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Did the Fed Just Acknowledge the Deposit Crisis?
Everything you need to know about the Fed's interest rate decision and how markets are responding.
67 min
Does the Fed Have a Hand to Play?
We’ve got all eyes on the Fed as investors weigh the probabilities of another interest rate hike.
32 min
Is First Republic Bank Next to Go?
After a $30 billion cash infusion, big bank executives are trying to rescue First Republic. What's that mean for markets?
32 min
How Do You Outperform the Robots? Invest in Them
"Let's make promises to our future selves and unf*ck our future." -- Raoul Pal
57 min
A New Month, a New Macro Regime
Watching these three key variables is critical for tracking a macro environment that continues to be in flux.
20 min
What Do You do When Everything Happens All at O...
Market turmoil continues to close a volatile week. The major shifts are just getting started
31 min
Are Central Banks Fighting the Wrong Fight?
Markets are rebounding and the ECB hiked rates another 50 basis points. It's an anniversary edition of the Daily Briefing.
34 min
Contagion and Fear Hit Credit Suisse, What’s Next?
Markets are reeling as the bank stress spreads to Europe.
60 min
Ding Dong... Is QT Dead?
Stocks rise on cooling inflation and a banking rebound as investors wonder whether another shoe will drop.
42 min
Did the Banks Just Break?
Markets are swinging as investors assess the systemic risks coming to the surface.
68 min
Profiting From Animal Humanization
Stock-picking may be where it's at for 2023.
37 min
Why You Can't Fully Trust Recent U.S. Data
Watch this to find out how 50 percent of the current rebound was created in a spreadsheet.
25 min
What the Hell Just Happened?
Fear starts to spread as Fed rate hikes and liquidity concerns unleash a rout on banks.
30 min
Should We Still Ride The Inflation Winners?
U.S. stocks tumbled as investors turn their attention to tomorrow's jobs report.
37 min
Is There a Canary in the Coal Mine?
With investors focused on interest rates and the Fed, what are we missing?
38 min
Did Powell Let The Bond Bears Out?
Fed Chair Jerome Powell says the central bank is prepared to increase the pace of rate hikes.
34 min
Is This the Calm Before the Storm?
Tech leads stocks higher once again, as investors turn toward tomorrow's testimony from Fed Chair Jerome Powell.
34 min
Why It's a Good Time to Buy if You're Thinking ...
Tesla isn't the only name on Ross Gerber's radar.
38 min
Is Inflation Actually Slowing in the U.S. Now?
The latest CPI report gives investors pause over whether the U.S. is actually experiencing disinflation.
23 min
How High Will Rates Fly?
The Fed says more interest rate hikes are needed to keep fighting inflation.
28 min
If Cash Is King, Are Stocks Trash?
All U.S. Treasury yields are now over 4% as bond traders head for the exits.
36 min
Time To Tune In To Heavy Metals?
U.S Treasury yields continue to rise as investors worry that the Fed might break something.
34 min
Does This Oil Bounce Back Have Legs?
As investors worry about higher rates for longer, is another major rotation underway?
31 min
What Are Global Money Flows Telling Us?
Stocks show some fight after their worst week of 2023. Is this just a momentary reprieve?
34 min
Mark Ritchie on the Theology Behind His Trading
“The day you are born and the day you find out why." Mark Ritchie on his investing theology, his life, and timeless words of wisdom that move him.
37 min