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Welcome to the "Locked On Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we enter a new era of Ducks hockey as Dallas Eakins enters the fray as the new head coach. Gain some insight into your Ducks with special guests, a weekly look into their minor league team, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying that beautiful SoCal weather. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Jacob Larsson Signs an Extension, Darcy Kuemper...
The Ducks sign Jacob Larsson to a 2-year extension. How does this affect the other Ducks UFAs? How will this affect the other recent signings? Also, Darcy Kuemper puts on an incredible performance for the Arizona Coyotes as they are one win away from advancing. Plus, JD goes over all the other Stanley Cup Qualifier nuttiness taking place in the Edmonton and Toronto bubbles.
31 min
Coyotes Fold For 59 Minutes, A Sweep Victory Fo...
Tuesday's hockey action saw the Nashville Predators play perfect hockey... for 59 minutes when the Arizona Coyotes nearly mounted a comeback. Also, the Carolina Hurricanes quickly send the Rangers packing and help create a new meme. Finally, Jared Ellis (Locked On Hurricanes) stops by again to help JD reveal their 10 song soundtracks for this year's NHL Playoffs.
42 min
A Canes Hat Trick, A Coyotes Stunner, and McDav...
Jared Ellis (Hurricanes) joins the podcast to talk about all things Canes including that amazing Andrei Svechnikov hat trick, the Coyotes and their great start, and more!
29 min
The Coyotes Stun the Preds, and Breaking Down t...
The Arizona Coyotes come out of the gates strong against the favored Nashville Predators. What did Arizona do right? Should the Preds have started Rinne instead of Saros? Also, Sarah Avampato is back once again to talk about all the other action that took place during the first weekend of actual NHL hockey, including Matt Tkachuk injuring a Jets player, Nate Thompson surprising everyone, and Justin WIlliams fighting?
29 min
The NHL Takes a Back Seat to Politics, and Our ...
Sarah Avampato joins the podcast once again to first talk about the dirty (?) hit from Ryan Reaves in an exhibition game. We then address how politics has entered the fray once again in the world of hockey. Finally, we give our official predictions in each of the eight Stanley Cup Qualifier series beginning over the weekend.
47 min
Drama in the Valley of the Sun-ny Milano's 2-Ye...
A little more information is revealed regarding the apparent quitting of former Coyotes' GM, John Chayka. Also, the Anaheim Ducks pull off another great move by signing Sonny Milano to a 2-year extension. What does this mean in he short term, and how much of a steal is this? Finally, JD goes in depth with the naming of the NHL's newest franchise, the Seattle Kraken.
24 min
Where Were the Yotes Before COVID-19 Happened, ...
In today's edition temporarily covering the Arizona Coyotes, where was the team before the COVID-19 shutdown took place? How has the Taylor Hall trade affected the team thusfar? How much different is the team with Darcy Kuemper? Also, the NHL actually did something brilliant by creating just about the perfect set of 12 exhibition games... which are also mostly rivalry games. Could that bolster ratings?
24 min
Drama Happening in Arizona, and No Positive Tes...
This podcast starts off with some great news as the NHL reports ZERO positive tests for the week of July 18-25. Can they keep this up? How many positive tests would it take to still deem this NHL Bubble idea a success? Also, there is high drama in Arizona as John Chayka resigns as GM from the Coyotes. Speaking of that team, where is this podcast temporarily headed?
20 min
Hockey Jeopardy! #7 (feat. Jason Burke, Gabriel...
Happy Opening Day in baseball! In this special version of "Locked On Hockey Jeopardy," JD emcees with three... baseball hosts as contestants?!? Yes, it's a major sports crossover with Jason Burke (Athletics), Gabrielle Starr (Red Sox), and D.C. Lundberg (Mariners) all trying their hands at some hockey trivia and helping raise money for a wonderful charity. They try to figure out such categories as the nearest NHL teams to MLB stadiums, baseball players that could have made it in hockey, and more! Oh, and all the Bo Bichette puns you can think of!
