss his updated outlook on oil prices as OPEC+ struggles to strike a deal.
30 min
David Rosenberg: Is US Economic Strength Here t...
When the mainstream narrative revolves around the risk of an overheating US economy and inflation, David Rosenberg is the ultimate contrarian voice.
65 min
Equities Surge as U.S. Jobs Increase Beats Expe...
Ash Bennington and Jack Farley welcome Mark Ritchie II to share his thoughts about the June jobs report and capital markets price action.
28 min
OPEC Set to Boost Oil Production as Unemploymen...
Jack Farley, Samuel Burke, and Weston Nakamura discuss the decline in U.S. jobless claims & surging oil prices as OPEC agrees to increase production.
35 min
The Ideological Trade: Value, Oil, and Inflatio...
Jared Dillian returns to the Daily Briefing to share his thoughts on U.S. Treasury yields, commodity prices, and delta variant concerns.
32 min
Decentralized Finance (DeFi): The Future of Fin...
John Quinn discusses the fastest growing sector of the crypto market today -- decentralized finance (DeFi).
17 min
Are Investors Correctly Pricing Delta Variant R...
Ash Bennington welcomes Samuel Burke and Tommy Thornton to discuss Bitcoin's rebound and market sentiment as delta variant fears grow.
34 min
Darius Dale: End of Market Goldilocks? Oil, the...
Samuel Burke welcomes Jack Farley and Darius Dale to the Daily Briefing to discuss Dale's macro outlook and weigh the possibility of deflation.
32 min
Michael Vranos - Lessons from the King of Struc...
Michael Vranos shares his personal journey, the early lessons he learned from LTCM and how he structured his firm accordingly and more.
77 min
Gary Shilling: What Is the Consensus View Getti...
Gary Shilling joins Ed Harrison to evaluate the health of the economy & how it impacts the future path of assets such as bonds, real estate, & stocks.
35 min
How Green Energy Will Forever Transform the Com...
Marin Katusa shares a new thesis on how the rise of ESG will forever transform the way commodities are produced.
63 min
Raoul Pal: Preparing for the Exponential Age Am...
Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal to discuss his thoughts on inflation, the strength of the dollar, and winners in an exponential age.
26 min
A U.S. Infrastructure Deal Is Reached and Bank ...
Biden announces that an infrastructure deal has been reached but the bond market barely budged.
33 min
NASDAQ Grinds Higher as Bitcoin Bounces Back
Jack Farley, Samuel Burke, & Weston Nakamura discuss the S&P 500 trending higher, effects of global vaccination campaigns, and the rise in oil prices.
31 min
Zcash: History, Privacy, and the Future of Web 3
Thomas Walton-Pocock hosts Zooko Wilcox to discuss ZCash, privacy, technical barriers, and innovation.
62 min
Bitcoin Crashes as Stocks Flirt with All-Time H...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tommy Thornton to discuss Bitcoin s crash, FED Chair Powell's testimony, and market sentiment as stocks rebound.
44 min
Is Crude Oil the Best Inflation Hedge? And Othe...
Michael Kao, CEO of Akanthos Capital Management, returns to Real Vision to give his outlook on oil and energy markets.
37 min
The Fallout from the FED's Dot Plot
Ash Bennington, Jack Farley, and Samuel Burke discuss Bitcoin's recent drop, FED policy implications, and American Airlines.
52 min
What Currencies Are Saying About the Sell-Off (...
Andreas Steno Larsen makes sense of the signals that currencies are sending for other assets amid a spike in bond and equity volatility.
54 min
The Tiger Cub Investing in Technologies Driving...
Well known as one of Julian Robertson's famous "Tiger Cubs," Dwight Anderson has been one of the leading investors in agriculture and farming.
56 min
Raoul Pal: The Dollar is the King
Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal to explore recent price action of the key macro variable--the dollar--and its impact on markets.
51 min
Commodities Plunge as NASDAQ Holds Firm
Ash Bennington and Jack Farley welcome Real Vision's new interim managing editor Samuel Burke to the Daily Briefing.
