Locked On Ducks - Daily Podcast On Th...

Welcome to the "Locked On Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we enter a new era of Ducks hockey as Dallas Eakins enters the fray as the new head coach. Gain some insight into your Ducks with special guests, a weekly look into their minor league team, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying that beautiful SoCal weather. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Mason McTavish Concludes His Junior Hockey Seas...
The Memorial Cup Championship took place in Saint John, New Brunswick, and Mason McTavish nearly led the Hamilton Bulldogs to the ultimate prize in junior hockey. The Ducks prospects finished his season in a big way; JD Hernandez explains why he's ready to contribute to the NHL in a big way now. Also, the LA Kings made a splashy trade... maybe the Ducks could take a page from their crosstown rivals and start making some moves?
27 min
Free Agency Time Begins Soon... and Big Decisio...
Now that the NHL season is OFFICIALLY over, it's time to look at the off-season! Some big dates are coming up very soon, and it's time to look at the Summer plans for the Ducks. Who should Anaheim bring back this off-season? Which minor league guys are important for the Ducks to bring back? Also, JD Hernandez once again explains why the Ducks shouldn't spend ALL of their money this summer.
26 min
Cogliano and Manson Win Their First Cup, Is Cor...
The 2022 NHL season has come to an end, and the Colorado Avalanche dethroned the two-time defending champion, Tampa Bay Lightning. How close was this series actually? Also, Josh Manson and Andrew Cogliano finally got to raise the Stanley Cup. This victory was especially sweet for Cogliano who waited 15 years to win it all. Finally, Corey Perry makes dubious history with another Stanley Cup Final loss.
29 min
Three More Draft-Eligible Names That Could Land...
The NHL entry draft is now less than two weeks away. The Anaheim Ducks have two 1st round selections in the draft. On the heels of yesterday's Locked On NHL Mock Draft, JD Hernandez looks at three names... that were not called in the mock draft that the Ducks could go after with either pick, if they are available. Surprisingly, one of those names not called was Marco Kasper. Would it be wise for the Ducks to take a chance on him if he's available?
25 min
Locked On NHL Mock Draft 1.0 (feat. The NHL hos...
With the NHL Draft just two weeks away, the Locked On NHL hosts have put together their first version of the mock draft. The #1 is no surprise at all, but who did the other hosts pick after that? JD Hernandez comes in with the #10 pick, and a name that fans may have heard a bit about recently. Also, who has the BEST name in this year's draft?
28 min
The NHL Awards, Zegras Makes the All-Rookie Team!
It's NHL Awards season, and Trevor Zegras is up for the Calder Trophy. Did the right player win the award? At least Zegras brought home some hardware by making the All-Rookie team, so that's a plus. Also, JD Hernandez looks at the other major awards won that evening, and Kenan Thompson has the last laugh!
22 min
Former Duck On Former Duck Crime, and A Look at...
Four former Ducks are battling --literally-- for the right to hoist the Stanley Cup. Which players have made a difference so far in this series? Also, Corey Perry makes more NHL history with his goal on Monday night. Pat Maroon might also have provided the goal that could be a turning point in this series. Finally, JD Hernandez takes a look at Jonathan Lekkerimaki as a possible target in this year's NHL Draft.
28 min
Possible Off-Season Trade Targets For the Ducks
The Anaheim Ducks might look to the off-season trade market to replenish their now-depleted lineup for the next year. Who are some possible trade targets out there? The Ducks could look to take on a 1-year deal to help the rebuild along. Finally, which long-term contracts could the Ducks be willing to take a look at, and which team should they target?
25 min
Mason McTavish Raises a Cup! An OHL Cup, That I...
Juniors hockey is winding down, and Mason McTavish is a star in the OHL Final series! JD Hernandez goes over his masterful game 7 performance, and where he has made improvements in the last two months... and how he nearly got a hat trick. Plus, how good can McTavish be for the Ducks? Finally, a quick look at Mason's road to completing his likely final junior season with the ultimate prize.
23 min
Gibby Doesn't Want Out of Anaheim, Which Former...
The latest John Gibson rumors indicate that he doesn't want to leave the Anaheim Ducks. What do the Ducks need to do to keep him happy? Also, it's time for the Stanley Cup Final! JD Hernandez talks about the FOUR former Ducks in the battle between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Colorado Avalanche. Which former Ducks would you rather see lift the Cup?
28 min
John Gibson Rumors Swirling Around...
Conflicting reports revolving around John Gibson has everyone buzzing. JD Hernandez goes over what reports came out, and what Gibby's agent had to say about the rumors. Also, should the Ducks want to keep him around, and would John Gibson want to go through another rebuilding season? Finally, hockey Twitter went wild with some drama involving Connor McDavid.
