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Welcome to the "Locked On Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we enter a new era of Ducks hockey as Dallas Eakins enters the fray as the new head coach. Gain some insight into your Ducks with special guests, a weekly look into their minor league team, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying that beautiful SoCal weather. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Let's Meet Your 2021-22 San Diego Gulls!
The San Diego Gulls had an impressive preseason against their nemesis, the Ontario Reign. Which players shined the brightest? Also, who is on the Gulls' roster this season? Finally, JD makes some predictions for the upcoming Gulls campaign. Who will break out this season?
32 min
Actual Predictions for the Ducks' Upcoming Season
With Opening Night upon the hockey world, it's time to make some ACTUAL predictions for the Anaheim Ducks this upcoming season. Where will the Ducks finish in the standings? Which players will break out?
17 min
Let's Meet Your 2021-22 Anaheim Ducks!
The Anaheim Ducks officially released their 23-man roster for the upcoming NHL season. How will John Gibson fare this season, and how many young guys have made the roster? Seriously, this team is young...
28 min
It's the Little Things
The Kings and Ducks finish their preseason schedules with some intense action that led to a shootout. Which player is doing more of the little things that will lead to success... and which line needs some work?
16 min
Well... It's 400 episodes...
400 episodes later, and we're still here. Sarah and JD discuss the previous Ducks/Kings matchup, and talk about poor Anthony Stolarz. Plus, which kids looked the most impressive?
37 min
The Ducks Cut Deeper, and the Gulls Roster Take...
The Anaheim Ducks' roster is further cut, and it's now down to 32 players. Which players will be cut last? Who should we expect to see in the lineup for San Diego when the Gulls begin play? Finally, how sad did Anthony Stolarz look in net against the Kings?
26 min
The Sign a Defenseman... Wait...
The Ducks FINALLY did something about their defense by signing... Ben Hutton to a PTO? JD explains why that might not be the worst move the Ducks could make right now. Plus, which players are still in camp, who will be the four starting centers for the Ducks?
27 min
The Trevor Zegras Show Hits the Shark Tank!
The Ducks visit the Sharks in San Jose, and they did not disappoint. Trevor Zegras made his prescence known throughout the game, including a sick shootout goal. What other players impressed in the preseason game?
23 min
Bo Knows Goals!
The Ducks get drubbed big time against the Coyotes and Sharks at the Pond. What do they need to work on, and which players need to make strides for improvement? Also, JD gives reasons why Bo Groulx should be given a legit chance at the Ducks roster this season. Also, which 2021 draft pick could learn a thing or two from Groulx?
28 min
Place Your Bets! (feat. Sarah Avampato)
With the season fast approaching, Sarah Avampato (Kings) and JD look at some futures odds for the '21-'22 campaign. Which teams are the favorites to win the Stanley Cup? Also, which players are favorites for the major trophies this year? Also also, JD and Sarah give reasons why you should take the OVER on LA Kings points.
28 min
Pre-Season Impressions Against the Coyotes
While the Arizona Coyotes wore their white Kachina jerseys for the first time in ages, the Ducks let their early lead slip away in their pre-season tilt at the Ponda. Which players impressed, who will need more time in the AHL, and is Adam Henrique back?
24 min
The Future of Sean Tschigerl, and Ducks on TV!
The Ducks make their first roster cuts, and Sean Tschigerl is one of them. What is the ceiling for this young Duckling, and could we possibly see him in San Diego sooner rather than later? Also, where can you find the Ducks on TV this coming season?
23 min
The Importance of Sonny Milano and Pineapples
Why is having a healthy Sonny Milano going to make a big difference in the Ducks' offensive output this season? What is the potential for this season? Also, does pineapples belong on pizza?
25 min
The Ducklings Fly High Against Half the Sharks
The Anaheim Ducks began pre-season play against a San Jose split squad that looked... underwhelming. However, it's time to give props to the players that are fighting for a spot on the team. Oh, and Lukas Dostal is off to a terrific start.
