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Welcome to the "Locked On Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we enter a new era of Ducks hockey as Dallas Eakins enters the fray as the new head coach. Gain some insight into your Ducks with special guests, a weekly look into their minor league team, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying that beautiful SoCal weather. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

Becoming Unhinged
The Ducks are becoming unhinged. The host is becoming unhinged. Everything is becoming unhinged as the Ducks lose... again. They lose a weekend series to the Vegas Golden Knights... again. They played well and still got demolished... again. All unhinged.
19 min
Bonus: The Dramatics of Indoor Soccer
In a complete departure from the norm, JD talks about the recent MASL championship match that took place here in southern California. This was the first time fans were allowed back into the minor league arena, which normally houses hockey. He shares his feelings about the entire event, and how dramatic it really was.
20 min
Trevor Zegras Owns the Reign, Breaking Down His...
The San Diego Gulls started off in Tucson, and scored a barrage of goals Friday night. Fast forward to Tuesday night, and it's the Trevor Zegras show as he put up four points on the rivals, the Ontario Reign. How has Zegras looked on his last three games with the Gulls? What does he need to work on before going back up to Anaheim?
32 min
Where Are the Ducks Going? Mighty Ducks: Game C...
JD discusses which direction the Ducks are going, and which direction they SHOULD be heading if they want to be competitive soon. Also, fans are coming back to the Ponda this weekend. Finally, we dissect what is happening in the "Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" series!
25 min
Anthony Stolarz: Record Setter
Anthony Stolarz stole the show on Monday's 4-0 shutout at the Shark Tank, and he was most impressive in net despite seeing 46 shots on goal against him. Did the Ducks just completely take their foot off the gas?
24 min
Anaheim Ducks Trade Deadline Recap... Wasn't Al...
The Anaheim Ducks entered the trade deadline as big-time sellers... and they only made a couple of minor last-minute moves that doesn't really help the team all that much in the long-term. Who did the Ducks give up, who/what did they get in return? Why did the Ducks wind up as losers in this trade deadline?
28 min
Why This Year's Trade Deadline Will be Uneventf...
The trade deadline is fast approaching, but the Ducks may not get to take part in the fun this year. JD explains why those phones will not be ringing in Anaheim any longer.
15 min
Gulls and Reign Battle It Out... and Zegras is ...
The San Diego Gulls and Ontario Reign played each other three times over the last week, which means it's time to bring in Sarah Avampato (Locked On Kings) to talk all about the AHL rivals. Also, Trevor Zegras dazzles in his return to the Gulls. Was this a good decision, and who could he learn from?
42 min
Adam Henrique Is Back to Form?
The Anaheim Ducks get their most impressive win of the season, and what has Adam Henrique done differently since being put on waivers? How does his stats look before and after that day? Is he truly back to his old self?
23 min
Trevor Zegras Sent Down, and We Celebrate 300 S...
Why would Trevor Zegras be sent down to the San Diego Gulls NOW? Will this move help him in the long run? Plus, "Locked On Ducks" celebrates episode #300 with some guests dropping in!
24 min
Mighty Ducks: Game Changers Initial Impressions...
The Anaheim Ducks lose a pair of games to the desert-dwelling dogs, but at least some of the young guys looked good, including Trevor Zegras! Also, Paul Fernando joins the program to talk about "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" as we give our first impressions of the new series on Disney+. What are some Easter eggs we found on the first couple episodes?
29 min
It's Mailbag Friday! Volkov Joins the Ducks, an...
What is the state of the team right now? How will the Ducks handle the Trevor Zegras situation? Also, Alexander Volkov joins the team, and is willing to play anywhere on the roster. Plus, it's a mailbag Friday episode! One thing is on everyone's mind... trades.
26 min
Hockey Jeopardy, Season 2! (feat. Jess Belmosto...