28 min
A Frustrated John Gibson, and Frustrated Fans
Is John Gibson ready to move on from the Anaheim Ducks? Are the Ducks ready to move on from him? JD Hernandez talks about the latest Gibby rumors and where he could land. Also, a scary incident took place in New York involving some fans. Finally, JD looks back on some Calder Cup memories and the connections with the Ducks and Stanley Cup FInal.
24 min
Memories of Stockton, and Juniors Finals Updates!
JD Hernandez catches everyone up on the AHL conference finals from both sides, and waxes poetic about Stockton losing their hockey team for good. He looks back on some of the memories, and gives thanks. Also, a look at the WHL and OHL Finals, including Mason McTavish continuing to dominate for the Hamilton Bulldogs. Finally, there is one name the Ducks SHOULD aggressively look at during the off-season...
29 min
Building a Foundation For the Future?
Are the Anaheim Ducks ready to make the playoffs now, or are they willing to wait a year? JD Hernandez looks at what the Ducks should do with their defense, and follows with some of the rumors that the Ducks might look to a different direction in goal. Finally, what to do about the budding young stars?
23 min
Letting the Truth Out
What does the recent firing of the Anaheim Angels' manager have to do with the Ducks? Also, the Bruins axed their head coach... a coach that the Ducks COULD have gone after this summer. Finally, JD Hernandez lets off some steam...
31 min
Another Playoffs Check-In, and Goalies Flopping...
It's another playoff check-in, but this time with reinforcements! Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) joins the program to talk about playoffs and how the Western Conference Finals have gone completely in favor of the Avalanche. Can they ride this momentum to a Cup? Also, JD and Sarah have differing views on the East Finals. Who thinks the Lightning still have a chance in this series? Also, the Rangers goalie wins an award for flopping thanks to a former Duck. Finally, a quick look at the AHL and OHL playoffs!
37 min
Catching Up With Some Old Friends
Which former Ducks are still making an impact in this year's Stanley Cup Playoffs? JD Hernandez goes over the four players left in the playoffs, including Josh Manson who has looked fantastic as of late, and Corey Perry... who is tied for the team lead in playoff goals?? Finally, which former Duck would you rather see hoist Lord Stanley's trophy?
25 min
Which Ducks Prospects Are Playing Into June?
It's all about the prospects as JD Hernandez delves into the OHL and WHL Finals. Mason McTavish continues to guide the Hamilton Bulldogs in an unprecedented playoff streak. JD also looks at the unfortunate final outing for Gage Alexander, and some possible prospects the Ducks should be looking to pick up this summer.
26 min
A Depth Signing For the Ducks/Gulls, Looking Fo...
Pavol Regenda signs an ELC with the Anaheim Ducks. How does this depth move ultimately help the franchise, and what it likely means for the Gulls. Also, which pending RFAs should the Ducks ultimately re-sign? Finally, with Bryan Rust out of the free agent picture, who should the Ducks aggressively go after now?
27 min
Allow Me To Re-Introduce Myself, and Ducks Clai...
Welcome to the first simulcast of "Locked On Ducks." JD Hernandez introduces himself for the YouTube crowd, and gives a little background on his life growing up as a young sports fan in SoCal. Next, McDavid leads the Oilers to the Western Conference Finals... and this helps out the Ducks! What are some names Anaheim should be looking at with that 22nd pick?
31 min
Top 3 Gulls Moments of 2021-22, and Goodbye, St...
It's the final "Locked On Gulls" podcast of the season, and JD Hernandez looks back at his top 3 Gulls moments of the season. We had eye-popping goals, heart-warming moments and more! Also, JD talks about the confirmed news that the Stockton Heat will be no more after this postseason. Also, does this mean another Canadian NHL team might make a similar move?
40 min
Here We Go Again, and Corey Perry Thoughts
JD Hernandez opens the show with another message to everyone in regards to the horrific events in Texas. Also, how is Corey Perry still producing in the twilight of his career? Finally, how in the world is Perry possibly going to the Cup Final for the 3rd year in a row?
27 min
We Need to Talk About It Again
JD Hernandez addresses the huge elephant in the hockey room. Racism rears its ugly head once again, but this time during an important Western Conference playoff series. Could this all have been prevented, and who was the most out of line?
31 min
Eight Former Ducks Still On the Quest for Lord ...
Now that we're in the Conference Semifinals, there are only eight (8) former Ducks still on playoff rosters. Which former Ducks players are most likely to raise the Cup. More important, which former Ducks are most deserving of raising the Stanley Cup? JD Hernandez looks at the remaining players, and tries to answer those questions.
29 min
Which Prospects Are Still Making a Difference?
There are still some Ducks prospects to keep an eye on! Who should we keep track of this coming weekend? Which players might take home a championship in juniors? Also, which prospect had a rough month? Finally, JD Hernandez talks a little bit about the recent changes in San Diego, and what position the Gulls will have to address the most.
