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Marc Cohodes: "The Stock Market is Not A Game"
Marc Cohodes diagnoses what was behind the volatility in stocks like GameStop: extreme leverage and the hedge funds who use it to juice returns.
62 min
Japanese Stocks: The Ultimate Undervalued Inves...
Japanese equities are one of the least-loved and arguably most misunderstood asset classes in the world.
80 min
Raoul Pal on Bubbles, Short Squeezes, and Syste...
Raoul Pal, Real Vision CEO and co-founder, joins senior editor Ash Bennington to share how his market framework is evolving.
29 min
Legal Fraud vs. Intellectual Fraud: The Growing...
Carson Block discusses the different forms of financial fraud, what happened with GameStop, & the roadblocks activist short sellers are facing.
44 min
The Mayor of Miami on Blockchain and Ben Hunt o...
Ben Hunt discusses how the variants of the coronavirus might impair economic growth yet contends that asset markets might continue to prove resilient.
52 min
"Money Incineration" in Stonks, "Champagne and ...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer to give an overview of GameStop as $GME and other retail favorites such as $AMC and $BBBY continue to unwind.
44 min
Is Silver "Next"? Plus an Update on Short Inter...
Ed Harrison conducts a data-filled deep dive of the ongoing pressures in GameStop Corp ($GME).
41 min
Demographics II: Tailwinds and Tenterhooks (w/ ...
Raoul Pal speaks to Amlan Roy about incorporating demographics within a global macro framework.
77 min
Investment Ideas for a Hard Winter in the Real ...
With cases spiking and the recovery slowing, Gary Shilling discusses why he thinks we are in store for another economic downturn this winter.
49 min
The Future of SaaS Investing, Machine Learning,...
Gordon Ritter & Raoul Pal discuss the evolution of the software sector, the SaaS investing market, the future of machine learning, and more.
67 min
The GameStop Gamma Wall Breaks Down as Virus Va...
Ash, Ed, and Jack debate whether the Robinhood ban on trading is unfair and if it reveals unseen holes in the functioning of capital markets.
54 min
Robinhood on Shaky Ground and Potential Market ...
Dave Floyd talks about the newest developments in the GameStop story and the market implications of elevated activity in options trading.
32 min
The Robinhood Revolt as an Expression of the Fo...
Ed Harrison discusses how he is making sense of the retail assault on short-sellers as an expression of the unfolding of The Fourth Turning.
29 min
Bitcoin & The Future of Regulation (w/ Caitlin ...
Caitlin Long joins Raoul Pal to discuss Bitcoin, Wyoming at the forefront of regulations, and the problems of custody for crypto assets.
64 min
"GameStonk" Lunacy: Is Speculative Fervor Reach...
Tommy Thornton reflects on a day of absurd price action as GameStop skyrocketed 90% today and zoomed an additional 46% during afterhours trading.
44 min
Reflation Misgivings and The GameStop Gamma Squ...
Ed Harrison and Jack Farley break down the logic-defying price action in highly speculative stocks like Blackberry, AMC, and, most notably, GameStop.
39 min
The Insolvency Phase: Why the Market is Mispric...
Matt Rowe provides a deeper dive into how both credit and equity markets are totally mispricing the insolvency risks looming large post-COVID.
63 min
USD's Reserve Status, the Eurodollar System, an...
Hugh Hendry welcomes Lyn Alden for a wide-ranging discussion on international trade and the Eurodollar system.
59 min
Teddy Vallee on the Dollar, Hard Assets, and th...
Teddy Vallee on how a rise in real rates will impact the U.S. dollar, technology and energy stocks, gold, and bitcoin.
51 min
COVID-19 Spiraling Out of Control, Whipsawing C...
Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal joins senior editor Ash Bennington to share his latest thoughts on COVID-19, market froth, and cryptocurrency.
41 min
The Fed's Quandary: Speculative Fervor Around I...
Michael Lebowitz joins Ed Harrison to discuss where inflation is headed and whether the market's bet on the Fed getting it right this time has merit.
32 min
Buy the Reflation Rumor and Sell the Recovery N...
Ed Harrison updates his views on how yield curve steepening is affecting equity markets and his three potential outcomes for the reflation trade.
26 min
Discerning the Phases of a Crypto Bull Market( ...
Ari Paul joins Raoul Pal to discuss the launch of Paul's fund, value accrual in the crypto space, & how far along we are in this crypto bull market.
77 min
Tony Greer - When the Bond Market Speaks, I Lik...
Tony Greer tells Ash Bennington why he has derisked as market sentiment spikes and the bond market continues to sell-off.
32 min
Ask Me Anything with "The Young Bucks": DB-Jan1...
Max Wiethe and Jack Farley source questions from Real Vision members via The Exchange in this special, pre-recorded edition of The Daily Briefing.
53 min