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My Life in 4 Trades: Leaning Into Your Expertis...
When it comes to his best and worst trades, Ben Harburg notes a common thread: focus on what you know
43 min
Raoul Pal & Julian Bridgen: Understanding How t...
On today’s special episode, we hear from Raoul Pal and Julian Brigden on Insider Talks. Then, Andreas Steno Larsen with some actionable AI insights.
24 min
Wait But... How Do I Invest Using AI? w/ Hari K...
...And more importantly, should you? Vasant and Hari revisit the intersection of markets, AI, and machine learning.
51 min
GPT, What Are You Doing?! w/ Mikhail Voloshin
Following up on his previous presentation, Mikhail shares some updates on GPT -- and addresses the myths around it.
63 min
What Can Stop This Market Rally? With Jared Dil...
Apple's market cap surpassed $3 trillion as tech leads the market higher into Q3.
34 min
How High Will U.S. Rates Fly? w/ Joseph Wang ak...
The market received a boost as revised GDP for the first quarter smashed expectations.
34 min
Central Bankers Spoke... Are Investors Listenin...
Markets pulled a U-turn after Fed Chair Jerome Powell said it may take until 2025 to bring inflation back to 2%.
32 min
Where Are We in the Commodity Cycle? w/ Rick Rule
Markets are rebounding following robust U.S. economic data on Tuesday.
38 min
What Happens Next in Russia? w/ Marko Papic
Markets may be muted, but news of an aborted coup attempt in Russia opens the door for a range of outcomes.
32 min
Robert Kiyosaki & Raoul Pal: They Replaced Hors...
Rich Dad, Poor Dad's Robert Kiyosaki and Raoul on the inevitable disruptions from AI and how you can prepare.
39 min
When Opportunities and Timing Perfectly Align w...
Osman Ozsan explains his unique approach to portfolio construction and timing opportunities.
50 min
Is This Stock Rally Rolling Over? w/ Sam Rines
The market pulls back as central banks around the world battle inflation.
34 min
Is the UK the Sick Man of Europe? With Jon Mawby
The Bank of England surprised investors with a half-point rate hike as inflation refuses to fade.
37 min
Is The Global Food Supply At Risk? With Shawn H...
Shawn Hackett on the threat of weather patterns brewing a new economic storm.
33 min
Did We Dodge a Recession? With Warren Pies
Or did we just delay the inevitable? It’s time to explore the potential impacts on the economic landscape.
33 min
Surfing the AI Tsunami w/ Peter H. Diamandis & ...
Peter Diamandis and Salim Ismail on surfing the top of a tsunami instead of being crushed by it.
62 min
Steno's Signals: Could Falling Inflation Lead t...
The labor market's resilience may erode in the coming months.
28 min
Something, Somewhere, Is Going to Break w/ Jeff...
From rates to debt to liquidity, systemic risk continues to be priced in -- including in eurodollar futures.
59 min
The U.S. Consumer Won't Quit
The U.S. economy continues to show its resilience as more economic data rolls in.
34 min
Did the Fed's Message Fall Short?
Stocks rally and rates drop as investors wonder what the Fed can do from here.
34 min
What's Driving Fed Policy? w/ Jim Bianco
The Federal Reserve left interest rates unchanged on Wednesday, but hinted at more hikes to come.
34 min
Is Powell Ready to Pause? w/ Mish Schneider
U.S CPI rose 4% year-over-year in May, the slowest rate of inflation in 2 years. Is that slow enough?
33 min
Will Inflation Derail This Stock Rally? with Da...
Stocks trend higher as investors wait to see whether tomorrow’s CPI data will influence the Fed.
32 min
Unf*ck Your Personal Finances w/ Jared Dillian
Jared Dillian explains how to manage your personal finances to prioritize happiness.
46 min
A Macro and Markets Deep Dive With Jim Rogers
Uncover Jim Rogers' unique macro and market outlook.
53 min