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The Business Credit Market Unwrapped with Lon M...
Dive into the business loan world with an industry insider to learn what he's seeing out there.
62 min
Is a Recession Priced In? with Bob Elliot
If a recession is in the cards for 2024, what does that mean for markets -- and how do you profit?
60 min
A Crypto Update & a Gold vs. Bitcoin Showdown w...
The entire economic landscape is in a state of flux, driven by technological advancements and a new macro regime.
28 min
Understanding the Macro Landscape and Market Na...
This constantly evolving macroeconomic environment presents unique challenges — and opportunities — for the modern investor.
17 min
Is a Second Wave of Inflation Coming? With Vinc...
While an economic slowdown looms, elevated inflation remains a risk for investors.
42 min
Will the Safe Haven Bid Last? with Thomas Thornton
Stocks climbed slightly higher as bond yields pulled back... But will it last?
33 min
Navigating Markets Amid Middle East Conflict ft...
Hamas' attack on Israel shakes up the energy sector.
29 min
Rick Rule: The Energy and Commodities Angle ft....
Rick Rule and Tracy Shuchart explore the prospects for energy and commodities going forward.
57 min
How to Profit in a Crash or a Boom ft. Louis-Vi...
Kuppy and Louis-Vincent Gave share where they see opportunity in this uncertain macro climate
70 min
What Does the Fed Do Now? With Peter Boockvar
September's jobs report defied expectations, coming in stronger than expected.
34 min
What’s Driving Global Liquidity? With Darius Dale
Markets stabilize as investors turn their attention to tomorrow's jobs report.
31 min
Is Cash Still King? with Mish Schneider
The age-old question comes back into focus as stocks and bonds continue to flash warning signs.
33 min
Return of the Bond Vigilantes? With Tony Greer
The U.S. stock market continues to sell off as key interest rates rise to their highest levels since 2007.
32 min
Crypto Trends in Focus: From Bitcoin's Rally to...
As U.S. equities dip and yields rise, Bitcoin soars to its loftiest heights since August.
35 min
The Dollar in an Increasingly Multipolar World ...
Understanding where the dollar goes from here is a critical piece of the puzzle.
74 min
A Rolling Recession or a Hard Landing? ft. Davi...
Is there any way for the Fed to hike us out of economic purgatory?
61 min
Will the Dollar Continue to Dominate? With Dale...
The U.S. dollar's renewed strength ripples through markets, as equities wrap up a losing month.
34 min
What’s Driving Both Stocks and Yields Higher? W...
Stocks push higher as investors digest news out of Washington, mixed economic data, and steady highs in interest rates.
37 min
Real Vision's Birthday Special
Today we're celebrating nine years of Real Vision and many more...!
48 min
What’s Bugging Bond Markets? With Jared Dillian
U.S. equities tumble towards their worst decline since March as bond yields rise to 16-year highs.
34 min
Energy Crisis Part II?
Surging prices and renewed challenges in the energy sector mean that bonds and stocks "have to do the dirty work."
35 min
The Recession Plot Thickens ft. Mikael Sarwe
Will recession finally rear its ugly head on to the global stage?
57 min
Crash or Boom: Week 2 Wrap-Up
Raoul shares his insights on everything we've learned in Week 2 of our Crash or Boom series before answering some viewer questions.
42 min
What’s the Bond Market Signaling?
U.S. 10-Year Treasury yields hit 16-year highs a day after the Fed’s decision to hold interest rates unchanged.
38 min
Is It Too Early to Pause?
The Fed has chosen to keep rates steady, but what does that mean for markets and the economy as a whole?
30 min