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Welcome to the "Locked On Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we enter a new era of Ducks hockey as Dallas Eakins enters the fray as the new head coach. Gain some insight into your Ducks with special guests, a weekly look into their minor league team, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying that beautiful SoCal weather. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

More Anaheim Rookie Impressions
JD Hernandez finishes off the 3rd season of the "Locked On Anaheim Ducks" podcast with some more thoughts on the Ducks' rookie practice from Great Park Ice. Which other players are ready to take a step forward? Finally, a quick-hit reaction on the Ducks' first rookie faceoff game, and some reflections on the last year of the podcast.
24 min
The Ducks' Rookie Camp Begins, McTavish Shines,...
The unofficial start of training camp took place at Great Park Ice in Irvine, and there was one player that stood out among the rest. Mason McTavish was impressive as always, and Olen Zellweger showed off his incredible skating ability. How are they going to be used in the short term, and how SHOULD they be utilized moving forward? Also, which player's favorite snack food is gummy bears?
25 min
The Early Favorite To Win the Calder... Mason M...
The BetOnline pre-season odds are out, and look who is the early favorite to win the Calder Trophy? That's the Anaheim Ducks' Mason McTavish at the top of the list! JD Hernandez explains why he thinks McTavish could win the NHL's rookie of the year trophy. What other two rookies could give him some decent competition for the award? Also... Sonny Milano is still out there as a free agent. What are the Ducks waiting for?
22 min
It's September 10th! A Double Ducks Birthday Day!
On this special weekend edition of the podcast, JD Hernandez celebrates the best day of the year... Troy Terry's birthday! That's right, the fellow Virgo starts his 25th year around the Sun, and it could be his best year yet. JD predicts how many goals he thinks Terry will score this season, and why we haven't seen the best from him yet. Also, why does Troy wear #19? Finally, we also celebrate the birthday of Olen Zellweger! What... TWO birthdays in the same day on the Ducks organization? How rare is that? Not as rare as you might think...
28 min
The Anaheim Ducks' Rookie Camp Roster Is Out, a...
It's that time of year. The rosters for the Rookie Showcase in San Jose are out, and JD Hernandez breaks down the roster, as well as the rosters for some of the opponents. Also, the Ducks will appear on national TV a whopping 14 times, and the hockey world is better off for it. Finally, JD looks at who is left in the free agency market with weeks to go until the season begins.
23 min
Getting To Know Our Rivals to the North (feat. ...
JD Hernandez and JD Young (Locked On Sharks) have a little fun as we get to know our division rivals for the upcoming season! What are some of the biggest changes coming to San Jose? JD North wastes no time hyping up William Eklund, hyping up their jerseys, and even hyping up the Barracuda. Of course, that doesn't mean anything for the current Sharks. Where does JD see the Sharks (and Ducks) finishing in the Pacific Division?
35 min
A Possibly Haunted Podcast? Ducks and Wild Trad...
JD Hernandez returns from vacation after getting severely delayed, but now it's time to talk about point projections. Is the betting odds for the Ducks' points way too low? Are they in the same vicinity as the Sharks? Also, Minnesota and Anaheim swap some players... how will this alter the Ducks on the blue line?
24 min
Trevor Zegras, An NHL 23 Cover Athlete
Trevor Zegras is one of the cover athletes on EA Sports' NHL 23, and joining him is Sarah Nurse, the first women's player to hold that distinction. JD Hernandez talks about the video game cover athletes, as well as the new jersey numbers for both Jamie Drysdale & Zegras. Who were the last players to wear #6 and #11, and what do they have in common? Finally, JD takes care of some odds and ends including the Phil Kessel signing, the World Cup of Hockey, and Arte Moreno possibly selling the Angels?
28 min
The Road to Mason McTavish Winning the WJC MVP ...
The 2022 World Juniors are FINALLY over, and Mason McTavish is is tournament MVP! His scoring prowess made the record books... but it was his incredible defensive gem that SAVED the team, broke the internet, and directly lead to the Golden Goal moments later. JD Hernandez goes through his long road over the past 12 months, the stellar play, and his overall great play. Finally, Sarah Avampato joins the podcast to talk more about McTavish, and how he nearly tied a former LA Kings player in the record books!
30 min
Where Does the Rest of the Pacific Division Sta...
In this special bonus weekend edition of the podcast, JD Hernandez is joined by Jess Belmosto (Locked On Flames) once again. They continue their discussion from the previous day by talking about some of the other teams in the Pacific Division. The Golden Knights could have the biggest freefall out of all the teams in the division, and goaltending isn't their only issue. Also, where do both rank their respective teams? Finally, JD has some fun and asks some music questions as they relate to hockey. Swifties will want to stick around for this one...
29 min
Plusses & Minuses with the Ducks and Flames (fe...
It's the first part of a fun crossover with Jess Belmosto (Locked On Flames) to talk about some of the additions from both the Anaheim Ducks and the Calgary Flames. Also, which players could make a huge impact for the team, and how in the world is Jonathan Huberdeau going to fit in with this team?