It's a new season of "Hockey Jeopardy!" We begin with three contestants all from the North Division: Jess Belmosto (Locked On Flames), Michael DiStefano (Locked On Maple Leafs), and Ross Levitan (Locked On Senators). They try to match wits in this inter-divisional match to see who will come out victorious. Join us on this special April 1st edition of "Locked On Hockey Jeopardy!"
34 min
Gulls Talk on a Wednesday? Winning Streaks, Goa...
John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) joins to program once again to discuss everything Gulls related! First, we discuss the last two wins and who stood out in those home contests. Then, we discuss who could possibly be the goalie of the future? Is it Olle or Dostal? Finally, we address the Trevor Zegras benching situation and when he should be playing in San Diego this season. Also, we touch on some new college prospects possibly coming to Irvine soon!
46 min
Trevor Zegras Benched Again, What Should the Du...
20 min
Stolarz Coming Up Huge, and a First Review of T...
The Ducks swept their series in St. Louis... and how about Anthony Stolarz getting the primary apple for an overtime-winning goal? We talk about the Ducks/Gulls netminder for a bit. Finally, it's a first review of the new Disney+ series, "The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" and how this new series is already making some fans very happy!
23 min
Why It's Not So Bad Being a Ducks Fan, and Othe...
The Ducks lose another one-goal game at Minnesota... and Ryan Miller looking awful during the game. Also, we look at other news and notes around the NHL, and why it's not so bad being a Ducks fan compared to say... Buffalo? Also, a couple natural hat tricks are a rarity, TWO teams are now out from the upcoming Frozen Four tournament. How could that affect the draft stock?
25 min
Antoine Morand Traded Minutes After Scoring a Goal
The Ducks made an overnight trade... that mostly affects the San Diego Gulls! Mere minutes after Antoine Morand scored an empty net goal against the Ontario Reign, he gets traded to Tampa Bay. Who did the Ducks/Gulls receive in return? Also, we look back at the Gulls last three games and how they got back on track.
23 min
Four Ducks Enter COVID Protocol, and Draft Lott...
Four Anaheim Ducks players are now in COVID protocol, which means the taxi squad is put into use... and we play on! Also, the NHL's Draft Lottery is changing beginning this year. How this year's changes affect the Ducks, and why they should begin to fully embrace the tank.
25 min
Ducks Fall Without Max-imum Power
The Ducks fall once again to the Minnesota Wild, and they somehow manage to allow the worst power play unit to score on their man advantage. What went wrong in last night's game, who looked horrendous on defense, and where in the world is Max Comtois?
25 min
Ducks Fall Again, and Should We Have Fans Insid...
The Ducks lose to the Coyotes again, and they allow another hat trick. How much worse can it possibly get? Plus, is it worth the trouble to possibly bring fans back to the stands for only a handful of home games? Would you even attend? We look at the pros and cons of having fans back in the Honda Center during a lost season.
26 min
Hashtag Let the Kids Play!
Jamie Drysdale made his much anticipated NHL debut, and he didn't disappoint! With his best friend now joining the Anaheim Ducks, Trevor Zegras definitely felt inspired... how did he fare last night against the Yotes? Finally, the mailbag is open! JD answered several questions and comments... and why did we throw it back to 2017?
31 min
Gulls vs Roadrunners Crossover Preview (feat. R...
It's Gulls Thursday, and it's a preview of the upcoming Gulls/Roadrunners series with Rob Leaño (Locked On Coyotes). We go in depth with both rosters, their recent troubles, and who might come out on top this coming weekend. Also, who the heck is in goal for Tucson these days?!?
44 min
Anaheim Ducks Midseason Report Cards
The Ducks' Reverse Retro night didn't go over well as the Ducks allowed 8 goals in Colorado. Also, it's past the midway point of the season, and JD gives his mid-season grades for the Anaheim Ducks. How has the team done offensively as a whole? Are there any parts of the team that get a passing grade?
25 min
We are officially at that point of the season where the Ducks play is beyond words. Therefore, JD goes off about the Ducks poor play, suspended Twitter accounts, and churros.