29 min
So there are plenty of fans that think Trevor Zegras isn't worthy of winning the Calder Trophy. There are even a few fans who think he shouldn't even been nominated. JD Hernandez talks about why Zegras not only deserves to be nominated, but should win the award. Also, he addresses the AHL's latest news about a team in California moving away, and why hockey here in SoCal is NOT a bad idea.
37 min
Joel Bouchard Out As the Gulls Coach
26 min
Anaheim Secures the 10th Pick, and Zegras For C...
The Anaheim Ducks entered the NHL Draft Lottery with the 10th best odds to move up... and that's exactly where they wound up. JD Hernandez explores some early names that the Ducks could explore with that 10th selection. Also, what will it take for the voters to choose Trevor Zegras as the Calder Trophy winner?
25 min
San Diego Gulls Swept In 2 in Ontario
T.J. Tynan sealed the fate of the San Diego Gulls in a dramatic overtime victory for Ontario. JD Hernandez breaks down the game action, and how some self-inflicted mistakes ultimately cost the Ducks' AHL affiliate. Which players stood out the most, and who didn't have the best two-game series? Finally, what's next for some of these young prospects?
35 min
Olen Zellweger Makes His Pro Debut... In a Play...
The San Diego Gulls began their quest for the Calder Cup on Wednesday night. Joining the team was the Ducks' 2021 2nd round pick, Olen Zellweger. However, the Ontario Reign were victorious in game 1 of their opening series. JD Hernandez breaks down game 1, looks at what was the Achilles' heel, and looks at Zellweger's overall game.
28 min
Talking About Tom Hodges, and a Tribute to Dais...
In this special return to the podcast, JD Hernandez talks a little bit about Tom Hodges, and Olen Zellweger joins the San Diego Gulls for their short series against the Ontario Reign. Finally, JD gives a touching, heartfelt tribute to Daisy, the dog.
22 min
Bonus: Reflecting on the legacy of Montreal Can...
9 min
Death, Taxes, and Kempe Scoring On John Gibson
Adrian Kempe did it again. He scored yet another key goal on John Gibson. JD Hernandez talks about round 3 of the Freeway Face-Off against the Kings, and how Kempe continues to stay in Gibson's nightmares. Meanwhile, Jonathan Quick went back to his Conn Smythe form with a stellar performance and earning the much-needed W for Los Angeles.
26 min
Three Stars, and It's Time to Face the Kings! (...
JD Hernandez begins the program giving out his Three Ducks' Stars! Troy Terry continues his hot play and looks to continue that against the Los Angeles Kings. Sarah Avampato once again joins the program to talk about both teams... and they both talk about the comments made about Trevor Zegras. Also, what does the injury situation look like for the Kings? Finally, what will their predictions be?
41 min
A Milestone Night In Anaheim Leads to a Ducks V...
The Anaheim Ducks put on a high-octane performance against the Columbus Blue Jackets with some key players hitting milestones. JD Hernandez talks about which players shined, and who had multiple attempts at a hat trick throughout the game? Also, JD mentions the comments made by Dallas Eakins about Trevor Zegras. Finally, Pat Verbeek talked after the game briefly about Getzlaf and the future of the Ducks.
31 min
Ryan Getzlaf and Corey Perry Together One Final...
The Anaheim Ducks' final game of the road trip had a plethora of emotions. From the Lightning scoring a game-tying goal with seconds left, to the Lightning getting TWO goals overturned (one in overtime), JD Hernandez breaks down the silliness that took place. Also, we dive into the long and wonderful friendship between Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf as they share the ice one final time.
26 min
The Gulls and Reign Battle in a Playoff Preview...
The San Diego Gulls enter this 3-game set against their biggest rival, the Ontario Reign on a losing skid. How did the Gulls fare against the top power play unit in the AHL? JD Hernandez and Sarah Avampato break down the first of this trio of games, take a deep dive into some possibly historic stats, and what to look forward in the coming games. Is this a possible playoff preview, and how would that series go?
36 min
A Historic Performance For John Gibson Comes Up...
The Anaheim Ducks nearly pulled off a huge upset against the Eastern Conference-leading Florida Panthers and their 55 shots. John Gibson was spectacular in net, but it wasn't enough. JD Hernandez talks about the historic performance, and how this ranks among his best performances of the season. Also, more on Dallas Eakins' 4th year option being picked up by the Ducks.
31 min
Dallas Eakins Is Back For Another Year, Ducks/P...
What is the state of the Anaheim Ducks with coach Dallas Eakins returning for another season? It's a crossover special as JD Hernandez is joined by Armando Velez (Locked On Panthers) to talk about it. Also, how in the world are the Florida Panthers pulling off all these incredible comebacks? Finally, what does the future hold for the Ducks, and what about some predictions?