57 min
2020 NHL Award Nominees and Predictions, What's...
The NHL has finished announcing all of their major award nominees including the Calder Trophy, the Vezina Trophy, and the Hart. JD breaks down the nominees for each award and gives his predictions on them. Also, we address the short-term future of this podcast as we move forward towards the Stanley Cup Qualifiers and highlight future upcoming episodes.
26 min
Good News on COVID-19 Results, and Do Revitaliz...
The latest COVID-19 testing results were released Monday afternoon. How did the results turn out? Is this a good sign for the NHL to move forward to Phase 4? Also, D.C. Lundberg joins the podcast to talk about new projects around either existing stadiums or new stadiums. This discussion is prompted by the news that the San Diego Sports Arena may get a nice revitalization soon.
25 min
Celebrating John Gibson's Belated Birthday!
To end the week, JD celebrates John Gibson's birthday by taking a brief look back at his career, and gives his 5 favorite moments from John Gibson in the 2019-20 season. Of course, they all end up being 5 of his most spectacular (or meaningful) saves of the past year. Also, it's Disneyland's birthday; we briefly look at the impact the park has had on the city and the team.
19 min
Troy Terry Signs a New Contract, and the Allian...
The Anaheim Ducks announced the signing of Troy Terry to a 3-year deal. Is this a good signing? How does this further solidify the direction the Ducks are heading? Also, 11 teams in the area are joining forces to form "The Alliance" which aims to help inner-city youths and use sports to unite for social justice.
20 min
Which Qualifying Teams Deserve the #1 Pick? (fe...
JD is joined once again by Sarah Avampato (Locked On NHL, LA Kings) to discuss the changes to the "Return to Play" calendar, the CBA has been extended by FOUR years. What are some of the changes? Finally, the big segment of the show honored their promise of listing which of the 16 teams playing in the qualifying rounds deserved that #1 overall pick in this year's NHL draft.
45 min
The NHL's Return to Play Protocols Are Announce...
The NHL is coming back in Canada, and JD is joined by Taylor Blake Ward (Angels) to break everything down. The dates are set for the next phase to begin, and the first qualifying round games. Also, the extensive protocols for stage 3 and 4 are laid out in detail. Who will get tested every day? Who is allowed in each bubble? We attempt to answer those questions before player rosters are announced.
38 min
A Crossover Episode About Nothing! (feat. Taylo...
JD hosts this energetic (and often silly) show featuring Taylor Blake Ward (Locked on Angels) and D.C. Lundberg (Locked on Mariners). They play a little trivia, and try to provide a light during these tough times.
37 min
Hub Cities, The Mighty Ducks Film, and Who Shou...
The two hub cities were unofficially announced on Canada Day, and both of them are in Canada! Also, the Mighty Ducks film comes out on Disney+! Finally, JD has Sarah Avampato (Locked on LA Kings, NHL) join to chat about fake hockey names, and WHY the hub cities should be in Canada.
36 min
Tulsa Becomes the ECHL Affiliate, a Golden Age ...
The Tulsa Oilers officially become the Ducks' ECHL affiliate for the next 3 years, and JD continues to chat with Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings, NHL) about the Hall of Fame, and if we are in a Golden Age of women's hockey in the USA.
23 min
NHL Draft Lottery Postpartum (feat. Sarah Avamp...
The fallout from the NHL Draft Lottery results are still being felt. So much so that JD and Sarah Avampato (LA Kings, NHL - Mondays) have a little fun as this was recorded immediately after the draft lottery concluded.
29 min
The Ducks' New Hire, and Trying to Explain the ...
The Ducks hire a new assistant general manager from within the franchise, JD previews the 2020 NHL Draft Lottery and tries to explain the possibilities as best as possible.
22 min
Plans For the Ponda, 2020 Hall of Fame Class An...
