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Relentless Markets & Paper Cuts: The Return of ...
Ash Bennington hosts Ed Harrison and Jack Farley for a live talk on the biggest market-moving stories as the week comes to a close.
62 min
Whispers of Tax Hikes Spook Stocks - Plus Defin...
Ed Harrison & Jack Farley tackle the whispers of a capital gains tax hike on America s wealthiest investors, which triggered a sell-off in equities.
37 min
Dollar Dump Breathes New Life Into Commodities
Tony Greer joins Ash Bennington to update his thesis on commodities and interest rates as the U.S. economy continues to roar.
29 min
Will Dogecoin's Eye-Popping Surge Test the Fed'...
Ed Harrison & Jack Farley investigate the challenges the Fed faces as speculative fervor reaches a fever pitch in Dogecoin as well as the yield curve.
33 min
Grantham's GMO: Twilight of Growth Stocks w/ M...
Matt Kadnar, portfolio manager at GMO, joins Ed Harrison to share his approach to asset allocation and risk management at this unique market juncture.
52 min
Uranium: "The Most Asymmetric Trade I've Seen I...
Lyn Alden welcomes Marcelo Lopez for a deep-dive on Uranium both as an energy source as well as an asset class.
54 min
Breaking Down "The Exponential Age: Crypto's Fa...
Ash Bennington welcomes Raoul Pal to discuss his Expert View, "The Exponential Age: Crypto's Fast and Furious Rise," released today.
50 min
The Bumpy Road to Reopening, Long-Term Supply S...
Jim Bianco discusses the newest release in the weekly jobless claims data, comparing the vaccine roll-out in the U.S. to other countries, & inflation.
31 min
Signs of Trouble in the Bank Earnings "Blowout"...
Jack Farley welcomes Chris Whalen to make sense of the release of earnings from big banks such as JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, and Wells Fargo.
39 min
Portfolio Construction: Beyond Bitcoin and Ethe...
Jeff Dorman, Joey Krug, and Ari Paul join Raoul Pal to discuss their three favorite sectors in crypto, portfolio construction, and how they view DeFi.
80 min
Inflation, Stock Options and Crypto Derivatives...
Imran Lakha makes sense of a market that is becoming calmer day-by-day as measured by implied as well as historical volatility.
36 min
A Chart-Filled Look at Banks, Inflation, and Tr...
Farley and Wiethe prepare viewers for a huge week in markets, full of bank earnings and important economic data.
34 min
Market Outlook for 2021 in Charts ( w/ Peter Br...
Peter Brandt analyzes the setups in US, Japanese, and Chinese equities, agricultural commodities, gold, bitcoin, US Treasurys, and currencies.
77 min
Felix Zulauf's Outlook on Equities, Bonds, Curr...
Felix Zulauf discusses the interplay of rates, equities, & inflation and his macro outlook as debt and demographics reshape the future of growth.
62 min
Are SPACs in a Bubble? ( w/ Mark Yusk )
What are SPACs? What role do they play? What opportunities do they offer? And are they in a bubble? Mark Yusko answers these questions and more.
60 min
Update from Raoul on the Dollar, Rates, Growth,...
Real Vision CEO and co-founder Raoul Pal joins senior editor Ash Bennington to make sense of a market in flux and share opportunities on his radar.
55 min
Buyer Beware: Are Markets Set Up for a Pullback?
Peter Boockvar joins Ed Harrison to share his insights on the inflationary pressures and drawdown risks he's observing.
31 min
The Roaring Twenties:Inflation, Equity Melt-Ups...
Jared Dillian on how America's red-hot economy is precipitating wage inflation alongside monetary and fiscal stimulus, which shows no sign of slowing.
28 min
Unfettered, Wide-Open Innovation ( w/ Andreas M...
Author, coder, and educator Andreas M. Antonopoulos ( discusses Bitcoin, layer 2 solutions, and the Wild West of crypto.
60 min
Investor Sentiment Peaking, Coinbase Taking Off...
Tommy Thornton discusses Coinbase, Archegos s implosion, and the overall state of U.S. equities.
38 min
Hedge Fund Strategies for Bonds, Equities, and ...
Troy Gayeski of SkyBridge Capital on long/short investing, convertible bond arbitrage, and Bitcoin.
34 min
White-Collar Crime Episode: Why White Collar Cr...
Pulitzer prize winning author Jesse Eisinger and Quinton Mathews examine the devolution of of the prosecution of white collar crime in America.
58 min
A Rejection of the New "Roaring 20s" Recovery N...
David Rosenberg believes that there will be a recovery--but not one nearly as robust as the market is currently pricing in.
64 min
Growing Wealth in an Inflation Avalanche (w/Rus...