17 min
Bold Predictions, Converting Forwards, and Eich...
Do the Ducks have a shot at being the worst team in the NHL? Who are the likely teams to make the playoffs in the Pacific Division? What's going on with all this Jack Eichel nonsense? Sarah Avampato joins once again to discuss all that and why the Ducks are potentially messing up Trevor Zegras.
28 min
The Rebuild is Officially On as Training Camp B...
GM Bob Murray has FINALLY used the "rebuild" word when describing the Anaheim Ducks for this coming season. Also, who will be at training camp for the Ducks, and what can Ducks fans look forward to this weekend in the OC?
24 min
Takeaways From the Arizona Rookie Faceoff (feat...
In this super-sized episode, JD begins with a recap of the last 3 games in the Valley of the Sun. The Ducks went 2-0-1 during that stretch, including a last-second victory over the Coyotes prospects! Which players were crucial in those games? Plus, Sarah joins the podcast to talk about which Kings and Ducks prospects were the most impressive... and who might need some more work.
39 min
Random Musings From the Desert? (feat. Sarah Av...
JD, Sarah, and Robyn finish their conversation from last week, and they muse about draft picks, maybe a new arena, and why fans from Toronto should stop talking crap about the Coyotes.
26 min
Previewing the Rookie Faceoff (feat. Sarah Avam...
It's a triple crossover! JD, Sarah, and Robyn talk about their respective teams as they preview the Rookie Faceoff taking place in Arizona. Which players should we watch out for in the Ducks, Kings, and Coyotes organization?
36 min
Celebrating Mexican Heritage in Hockey
Sarah Avam"pato" is back to talk about the importance of Mexican heritage for both SoCal hockey teams. Which players of Latino heritage have made a difference in the game? Also, they discuss the Spanish-language announcers for both the Kings and Ducks. Oh, and Matt Nieto is from Long Beach.
26 min
A PTO Forward Signing, and Why the Ducks Should...
The Ducks sign Tobias Rieder to a PTO contract... thus creating even more of a possible logjam at the forward position. Does he fit in with this team? Also, some rankings of the logos and home jerseys came out this week. For Ducks fans, it's not pretty.
26 min
Log Jams For Both SoCal Teams
So the Ducks and Kings both have their respective log jams in certain positions... and the Ducks certainly have a need in one position. How about a hypothetical trade? Could it improve the Ducks?
34 min
A Little Birdy Told Me About Gustafsson
Sarah Avampato is back in SoCal for "Locked On SoCal Hockey" They discuss which free agents, if any, might be worth signing. Also, what the heck are the Vancouver Canucks doing? Finally, NHL players will make a return to the Olympics... maybe.
34 min
A New Season Blooms in Irvine
It's the official return of a new season, and we begin with a look at what moves the Ducks could potentially make with all the cap space. Also, we take a look at the Ducks' rookie scrimmage and which players looked most impressive. Which player deserves a legit shot at the big club?
29 min
It's Time to Welcome Back the Ducks!
Welcome back to "Locked On Ducks" for the 3rd season of the Dallas Eakins era... and this podcast. JD Hernandez returns with all new episodes to kick off the upcoming 2021-22 season, and discusses how the team currently looks... and which young players we can look forward to seeing both in Anaheim and San Diego.
17 min
Season Two Wrap-Up Show
In this quick-hit episode, JD Hernandez concludes the 2nd season of "Locked On Ducks" with a multitude of thanks, and explains why the show has taken a back seat, and when the show will return with regular episodes. Thank you for your continued support.
12 min
Mock Drafting All-Pacific Division Teams
Jason Hernandez and Sarah Avampato are back to create some fun chaos. It's a Pacific Division mock draft as they attempt to field the best teams while staying under the cap, thus proving just how weak this division really is. Who drafted the best team? Which players were plucked from the Ducks and Kings? Are the Sharks really THAT bad?
