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In this 5-star rated weekly marketing podcast, host 3xCMO Ian Truscott says he's no rockstar but shares, with his chums Jeff Clark, Robert Rose and a variety of special guests, what he calls marketing street knowledge, authentic, practical marketing strategy advice that will bring out the rock star marketer in you. It's a show that Jason Falls described as a "variety show for marketers". Learn more, follow, and get the show notes at

The PLG versus Marketing, The Problem with Fiel...
This week, Ian shares a thought about being product led or sales led as a B2B vendor, Jeff shares some Forrester research on field marketing and Robert is the bar with a cocktail discussing career paths in content marketing.
51 min
The Dilya, Demand Generation and Look to the Ri...
This week Ian's guest is Dilya Abushayeva, co-founder of Mavuus to discuss her company and 15 year marketing career and Robert Rose is in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar discussing content publishing over a cocktail.
52 min
The is the Funnel Dead, Jeff is Rebranding and ...
This week Ian shares a though on the funnel, Jeff is in the marketing studio to discuss rebranding and Robert is in the Rockstar CMO virtual bar asking if our marketing is broken.
51 min
The B2B Pain to Aspiration, is LRM a Thing and ...
Ian shares his 2ยข on buyer pain and aspiration, Jeff is back to talk about a new TLA from Forrester LRM (Lifecycle Revenue Marketing) and Robert is also back in the virtual bar with a cocktail and a thought on different
49 min
The Counting Cards, Keith Smith on Creativity a...
This week, Jeff continues his vacation and Ian shares a thought on card counters and what marketers can learn, he chats with Keith Smith host of The Fuel Podcast and there is a change in the virtual bar as Ian is joined by branding expert Todd Irwin.
63 min
The Ian Goes Solo with FOFU, the Entrepreneur's...
This week Jeff is away so Ian goes solo discussing FOFU (Fear of F'in Up), Ian shares the interview he did with Seth Goldstein for Entrepreneur's Enigma and Robert asks with AI and programmatic advertising does marketing ruin everything?
43 min
The Hits and Misses of B2B Influence, Todd Irwi...
This week Jeff and Ian dive into their experience of B2B influencers, Todd Irwin of Fazer returns to discuss brand acquisition and Robert shares a thread over a cocktail.
68 min
The Five F'in' Personas, The Return of The Busi...
This week Jeff asks Ian about his standard set of five B2B marketing personas, Matthew Woodget of Go Narrative returns for discuss his book and Robert shares his point of view architecture
75 min
The Creating Personas in 5 F'in' Steps, Cathy o...
This week Jeff turns the tables on Ian and asks him about his 5 steps for creating personas, Cathy McKnight returns to chat compatibility and Robert has advice if your marketing budget is becalmed.
71 min
The See Your ICP, Backstage with Tim Ringel fro...
This week Jeff Clark steps us through discovering your Ideal Customer Profile, we go backstage with a builder of multiple international agency groups Tim Ringel and we discuss 3 I's (Inspiration, Implication and Initiation) with Robert Rose over a cocktail.
69 min
The Measuring Brand, Evergreen Trading's COO Ma...
This week Jeff Clark discusses a model for measuring your brand, we go backstage with Mark Ordover and learn about media trading and over a cocktail Robert Rose talks about ChatGPT
68 min
The Jeff's F'in' Campaign Fundamentals, a drop ...
This week Jeff Clark shares his 5 F'in' Fundamentals for B2B Campaigns, we go backstage with co-founder of Vermouth Beauty Jill Jago and Robert Rose is in our virtual the bar talking about organising our content.
69 min
The Customer Marketing, Reebok's Connor Altier ...
This week Jeff shares a model for customer marketing, Ian goes backstage with Connor Altier, Global Brand Strategy Lead at Reebok and Robert is in the bar sharing some marketing mnemonics
69 min
The 5 F'in' Content Marketing Fundamentals, Par...
This week Jeff turns the tables on Ian as they discuss content marketing, Sarah Kimmel returns to discuss the CMSWire State of CMO report and Robert Rose wonders what's not there in the Rockstar CMO bar.
67 min
The Dip Into The Pool, State of the CMO with Sa...
This week Jeff Clark is by the Swimming Pool discussing five candidates for our portal to marketing hell, VP Research at Simpler Media, Sara Kimmel shares their latest CMO research and Robert Rose is in our virtual bar talking about the value of brand.
66 min
The Mind the Gap Analysis, B2B tech Geekery wit...
This week Jeff shares 7 steps for assessing your marketing capabilities, Ian goes backstage with Riaz Kanani, founder and CEO of Radiate B2B and over a cocktail Robert wonders if B2B marketing is becoming a bit inadvertently indifferent
70 min
The Jeff's 5 Fundamentals of Marketing Ops, Mat...
This week Jeff Clack shares his 5 Fundamentals of Marketing Operations, Matt Bailey returns to talk about marketing skills and hiring and Robert Rose is in the bar wondering is a robot will take his job.
70 min
The Jeff gets Personal with B2B, Valuegraphics ...
This week Jeff and Ian discuss a Forrester article on B2B personalisation, we go backstage with David Allison and talk abut his valuegraphics work and Robert gives advice on sticking with change in the Rockstar CMO bar.
73 min
The Jeff on Category Confusion, Rachel Miller I...
This week Jeff and Ian explore a nomination for the Rockstar CMO Swimming Pool' "vendors creating categories", we go backstage with founder of Swayd Rachel Miller and Robert shares advice on CX having ordered a pizza.
72 min
The Sales Relationship Advice, Backstage with C...
This week Jeff shares 7 tips on the how to build a great relationship with sales, Ian goes backstage with the founder of Strategy CRM, Adeola Sole and over a cocktail Robert warns against weak thought leadership.
68 min
The Picture This With Metrics, Nimble Gravity's...
This week Jeff shares 6 steps for selling your story of success, web analytics and strategy expert Courtney Lindau from Nimble Gravity shares her insights and Robert talks process over a cocktail.
65 min
The Metrics, Butt Cracks and a Cocktail of Thou...
This week Jeff Clark steps us though his process to create metrics, we go backstage with Brittany Murphy of One Thing Marketing and Robert Rose shares thoughts on thought leadership in the virtual bar
70 min
The OK with OKRs, Under the Influence with Yash...
This week Jeff Clark is back to chat about OKRs, we go backstage with marketing entrepreneur Yash Chavan and discuss influence marketing and Robert Rose is in the bar discussing process vs content people
66 min
The DAM it's Theresa Regli and a Cocktail of Co...
This week with Jeff still away Ian has an extended catch up with Theresa Regli, Chief Strategist at Vox Veritas Digital to discuss Digital Asset Management (DAM) and a Robert is the virtual bar talking content.
68 min
The TLA TCA Takeover with Cathy McKnight and an...
This week TCA (The Content Advisory) are in the house, with an extended interview with Chief Solver of Problems Cathy McKnight and Chief Trouble Maker Robert Rose shares a classic marketing lesson in the virtual bar
60 min