38 min
Mathematically Eliminated From the Playoffs Aga...
For the 4th consecutive season, the Anaheim Ducks are officially ending their season without seeing any playoff action. JD Hernandez talks about the elimination, and if there is any hope in the near future. Also, the Ducks shine in Philly, and JD gives his Ducks 3 Stars of the Week!
30 min
Zegras' Skills On Display Again, and Getzlaf & ...
Trevor Zegras continues to dazzle the crowds with his highlight reel goals. His latest act came in a loss to the division-leading Calgary Flames. JD Hernandez talks about who NEEDS to be on a line with Z. Also, it's officially tank season in Anaheim as the Ducks are getting closer to being mathematically eliminated. Finally, Corey Perry had some heartfelt words about his best friend, Ryan Getzlaf.
24 min
Gulls Play Some Wild Hockey, and Future Gulls i...
First, JD Hernandez recaps the two games against the Minnesota Wild, and some brilliant play from the young guys. Then, it's a squadcast as Erica Ayala (Locked On Kraken), Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings), and Kelly Schultz (PHF) preview the Frozen Four, and highlight the Minnesota Golden Gophers as they have Kings and Ducks prospects playing this weekend. The future is looking bright for the Ducks franchise, and these young kids are leading the way.
34 min
It's Really Time to Give John Gibson a Break
So what should be the Ducks' goaltending plan for the rest of this season? JD Hernandez discusses the possible plan for Gibby moving forward, and why there should be a couple specific games that he should start. Also, JD brings some advanced stats to the program detailing the extreme highs and lows of Gibson's season.
28 min
Ryan Getzlaf Retiring At Season's End
The long, illustrious career of longtime Ducks captain, Ryan Getzlaf, is coming to a conclusion later this month. JD Hernandez talks about the news that broke early Tuesday morning. Is Getzy a future Hall of Famer? Plus, JD looks back at some of the best moments in Ryan's career, both on and off the ice. Finally, JD briefly talks about the press conference that took place at Honda Center, and gives out his 3 Ducks stars of the last week.
27 min
Trevor Zegras With Another Highlight Goal, and ...
Over the weekend, Trevor Zegras pulled off another "Michigan" goal, this one more impressive than the last one against the Coyotes. JD Hernandez talks about the Anaheim Ducks finally breaking their long losing streak, and the amazing play of Trevor Zegras. Then, we address the ugly Jay Beagle fracas that took place at the end of the game, and all the controversy surrounding it, including the lack of action from the league, Tyson Nash's comments, and the recent history between the Ducks and Coyotes.
35 min
Eleven Straight Losses for the Ducks, and In-Fi...
The Once-Mighty Ducks have fallen for their 11th consecutive loss, one away from the franchise record. Sarah Avampato, who has always hosted this podcast, breaks down Thursday's game. Then, we take a look at some Ducks stats since the All-Star break again. We then travel down to talk smack about the Coyotes and their woes. Finally, there is tension in the locker room as Sarah gives her take on the Zegras/Lettieri nonsense.
27 min
Alex Limoges Is Playing On Another Level and Ge...
The San Diego Gulls are rolling right now. They continue their point streak against the top two teams in the Pacific Division. JD Hernandez breaks down both games, and talks about a special pre-game moment for Alex Limoges. Jacob Perreault is still playing lights out for the Gulls... and Alex Limoges is named the AHL's Player of the Week!
28 min
Poor John Gibson Tried To Prevent a 10th Consec...
John Gibson played out of his mind Tuesday night against the Dallas Stars. Unfortunately, he couldn't do it by himself as the Anaheim Ducks fell for the 10th straight time. It might really be time to give Gibson a bit of a breather... especially looking at his stats after the All-Star break. JD Hernandez also talks about Troy Terry again, and how historically bad this losing streak is.
26 min
Ducks/Stars Crossover, Previewing The Upcoming ...
With a two-game set of games coming up against the Dallas Stars at the Pond, JD Hernandez brings along Dane Lewis (Locked On Dallas Stars) to preview this set of games. JD and Dane talk about their respective teams, and what to look for in these games. What will it take for the Stars to get in the playoffs? Finally, JD and Dane talk about jerseys... and a particular jersey that both have!
40 min
9 Straight Losses, and 3 Stars of the Week
The Anaheim Ducks' current losing streak has now reached 9 games. What looked to be promising turned south very quickly thanks to a Timo Meier hat trick at the Shark Tank. JD Hernandez breaks down what went wrong, and then gives out his 3 Stars of the Week. Former San Diego Gulls captain, Sam Carrick, gets some love on this episode!
24 min
Eight Consecutive Losses... Let's Look Ahead to...