48 min
Catching Up on Signings and Schedule Changes Al...
A quick-hit update podcast on the latest signings from the Ducks, and already changes in the Ducks schedule! Who is coming back for the Ducks? How good are those signings, and what about the rookie signings? Where are they headed?
19 min
Fare Thee Well... For Now
JD opens up the mailbag on the 378th edition of "Locked On Ducks," and opines about celebrating in hockey. Also, what games are we most looking forward to this coming Ducks season?
26 min
Let's Meet the Rest of the Draft Picks!
After a week of introducing each draft pick one episode at a time, JD thought we should meet the rest of the draft picks in one fell swoop. The final 5 picks are all introduced in this episode, and why was it important for the Ducks to draft a goalie late in this draft. What do these picks mean for their possible approach in the 2022 NHL Draft? Also, the latest on the Jack Eichel drama.
31 min
I Had a Dream (feat. Sarah Avampato)
JD had a dream about who would be in the 2022 Stanley Cup Final... who would those teams be, and what does Corey Perry have to do with all of this? Sarah Avampato joins the program once again to catch up on all the happenings in the NHL's off-season, including the horrible decisions made by the Carolina Hurricanes.
38 min
Let's Meet Sasha Pastujov... and 4 Other New Pl...
JD Hernandez does a deep profile on the Anaheim Ducks' 3rd round pick... and why he may end up never suiting up in Anaheim. Plus, we look at four new AHL signings that will surely boost the San Diego Gulls' offense next season.
23 min
Let's Meet Olen Zellweger!
JD Hernandez goes in depth about the Anaheim Ducks' 2nd round pick, Olen Zellweger, and why this might end up being a steal of a pick for the Ducks. What are some of his strengths going into juniors next year, and when could he possibly get called up to San Diego and Anaheim? Also, some breaking news on Ryan Getzlaf.
25 min
Let's Meet Mason McTavish!
JD Hernandez takes a very deep dive into the Anaheim Ducks' 1st round pick, Mason McTavish. How did he shoot up so high in the draft rankings, and why could the pick possibly make sense for the Ducks future? Also, is Ryan Getzlaf on the way out?
27 min
An Interview with Former Duck, Andy Sutton
In this special episode, Jason Hernandez talks with former Anaheim Duck and CEO of Verbero Hockey, Andy Sutton. They talk about his company and how it makes a difference in the lives of several former hockey players. They also talk about his time in Anaheim, Corey Perry, and even had some fun about who was the jokester in the Ducks' locker room.
31 min
BONUS: Introducing the Anaheim Ducks 2021 Draft...
In this bonus weekend episode, JD explains possibly why the Ducks took a chance by selecting Mason McTavish with the #3 pick in the 2021 NHL Draft. Also, a quick look at the rest of the players the Ducks chose in the draft.
21 min
It's Ducks Draft Day! (feat. Kyle Demetrius)
The NHL Draft is finally here, and the Ducks #3 pick is hanging in the balance. If the Anaheim Ducks don't deal that pick away, who should they draft with it? Kyle Demetrius (Locked On Sharks) comes on the podcast to break down some possible choices with that 3rd pick. Who is still in the running for Jack Eichel?
22 min
Triple Crossover Expansion Draft Madness (feat....
It's a super-sized episode with Seth Toupal (Locked On Wild) and Jared Ellis (Locked On Hurricanes) as they discuss everything about the expansion draft, and the trading window that has opened up!
39 min
Expansion Draft Leaks, Schedule Leaks, and an I...
JD begins the episode with some leaked news about the Ducks being reportedly out of the Eichel sweepstakes, and who the Seattle Kraken will likely take in the Expansion Draft. Who will the Ducks lose? Also, we've got some scheduling news. Finally, JD teases an upcoming interview with Andy Sutton (Verbero Hockey) as he also gives his take on the expansion draft and Jack Eichel!