The Anaheim Ducks are going full steam ahead to revitalize the area around the Honda Center with a new redevelopment plan, the newest members of the Hockey Hall of Fame are announced, and JD gives a personal message about the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic.
31 min
150th Episode Crossover! (Feat. Taylor Blake Ward)
In this special crossover episode, JD is joined by Taylor Blake Ward (Angels) to talk about underrated players in hockey and baseball. Plus, they discuss the impact of COVID-19 on the NHL and where they should actually play out the rest of the season.
40 min
The AHL's "Return to Play" Task Force is Formed...
The AHL's outgoing President forms a new committee to "Return to Play." Also, the Sabres make a plethora of firings including their entire coaching staff in Rochester. Finally, the San Diego Gulls win a league-wide award for the best promotion in the league.
25 min
Bettman Speaks, and the NHL Coming to Canada?
The National Hockey League wants to play hockey in Canada. Which city should they choose? Also, Gary Bettman makes a brief statement about how the league will deal with positive COVID-19 cases.
13 min
Fan Moments, and Vegas Now a Hub City?
In this short episode, JD lists off some of the moments (or players) that made them hockey fans or when they became Ducks fans. Also, late night reports surfaced that Las Vegas will be one of the hub cities.
17 min
SPECIAL - Locked On's Black Lives Matter Roundt...
In an eye-opening discussion, Ross Jackson (Saints), Aaron Freeman (Falcons), Tony Wiggins (Jaguars), John Hickman (Texans), Chris Carter (Steelers), Keith Pompey (76ers), Coty Davis (Texans), and Your Boy Q (Raiders) come together for a special Locked On Podcast Network Black Lives Matter Roundtable. These eight Locked On hosts share their first-hand experiences as black men in America. When was the first time they clocked racism in their lives? What are the pet peeves they experience as a black man? In the wake of Geroge Floyd's killing, does this movement feel different than those of the past? What needs to happen for this moment in time to have a lasting impact on society and to result in real gains for social justice, and will these experiences change the next generation?
85 min
Miller Nominated For the Masterton, Bob Murray ...
In this super-packed episode, JD goes over some of the nominees for the NHL's Masterton Trophy. Also, Bob Murray takes a step back and clarifies some of the comments he made last week. Then, Erik Gudbranson pens a poignant letter to Sportsnet, and more on the recent new hiring in Arizona and whether they should build a new arena east of Phoenix.
37 min
Days in Ducks History, and NHL History in the D...
Several iconic Ducks moments took place this time over a decade ago. Also, the Coyotes make hockey history by announcing the first Latino team president in NHL history.
17 min
Hockey Jeopardy! #6 (Feat. Sean Woodley, Sarah ...
We're breaking out of the serious talk and having some fun playing "Locked On Hockey Jeopardy" with Sean Woodley (Raptors, NBA), Sarah Avampato (Kings... not the NBA), and Hunter Hodies (Penguins... definitely not the NBA). Jason Hernandez challenges their hockey knowledge to help raise money for a very worthy cause.
35 min
The Ducks Sign a Swede, GM Bob Murray Speaks, a...
The Ducks make a signing, Bob Murray has some words about the previous season, and more players react to the civil unrest stemming from the murder of George Floyd.
30 min
A Conversation About Racism (with Nick Hamilton)
Amid the growing racial tensions in the US, JD goes one-on-one with Nick Hamilton (AM 570, Nitefall Media) to discuss it head on. What can be done to quell racism in hockey? What about in our country? What needs to be done?
33 min
A New Team in Henderson, a Confusing NHL Draft,...
JD talks about the horrific riots happening in Minneapolis, how it impacts hockey, and how riots affected sports in the past. Also, the Henderson Silver Knights are born, and Sarah Avampato (Locked on NHL) tries to make sense of this year's modified NHL Draft.
37 min
How Will the NHL's Modified Playoff Look? (feat...