The Anaheim Ducks lose for the 8th straight time to the Chicago Blackhawks, and it might not get any better. JD Hernandez looks at the abysmal state of the team since the All-Star break. Also, there are 16 games (likely) left in the Dallas Eakins era, and it's not too early to look ahead! JD explores the possible BIG free agency Summer the Ducks could have with their immense cap space... and some UFA targets the Ducks could (and should) go after.
31 min
The Gulls Are Streaking, and the Jacob Perreaul...
It's Gulls Thursday, and JD Hernandez breaks down the 4 Gulls games from the previous week. San Diego was already riding a winning streak, and it continued against the Henderson Silver Knights who were forced to start a 3rd string goalie against the hot Gulls. Alex Limoges scored a hat trick in the final game of the week... but it was all about Jacob Perreault who is looking impressive in his time down in the AHL. JD finishes the show asking if Perreault would be better off staying the whole time in SD, or is it okay to bring up Jacob for a handful of games?
36 min
Trade With Vegas Voided! What Does This Mean?
Now that the Evgenii Dadonov trade has officially been voided by the NHL, we explore what this means for both the Ducks and the Golden Knights. JD Hernandez tries to reason out why this trade was negated, and then gives options for VGK to get out of their own salary cap nightmare.
26 min
Trade... Or No Trade? The Dadonov Era Ends Befo...
The Anaheim Ducks made some trades... but the trade with Vegas could soon be voided because of a measly no-trade list. JD Hernandez tries his hardest to explain how it happened, and what this means to both the Ducks and Golden Knights, and what happens with Evgenii Dadonov. Also, Derek Grant busts out with a big game, and Troy Terry reaches a milestone!
27 min
Trade Deadline Madness!
First, JD Hernandez thanks all the listeners and followers for their endless support through a draining weekend. With that said, the Ducks' final game before the trade deadline went as expected... a shutout loss to the Florida Panthers. Multiple players were held out, and were later traded. The Anaheim Ducks traded away Hampus Lindholm, Nic Deslauriers, and Rickard Rakell among others... and they got back a wealth of picks for the next three years. Let the rebuilding commence.
30 min
The Ducks Are About to Look Very Different
With the NHL's trade deadline fast approaching, JD Hernandez talks about the one trade that has already been made and focuses on the remaining games in this season. Also, which players are next to go, and which teams are targeting the Ducks' pending UFAs?
22 min
A Perfect Week for the Gulls, and Reinforcement...
JD Hernandez talks about the recent Ducks trade and what that means for the San Diego Gulls. Drew Helleson could be coming to San Diego very soon. There have been other players that have also signed ATOs and went on to success. Also, the Gulls get back-to-back shutouts, and stifles the Silver Knights' offense thanks to the brilliance of Lukas Dostal.
34 min
Winless In the East, and What To Do With John G...
The Anaheim Ducks conclude their east coast road trip with an overtime loss to the New York Rangers... in front of Trevor Zegras' friends and family. With this loss, the Ducks' road to the playoffs look dim. JD Hernandez also talks about how the Ducks should approach the workload of John Gibson for the final 19 games of the season.
28 min
The Ducks Take Manhattan, and Three Stars! (fea...
The Anaheim Ducks conclude their long road trip with a trip to Madison Square Garden against the New York Rangers. Jon Chik (Locked On NY Rangers) joins the program to give a little bit of a preview, some trade talk, and some key players in this matchup to watch out for. Finally, JD Hernandez gives out his 3 Ducks stars for the past week, including one player who makes this list for the final time this season...
29 min
A Down Weekend in New York, and a Big Trade to ...
The Anaheim Ducks had a rough weekend against the Devils and the Islanders, and are still looking for their first road victory. JD Hernandez talks about those two games... and then the bombshell hit. Josh Manson was traded from the Ducks to a Cup contender in the Colorado Avalanche. Who did the Ducks get in return, and was this a good trade for the future?
28 min
Looking Back On 500 Episodes! (feat. Sarah Avam...
Today's special episode looks back on the biggest stories from the past 500 episodes of "Locked On Ducks," including the two-year anniversary of when everything changed in sports. Friend of the program, Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) joins in later to talk about some more fun moments on the program, give thanks, and talk about the glory that is Adam Henrique's beard.
34 min
The Gulls In Danger, and Send Help to Lukas Dos...
The San Diego Gulls are in the midst of another losing streak, including a crucial loss to the Stockton Heat on Wednesday night. JD Hernandez breaks down the games and what went wrong. Also, how does the recent call-ups to the Anaheim Ducks affect the Gulls? Is this a death sentence for BOTH the Ducks and Gulls? Finally, Sarah Avampato joins the program to talk about AHL goaltending! How should the Gulls handle Lukas Dostal moving forward?