19 min
The Sharks Are Coming To Town! (feat. JD Young)
It's been one year since the NHL paused play, and later cancelling the 2020 NHL season. We look back on one year since that fateful day. Plus, we are joined by JD Young (Locked On Sharks) to discuss the upcoming 2-game series against the Sharks. The two JDs also talk a little bit about the San Jose Barracuda and make their predictions on this weekend's games.
29 min
Oooh Barracuda Taking Down the Gulls
The San Diego Gulls get very acquainted with the San Jose Barracuda. The Gulls lose some key players either due to injury or a call-up to the big squad. Plus, we remember the one-year anniversary of the final Gulls game of 2020 before everything shut down.
23 min
Hockey Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions (feat....
It's all come down to this! Kyle Demetrius (Sharks), Laura Saba (Canadiens), and Trey Matthews (Devils) have earned the right to play in this "Hockey Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions. JD hosts this special event all while raising money for the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network in honor of Alex Trebek. The answers are a little tougher, a wacky category is FINALLY brought out, and a VERY dramatic ending makes this one a "can't miss" episode.
36 min
Overtime Winner, Zegras Benched Again, and Kemp...
The Anaheim Ducks had a WILD finish to last night's bizarre 6-5 victory which saw Max Comtois net three assists, Adam Henrique get the game winner, and Trevor Zegras getting benched... again. Finally, JD is joined by Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) once again to dissect what the heck happened. We also share our feelings about Adrian Kempe... OH NO!
43 min
The Losing Streak is Over Before the Freeway Fa...
The Ducks finally get a win over the weekend ending their losing streak at 9 games. Also, it's another Kings/Ducks crossover episode with Sarah Avampato (Locked On Kings) to discuss the upcoming two-game set between the SoCal hockey clubs struggling to gain some points in this shortened season. What predictions do they have for this week's games?
41 min
Eight Consecutive Losses, and the Mailbag Is Open!
What went right, and what went terrible wrong for the Ducks in their latest loss to the Blues? Plus, JD opens up the mailbag once again and answers a few questions. Plus, who out there doesn't like fun hockey??
22 min
The Gulls Finally Win On the Road! (feat. John ...
It's Gulls Thursday! First, JD talks about the two losses in Vegas. Then, John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) joins the program to talk about the Gulls victory over the Ontario Reign on Wednesday night. How good is Jamie Drysdale? Who else on this Gulls team has been impressive? Also, why do some people hate the Michigan, or lacrosse-style, goals?
42 min
Which Kids Are Performing, Who Could Be Traded?...
Josh Nowakowski (J Sports Podcast) returns to the podcast to talk about the recent woes of the Anaheim Ducks. We also discuss which kids are having themselves a season. Also, what should the Ducks do with Trevor Zegras? Finally, we discuss which Ducks should be traded amidst all the drama surrounding the team?
35 min
Seven Consecutive Losses...
The Anaheim Ducks have lost 7 straight, and they are a team in complete disarray... just like JD. They lose in embarrassing fashion to the Vegas Golden Knights, then they waste an Isac Lundeström hat trick in a 5-4 loss to St. Louis. The Ducks are truly singing the blues, and JD goes a bit off the rails. Is Trevor Zegras being wasted? What should the Ducks do with him?
31 min
The Ducks Blew a 3-Goal Lead... Again
The Anaheim Ducks managed to blow a 3-goal lead to the Arizona Coyotes for the second consecutive game. How did that happen? If Dallas Eakins wasn't in the hot seat before, he definitely is now. Do fans think he should get the boot immediately? Is there any way this can be fixed?
28 min
Gulls Drop Their First Games On the Road, and M...
It's Gulls Thursday! San Diego gets their first loss of the season on the road. Zegras put on an absolute show in Irvine over the weekend leading to his call-up, and a tough go in Vegas.
29 min
Eakins Should Let the Kids Play, and Outdoor Ga...