28 min
Our Mock Expansion Draft Picks Are Revealed (fe...
Which teams had some surprising omissions from their protected lists, and who is likely to go? Both JD Hernandez and Sarah Avampato (Locked on Kings) make their picks for the Seattle Kraken in their mock expansion drafts. Which one of them actually chose Carey Price and why?
37 min
Anaheim's Protected List, and Who Could Seattle...
The Ducks & Gulls made a couple re-signings before revealing their protected list in the upcoming Kraken expansion draft. Which players were protected? Also, who will the Seattle Kraken likely take from the Ducks? A young defender looking to prove himself, or a veteran looking for a fresh start in the PNW?
26 min
The Calm Before the Expansion Storm! (feat. Sar...
It's the day before the expansion lists come out for both SoCal teams. Sarah Avampato joins the show again to talk about who each team may or may not expose. Also, they go over the rules of this expansion draft, and why Vegas doesn't have to expose anyone.
33 min
New Gulls Coach & the Brothers Carrick Are Back...
It's a super-sized season finale of "Locked On Gulls," and we have TWO guests! Scott Matla (Locked On Habs) comes on to talk about the Gulls' new coach, Joel Bouchard, his time in Laval, and why he might be the perfect fit in San Diego... and later Anaheim. Also, John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) joins the show to discuss the importance of Sam and Trevor Carrick being re-signed.
37 min
What To Do with Adam Henrique?
JD talks more on the Jack Eichel sweepstakes and why the Ducks are still the favorite to land the Sabres' young star. Plus, how should the Ducks deal with Adam Henrique? What are the best options for Anaheim in the long term?
21 min
What Does the Gulls New Hire Mean for the Ducks?
Joel Bouchard is the new head coach of the San Diego Gulls... but what could that mean for the Anaheim Ducks in the 2022-23 season and beyond? Plus, you thought the Corey Perry buyout was bad? We have a new champion for most expensive buyouts in the Minnesota Wild... and how they took themselves out of the Jack Eichel sweepstakes.
21 min
Stanley Cup Repeat in Tampa (feat. Sarah Avampato)
JD and Sarah are back to go over their final prediction and review the 2021 Stanley Cup Final. How did the Lightning pull off the repeat? What corrections did they have to make from a previous podcast? Should we get more interesting post-game comments from now on?
39 min
Top Gulls Plays, LeFebvre Moves On, and Breakin...
We look back at the best plays from the Gulls this past season, Jay Forster (Locked on CBJ) comes on to talk about former Gulls' assistant, Sylvain Lefebvre... and some breaking news in the coaching department as the Gulls name a new head coach!
18 min
Let's Get Weird! (feat. Sarah Avampato)
JD and Sarah Avampato are back to get some theoretically weird ideas going in regards to the expansion draft and free agency. Who should both the Ducks and Kings look into picking up in free agency, and what kind of wacky ideas do they have in mind?
32 min
How Pat Maroon Could Enter Rarefied Air
Former Anaheim Duck, Pat Maroon, could become only the 4th player in NHL history to win 3-plus consecutive Cups with multiple teams. Who are the other three, and what weird connection do the last two have?
17 min
Stanley Cup Patches and Jersey Collections! (fe...
Sarah Avampato is back to talk about... jersey patches with JD? With the Habs wearing special "Finale de la Coupe Stanley" patches, they discuss how the NHL could make Cup Final patches more unique! Plus, what's in their jersey collection, and which ones are missing from their collection?
31 min
Roll Out the Red Carpet for NHL Awards!
JD Hernandez and Sarah Avampato are your co-hosts in summarizing this year's NHL Awards presented by Built Bar! Which awards were obvious, and which ones could have gone to different individuals? Oh, and McDavid, am I right?
37 min
A Deep Look at the Gulls' Defensemen!
JD looks over the past season of the Gulls' defensive corps.... and why Jamie Drysdale wasn't the best D man in San Diego this season. Also, which guys deserve a legit shot at the Ducks roster next season.