34 min
An Embarrassing Loss Against the Chicago Blackh...
The Anaheim Ducks gave up eight (8) goals to the Chicago Blackhawks. Patrick Kane scored a career-high 5 goals. John Gibson needs a rest. JD Hernandez can't stand to talk about this terrible loss by himself, so he brought along Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) who happened to be in town to sort through the mess that is the current state of the Anaheim Ducks ahead of the trade deadline.
37 min
3 Stars Includes a Couple Game-Winning Ducks!
JD Hernandez gives his three Ducks stars of the week. Of course, a couple players with important late game-winning goals made the cut. Trevor Zegras had a very important goal against the Bruins, but it was his late-game defense against the Sharks that put him over the top. Also, a defenseman scored the most points last week?? Finally, JD gives his 3rd star, and some honorable mentions to the veterans of the team.
24 min
A Perfectly Legal Goal to Sink the Sharks
Rickard Rakell was masterful once again in the Ducks' 3-2 overtime victory against the San Jose Sharks. He pulled off a perfectly executed play in overtime, much to the chagrin of Sharks fans everywhere. JD Hernandez explains why this play was perfectly fine, and where he's seen this play before. Also, what happened with the power play? Finally, JD looks ahead to the upcoming road trip, and a quick look at the standings.
25 min
The Sharks Are Coming To Town For the Weekend (...
The Ducks lose another game to the Golden Knights, but at least the power play is still working! JD Hernandez talks about the game that was before being joined by another JD! With the Sharks coming to town, JD Young (Locked On Sharks) dropped by the podcast to give a fun preview and talk about the state of the Sharks, and more trade deadline movement?
36 min
The Golden Knights Are Coming To Town (feat. To...
It's a crossover episode before the final meeting of the season between the Golden Knights and the Anaheim Ducks. Tony Cordasco (Locked On VGK) joins the podcast to talk about how each team dealt with the Bruins, and which players need to step it up in Vegas or be dealt at the deadline. JD talks about Trevor Zegras, and talks a bit about the upcoming trade deadline.
35 min
Lukas Dostal Is Playing On Another Level for Sa...
Lukas Dostal was named the AHL Player of the Week for his stellar play against the Ontario Reign and especially against the Henderson Silver Knights. How would he follow up that week of games? JD Hernandez talks about the amazing game against the Colorado Eagles, including the rare goalie goal! Finally, JD looks back on some AHL history and who else has scored a goalie goal. One in particular might bring back some bad memories for Gulls fans...
30 min
Inject That Zegras Goal Celebration Into Our Ve...
The Trevor Zegras Experience took on new heights as he delivered a crushing game-winning goal against the Boston Bruins. JD Hernandez first looks at the power play and its success. Then, he talks about the importance of that moment when Zegras scored the power play goal. Finally, we look at some other players who made a difference in the much-needed victory to keep the Ducks' playoff hopes alive.
28 min
An Atypical Set of Ducks Three Stars
In a week that saw two bad losses over the weekend, there were still some bright spots in the Ducks lineup. Rickard Rakell put on a masterful performance with a great finish against the Sharks. However, who did JD choose as his other two stars of the week?
21 min
A Double Dose of Disappointing Ducks Defeats
The Anaheim Ducks couldn't solve neither their rivals, the Los Angeles Kings, nor the New York Islanders over the weekend. Adrian Kempe continues to haunt John Gibson with another stellar performance. Finally, which players struggled over the two games?
22 min
Who Will Take Control of the Freeway Face-Off? ...
A BIG matchup is on the horizon as both SoCal teams fight for a playoff spot. How did both the Kings and Ducks look on their previous games, and who has been the difference for both teams? Also, JD and Sarah look at the upcoming games and give out some predictions!
39 min
Ontario Reigns Mighty Against the Gulls Twice L...
Which player made a stellar impression on the Ducks new GM, Pat Verbeek? How did the San Diego Gulls fare against one of the best teams in the AHL? Jay Forster (Field Pass Hockey, Ontario Reign) joins the program to talk about the two-game set, and some fun stats trivia!
38 min
3 Stars Time Features Two Players Who Shouldn't...
Who did JD Hernandez select as his 3 Ducks stars from last week? Which kids shined the brightest? Also, JD makes a quick change for that #3 star, but there is good reason!
21 min
A Fast Start Leads to a Great Road Trip Finish!
JD Hernandez breaks down the Anaheim Ducks' latest victory over the Vancouver Canucks, thus giving Anaheim a much-needed two points to finish off their 3-game road trip. The hot start caused the capacity crowd to boo, and it was over early... but the Ducks were back in the habit of taking their foot completely off the gas once again. Fortunately, it was a big enough lead to fend off the Canucks, but should the Ducks be worried?
