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How Inflationary Risk Could Corner the Fed: DB-...
Peter Boockvar discusses how the full force of inflation that could emerge in 2021 could pose a significant risk to the Fed's ability to execute.
33 min
Bitcoin's Stumble and the Bond Market's Moment ...
Ed breaks down the interplay between rates & duration, why lower rates cause growth stocks to run higher, & what rising yields means for the dollar.
28 min
Central Bank Omnipotence ( w/ Jeff Snider and ...
Jeff Snider discusses central bank power and whether it is enough to lift growth and inflation.
61 min
Macro: A Framework for Truth ( w/ Raoul Pal & L...
Raoul Pal and Lyn Alden delve into the world of macroeconomics to decipher where we are and where we may end up.
59 min
The Next Phase of the Crypto Bull Market ( w/ D...
Dan Morehead discusses the current macro setup and its relationship to crypto as well as why this crypto bull market is different from the last.
34 min
Raoul's Framework for 2021 and Beyond: DB- Jan8...
Raoul Pal shares his updated thesis for the new year, arguing that the prevailing narrative around reflation is a "one-sided bet."
34 min
Vulnerabilities of the Reflation Consensus: DB-...
Ed Harrison and Roger Hirst examine the consensus around reflation which has gripped financial markets.
33 min
The Debt-Liquidity Spiral ( w/ Michael Howell &...
Michael Howell argues that liquidity, debt, & asset prices are interlocked in a predictable cyclical relationship called "the debt-liquidity spiral."
44 min
Chaos Rules in D.C.: Lyn Alden on the Fourth Tu...
Ed & Ash give a breaking news update, Nick Correa discusses the ADP report, & Lyn Alden tells Jack how recent events have shaped her reflation thesis.
56 min
Tony Greer on Oil's Surge, Liquidity Bonanzas, ...
Ash Bennington welcomes back Tony Greer of TG Macro to share his thoughts on the first rally of the new year.
33 min
Accounting Schemes at Chinese Tech Giants (w/ S...
Kyle Bass & Stephen Clapham break down the accounting irregularities peppered throughout the regulatory filings of China's biggest tech companies.
43 min
2021 Kickoff: Looking Through the Headlines wit...
Mike Green kicks off the Real Vision Daily Briefing in 2021 with Real Vision's Max Wiethe.
34 min
The Future of Crypto and the Next Generation of...
Olaf Carlson-Wee joins Ash Bennington to discuss Web3, decentralized finance, and the future of blockchain technology.
60 min
Pinpointing Scams in the Gold Mining Industry (...
Warren Irwin takes viewers into the world of scammers in the mining sector and explains how to properly identify reputable companies in the space.
53 min
Not in Kansas Anymore ( w/ Raoul Pal and Hugh H...
Hugh Hendry joins Raoul Pal to re-imagine the future of money, credit, currency, and interest rates.
65 min
Jeremy Grantham's Big Calls: Emerging Markets, ...
Jeremy Grantham has made a name for himself as a bubble spotter. He argues that this bubble has an entirely different make up than prior ones.
80 min
Finding Relative Value Amid Credit Market Madne...
Ed Harrison and Boaz Weinstein discuss how the current environment of tight spreads is presenting some interesting relative value opportunities.
64 min
Silicon Valley Innovation in the Covid Era (w/ ...
Venture capitalist Keith Rabois sits down with Raoul Pal to discuss the evolution of innovation in Silicon Valley over the last two decades.
52 min
The Winklevoss Twins: Bitcoin Is The "Trade of ...
Tyler & Cameron Winklevoss discuss how they first discovered Bitcoin, their exploration into other crypto assets, and market psychology.
65 min
Chamath Palihapitiya on SPACs, Bitcoin, and the...
Chamath Palihapitiya gives Raoul Pal an inside glimpse of the seismic forces that are radically transforming the investment landscape.
62 min
What Does It Take to Invest in Russia? ( w/ Har...
Harvey Sawikin joins Haley Draznin for a conversation about the development of emerging markets over the past several decades and the sector outlook.
49 min
The Central Banks' Easy Money Experiment Will E...
William White explores the difficulty of paradigm shifts within central banking & historical evidence that this easy money experiment will end badly.
74 min
The Controversial STABLE Act & Its Implications...
Rohan Grey joins Santiago Velez to discuss the controversial STABLE Act, the history of private and public monies, and the future of stable coins.
79 min
Ed and Ash's Holiday Send-Off: Looking Ahead to...
52 min
Taking Things in Stride: Stimulus, COVID-19, an...
Ash Bennington joins Tony Greer discuss the new fiscal package from Congress, the macro signals Tony has his eye on, and his outlook for the new year.
23 min