30 min
Mason McTavish Continues His Dominance at the WJC
The 2022 World Junior Championships are now in the knockout stages, and Mason McTavish continues to lead Canada towards a medal. How does he compare to the rest of the players at this tournament? How many dimensions does this phenom have? Is there anything he can't do?
27 min
A Friendly Freeway Faceoff Rivals Chat (feat. E...
It's a special crossover episode with the new host of Locked On Los Angeles Kings, Eddie Garcia! First, JD and Eddie talk about rivalries. Who is the Ducks' biggest rival, and who are some other teams that we love to hate? Also, where does the Ducks fall in the Pacific Division standings? Finally, we've got some more jersey talk... just because.
34 min
McTavish Shines at World Juniors... and Ducks T...
Mason McTavish has a monster game at the WJC Tournament in Edmonton. The 6-point, 4-goal performance is just another stellar performance for the incredible Ducks prospect. Also, JD Hernandez gets a message from a loyal listener... asking for Ducks tattoo suggestions!
22 min
More Reverse Retro Leaks, and WJC Talk...
23 min
More Jersey Talk with Sarah Avampato
In a continuation of the last podcast, Sarah Avampato and JD Hernandez continue their talk about NHL jerseys, and show off a bit of their collection. What jersey does Sarah show off that will make jerseyheads jealous? What jersey in the Eastern Conference NEEDS to make a comeback for Reverse Retro 2.0?
32 min
Vin Scully Tribute, Reverse Retro 2.0 Jersey Ta...
Special guest, Sarah Avampato, joins the podcast to talk about jerseys and complete a discussion from a previous podcast. First, JD Hernandez and Sarah talk a little bit about Vin Scully's legacy and his connection to hockey. Then, they discuss what both the Kings and Ducks SHOULD do on the next round of Reverse Retro jerseys. Finally, they talk about the announcement that Adidas will no longer be the official manufacturer of NHL jerseys and who should take over.
28 min
Some Juniors/Gulls News, and a Tribute to Vin S...
It's time to catch up with some odds and ends around the Ducks organization including the upcoming World Juniors tournament. Three Ducks prospects are on Team Canada, and Mason McTavish will captain that team. Also, the San Diego Gulls hired their two new assistant coaches with some great resumes. Finally, JD Hernandez pays tribute to longtime Southern California broadcaster, Vin Scully.
27 min
Ducks/Stars Crossover Time! (feat. Dane Lewis)
It's a crossover special with Dane Lewis (Locked On Stars) to talk about a slew of topics including the John Klingberg signing, and the Ducks' EBUG, Tom Hodges. JD Hernandez and Dane discuss how this signing will impact the Ducks for the coming season, and how huge a hole it leaves for the Stars. Who might Klingberg end up on a line with? What does this one-year signing really signify for the Ducks in this rebuild?
29 min
Statues in Southern California!
Just up the 5 freeway, Dustin Brown is getting a statue in front of I-Can't-Believe-It's-Not Staples Center. The LA Kings are retiring his number AND giving him a statue. Why couldn't Ryan Getzlaf get the exact same treatment? JD Hernandez explains why Getzy should absolutely be the first Anaheim Duck to get a statue in front of the Ponda.
16 min
John Klingberg Is An Anaheim Duck!
The big news of the day dropped Friday morning as the Anaheim Ducks signed free agent, John Klingberg, to a one year contract. JD Hernandez talks about how Klingberg ended up with only a one-year deal, and how the Ducks could make the most of it win or lose. Also, where does he fit into this young, dynamic Ducks roster? How does the addition of Klingberg take some of the pressure off the young guys? John Klingberg won't be wearing those Dallas Stars blackout jerseys, but he brought the blackout to this podcast!
25 min
More Signings, and a Personal Story After Heari...
A slew of signings happen with the Anaheim Ducks, including pending RFA Isac Lundeström who got a 2-year deal. Finally, JD Hernandez talks about the recent relapse of Bobby Ryan and shares a very personal story that connects with it.
28 min
More Names Off the Free Agent Board, and Addres...
With Nino Niederreiter now off the boards, who else is left for the Ducks to try and pluck from the free agent list? Finally, JD Hernandez talks about the recent controversies taking place in the hockey world, including the most recent Hockey Canada allegations. (Note: This was recorded Thursday evening before the latest news about the 2003 Canada WJC team was revealed)
32 min
The AHL Schedule Is Released, Gulls See Some Ne...
It's AHL schedule release day! The league put out its complete schedule for the 2022-23 season with a few changes. JD Hernandez first breaks down the San Diego Gulls' portion of the schedule, and some key dates to look forward to, as well as some opponents from the Central Division. Also, the AHL playoff format has an interesting look to it... but it comes at a disadvantage for the crowded Pacific Division. Finally, JD looks at who might be in the Gulls top 6 for now.
27 min
Minor League Signings, and the Compassion of Da...
Last week and over the weekend, the Anaheim Ducks made a plethora of signings that will highly impact the San Diego Gulls. One fan favorite makes his return to SoCal after a brief stint in Utica, and a couple of bruisers from Stockton join the organization... but where will they end up? Finally, JD Hernandez talks about the humanity of Dallas Eakins, including a recent development camp story where Will Francis overcame leukemia, and a tragedy that shook the hockey world.
27 min