24 min
No Defense in Edmonton, But the Power Play Stil...
Trevor Zegras does everything he can to jumpstart the Anaheim Ducks' offense. Unfortunately, the defense couldn't do the same in a 7-3 loss in Edmonton. JD Hernandez tries to stay positive despite the bad loss. The power play is still as effective as ever, and they're still a top-tier team in that department. However, JD breaks down the defensive miscues in Alberta, and if the Ducks have anyone to help them out.
26 min
The Gulls Pick Apart the Cellar-Dwelling Barracuda
The San Diego Gulls entered last week in danger of losing a playoff spot. However, the last-place San Jose Barracuda would provide some relief as they were decimated by the Gulls stellar goaltending, and the improving play of some of the young guys. Which players made a huge difference in the last week of games? Who should get a look with the Ducks THIS season?
29 min
Questionable Coaching Spurs a Bad Loss in Calgary
The Anaheim Ducks have one of their worst defensive efforts of the season in a 6-2 loss at the Calgary Saddledome. While the Flames have now won 8 consecutive games, the Ducks find themselves in a losing streak, thanks in part to some odd lineups being deployed. What changes need to be made moving ahead on the rest of their road trip?
25 min
Are the Calgary Flames Finally For Real? (feat....
JD Hernandez is joined by Jess Belmosto (Locked On Flames) to talk about the Ducks' emergence this season, and what has been the difference. Also, does the Tyler Toffoli trade make the Flames a legit Cup contender? FInally, JD and Jess preview Wednesday night's game at the Saddledome and make their predictions!
33 min
Why No All-Star Game in Anaheim?
With Las Vegas having recently hosted the NHL All-Star Game, JD Hernandez explores the reasons why certain cities, including Anaheim, won't lost the event any time soon, and what it would take for the Pond to host such an event. Also, what's happening in Phoenix is quickly becoming a black eye for the league... JD talks about the new "temporary" solution the Coyotes are attempting, and why it won't work.
31 min
New Hires & the Future of the Ducks
The Anaheim Ducks made three new hires over the past week, including the hiring of Pat Verbeek to the vacant GM position. What do these hires mean for the Ducks short-term, and possibly long term?
19 min
Some Bad Habits Lead to a Disappointing Ducks D...
After a long break for the team (and this podcast), the Anaheim Ducks finally return to action against the last-place Seattle Kraken... and lose in disappointing fashion with a classic late-game breakdown. JD Hernandez breaks down the game, and notices some similarities to some bad habits the Ducks exhibited early in the season.
27 min
Looking at the Big Picture After a Grueling Roa...
After a tough-luck overtime loss against the Detroit Red WIngs, the Ducks find themselves right in the middle of an intense playoff race. JD Hernandez looks back on the road trip, and gives some stats as to why the Ducks were lucky to get 8 out of a possible 10 points on this road trip. Finally, a look at the big picture of the Ducks this season.
21 min
Three Stellar Stars, and a Rookie Matchup Previ...
JD Hernandez begins the episode giving out his 3 Anaheim Ducks stars for the past week. John Gibson was spectacular, Troy Terry was in All-Star form, and the 3rd star may surprise everyone! Finally, JD is joined by Brian Fisher and Scott Bentley (Locked On Red Wings) to talk about the Calder race. Who will likely win the Calder, and how great is Trevor Zegras for the league? Also, they give their previews and predictions for the game in Detroit.
34 min
John Gibson Steals 2 Points In Ottawa!
A special bonus weekend edition of the show brings us to Ottawa! JD Hernandez breaks down the Ducks road victory against the Ottawa Senators, and this was a game that was largely dominated by the Sens... yet the Ducks escaped with two points. JD breaks down the stats, and then he gives some love to All-Star goaltender, John Gibson... and quieted some critics.
23 min
Trevor Zegras Broke the Internet Again
The Anaheim Ducks continue their winning ways on the road, and that included a wild shootout in Toronto, and a crazy game in Montreal that saw Trevor Zegras pull off "The Michigan" against the Montreal Canadiens. JD Hernandez breaks down both of those games, and then talks about what makes Trevor Zegras so great, and how he could continue his excellence with the puck and helping the Ducks win.
27 min
Second Periods Are BAD for the Gulls, Furtherin...
The San Diego Gulls have a bad week of games, and the 2nd period has been their undoing every time. Plus, JD Hernandez gives his final thoughts on the unfortunate incidents around the minor leagues.
28 min
A Significant Date, No Fans in Toronto, and Tra...
JD Hernandez first talks about the significance of this date in history and how it's affected sports in SoCal. Then, Mikey DiStefano (Locked On Maple Leafs) comes on to talk about a homecoming of sorts for Ducks assistant coach, Mike Stothers. Finally, JD and Mikey talk about some of the trade rumors swirling around in Toronto, and the type of player they are looking for. What would Anaheim ask for in return?