54 min
All Eyes On The Fed: Will The Market Hear Some ...
Ash Bennington, Ed Harrison, & Jack Farley break down an action-packed day as Jerome Powell responds to mounting inflationary pressure.
63 min
Welcome to the Metaverse: The First Digital Rea...
Janine Yorio joins Haley Draznin to discuss an entirely new asset class that has evolved: digital real estate investment.
33 min
Tony Greer: What Should Investors Watch Out For...
Ash Bennington welcomes back Tony Greer to anticipate the Fed's forecasts and policy moves and explore where Greer thinks markets are headed next.
44 min
Looking Under the Hood of China's Economic Data...
Leland Miller joins Ed Harrison on Real Vision Live to share his perspective on the true health and trajectory of the Chinese economy.
59 min
Making Sense of the FED's Inflation Data
Ash Bennington welcomes Ed Harrison to the Daily Briefing to discuss the market's reaction to last week s CPI print as well as Bitcoin's rebound.
40 min
Meb Faber: A Framework for Outperformance
Jason Buck and Mebane Faber go in-depth on the methods diligent investors can use to build and maintain wealth in all market environments.
101 min
Danny Moses: The Ghosts of Hidden Leverage
Danny Moses of "The Big Short" joins Mike Green to make sense of a fearless market where investors are incentivized to take on more and more risk.
76 min
Raoul Pal: Examining Shifts in the Global Macro...
Ed Harrison welcomes Raoul Pal to the Daily Briefing to discuss the changes in the macro policy paradigm globally.
45 min
Bracing for Inflation Data: Will All Hell Break...
Jared Dillian updates Jack Farley on how he is gauging market sentiment before tomorrow's momentous release of key inflation data.
35 min
QCP Capital: A Breakdown of Asia's Crypto Markets
Darius Sit and Joshua Ho joins Raoul Pal to discuss Asia's crypto demand, how it differs from the West, and the future of those markets.
42 min
Bullish Sentiment Holds Firm As New Meme Stocks...
Thomas Thornton discusses inflation, bullish sentiment, and the effect of Bitcoin's confiscation in the Colonial pipeline ransomware attack.
44 min
Takeaways from the Miami Bitcoin Conference
Ash Bennington and Ed Harrison break down the day's price action in markets.
47 min
Weak Demand and the Return to "Normal" Illusion...
Paul Hodges returns to Real Vision to update viewers on the health of the global economy and what that means for financial markets.
66 min
Jens Nordvig: The Death of Fixed Income
Jens Nordvig, founder of Exante Data, joins Real Vision founder and CEO Raoul Pal for a deep-dive conversation on the global economic outlook.
52 min
Marko Papic: Generating Geopolitical Alpha
Marko Papic discusses how and why geopolitics will have major effects on markets in the coming years with a particular focus on U.S.-China relations.
86 min
Equities and Bonds Retreat as "BANG" Stocks Squirm
49 min
Second Coming of the Meme Stocks?
Jack Farley and Weston Nakamura cover the resurgence of "meme stocks" such as AMC Entertainment Holdings ($AMC) and Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBY).
42 min
QCP Capital: A Breakdown of Asia's Crypto Marke...
Darius Sit and Joshua Ho joins Raoul Pal to discuss Asia's crypto demand, how it differs from the West, and the future of those markets.
43 min
Market Froth, Anti-Bubbles, and the Consequence...
Diego Parrilla weighs in on the ongoing conversation around bubbles in this interview with Raoul Pal.
74 min
Gold, Active Management, and Macro Hedge Funds:...
Marcus Frampton explains his own unconventional views on investing and how he is bucking the trend in the large institutional investor space.
45 min
Marko Papic: Generating Geopolitical Alpha ( w/...
Marko Papic discusses how and why geopolitics will have major effects on markets in the coming years with a particular focus on U.S.-China relations.
86 min
Raoul Pal: Update on Crypto Markets and the Mac...
Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal to discuss his macro outlook, inflation, and crypto markets.
45 min
Jobs, Re-Opening, and Inflation: How Transitory...