Will the long-awaited inflation arrive? If it does, how can investors position themselves to not only protect their portfolio but grow their wealth?
61 min
Labor Market Strength Catches the Bond Market O...
Ash, Max, and Jack discuss the Nonfarm Payrolls data, which significantly exceeded expectations, and interpret what this means for the U.S. economy.
55 min
Twilight of the 60/40 Portfolio: Boomers, Bonds...
Gold, the dollar, the fate of growth stocks, and another look at the Archegos liquidation.
32 min
Archegos Unwinds as S&P 500 Flirts with 4000
Real Vision editor Jack Farley welcomes Real Vision’s Weston Nakamura and Max Wiethe to the Daily Briefing.
35 min
Dan Tapiero: Three Key Crypto Investment Catego...
Dan Tapiero discusses the crypto investment sectors he is interested in, including blockchain infrastructure, on-ramps, & next-gen financial services.
58 min
Archegos's Leveraged Blow-Up: Danger Under the ...
What does the leveraged blow-up of Archegos Capital Management mean for risk assets? Tony Greer answers this question and updates his outlook.
35 min
Bitgo: Securing the World's Crypto (w/ Mike Bel...
Mike Belshe, co-founder and CEO of Bitgo, joins Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO, to discuss Bitgo, tokenization, and the DeFi markets.
37 min
How Sticky Will Inflation Be in 2021?
Peter Boockvar joins Ed Harrison to discuss how the next few months will be critical in determining how sticky rising inflation expectations will be.
39 min
Erik Norland and Harley Bassman on Fed Policy, ...
Erik Norland & Harley Bassman discuss the impact of Fed policy on volatility across assets since the pandemic and, more broadly, since the GFC.
55 min
Mark Cuban: What the Fed-Driven Bubble Means fo...
Mark Cuban joins Raoul Pal to make sense of the changing market structure and the disruption of the financial establishment.
49 min
Richard Koo: How Excessive Corporate Debt Could...
Richard Koo updates his framework on how key economic variables such cash, liquidity, savings, and debt have been impacted by the global recession.
56 min
The Battles in the Market: Big vs. Small, Stay-...
Tommy Thornton gives Jack Farley a much-needed update on the battles in the market between mega-cap and small-cap stocks.
47 min
Priced for Perfection: Has the Reflation Trade ...
31 min
Nasdaq Woes In A Re-Opening "Explosion"
Jared Dillian, editor of the Daily Dirtnap, returns to the Daily Briefing to update Jack Farley on how he's navigating the mercurial swings in stocks.
33 min
One Year Anniversary of the Market Bottom -- Wh...
Lily Francus joins Ash Bennington to share her outlook on narrative economics, the NOPE Index, and the dangers of beta.
23 min
Lyn Alden on Gold, Real Bond Yields, and the Tr...
Lyn returns to Real Vision to update Jack Farley and share her analysis on the prospects of U.S. Treasury bond yields.
42 min
The $17 Trillion Question (w/ Jim Grant )
Jim Grant explores why this monetary experiment will end badly, the unintended consequences in credit markets, and the opportunities this presents.
62 min
The SPAC Boom Apex, Market Memes, & the Biggest...
71 min
A Potential False Dawn : Banks, Oil, Tech, and ...
Ash Bennington hosts Ed Harrison & Jack Farley to analyze how the sell-off in bonds are impacting bank stocks, tech equities, and the U.S. dollar.
39 min
How Are Rising Yields Impacting Retirement Port...
Ramsey Smith shares his views on how the advent of COVID-19 has changed retirement portfolio construction & the nature of the annuities business.
33 min
An Update from the Fed: Coming to the Rescue?
Jack Farley hosts Ed Harrison to break down the Federal Reserve s Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, and Fed Chair Jay Powell s speech.
26 min
Opposing Views: Pomp & Mike Green on Bitcoin
Mike Green and Anthony Pompliano join Ash Bennington to discuss their opposing views on Bitcoin.
76 min
Greer on His Bullishness: "It's a Difficult Tap...
Tony Greer joins Ash Bennington to share his thoughts on how the gyrations in the bond market are affecting risk assets.
30 min
Europe's Vaccine Rejection, Airlines' Day in th...
36 min
Uranium: The Underappreciated Clean Energy Tran...
Segra Capital Management's Arthur Hyde, CFA, and Adam Rodman join Max Wiethe to give an in-depth update on uranium.
61 min
The Macro "Endgame": Growth, Gold, Deflation, a...
Eric Basmajian joins Lyn Alden to break down his near-term outlook on the global economy as well his longer-term framework for macro investing.
65 min
Deflation and Insolvency Risks: Gold and Bonds'...
Steven Van Metre and Travis Kimmel discuss how bonds and gold perform during times of deflation and insolvency.