30 min
Addressing the Racism In the Current Hockey Atm...
JD Hernandez addresses the recent acts of racism on the ice in both the AHL and ECHL. Unfortunately, these are not isolated incidents, and JD goes over some of the other past incidents and the lack of action that has taken place to prevent more acts of racism from happening.
30 min
Duukks Make Tuukka Look Silly, and 3 Stars!
The Anaheim Ducks put up a 5-spot on the Boston Bruins whose goalie wasn't looking sharp. Derek Grant continues his torrid scoring pace, and Troy Terry is back in the lineup, and he continues where he left off: scoring goals. Finally, JD Hernandez gives his 3 stars of the week, and it's an elite list of stars! What are the reasons for putting the blazing-hot Derek Grant on that list?
25 min
Mailbag Time! Possible Trade & GM Targets?
It's time to open up the mailbag once again with JD Hernandez on this special weekend edition. JD answers questions about Trevor Zegras, Mike Stothers, possible player & GM free agents... and 90s kid's game shows?
20 min
The Supporting Cast Lifts the Ducks Over the Ch...
A late Friday recording turns into a Saturday morning episode drop... and what a game to finish the homestand! JD Hernandez breaks down the Anaheim Ducks' 5-1 victory over the back-to-back defending champion, Tampa Bay Lightning. It was the 3rd and 4th liners that did the dirty work in this game, but John Gibson stole the show! JD also talks about which players made a difference on special teams, and how the coach-for-the-evening makes an impact on those special teams.
29 min
New Faces Help the San Diego Gulls Jump Start a...
In this "Gulls" edition of the show, JD Hernandez looks at the last week of games for the Gulls, and how their winning streak started. Which prospect is continuing to show his promise and could be an impact player? Finally, JD highlights TWO new additions to the Gulls roster who have made a big difference in the Gulls recent winning ways.
30 min
Anaheim Ducks' Midseason Report Cards!
The short-handed Anaheim Ducks lose a tough game against the high-octane Colorado Avalanche, but the Ducks made them work for it. JD Hernandez quickly goes through the highlights, and gives some interesting facts about late-round draft picks. Finally, it's mid-season report card time! JD gives out grades in a number of categories including special teams, Kevin Shattenkirk, and the... social media team?
29 min
The Importance of All-Star, Troy Terry
Troy Terry is an All-Star! JD Hernandez talks about who made the All-Star team on the "Last Man In" votes for each division. Also, how important is Troy Terry to the team, and why did his absence magnify his worth to the team? Finally, there is another Duck that will be joining John Gibson and Troy Terry in Las Vegas... Trevor Zegras??
20 min
John Gibson Is An All-Star, Troy Terry is Snubb...
JD Hernandez congratulates John Gibson on making another All-Star team! Then Sarah Avampato (Locked On Kings) joins the party to talk about the rest of the division ASG rosters, snubs, and who probably isn't All-Star caliber. Finally, they both make the case for Troy Terry making the All-Star Game as the "last man in."
28 min
The Gulls Are Short-Handed, and League-Wide Att...
Gulls Thursday returns after a one-week break, and JD Hernandez breaks down their victory over the first-place Stockton Heat. Then, Sarah Avampato (Locked On Kings) joins the program to talk about that bizarre game versus the Reign. Finally, they have a lengthy discussion about attendance in the AHL, what's driving the below average numbers, and which teams are in danger.
39 min
Jeff and Geno's Conquest in Anaheim (feat. Sara...
JD Hernandez and Sarah Avampato (Locked On Kings) talk about the Pittsburgh Penguins' dominance over the Anaheim Ducks... that began even before the game started. The return of Evgeni Malkin was surprising. Also, noted Ducks killer, Jeff Carter, played a vital role in last night's game at the Ponda. Another topic of discussion was the questionable coaching stylings of Dallas Eakins. Finally, they discuss the most talked about event in the NHL on Tuesday night.
27 min
Three Stars of the Week Includes a Hat Tricker!
JD Hernandez gives his 3 Ducks stars of the previous week, and one of them is, of course, the man who got the Ducks' first hat trick of the season. Can he possibly keep up this torrid pace that he's on? Also, we have a newcomer on the 3 stars list... and that 3rd star is tough to choose...
24 min
Three Kids Make Their Ducks' Debuts Including L...
The Anaheim Ducks played a pair of games over the weekend which featured the NHL debuts of Jacob Perreault, Brayden Tracey, and Lukas Dostal. JD Hernandez talks about both games over the weekend before bringing in John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) to talk about the Sunday game. They discuss the emergence and great play from Lukas Dostal who notched his first NHL victory in a dramatic shootout. Also, they talk about jersey numbers!
34 min