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Bonds Bite Back: How and When Will the Fed Resp...
Peter Boockvar joins Ed Harrison to break down today's volatile price action in bonds and high beta stocks.
22 min
Bonds, Commodities, and the Fed's Moment of Truth
Lyn Alden shares her thoughts on the ongoing rout in U.S. Treasurys, and Howard Klein gives a strategic update of key parts of the mining sector.
39 min
Transitioning From Analog to Digital Finance (w...
Erik Voorhees joins Raoul Pal to discuss Shapeshift, the transition to a digital currency world, and some of the most exciting projects in crypto.
52 min
A New Yield Regime: Commodity-Led Rally in the ...
Tony Greer declares that the five sigma sell-off in Treasuries last week marks the beginning of a new yield regime.
33 min
Bond Vigilantes Grumble as Bitcoin and Equities...
The S&P 500 posts its best day since June -- but long bonds continue to sell-off. Raoul and Ed explore.
31 min
A Lighthouse Amid the Fog( w/ Danielle DiMartin...
Raoul Pal welcomes Danielle DiMartino Booth to forecast future economic growth and and the fate of fiscal stimulus going forward.
60 min
Carly Fiorina: Big Tech Has Unprecedented Econo...
Carly Fiorina shares her views on current events--the storming of the Capitol, the political climate, COVID-19's effects on public policy, and more.
62 min
Iran: Investing in One of the Best-Performing S...
Raoul Pal welcomes back Maciej Wojtal to discuss how he's identified a diversified economy in Iran despite decades of sanctions & geopolitical risks.
50 min
Will Rising Interest Rates Change The Game?
Ash hosts Ed and Jack for a deep-dive on how rapidly rising interest rates are transforming the financial landscape before our very eyes.
38 min
Stocks Follow Bonds Into the Slaughterhouse
Ed Harrison welcomes James Bianco to make sense of the massive rout in long-dated Treasury bonds that is perturbing every aspect of the market.
29 min
Buy the Rumor, Sell the News
Has speculative mania reached a fever pitch? Jared Dillian explores.
27 min
Driving Transaction Costs Down to Zero ( w/ Jer...
Jeremy Allaire joins Raoul Pal to discuss stable coins, regulation, and the problems that Circle is working to solve.
63 min
NASDAQ Goes Haywire as Powell Doubles Down
Ash Bennington welcomes Tommy Thornton back to the Daily Briefing to make sense of how a jittery stock market copes with rising yields.
35 min
Brazilian Markets Crash and Energy Shines as Yi...
Jack Farley and Ed Harrison break down how rising yields are impacting risk assets such as growth equities and high-yield bonds.
35 min
Challenging the Mainstream COVID-19 Lockdown Na...
Lockdowns have become a major policy tool used by governments worldwide to combat COVID-19--but are they effective at achieving their stated goals?
79 min
"Is Everything a Bubble?" Wrap-Up - Highlights ...
51 min
Junk Yields Rising, Bitcoin Sniffing Out Yield ...
Tyler Neville shares his thoughts on everything from implied vol in the credit markets to the ongoing congressional hearings on GameStop.
29 min
VIX Dislocations, Hendry's Take on TLT, and Buf...
Jack Farley, Max Wiethe, Hugh Hendry, and Weston Nakamura all recap the day's most notable action in markets.
36 min
Tony Greer: "Commodity Inflation Is Happening B...
Ash Bennington welcomes Tony Greer back to the Daily Briefing to provide analysis on the billowy price action in commodities.
35 min
The Real Mechanics of Monetary Policy & Financi...
Dr. Manmohan Singh of the IMF explains the changes in monetary policy mechanics and the plumbing of the financial system from the past decade.
64 min
Bumble's IPO, The Yield Curve Migration, and a ...
Ed Harrison is joined by Ash Bennington and Jack Farley to break down recent price action and inspect current market conditions.
42 min
Waiting for Inflation, SPACmania, and Dislocati...
Max Wiethe and Jack Farley delve into what Fed Chair Powell's remarks indicate about the future of monetary policy and the economy.
26 min
The Triggers for a Bond Bubble Pop Are Now in M...
Peter Boockvar discusses the oil market rally, signals of incoming inflation and the central bank response to it, and the drop in junk bond yields.
31 min
Tesla's Bitcoin Wager, Rising Yields, and Ed's ...
Ed Harrison and Jack Farley discuss Tesla's decision to buy $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin as a reserve asset on its balance sheet and more.
31 min
Marc Cohodes: "The Stock Market is Not A Game"
Marc Cohodes diagnoses what was behind the volatility in stocks like GameStop: extreme leverage and the hedge funds who use it to juice returns.
62 min