65 min
Yield Curve Control, Non-Fungible Tokens, and a...
Raoul Pal & Ash Bennington make sense of a bond market trying to regain its footing and a wobbling equity market vulnerable to an ignited dollar.
38 min
"If the Bond Market Has a Problem, Everyone Wil...
Jim Bianco & Peter Boockvar analyze the ongoing gyrations in the U.S Treasurys market and how their future path will impact almost every asset class.
37 min
Corey Hoffstein: "Things Are Going to Stay Weird"
Jack Farley & Max Wiethe analyze price action in U.S. equities as well as today's print of the CPI, and Jack also speaks to Corey Hoffstein.
34 min
Polkadot: A Bet Against Maximalism(w/ Gavin Wood)
Gavin Wood, co-founder of Polkadot and co-founder and CTO of Ethereum, discusses Polkadot, Kusama, and the evolving crypto landscape.
68 min
Growth's Eye-Popping Snapback and the $86 Billi...
Jack Farley hosts Ed Harrison to process the astonishing resistance rally in tech & growth stocks with high duration such as Tesla, Peloton, and more.
37 min
If Duration Is In A Bubble, Where Can Investors...
Tyler Neville and Jack Farley on the worsening rout in tech, GameStop's resurgence, and Bitcoin's role in a yield-starved world.
34 min
White Collar Crime Part 3 -- Former Enron CFO A...
Former Enron CFO Andy Fastow is infamous in Enron's collapse--since serving his time, he has turned over a new leaf, speaking about "legal fraud".
91 min
The Cannabis Trade: An Industry Set to Take Off...
Jason Wild sits down with Tony Greer to discuss his journey from pharmacist to investor that oversees $1 billion of investments in cannabis.
73 min
Society's Disenfranchisement & the Connection B...
Grey and Green argue that hard money enthusiasts have correctly assessed that the system is broken but that their solutions may make things worse.
56 min
Hidden Credit Risk, Jobs, and the Sudden "De-Fr...
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes managing editor Ed Harrison & editor Jack Farley to make sense of today's confounding price action.
38 min
Bonds Bite Back: How and When Will the Fed Resp...
Peter Boockvar joins Ed Harrison to break down today's volatile price action in bonds and high beta stocks.
22 min
Bonds, Commodities, and the Fed's Moment of Truth
Lyn Alden shares her thoughts on the ongoing rout in U.S. Treasurys, and Howard Klein gives a strategic update of key parts of the mining sector.
39 min
Transitioning From Analog to Digital Finance (w...
Erik Voorhees joins Raoul Pal to discuss Shapeshift, the transition to a digital currency world, and some of the most exciting projects in crypto.
52 min
A New Yield Regime: Commodity-Led Rally in the ...
Tony Greer declares that the five sigma sell-off in Treasuries last week marks the beginning of a new yield regime.
33 min
Bond Vigilantes Grumble as Bitcoin and Equities...
The S&P 500 posts its best day since June -- but long bonds continue to sell-off. Raoul and Ed explore.
31 min
A Lighthouse Amid the Fog( w/ Danielle DiMartin...
Raoul Pal welcomes Danielle DiMartino Booth to forecast future economic growth and and the fate of fiscal stimulus going forward.
60 min
Carly Fiorina: Big Tech Has Unprecedented Econo...
Carly Fiorina shares her views on current events--the storming of the Capitol, the political climate, COVID-19's effects on public policy, and more.
62 min
Iran: Investing in One of the Best-Performing S...
Raoul Pal welcomes back Maciej Wojtal to discuss how he's identified a diversified economy in Iran despite decades of sanctions & geopolitical risks.
50 min
Will Rising Interest Rates Change The Game?
Ash hosts Ed and Jack for a deep-dive on how rapidly rising interest rates are transforming the financial landscape before our very eyes.
38 min
Stocks Follow Bonds Into the Slaughterhouse
Ed Harrison welcomes James Bianco to make sense of the massive rout in long-dated Treasury bonds that is perturbing every aspect of the market.
29 min
Buy the Rumor, Sell the News
Has speculative mania reached a fever pitch? Jared Dillian explores.
27 min
Driving Transaction Costs Down to Zero ( w/ Jer...
Jeremy Allaire joins Raoul Pal to discuss stable coins, regulation, and the problems that Circle is working to solve.
63 min
NASDAQ Goes Haywire as Powell Doubles Down
Ash Bennington welcomes Tommy Thornton back to the Daily Briefing to make sense of how a jittery stock market copes with rising yields.
35 min
Brazilian Markets Crash and Energy Shines as Yi...
Jack Farley and Ed Harrison break down how rising yields are impacting risk assets such as growth equities and high-yield bonds.
35 min
Challenging the Mainstream COVID-19 Lockdown Na...