What changes could the Ducks do in the short-term to try and eke out a win or two in the coming days? How should the lines shift around? Also, JD is joined by Sarah Avampato (Locked On NHL) and Rob Leaño (Locked On Coyotes) to talk about the outdoor game, and how they would watch if they could get out on the lake!
27 min
Trevor Zegras' Debut Is a Muted One
The long awaited NHL debut of Trevor Zegras left Ducks fans scratching their heads because of the perceived benching of the young phenom. Why was Zegras seemingly benched during the 2nd period? Did Dallas Eakins just coach himself out of a job in Anaheim?
23 min
Henrique Drama, Trevor Zegras Gets the Call, an...
An interesting weekend took place in Orange County. Adam Henrique was waived, passed through waivers, then the big news... Trevor Zegras has finally been called up by the Anaheim Ducks! He will make his debut against the Arizona Coyotes, and Rob Leaño (Locked On Coyotes) comes on the podcast to discuss it all!
39 min
Mailbag Friday, and the Ducks Power Play Woes C...
The Anaheim Ducks ineptitude on the power play continued as the Minnesota Wild come to town. As the losses pile up, questions continue to re-emerge about when Trevor Zegras will finally be called up. SHOULD he be called up right now? JD answers that and several other questions in this week's mailbag episode!
31 min
Gulls Win Their 6th Straight, and Zegras Finall...
The San Diego Gulls have started the 2021 AHL season with a perfect 6-0 record, and still going! The Gulls were certainly tested against Colorado and Bakersfield, and opponents are finally zeroing in on Trevor Zegras. John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) joins the podcast to talk about the Gulls, gives his insight, and helps explain why the Ducks haven't called up Zegras or Jamie Drysdale yet. Also, we get on the Lukas Dostal train! Join us!
46 min
Hockey Jeopardy!, Pt. 8 (Feat. Rob Leaño, Jared...
Locked On Hockey Jeopardy! makes its triumphant return with Trey Matthews (Locked On Devils), Rob Leaño (Locked On Coyotes), Jared Ellis (Locked On Hurricanes) taking on the big board to help raise money for charity. In honor of Black History Month, today's charity is "Ice Hockey In Harlem," which is the hockey program that is featured in the "Willie" documentary. Who will come out on top, and who is ready to call out his next opponents?
35 min
Shark Bitten in San Jose, What Can Be Fixed?
The Ducks fell on their own sword at the SAP Center in San Jose. What self-inflicted wounds did they perform this time? Which line was the best, and what changes might need to be made in the lineup if the Ducks want to succeed this season?
22 min
John Gibson Should Not Be Traded, and Some Memo...
JD spends the majority of the podcast addressing the unfounded rumors that John Gibson could be traded... to the Pittsburgh Penguins? There are plenty of reasons why that would be a horrible idea for the Ducks, and some of the stats prove that. Also, JD shares a brief snippet of his last interview with Gabrielle Donatucci (For Pucks Sake Podcast).
25 min
Gibson Shuts Down Vegas, and Deslauriers Is a B...
The Ducks finish their road games in Vegas... and what in the world are the Golden Knights wearing?? John Gibson saves the day, the young guys get it done again. Finally, JD is joined by Gabrielle Donatucci (For Pucks Sake) to talk about their Corey Perry and Nicolas Deslauriers feelings. It's a fun way to end the week!
31 min
The Gulls Hot Start, A Last Second Victory, and...
In today's episode, it's our weekly look at the San Diego Gulls. They win their first two games thanks to Trevor Zegras' 5-point weekend, and then win in dramatic fashion against their biggest rivals, the Ontario Reign. Finally, JD tries his best to explain why it would be wise to let Zegras play a few more games in the AHL with the Gulls.
38 min
A Crazy Night In Vegas Leads to... No Postponem...