Sarah Avampato (Locked On NHL) returns to talk with JD about their choices for who should be the two "hub cities." They also go over the NHL's playoff format for the 24 teams still playing... that do not include any California teams. Cue the sad trombone...
31 min
The NHL Proposal to Return to Play Becomes Offi...
The NHL officially puts out a multi-layered proposal to resume play. Sarah Avampato (Locked on NHL) joins to give their opinion on hockey returning, and JD goes over some of the points about player safety. Is this testing adequate?
29 min
What if the 2004 Lockout Never Happened?
JD explores what would have happened if the NHL lockout of 2004 never happened. Would there still be a hockey team in Anaheim?
36 min
The Latest Playoff Proposal, and What If... Sam...
The NHL is thinking about a 24-team playoff... which doesn't include California at all. Plus, JD looks at today's "What If" scenario with the 2015 Western Conference Finals... what if Sami Vatanen doesn't hit the post in game 2 and wins it?
28 min
What If... the Mighty Ducks Had Won In 2003? Wo...
JD kicks off this week of "What If" scenarios about the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim. What if the Mighty Ducks won Game 7 of the 2003 Stanley Cup Final over the Devils? Would that have changed their future? What if Paul Kariya would have stuck around with Anaheim?
19 min
More On the Recent Signings, Who Could Be Sayin...
JD goes over all the recent signings by the Ducks, how that affects the team the next season... and the season after that! Who is expected to leave for greener pastures for the 2020-21 season?
20 min
AHL Season Canceled, Plus Two New Re-Signings
JD starts this melancholy podcast by discussing the two latest signing extensions of Brendan Guhle and Sam Carrick. However, the big news of the week is that the AHL season and Calder Cup Playoffs have officially been canceled for 2020.
30 min
Looking Back at the Mighty Ducks' First Playoff...
JD talks about the 1997 Mighty Ducks' playoff series win over the Phoenix Coyotes, and then how they hung tough with the eventual Cup champion, Detroit Red Wings. Also, we hear from Kyle Palmieri as he looks back fondly on his Anaheim days.
21 min
The Ducks Re-Sign Two Key D-Men, and Addressing...
The Anaheim Ducks made a couple moves by re-signing Jani Hakanpaa and Christian Djoos to one-year extensions. JD breaks down those re-signings as well as talking about the comments made by Brendan Leipsic and others.
25 min
The NHL Drops a Drafty Memo, and Looking Back a...
On this Cinco de Mayo, JD mulls over the memo sent out to all NHL teams regarding this year's NHL virtual draft and how it affects the Ducks. Plus, a look back at the 1997 Mighty Ducks in their first-ever playoff appearance.
27 min
Hockey Jeopardy! Pt. 5 (Feat. Laura Saba, Sarah...
It's Ladies' Night for "Hockey Jeopardy!" JD tries to keep his composure with Laura Saba (Canadiens), Sarah Avampato (Kings, NHL), and Rachel Donner (Flyers) playing for charity on this MAY DAY episode.
36 min
The 2007 Stanley Cup Champion, Anaheim Ducks
JD looks back at games 3-5 of the 2007 Cup Final, and the coronation of the first Stanley Cup champion in the state of California.
27 min
Ryan Miller Possibly Staying, and Looking Back ...
Ryan Miller did an NBC-SN interview from home, and indicated he wouldn't rule out one more year. Plus, we look back at the 2007 Stanley Cup Final.
21 min
More Memorable #%&?! Moments From "Locked On Du...
JD looks back at some hilarious and sing-songy moments from this very podcast! The bleeps are taken out, the audio is raw. Oh boy.
27 min
Some Memorable Gulls Highlights From 2019-2020
JD looks back at some great moments from the minors including those awesome 80s jerseys, All-Star Weekend in Ontario, and Kiefer's weird hat trick.
21 min
Great Moments From This Season (and This Podcast)
In our week of looking back at the best moments for the Ducks in 2019-20, we play some clips and look back at some fun moments!