Lockdowns have become a major policy tool used by governments worldwide to combat COVID-19--but are they effective at achieving their stated goals?
79 min
"Is Everything a Bubble?" Wrap-Up - Highlights ...
51 min
Junk Yields Rising, Bitcoin Sniffing Out Yield ...
Tyler Neville shares his thoughts on everything from implied vol in the credit markets to the ongoing congressional hearings on GameStop.
29 min
VIX Dislocations, Hendry's Take on TLT, and Buf...
Jack Farley, Max Wiethe, Hugh Hendry, and Weston Nakamura all recap the day's most notable action in markets.
36 min
Tony Greer: "Commodity Inflation Is Happening B...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer back to the Daily Briefing to provide analysis on the billowy price action in commodities.
35 min
The Real Mechanics of Monetary Policy & Financi...
Dr. Manmohan Singh of the IMF explains the changes in monetary policy mechanics and the plumbing of the financial system from the past decade.
64 min
Bumble's IPO, The Yield Curve Migration, and a ...
Ed Harrison is joined by Ash Bennington and Jack Farley to break down recent price action and inspect current market conditions.
42 min
Waiting for Inflation, SPACmania, and Dislocati...
Max Wiethe and Jack Farley delve into what Fed Chair Powell's remarks indicate about the future of monetary policy and the economy.
26 min
The Triggers for a Bond Bubble Pop Are Now in M...
Peter Boockvar discusses the oil market rally, signals of incoming inflation and the central bank response to it, and the drop in junk bond yields.
31 min
Tesla's Bitcoin Wager, Rising Yields, and Ed's ...
Ed Harrison and Jack Farley discuss Tesla's decision to buy $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin as a reserve asset on its balance sheet and more.
31 min
Marc Cohodes: "The Stock Market is Not A Game"
Marc Cohodes diagnoses what was behind the volatility in stocks like GameStop: extreme leverage and the hedge funds who use it to juice returns.
62 min
Japanese Stocks: The Ultimate Undervalued Inves...
Japanese equities are one of the least-loved and arguably most misunderstood asset classes in the world.
80 min
Raoul Pal on Bubbles, Short Squeezes, and Syste...
Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO and co-founder, joins senior editor Ash Bennington to share how his market framework is evolving.
29 min
Legal Fraud vs. Intellectual Fraud: The Growing...
Carson Block discusses the different forms of financial fraud, what happened with GameStop, & the roadblocks activist short sellers are facing.
44 min
The Mayor of Miami on Blockchain and Ben Hunt o...
Ben Hunt discusses how the variants of the coronavirus might impair economic growth yet contends that asset markets might continue to prove resilient.
52 min
"Money Incineration" in Stonks, "Champagne and ...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer to give an overview of GameStop as $GME and other retail favorites such as $AMC and $BBBY continue to unwind.
44 min
Is Silver "Next"? Plus an Update on Short Inter...
Ed Harrison conducts a data-filled deep dive of the ongoing pressures in GameStop Corp ($GME).
41 min
Demographics II: Tailwinds and Tenterhooks (w/ ...
Raoul Pal speaks to Amlan Roy about incorporating demographics within a global macro framework.
77 min
Investment Ideas for a Hard Winter in the Real ...
With cases spiking and the recovery slowing, Gary Shilling discusses why he thinks we are in store for another economic downturn this winter.
49 min
The Future of SaaS Investing, Machine Learning,...
Gordon Ritter & Raoul Pal discuss the evolution of the software sector, the SaaS investing market, the future of machine learning, and more.
67 min
The GameStop Gamma Wall Breaks Down as Virus Va...
Ash, Ed, and Jack debate whether the Robinhood ban on trading is unfair and if it reveals unseen holes in the functioning of capital markets.
54 min
Robinhood on Shaky Ground and Potential Market ...
Dave Floyd talks about the newest developments in the GameStop story and the market implications of elevated activity in options trading.
32 min
The Robinhood Revolt as an Expression of the Fo...
Ed Harrison discusses how he is making sense of the retail assault on short-sellers as an expression of the unfolding of The Fourth Turning.
29 min
Bitcoin & The Future of Regulation (w/ Caitlin ...
Caitlin Long joins Raoul Pal to discuss Bitcoin, Wyoming at the forefront of regulations, and the problems of custody for crypto assets.
64 min
"GameStonk" Lunacy: Is Speculative Fervor Reach...
Tommy Thornton reflects on a day of absurd price action as GameStop skyrocketed 90% today and zoomed an additional 46% during afterhours trading.
44 min
Reflation Misgivings and The GameStop Gamma Squ...
Ed Harrison and Jack Farley break down the logic-defying price action in highly speculative stocks like Blackberry, AMC, and, most notably, GameStop.
39 min