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Will Surging Energy Force the Fed's Hand?
Equities and bonds make modest moves as crude oil hits its highest levels since last November.
35 min
Will the Fed Continue to Embrace a Longer-Term ...
Danielle DiMartino Booth and Dennis Lockhart break down the trajectory of central bank policy post-Jackson Hole.
54 min
AI Fire Hose #4: Crash, Boom, and Chatbots
AI in cars, VTubers, virtual dating, and more.
49 min
Crash or Boom: Week 1 Wrap-Up
Raoul shares his insights on everything we've learned in Week 1 of our Crash or Boom series before answering some viewer questions.
34 min
Arm Shares Soar on Market Debut
Resilient economic data and IPO enthusiasm send stocks higher for the day.
30 min
An Upside Surprise for August CPI with Tom Thor...
With inflation rising more than expected in August, are more rate hikes coming?
34 min
Are the China Bears Wrong? With Shehzad Qazi
Sentiment on China has been largely negative this year. But is the world's second-largest economy starting to show signs of positivity?
31 min
Beneath the Surface: Risk Premium Expansion wit...
Even if there are rate cuts ahead, supply-driven risk still looms over bond markets.
32 min
Round 2: Chen Zhao And Marko Papic on China
Chen Zhao and Marko Papic return for a deep dive into Chen's prior insights and unfolding macro scenarios.
63 min
AI Fire Hose #3: AI is Literally Doing God’s Work
Newsrooms, Sacred Talks, and Tomorrow’s Professions
48 min
Are the Tech Giants Teetering? With Jeremy Schw...
Markets stall as investors start to worry about the fallout from another potential rate hike.
31 min
Is it Gold’s Time to Shine? With Tavi Costa
Apple leads the Nasdaq Composite lower over fears of a further crackdown on U.S. technology in China.
33 min
Is the Fed Back in Play? With Paul Hodges
U.S. stocks slid and yields climbed as strong economic data renews speculated over another incoming Fed rate hike.
31 min
A Crude Reality for Stocks? With Darius Dale
Oil markets jumped after Saudi Arabia, Russia extended voluntary production cuts through the end of the year.
32 min
Andreas Steno: Is the U.S. Headed for Baseline ...
Investors are more confident in a soft landing, but does that mean the Fed will reach a 2% baseline?
43 min
Resource Abundance Will Transform Macro... And ...
AI and emerging tech will make resource scarcity a thing of the past much sooner than we realize.
59 min
AI Fire Hose #2 - AI's Role in Our Future: Tesl...
AI Unveiled: Tesla's Tussles, DoorDash's Digital Dawn, and the Linguistic Layers of Modern Machine Minds with Ash Bennington & Mikhail Voloshin
41 min
How the Jobs Report Affects Rate Expectations W...
Stocks are mixed, yields ticked higher, and the U.S. unemployment rate rose in August.
33 min
Where Are We in the Cycle? With Warren Pies
Markets are relatively unchanged as investors weigh PCE and consumer spending data.
32 min
Is the Stock Market Severely Mispriced? With Je...
The market continues to bounce back as revised Q2 GDP data indicates an economy that could be cooling.
30 min
Is Bad News Good News? With Tony Greer
Stocks bounce back after last week's losses. Will the rally continue?
32 min
Is China in Crisis?
Let's take a closer look at China's economic situation.
29 min
Tony Greer: How to Navigate an Era of Volatile ...
If inflation remains elevated for years to come, it's time to challenge traditional portfolio strategies.
75 min
AI Fire Hose - #1: Igniting the Future with Ash...
Fueling Your AI Curiosity: News, Insights & Beyond.
36 min
Are More Rate Hikes Coming? with Jared Dillian
Jay Powell warns about possible future rate hikes.
31 min