30 min
Memories of Colby Cave and the 2003 Cup Final
JD talks about the unfortunate passing of Colby Cave, and remembers the 2003 Stanley Cup Final
32 min
Some Memories of the 2003 Season
We look back at some more classic hockey shown on Prime Ticket, part of that 2003 season, and some news...
26 min
Memories of the Ducks/Kings Rivalry
SoCal fans have the privilege of watching some classic Kings/Ducks games from the previous three decades. How much fun were those games? What other games should FSW and Prime Ticket show?
24 min
Underrated Ducks, News, Notes, and Playing Memo...
After a long break, Taylor Blake Ward joins to reminisce about some older Ducks, and why he kicked someone in the crotch at the Pond!
35 min
An Update on "Locked On Ducks" (Week of 3/30)
2 min
No Lottery, No Draft... Would a Modified Playof...
JD Hernandez discusses the feasibility (or lack thereof) of a modified playoff for the #1 pick in the 2020 NHL Draft.
15 min
Let's Talk About Prospects!
JD Hernandez goes over a couple of the possible prospects the Ducks could go after in the upcoming NHL Draft.
23 min
Gulls Talk: Short-Handed Glory
JD finally talks about the Gulls last four games before the AHL pause, and what worked for them in the penalty kill.
28 min
The Spanish Flu and Hockey (Part 3 of 3)
The final part of this special 3-part series explores the end of the 1919 Stanley Cup Final, some future rules changes, and the tragic conclusion of the series where the final game was never played. Finally, what should we take away from all this?
41 min
The Spanish Flu and Hockey (Part 2 of 3)
Part 2 of a special 3-part series about the Spanish Flu and how it affected hockey. Next, the second wave of influenza had just hit, but was the flu actually over? Also, the NHL goes through a very strange and shortened 1919 season leading up to the playoffs and the Cup Final...
37 min
The Spanish Flu and Hockey (Part 1 of 3)
Part 1 of a special 3-part series about the Spanish Flu and how it affected hockey. First, the newly named NHL crowns its first Stanley Cup champion, but the spread of Spanish Flu is only beginning over a century ago...
31 min
Sherwood Waived, and More On COVID-19
Kiefer Sherwood got waived? Also, more updates on how the Coronavirus is affecting hockey.
22 min
Ducks Sing the Blues, and More Corona Virus Fal...
The St. Louis Blues return to Honda Center exactly one month after the Jay Bouwmeester episode. Plus, more on the reaction from the COVID-19 pandemic.
30 min
SPECIAL REPORT: COVID-19 Pauses Hockey, and a S...
A special report on the effect of the Corona Virus on the NHL, and the surreal atmosphere inside the Honda Center.... as the NBA cancelled their games on Thursday before puck drop.
19 min
A Naturally Supreme Hat Trick for Nic
Nicolas Deslauriers breaks a Ducks record netting his first NHL hat trick. How unexpected was this result against Ottawa? Also, the Blues are back in Anaheim to complete the postponed game from exactly one month ago.
24 min
Injury Updates, the Sens are in Town, and a Cor...
Who is on the Senators? How will the crowd welcome back Bobby Ryan tonight?
22 min
Some Wild Games in Anaheim
The Ducks split a pair of games over the weekend o earn three points... the end of this marathon season is near...
24 min
Losing some D in Chicago & Denver
The Ducks split their 2-game road trip, but lose two more defense-men during the roadie. Who got called up? How did the former Gulls do in Colorado? Also, JD addresses the passing of Henri "Pocket Rocket" Richard.
25 min
SD's NHL-experienced Roster Makes a Playoff Push
The Gulls' playoff push is in full swing now... but how are the Ducks mounting injuries affecting the AHL team? Can that NHL experience help San Diego this season?
30 min
College Hockey Tournaments Are Coming...
The Frozen Four is coming... how do teams featuring Ducks prospects stack up? When will they be playing?