23 min
Stanley Cup Lifters, and New Outdoor Games!
Sarah Avampato and JD discuss who should lift the Cup second after the winning captain initially collects the ultimate hockey prize. Also, they have a small surprise as they talk about the outdoor games taking place next season... who else deserves an outdoor game for 2023?
38 min
Green Room Mailbag, and Introducing a New Host!
The Green Room mailbag is officially open! Several of you had questions, and those questions were answered. JD tackles the question about why certain players are exempt from having to be protected, who the Kraken should take, and which free agents the Ducks should look to re-sign. Plus, it's time to informally introduce a new host to the Locked On Podcast Network!
28 min
Cup Final Predictions, Why You Should Root for ...
In this super-sized episode, Sarah Avampato joins the program once again to conclude the 2nd annual Stanley Cup Playoff predictions! Will Sarah's streak of picking against the Habs continue and lead them to win it all? Finally, Laura Saba (Locked On Canadiens) wants to see more Ducks fans join the Habs' bandwagon... and why you should root for Montreal against Tampa Bay!
41 min
Should We Have NHL Players at the Olympics, and...
With the 2022 Winter Olympics fast approaching, the big question that will be answered over the summer is: Will NHL'ers still be permitted to play in Beijing? Sarah Avampato joins the program to help tackle that topic. Also, they discuss women's Olympic hockey, and the NWHL!
31 min
Taking a Deep Look at the Gulls' Forwards for 2...
It's Gulls Thursday! This time, JD takes a look at the Gulls' forwards from this past season. This time, he brought in John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) to help evaluate the prospects, veterans, and other underrated players. Also, which players deserve to get re-signed, and which Gulls player reminds John of Corey Perry?
36 min
What Could a Jack Eichel Trade Package Look Lik...
The Jack Eichel sweepstakes could potentially start with that #3 pick from the Anaheim Ducks. Joe DiBiase (WGR 550AM) comes on to discuss what it would take for the Ducks to swipe Eichel away from Buffalo.
33 min
Catching Up On the NHL Semifinals
Corey Perry is bloodied up while celebrating an overtime win... and what does a wedding have to do with a game-winning goal? We catch up on the 4 teams left vying for Lord Stanley's Cup.
20 min
Jack Eichel Trade Rumors Flying, and More On St...
Taylor Blake Ward joins the program as we talk more about the recent hiring of Mike Stothers as an assistant coach. Plus, the Jack Eichel trade rumors are really heating up! What would it take for the Ducks to land Eichel? Should the Ducks entertain the option of trading away the #3 pick in this year's draft?
24 min
Looking Back on the Gulls' Goalies, and Arena N...
In this 3-week series on "Locked On Gulls," we look back on which players impressed us the most down in San Diego. First, we kick off this series with the goaltending... which can be summed up with only one name: Lukas Dostal. Plus, some important news on the San Diego Sports Arena project... which is now no more?
28 min
NBC Not Promoting Hockey Properly, and New Assi...
So NBC has decided to show only one game this round in their big network, and shovel off the rest on... USA? Has NBC just phoned it in with their playoff hockey coverage? Plus, some breaking news on the Ducks' coaching front!
24 min
Why the Ducks Should Root For the Islanders (fe...
Owen Power may not play in the NHL this coming season. Will that affect his draft stock at all, and is the move to return to Michigan better for him overall? Plus, Gil Martin (Locked On Islanders) joins the program to try and appeal to the Ducks fans. Why should Ducks fans root for the Isles, and how has Kyle Palmieri become a leader for this scrappy team?
27 min
Division Finals Fallout, and Conference Finals ...
So... we didn't predict the previous round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs all that well... so we're back to do it again! Sarah Avampato continues the tradition of making playoff picks as we try to get something right! How far can Corey Perry and Kyle Palmieri carry the Habs and Isles? Can they possibly beat the favorite VGK and Tampa Bay?
