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How Are Rising Yields Impacting Retirement Port...
Ramsey Smith shares his views on how the advent of COVID-19 has changed retirement portfolio construction & the nature of the annuities business.
33 min
An Update from the Fed: Coming to the Rescue?
Jack Farley hosts Ed Harrison to break down the Federal Reserve s Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting, and Fed Chair Jay Powell s speech.
26 min
Opposing Views: Pomp & Mike Green on Bitcoin
Mike Green and Anthony Pompliano join Ash Bennington to discuss their opposing views on Bitcoin.
76 min
Greer on His Bullishness: "It's a Difficult Tap...
Tony Greer joins Ash Bennington to share his thoughts on how the gyrations in the bond market are affecting risk assets.
30 min
Europe's Vaccine Rejection, Airlines' Day in th...
36 min
Uranium: The Underappreciated Clean Energy Tran...
Segra Capital Management's Arthur Hyde, CFA, and Adam Rodman join Max Wiethe to give an in-depth update on uranium.
61 min
The Macro "Endgame": Growth, Gold, Deflation, a...
Eric Basmajian joins Lyn Alden to break down his near-term outlook on the global economy as well his longer-term framework for macro investing.
65 min
Deflation and Insolvency Risks: Gold and Bonds'...
Steven Van Metre and Travis Kimmel discuss how bonds and gold perform during times of deflation and insolvency.
65 min
Yield Curve Control, Non-Fungible Tokens, and a...
Raoul Pal & Ash Bennington make sense of a bond market trying to regain its footing and a wobbling equity market vulnerable to an ignited dollar.
38 min
"If the Bond Market Has a Problem, Everyone Wil...
Jim Bianco & Peter Boockvar analyze the ongoing gyrations in the U.S Treasurys market and how their future path will impact almost every asset class.
37 min
Corey Hoffstein: "Things Are Going to Stay Weird"
Jack Farley & Max Wiethe analyze price action in U.S. equities as well as today's print of the CPI, and Jack also speaks to Corey Hoffstein.
34 min
Polkadot: A Bet Against Maximalism(w/ Gavin Wood)
Gavin Wood, co-founder of Polkadot and co-founder and CTO of Ethereum, discusses Polkadot, Kusama, and the evolving crypto landscape.
68 min
Growth's Eye-Popping Snapback and the $86 Billi...
Jack Farley hosts Ed Harrison to process the astonishing resistance rally in tech & growth stocks with high duration such as Tesla, Peloton, and more.
37 min
If Duration Is In A Bubble, Where Can Investors...
Tyler Neville and Jack Farley on the worsening rout in tech, GameStop's resurgence, and Bitcoin's role in a yield-starved world.
34 min
White Collar Crime Part 3 -- Former Enron CFO A...
Former Enron CFO Andy Fastow is infamous in Enron's collapse--since serving his time, he has turned over a new leaf, speaking about "legal fraud".
91 min
The Cannabis Trade: An Industry Set to Take Off...
Jason Wild sits down with Tony Greer to discuss his journey from pharmacist to investor that oversees $1 billion of investments in cannabis.
73 min
Society's Disenfranchisement & the Connection B...
Grey and Green argue that hard money enthusiasts have correctly assessed that the system is broken but that their solutions may make things worse.
56 min
Hidden Credit Risk, Jobs, and the Sudden "De-Fr...
Real Vision senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes managing editor Ed Harrison & editor Jack Farley to make sense of today's confounding price action.
38 min
Bonds Bite Back: How and When Will the Fed Resp...
Peter Boockvar joins Ed Harrison to break down today's volatile price action in bonds and high beta stocks.
22 min
Bonds, Commodities, and the Fed's Moment of Truth
Lyn Alden shares her thoughts on the ongoing rout in U.S. Treasurys, and Howard Klein gives a strategic update of key parts of the mining sector.
39 min
Transitioning From Analog to Digital Finance (w...
Erik Voorhees joins Raoul Pal to discuss Shapeshift, the transition to a digital currency world, and some of the most exciting projects in crypto.
52 min
A New Yield Regime: Commodity-Led Rally in the ...
Tony Greer declares that the five sigma sell-off in Treasuries last week marks the beginning of a new yield regime.
33 min
Bond Vigilantes Grumble as Bitcoin and Equities...
The S&P 500 posts its best day since June -- but long bonds continue to sell-off. Raoul and Ed explore.
31 min
A Lighthouse Amid the Fog( w/ Danielle DiMartin...
Raoul Pal welcomes Danielle DiMartino Booth to forecast future economic growth and and the fate of fiscal stimulus going forward.
60 min
Carly Fiorina: Big Tech Has Unprecedented Econo...
Carly Fiorina shares her views on current events--the storming of the Capitol, the political climate, COVID-19's effects on public policy, and more.
62 min