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The Background for Black Friday's All-Time Highs
Ed Harrison and Ash Bennington discuss the all-time highs set on this holiday-shortened trading day in U.S. equity markets.
33 min
Thanksgiving "Ask Me Anything" with Ed and Jack
Ed Harrison welcomes Jack Farley for a Thanksgiving "Ask Me Anything" special edition of the Daily Briefing.
47 min
5 Big Questions for a Double-Dip Recession:DB -...
Max Wiethe and Ed Harrison discuss the important questions for determining the breadth, depth, and market implications of a U.S. double-dip recession.
39 min
The World Is Getting Back In Business: DB - Nov...
Senior editor Ash Bennington welcomes back Tony Greer of TG Macro to make sense of today s price action as the equity markets roar to all-time highs.
37 min
Leveraged Finance at Full Throttle:DB - Nov 23,...
Jack Farley hosts Tyler Neville for a spirited debate about the fate of risk assets.
38 min
Macro Mayhem: Filtering the Signal from the Noi...
Raoul Pal and Keith McCullough analyze what divergent indicators in inflation, growth, and volatility mean for bonds, commodities, and equities.
47 min
The Central Bank Digital Currency Paradigm Shif...
Bill Campbell sits down with Ed Harrison to discuss how he is making sense of the massive paradigm shift to central bank digital currencies.
71 min
The Economics of Common Sense: The Interview
Bona fide investment legend, Joel Greenblatt, looks beyond markets to solve problems in everything from education to immigration and retirement.
65 min
Is A Double-Dip Recession On The Horizon?: DB- ...
Ed Harrison & Jack Farley break down the economic impact of the partial lockdowns U.S. officials are implementing as COVID-19 spirals out of control.
38 min
Tesla, Banks, Bonds, and Bitcoin: DB - Nov18, 2020
Ed Harrison hosts Tommy Thornton to discuss the opportunities and risks on the investment horizon.
34 min
A Technical Framework for Trading Ambivalent Ma...
Ash Bennington & Dave Floyd evaluate price action in the S&P 500, the U.S. 10 year Treasury note, and a variety of currency pairs.
34 min
The Vaccine Rally: DB- Nov16, 2020
Ed Harrison & Ash Bennington discuss the all-time highs being set in the SPX & DJIA as the news of Moderna's vaccine breathes life into U.S. equities.
28 min
Dueling Perspectives On China's Economic Reality
Kyle Bass and Michael Pettis attack the important issues of China's capital flight, massive economic inequality, and their domestic debt burden.
47 min
Jeffrey Gundlach -- Waiting for the Next Big Trade
Jeffrey Gundlach explains his thoughts on time frames, position sizing, & how his style changes based on whether the market is alpha or beta driven.
70 min
The Next Phase: DB- Nov13, 2020
Raoul Pal and Ash Bennington discuss the growing shutdown measures in the U.S. even as the S&P 500 makes all-time highs.
45 min
Is The Value Rotation "Over": DB- Nov 12, 2020
Ed Harrison is joined by Jack Farley to break down a day of heavy selling across sectors as COVID-19 cases surge to unseen levels.
32 min
Credit and the COVID Mushroom Cloud: DB- Nov 11...
Ash Bennington & Ed Harrison break down the pause on the rotation trade out of growth & into value as cases & hospitalization in the U.S. surge.
37 min
Market Euphoria: This Year's Trading Patterns C...
Senior editor, Ash Bennington, joins Tony Greer, editor of the Morning Navigator, to examine the latest euphoric episode in markets.
36 min
Daily Briefing Ask Me Anything
Fielding questions from Real Vision members, Ash Bennington & Ed Harrison analyze how the various outcomes of the U.S. election will impact markets.
41 min
Optimism for a Digital Future Amid Harsh Econom...
Howard Lindzon tells Raoul Pal why he is bullish on the digital future despite acknowledging the harsh economic realities that have emerged.
45 min
The Gold Bull Market Is Only in the Fourth Inni...
Kiril Sokoloff sits down with Raoul Pal to discuss why he believes the bull market for precious metals is only in its fourth inning.
53 min
Dissecting the Narratives: What Markets Are Ant...
Ed Harrison & Ash Bennington review this past week's "everything rally" & key macro indicators against a backdrop of political uncertainty & COVID-19.
34 min
Daily Briefing - Nov 5, 2020
Jay Pelosky provides an update on his current outlook amid a turbulent election and uncertain future with stimulus and COVID-19.
44 min
Too Early to the Party? Market Rallies and Elec...
In light of the market rally along with election uncertainty today, Ash Bennington & Ed Harrison ask, "just what exactly are the markets celebrating?"
34 min
U.S. Election: Gamma Baptism of Fire: DB- NOV 3...
Ash Bennington welcomes Hari Krishnan to break down the hidden forces driving markets on U.S. election day.
41 min