46 min
What Would It Take to Pry John Gibson Away From...
JD takes a look at what it would take for other teams to pry John Gibson away from the Ducks. How many draft picks would it take? How high would those draft picks have to be? What other pieces would the Ducks have to ask for?
24 min
AHL Scheduling Updates, and a Pacific Division ...
With the latest news in the AHL that the number of games are changing, what does this mean for the San Diego Gulls? Also, which teams will be joining San Diego for this season only... and who will likely be moving away from the Pacific Division?
24 min
Which Former Ducks Are Flourishing This NHL Pla...
JD does a one-take show talking about the NHL playoffs! Some former Ducks are doing very well in the 2021 NHL playoffs, including Corey Perry who led the Canadiens to the Stanley Cup Semifinal. Also, which former Duck could win his 3rd consecutive Stanley Cup next month?
32 min
Adam Henrique Leads Canada to Gold!
After a tough season and a rough 0-3 start, Adam Henrique captains Team Canada to a Gold Medal at the IIHF World Championships in Latvia. Oh, he brought Ducks teammate Max Comtois along for the ride, and he dazzled. How good was Henrique during this tournament? Is he back to his old form, and will this propel him for the next NHL season?
28 min
Who Should the Ducks Get At #3?
The Anaheim Ducks have the #3 pick in this year's NHL draft. Who should they go after? Should they go after a high-scoring winger, or a quick-skating Swedish defenseman? JD gives his case on this year's draft.
23 min
Draft Lottery Rants & Suspension Rants
The Anaheim Ducks were the only team to move DOWN in the draft order. How do we feel about that 3rd pick? Did the Ducks not tank hard enough? Also, Mark Scheifele got suspended only 4 games for his brutal hit against the Canadiens' Jake Evans. JD has some strong words about that suspension.
28 min
Which Former Ducks Should You Root For in the P...
JD and Sarah look at the upcoming draft lottery and who each team should look at. Also, we look at the 14 former Ducks that are still currently in the NHL playoffs, including Jani Hakanpaa.... and Corey Perry, of course. Which former player would you like to see raise the Cup?
32 min
Corey Perry Feelings & Round 2 Playoff Predicti...
Wait... Corey Perry scored a game-winning game 7 goal... in the year 2021?!? How is that possible? JD and Sarah break it down. Plus, they give their predictions on round 2 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Which series do they disagree on?
36 min
How Good Are the Ducks Chances at Landing Pick #1?
Let's break down some numbers! How likely is it that the Anaheim Ducks will land a top-2 pick in this year's NHL Draft? What happens if certain other teams get a top-2 pick, how will it affect them in future draft years? Plus, the AHL season finally comes to an end and we crown the final division champion.
20 min
Becoming Unhinged.
So Bob Murray & Dallas Eakins are confirmed to be coming back for another year. We have some quotes, and what this means for the team moving forward. Also, JD addresses something... again.
28 min
Promoting Hockey in the Latinx Community, and a...
Sarah & Rob join the show one more time to talk about an important issue in the world of hockey.... minority inclusion. What can teams do to draw in that minority crowd, specifically the Latinx crowd? Plus, an update on the AHL's Pacific Division Playoffs!
21 min
A new hire for the Ducks, and the Mighty Ducks ...
The Anaheim Ducks already made an off-season move by swiping Jeff Solomon away from the cross-town rival LA Kings! How will this mighty move affect the future Ducks? Also, JD tries to tease a little about the upcoming season finale of "Mighty Ducks: Game Changers."
25 min
The Gulls Season is Done in an Overtime Thrille...
It all came down to one game... and the Gulls couldn't quite vanquish the Condors to decide their Pacific Division Semifinal. Sarah Avampato joins the podcast to cheer JD up; it's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it! We talk about how amazing Lukas Dostal is, why you should follow his former Finnish franchise, and let the Oilers trade rumors commence!