19 min
A Tornado, a Virus, and a Preview
JD Hernandez addresses the horrific situation in Smashville, and how the Corona Virus may affect hockey games in general into next season.
18 min
John Gibson: A Man with Attitude
The Ducks win a shocker against the Penguins, and then get shut out... by New Jersey? Also, John Gibson showing his rougher side on Sunday...
22 min
A Former Duck Makes a Comeback
The Ducks have a meeting with the Penguins coming up, and an inspiring story out of Ottawa as Bobby Ryan returns to hockey after dealing with alcohol abuse.
15 min
The Gulls' Playoff Push Is On!
The San Diego Gulls won 2 of 3 games over the last week. Also, how exactly did the recent flurry of trades affect the Gulls? Will it help them in the long run?
26 min
Sonny-Side Up without Hampus Lindholm
The Ducks' new additions immediately show their worth with a thrilling overtime victory over the Edmonton Oilers. Just how good is Sonny Milano? Can he keep this up?
27 min
A Deeper Dive Into All Seven Trades, and a Wild...
The Vegas Golden Knights nearly blow a late lead... only for the Ducks to come within a post of winning. Plus, JD Hernandez breaks down the trades further, the money changing hands, and how the new players slot into the lineup.
23 min
BONUS: Post-Trade Deadline Breakdown
Recorded just after the NHL's trade deadline, JD Hernandez breaks down all the important trades that went down, and how this affects both the Ducks... and the San Diego Gulls
16 min
Episode 100: Hockey Jeopardy! (feat. Laura Saba...
It's the 100th official episode of "Locked On Ducks," and it's the latest installment of "Hockey Jeopardy!" JD Hernandez hosts this especially hilarious show with Laura Saba (Canadiens), Justin Morissette (Canucks, SN650), and Jared Ellis (Hurricanes) all playing for charity.
36 min
Ondrej Kase Traded... During the Canes Crossove...
It's a crossover episode, and it's a big one because during the podcast (around the 18 minute mark), the news broke that Ondrej Kase was traded to Boston. How does this overall trade look? Who does Anaheim get in return? Was this a good deal? Join JD Hernandez, Jared Ellis, and Walker Barrow (both from Locked On Hurricanes) for this wild episode!
44 min
The Gulls Start a New Point Streak...
San Diego splits a pair of games in Iowa, and the Gulls try to cool off the Heat. How does the playoff picture look, and who can we expect to see on the Gulls' playoff roster?
25 min
Mid-Week Mailbag, College Hockey, and the Strug...
It's Wednesday, it's a mailbag episode! JD Hernandez previews the game against Florida, takes a quick peek at the Ducks collegiate prospects, and he answered some questions from the mailbag.
28 min
Ducks Flame Out Again, and Other Disappointment...
The Ducks give up 6 goals to the Calgary Flames... again. Also, the final portion of JD's interview with Justin Morissette (Canucks, SportsNet) as they talk about the rivalry, or lack thereof, between Vancouver and Anaheim.
26 min
Another Ducks Victory Over Vancouver (feat. Jus...
Justin Morissette (SportsNet 650) joins the podcast to talk about the Ducks' 5-1 victory over the Vancouver Canucks. The Ducks bounced back from their "letdown game" Thursday night. Was this the "letdown game" for the Canucks?
27 min
A Bad Loss, A Look Ahead, and An Update on Bouw...
The Anaheim Ducks suffered their worst loss of the season two days after Jay Bouwmeester collapsed in Honda Center. Where do the Ducks go from here as the trade deadline approaches? Plus, a final update on Jay Bouwmeester.
22 min
An Update On Jay Bouwmeester, and the Gulls Con...
Jay Bouwmeester continues his recovery in SoCal, and the San Diego Gulls extend their point streak to 7 games.