Jim Bianco updates viewers on how the bond market is reacting to the re-opening of the economy and the sustained dovishness of the Federal Reserve. Tags
37 min
Jared Dillian on Risk Management and "The Infla...
Jared Dillian returns to the Daily Briefing to update viewers on his inflation thesis and the re-opening trade.
34 min
The Case for "Bitcoin Maximalism"
Brad Mills discusses everything Bitcoin from the 2017 Block Size Debate to the philosophical vs investment reasons for owning Bitcoin and more.
63 min
Tommy Thornton: Reverse Repos and Ebbing Consum...
Tommy Thornton shares his latest insights on market activity as U.S. consumer confidence falls slightly and questions about inflation still linger.
48 min
China Is Cracking Down on More Than Just Crypto
Ed Harrison and Jack Farley break down today's most important market-moving stories and the day's price action in which global equities drift higher.
41 min
The Asset Overvaluation Debate and the Future o...
Alex Gurevich joins Raoul Pal to discuss his position on what he thinks are the biggest questions facing investors today.
56 min
Rocky Roads: Geopolitics, Crypto & the Future o...
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington hosts managing editor Ed Harrison and editor Jack Farley to make sense of an action-packed week.
47 min
U.S. Treasury Department Focuses In on Crypto: ...
Ash Bennington & Ed Harrison tackle the Treasury's call for crypto transfers equaling $10,000 and above to be begin being reported to the IRS.
46 min
Making Sense of Crypto Turmoil (featuring Raoul...
Jack Farley and Weston Nakamura discuss this action-packed day where almost every asset class seemed to plummet -- most dramatically, crypto.
56 min
Tony Greer: Commodities Going Full Steam Ahead.
Tony Greer analyzes the tape and provides an update on his thoughts concerning the direction of inflation and the commodities trade.
49 min
Revenge of the Miners: Green Energy Meets Natur...
Warren Irwin discusses why he is investing in uranium, copper, nickel, and metallurgical coal producers as his bet on the green energy trend.
67 min
Fourth Turning Update: The Pandemic's Impact on...
In this interview with Ed Harrison, Neil Howe makes sense of the outsized impact that events like COVID-19 can have on demographic trends.
59 min
The Next Wave of Regulation, Adoption, and the ...
Kyle Bass & Peter Smith discuss how governments will approach regulation of crypto markets & how the world of cryptos & CBDCs will interact.
49 min
Raoul Pal: Insights from "Welcome to the Expone...
Ed Harrison welcomes Raoul Pal to review the first week of the campaign, "Welcome to the Exponential Age."
55 min
Making Sense of Yesterday's Sell-Off -- What's ...
37 min
Inflation Pains: Will the Fed Stay the Course?
Real Vision managing editor Ed Harrison and senior editor Ash Bennington discuss the huge inflationary print that is roiling equity markets.
58 min
Dave Floyd: The Sell-Off Continues
Dave Floyd provides an update on the markets as U.S. equities continued their decline this morning as inflation pressure looms large on the horizon.
40 min
Nasdaq's Slump, Beyond Meat's Woes, and DogeCoi...
Jack Farley welcomes Kyla Scanlon for a conversation on the most important market stories driving markets.
38 min
Opposing Views on the Role of Government and th...
Mike Green and Peter Schiff sit down with Ash Bennington for a debate on the merits of MMT vs Austrian Economics and more.
102 min
Get Ready for the Return of Secular Stagnation ...
Markets are currently pointing toward a full recovery--Daniel Lacalle argues that the world will return to a state of secular stagnation & low growth.
65 min
How Taxes Will Shape the Future ( w/ Dominic Fr...
Dominic Frisby discusses the history of taxes, invisible taxes in the form of targeted inflation and monetary debasement, and the future of taxes.
48 min
Raoul Pal: Is Macro "Dead"?
Ed Harrison welcomes Raoul Pal to introduce Real Vision's latest campaign, "Welcome to the Exponential Age."
