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Raoul Pal & Fvckrender: A Leading Digital Artis...
Want to know what it's like becoming a premiere digital artist?
43 min
What Are Bank Earnings Telling Us?
Markets struggle despite strong bank earnings.
61 min
Staying Afloat in a Sea of Data
U.S. producer prices fell in March as stocks, gold, and crypto all pushed higher.
35 min
Is Inflation Cooling Enough for the Fed?
The annual inflation rate for March touched the lowest level since May 2021. But what's beneath the surface?
35 min
All Eyes on Tomorrow's CPI Print
U.S. markets are mixed and BTC is bouncing as investors await tomorrow's inflation data.
32 min
What Are We Missing in China?
Liqian Ren joins the show to explain why investors need to keep China at the top of mind.
34 min
Lawrence Lepard: Our Top Performer Returns
Real Vision's Top performer Lawrence Lepard shares more precious metal picks, plus one surprise idea.
44 min
Nouriel Roubini: Risk in the Age of Bank Failure
The trilemma facing central banks.
56 min
Ask Me Anything: Beer w/ Tony Greer
Tony is back for another interactive masterclass while enjoying a brew.
58 min
Did Job Cuts Just Change the Market?
Investors have a new labor dilemma to debate ahead of tomorrow’s NFP report.
33 min
Is the U.S. Skidding Toward Recession?
Markets pull back as investors weigh weakening data in labor and services.
32 min
Is It Time to Fade Semiconductors?
Trading coach Dale Pinkert on sector rotations, technical setups, and how to spot a trend.
32 min
Did OPEC+ Just Make the Fed's Job Harder?
Are higher interest rates on the table if oil prices keep rising?
33 min
Is QE About to Make a Comeback?
The solutions to contain deposit flight may lead us right back to QE and rate cuts.
30 min
Your Exponential Age
Tom and Raoul dissect the importance of diet on a journey toward a healthier and longer life.
63 min
Are Commodities Ready to Boom or Bust?
Legendary commodities investor Rick Rule returns to break down the action in gold, silver, and more.
30 min
We're at a Big Macro Turning Point
We are in the very early stages of a new macro regime, and investors need to adapt.
58 min
What "Safe" in These Markets Actually Means
Facing more volatility and conflicting narratives, investors wonder if there's any stability left in the market.
32 min
Are Commodities Ready to Rip?
Energy and precious metals are on the rise as indices turn negative.
31 min
Feds Find a SVB Buyer… Are We Out of the Woods?
Why April may be all about market correction.
28 min
Peter Zeihan on the Reworking of the Global Tra...
We've bought time on the energy and food crises -- but we still have no permanent long-term solutions.
61 min
"This Is One of the Biggest Economic Impacts of...
Emad Mostaque tells Raoul why advancements in generative AI will be bigger than the financial crisis and the pandemic.
60 min
When’s the Next Shoe Going to Drop?
It’s no surprise that global banks are failing. Is financial crisis the new normal?
33 min
Tick Tock, is it Time to Buy Tech?
TikTok appeals to Congress as Tech tries to rebound.
33 min
Did the Fed Just Acknowledge the Deposit Crisis?
Everything you need to know about the Fed's interest rate decision and how markets are responding.
67 min