42 min
Zegras Dominates, Dostal Saves, and a Split in ...
After a wild couple of games in Bakersfield, the Condors and San Diego Gulls are tied at one game in this best-of-three series to decide who moves on to face the Henderson Silver Knights. How does Trevor Zegras continue his dominance? How has Lukas Dostal fared so far this series?
21 min
Gulls-Condors Preview, and Mega Crossover, Part...
It's AHL Playoff time! JD previews the Pacific Division semifinal round series between the San Diego Gulls and the Bakersfield Condors. Which players will be key in this best-of-3 matchup? Plus, Sarah and Robby (LA Kings, Coyotes) join once again to discuss whether this Pacific Division playoff should even be happening? Are players really not getting paid for these games?
39 min
Mega Crossover, Part 2 (feat. Sarah Avampato & ...
First, JD breaks down the opening play-in rounds from the AHL's Pacific Division Playoffs, including the Ontario Reign shooting themselves in the foot, and Colorado advancing. Then, Sarah and Robby are back to talk about... FOOD, GLORIOUS FOOD! Yes, we discuss the food tour of Tucson! Why should you visit the SE Arizona town for minor league hockey?
23 min
Mega Crossover, Part 1 (feat. Sarah Avampato & ...
It's all about the AHL as JD is joined in studio with Robby Leaño (Coyotes) and Sarah Avampato (LA Kings) to talk about the Reign/Roadrunners final series, the Pacific Division Playoffs, and what capacity was like in Tucson.
24 min
Don't Smile Because It's Over... Cry Because It...
The Kings' season is over... but why are we talking about the Kings? Because the Ducks haven't played in 5 days, and Sarah Avampato has joined the party to begin our epic ultra-crossover! We mostly talk about minor league hockey, and the upcoming AHL tournament in the Pacific Division. Where do the Gulls and Reign stand?
42 min
It's an Off-Season Pre-Super Crossover Crossove...
It's the day of a big trip... and we're on the precipice of the AHL Pacific Division Playoffs! Rob Leaño joins the show to talk about some minor league hockey, who might play each other, and we go on a food tour!
47 min
Gulls Wednesday? A Big Victory Over the Weekend...
The San Diego Gulls split a pair of games over the weekend, including giving up ANOTHER hat trick to the Ontario Reign. Plus, the Gulls look ahead to the AHL's Pacific Division playoffs. Who will the Gulls likely draw in their semi-final match? Plus, find out which EIGHT players are returning to the roster!
29 min
The Ducks' 2021 Season By the Numbers
We look back at the Anaheim Ducks' 2021 season by looking deep at some of the numbers you know of... and others that may surprise you. How does the number "11" fit in with this shortened season? What about 23? Also, we look at some of the numbers regarding the upcoming NHL Draft Lottery. How good are the Ducks' odds at a top 3 pick?
33 min
One More Miller Time, Two More Overtime Losses,...
The Ducks conclude their 2021 season with two more road games in Minnesota, and it's the end of the road for Ryan Miller's career. Finally, the mailbag slightly opens up! Oh boy...
29 min
Wild/Ducks Preview & Crossover (feat. Seth Toupal)
The Ducks take two points from St. Louis with a shootout win, but it's really all about David Backes' farewell in St. Louis. Plus, Seth Toupal (Locked On Wild) joins the podcast to preview this weekend's games between the Ducks and the Wild. What predictions will they make, and what can the Ducks get out of these final two games of the season?
27 min
Gulls Thursday: Two Hat Tricks for Ontario, and...
The Gulls earn a split against the Tucson Roadrunners in Irvine. Plus, a wild game in El Segundo results in one player scoring BOTH a Gordie Howe Hat Trick AND a natural hat trick. Who was that player? Plus, could we possibly see some playoff games in the AHL later this month?
32 min
Let's Sing Some More Blues!