60 min
Gold Breaks Out As Labor Market Trouble Endures
Ed Harrison & Jack Farley evaluate price action in markets as bonds refuse to budge, some single stock volatility has been hidden, & gold breaks out.
44 min
Bitcoin: Savior of a Dying Empire? ( w/ Michael...
Michael Krieger joins Brent Johnson to discuss their discovery of Bitcoin, evolution of the subculture and a government regulated network shutdown.
107 min
Tony Greer: Update on Inflation, Rates, and Com...
Tony Greer discusses Janet Yellen's statement today on interest rates, Bank of America's warning of transitory hyperinflation, and Q1 earnings.
42 min
Warren Buffett on Stocks and Inflation - Plus t...
Real Vision managing Ed Harrison and editor Jack Farley break down today's market action in stocks, bonds, and commodities.
51 min
Will the U.S. Leave the Value of the Dollar to ...
Luke Gromen joins Ed Harrison to discuss why he believes the strength or weakness of the dollar cannot be left to market forces. Tags
77 min
The "Right" Price for Bonds, Demographics and I...
With bonds selling off with equities and volatility rising, there is perhaps no better time to hear from The Convexity Maven himself, Harley Bassman.
74 min
Jim Rogers: Identifying Opportunities While Mar...
Legendary independent investor Jim Rogers joins Raoul Pal to share his outlook on markets and the lessons he learned on his storied career.
36 min
Lessons from Earnings Season
Ash Bennington welcomes Ed Harrison and Jack Farley to make sense of a crazy week in markets in this live edition of the Daily Briefing.
58 min
Stock Earnings Galore: What Could Go Wrong?
Real Vision s Jack Farley and Weston Nakamura break down an action-packed day of earnings, economic data, and price movement.
34 min
The Widening Chasm Between the Fed and Reality
Ed Harrison welcomes back Peter Boockvar to discuss his takeaways from today's FOMC meeting.
26 min
Abra: The Future of Crypto Banking ( w/ Bill Ba...
Bill Barhydt joins Raoul Pal to discuss Abra, the future role of banks, and security.
53 min
Goldman Sachs' Economic Forecast, Market Pullba...
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington joins Tommy Thornton, founder of Hedge Fund Telemetry, to discuss his current take on markets.
33 min
A Potential Pullback, Big Tech Privacy Initiati...
Ash Bennington welcomes Ed Harrison to discuss the great tax debate happening in the US, infrastructure, and privacy.
36 min
Inflation vs. Reflation: Why Risk Asset Prices ...
James Bianco joins Ed Harrison to discuss whether inflation or reflation is on the horizon and how either would impact risk asset prices in 2021.
80 min
What's Really Driving China's Strategic Objecti...
M. Taylor Fravel sits down with his long-time friend Mike Green to discuss a multitude of factors affecting China's strategic objectives.
74 min
Nick Kokonas: Derivatives Trader Turned Fine Di...
110 min
Relentless Markets & Paper Cuts: The Return of ...
Ash Bennington hosts Ed Harrison and Jack Farley for a live talk on the biggest market-moving stories as the week comes to a close.
62 min
Whispers of Tax Hikes Spook Stocks - Plus Defin...
Ed Harrison & Jack Farley tackle the whispers of a capital gains tax hike on America s wealthiest investors, which triggered a sell-off in equities.
37 min
Dollar Dump Breathes New Life Into Commodities
Tony Greer joins Ash Bennington to update his thesis on commodities and interest rates as the U.S. economy continues to roar.
29 min
Will Dogecoin's Eye-Popping Surge Test the Fed'...
Ed Harrison & Jack Farley investigate the challenges the Fed faces as speculative fervor reaches a fever pitch in Dogecoin as well as the yield curve.
33 min
Grantham's GMO: Twilight of Growth Stocks w/ M...
Matt Kadnar, portfolio manager at GMO, joins Ed Harrison to share his approach to asset allocation and risk management at this unique market juncture.
52 min
Uranium: "The Most Asymmetric Trade I've Seen I...
Lyn Alden welcomes Marcelo Lopez for a deep-dive on Uranium both as an energy source as well as an asset class.
54 min