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The Impacts of Higher For Longer
Stocks slipped a bit and bond yields continued lower, as investors mull over some key statements from the Federal Reserve.
31 min
Will the Downtrend in Oil Continue?
Crude oil drops below 80 in intraday trading — but do the technicals show further declines on the horizon?
34 min
The Realities of a Recession
After the best weekly rally of 2023 for stocks, investors wait for more clues on rates and the economy.
36 min
The Energy-Recession Link
Will high energy costs be the final nail in the coffin?
23 min
The Exponential Age Series: Part I
Raoul Pal and David Mattin on the dawn of the world’s most radical transformation.
57 min
Is The Fed Done?
Stocks continue their rally as the jobs report disappoints.
34 min
Can the Market Party Last?
U.S. stocks rally and yields pull back as traders bet on a a top in interest rates. But will the good times last?
33 min
Is A Credit Event Coming?
Market rallies as Fed holds rates, sparking hope that hiking is over.
35 min
Is the Fed About to Spook the Markets?
The Japanese yen falls to a 33-year low as markets close a third consecutive choppy month.
31 min
What's Driving Down Oil Prices?
The market rallies as investors look ahead to Wednesday's Fed meeting.
33 min
Peter Zeihan on the Israel-Hamas War
How does the Hamas attack and Israel's retaliation change the geopolitical landscape from here?
77 min
American Exceptionalism: Is the U.S. Rebounding?
The U.S. continues to defy economists' predictions. Is America the only stronghold supporting the global economy?
31 min
The Technology Boom and Its Impact on Mankind W...
We are about to live through the birth of a new world... are you ready for it?
77 min
How Low Can U.S. Stocks Go? With Greg Weldon
Despite strong U.S. GDP data for Q3, stocks continued their downward trend towards correction territory.
33 min
Higher Forever? With Andy Constan
The U.S. stock market slides to lows last seen in June as yields rise and some key earnings results disappoint.
36 min
Are Crypto Bulls Ready to Charge? With Imran Lakha
Stocks rise on strong earnings, yields pullback slightly, and crypto enjoys its best weekly start since June.
33 min
What's Driving the Bond Market Bloodbath?
Let's take a closer look at exactly what's driving the turbulence in U.S. Treasuries.
31 min
Is a New Golden Era Upon Us? ft. Frank Giustra ...
What role will gold play in the future of global finance?
62 min
AI and the Rule of Law ft. David Mattin & Mikha...
Will artificial intelligence change the way our society enforces the law?
53 min
Time to Get Ahead of the Downturn? With Ben Miller
U.S. 10-Year Treasury yields touched 5% for the first time since 2007, causing investors to take cover.
34 min
How Long Can the Fed Hold? With Darius Dale
Fed Chair Jerome Powell leaves open the possibility of another interest rate hike. What’s that mean for markets?
32 min
Are We Trapped in a Silent Depression? With Jef...
The U.S. stock market pulls back as bonds soar and 30-year fixed mortgage rates hit 8% for the first time since 2000.
38 min
Is it Time to Throw in the (Recession) Towel? W...
U.S. Treasury yields surged to 4.80% after strong retail sales data surprised investors.
33 min
Will Earnings Bolster the Bulls? With Dale Pinkert
Earnings season starts strong as U.S. stocks rise and bonds fall.
33 min
The Business Credit Market Unwrapped with Lon M...
Dive into the business loan world with an industry insider to learn what he's seeing out there.
62 min