The Anaheim Ducks fall to the mighty St. Louis Blues as they sing "Gloria" towards a playoff spot. At least Trevor Zegras is showing some great promise at center. Plus, JD goes on rant mode over what happened Monday night at Madison Square Garden as he talks about Tom Wilson.
33 min
One Final Miller Time in Anaheim (feat. Sarah A...
The Ducks conclude their week-long series of games against cross-town rival, Los Angeles. The Kings stole a game from the Ducks thanks to Anze Kopitar, but the Ducks came back strong for Ryan Miller's swan song in Anaheim. We talk about his final home game, the classy gesture after the game, and ask if Ryan Miller is, indeed, a future Hall of Fame player?
33 min
We Salute Ryan Miller!
The Ducks pull off a come-from-behind victory against the Los Angeles Kings, Trevor Zegras returns, and Simon Benoit makes his NHL debut! Plus, Ryan Miller announced that he will retire at season's end. We look back at his career, and some fun moments from his Anaheim days.
28 min
Trevor Zegras' Scoring Prowess, a 48 Year Old E...
The San Diego Gulls faced the Pacific Division leading Henderson Silver Knights last weekend, and Trevor Zegras displayed his magic once again, and showing some improvement in his final two Gulls games... for now. Plus, why did the Silver Knights have to dress a 48-year-old emergency backup goalie... twice? Also, BIG NEWS as the AHL's Playoff format has been announced. Get ready for possible Gulls hockey in June!
30 min
More Kings/Ducks Crossover Fun! (feat. Sarah Av...
So when is Quinton Byfield going to be called up? (Spoiler: It's the day this episode comes out!) Also, the Ducks' path to being mathematically eliminated is easy, but is there a possible way that the LA Kings could snatch that #4 playoff seed?
43 min
A King's Ransom in LA!
The Anaheim Ducks lose another tough game to the Los Angeles Kings at Staples Center, and the Ducks inch ever so close to that moment where they are mathematically out of the playoff race. Plus, we take a look at what's coming up on "Mighty Ducks: Game Changers."
23 min
The Tank is On! The Freeway Faceoff Is On! (fea...
The Anaheim Ducks do a splendid job of continuing the tank by losing to the Vegas Golden Knights for Retro Night. Plus, we are joined by Jason Hernandez (Locked On Kings) to preview the upcoming 4-game set against the cross-town rivals. Which players do we expect to see called up for this series?
36 min
Injury Update, and Mailbag Fun with Friends! (f...
Jakob Silfverberg is out with a long-term injury as he undergoes surgery. Plus, several hosts from the network join the fun from the Locker Room to answer some questions, and laugh about terrible contracts!
26 min
Trevor Zegras Sorcery in El Segundo... But Is H...
It's Gulls Thursday, and Trevor Zegras continues to work his magic with the San Diego Gulls. He scored what can only be described as magic on the ice at El Segundo last week. JD tries to set the scene and describe the chaos that ensued. Also, we look at his last two games in depth and ask the question... is he ready to be an NHL center? Should he stick to center or move back to the wing position?
35 min
Freeway Faceoff is a Furious Fail with Fists Fl...
The Ducks' losing ways continue as they inch closer to a guaranteed top-4 draft pick. Which Anaheim players were less than stellar against their SoCal rivals? How about that pummeling? Finally, how important is it for the Ducks to lose as many games as possible until the end of this particular season?
24 min
OHL Cancelled, and More Mighty Ducks: Game Chan...
The Ontario Hockey League has cancelled their "Return to Play" plans. What does this mean for the Ducks' prospects? Also, we congratulate Patrick Marleau, and more talk about the "Mighty Ducks" series on Disney+.
24 min
Becoming Unhinged
The Ducks are becoming unhinged. The host is becoming unhinged. Everything is becoming unhinged as the Ducks lose... again. They lose a weekend series to the Vegas Golden Knights... again. They played well and still got demolished... again. All unhinged.
19 min