21 min
A Scary Situation at the Ponda
On Tuesday night's game at Honda Center between the St. Louis Blues and Anaheim Ducks, Blues defenseman Jay Bouwmeester suffered a cardiac event postponing the game. JD Hernandez describes what occurred during that tragic event.
20 min
Beanpots, Penalties, and Trades
A short preview of tonight's game against the Blues, Trevor Zegras is pissed off after the Beanpot Championship Game, and talking about the Jason Zucker trade.
20 min
A Successful Ducks Road Trip with Ryan Miller's...
The Ducks finish their 5-game road trip with 8 points. What is going on? Plus, Ryan Miller is still adored in Buffalo, and Ovi approaching the 700-goal milestone. How amazing are his numbers?
25 min
The Price Isn't Right in Montreal, Plus the Sta...
The Ducks lose a tough one at Centre Bell in overtime, and more of JD's interview with Sarah Avampato (Locked on Kings) talking mostly about the state of women's hockey, and could a women's NHL work?
35 min
Kiefer's Unusual Hat Trick, and the Gulls Conti...
The San Diego Gulls continue to accumulate standings points, and Kiefer Sherwood had a rare hat trick against the Barracuda. Also included are some post game quotes from Sherwood on the weekly variant covering the Gulls!
29 min
Flying High in Ottawa, Mailbag Questions, and a...
The Ducks win against the Sens, JD opens up the mailbag, and an interview with Laura Saba (Canadiens) to preview Thursday night's game at Centre Bell.
32 min
Beanpots and the Upcoming Canada Trip
The Ducks embark on a chilly road trip through Canada, and the Beanpot Tournament started off with a bang! Trevor Zegras works his magic... again.
26 min
Crossover Across Katella (Feat. Taylor Blake Ward)
JD Hernandez and Taylor Blake Ward crossover for a fun time talking Angels, Ducks, plenty of hockey, and our Super Bowl review.
48 min
An Emotional Pre-Game To Supreme Victory
With the region still reeling from the death of Kobe Bryant, the Ducks pay tribute and get a victory over the Coyotes.
18 min
The Gulls Enter the Break on a High Note
JD talks about the Gulls' recent road trip to Grand Rapids, and previews "Hockey Day SoCal"
22 min
Shark Bitten, A New Baby, Bell Let's Talk, and ...
The Ducks welcome a new baby to the hockey family, they get bitten by the Sharks in San Jose, and it's Bell Let's Talk Day. Plus, more of the interview with Sarah Avampato as we talk about mascots!
24 min
AHL All-Star Special! (Feat. Sarah Avampato)
Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) joins live to talk about some aspects of the AHL All-Star Classic in Ontario, California.
32 min
A Frk'ing Hard Shot, and Kobe's Impact to the N...
The AHL Skills Competition kicked off the events in Ontario, and Martin Frk did not disappoint. Also, JD addresses the tragic news of Kobe Bryant's passing, and his impact on the NHL community.
27 min
Live From Ontario, It's Your AHL All-Star Preview!
JD Hernandez is live at Toyota Arena, the home of the 2020 AHL All-Star Classic to preview the upcoming events in Ontario. Rosters are also revealed in this special weekend episode!
14 min
Larry Walker, Ducks Talk, and More! (Feat. Just...
It's a dual interview episode! Justin Morissette (SN 650) comes by again to talk about the Ducks and minors, and Taylor Blake Ward (Angels) talks about the newly-minted baseball HOF'er, Larry Walker... the possible hockey goalie?
30 min
Gulls Streak Snapped at Five, and a Commentary
The San Diego Gulls had five straight victories before Adin Hill had a spectacular performance. Plus, JD addresses the Brandon Manning racial slur incident.
29 min
Jeopardy! Special, Pt. 3 (Feat. Justin Morisset...
In this latest installment of "Hockey Jeopardy," three more Locked On hosts will play for charity. JD hosts with Justin Morissette (Canucks), Harrison Lee (Jets), and Taylor Blake Ward (Angels baseball). Hilarity ensues once again!
33 min