The Anaheim Ducks and Vegas Golden Knights played a wild game at T-Mobile Arena that ended in absolute heartbreak for the Ducks. Normally, that would be the end of the story, but there was so much more that happened after the game when Tomas Nosek tested positive for COVID-19... during the game. JD talks about the fallout, and the news that Thursday's game will not be postponed. Is this the right decision?
43 min
More COVID Postponements... What Are We Even Do...
With even more games cancelled, how should the NHL move forward? Should we reconsider the bubble for the NHL playoffs? Also, the Ducks travel to Vegas to take on the Golden Knights. How high should our expectations be for the Ducks this week?
24 min
A Wacky Weekend Full of Shootouts Against the S...
The Anaheim Ducks take three points from the San Jose Sharks... both in shootouts?!? How is that possible? Also, Friday was very unexpected as John Gibson gave up 5 goals, and the Ducks scored 4? JD breaks down what was working for the Ducks over the back-to-back, and what needs to change in order for this team to succeed this season.
30 min
The Sharks Are Coming, and the Mailbag Is Open!...
It's a special cross-over edition of the show with Kyle Demetrius (Locked On Sharks)! JD and Kyle discuss how each team has fared so far this season, why they are so bad defensively, and some goalie talk. We also give some predictions for this weekend's back-to-back set and have a little fun with them. Finally, JD opens up the mailbag and answered some great questions from the loyal listeners!
42 min
The AHL's Western Division Loses a Team, Schedu...
The Stockton Heat are removed from the AHL's West Division, and that causes a shakeup in the schedules, including the San Diego Gulls. Also, the Ducks announce a couple schedule changes of their own for this month. Finally, the NWHL is forced to suspend the rest of their 2021 Isobel Cup playoffs due to COVID.
22 min
Nic Deslauriers Nets Another Hat Trick (feat. S...
Nic Deslauriers leads the Ducks to a dominating victory over the LA Kings with a rare Gordie Howe Hat Trick. Just how dominating was this performance? Is this a residue of the Ducks showing improvement, or are the Kings simply that bad? Also, JD and Sarah respond to some listener comments!
27 min
Ducks vs Kings Crossover Preview! (feat. Sarah ...
It's another crossover with Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) as we preview tonight's first chapter of the 2021 Freeway Face-off between the Kings and the Ducks. We discuss which prospects down on the AHL could help each team RIGHT NOW. Also, will we see a fight tonight? If so, who is likely to drop the gloves? Finally, we actually provide a preview and give our score predictions. Oh, and funny hats.
46 min
Ducks Sing the Blues, Henrique Benched, and AHL...
In today's crossover episode, Sarah Avampato (Locked On NHL) joins the podcast to talk about the Ducks' awful play against St. Louis. She also discusses the benching of Adam Henrique and possible trade rumors. Finally, we talk some minor league hockey taking place in Southern California!
42 min
John Gibson Puts Up a Fighting Performance
The Ducks earn a split in Arizona, the power play FINALLY comes through, but John Gibson is still ticked off. Finally, a preview of this weekend's back-to-back set against the Blues. Can the offense possibly wake up this weekend?
25 min
Let's Talk... About the AHL, Tonight's Game, an...
The Stockton Heat are no longer playing in the Pacific Division, and will relocate all games to Canada. How does this affect the San Diego Gulls? Also, a preview of tonight's game in Arizona, and some other odds and ends from around the hockey world.
23 min
John Gibson and the Power of the Kobe Mask
John Gibson provides another shutout performance, this time in the Valley of the Sun. How impressive was this performance? How great is he compared to the league average? Also, which Ducks looked good on Tuesday night's 1-0 victory aside from John Gibson?
24 min
John Gibson Earns Third Star Honors, and a Kobe...
The Anaheim Ducks steal three points from the mighty Colorado Avalanche. How did they pull this off? Also, John Gibson is named the NHL's 3rd Star of the Week. We'll talk about how Gibby has been saving the Ducks so far this season, and why he should be considered a Vezina Trophy candidate. Finally, JD looks back on the life of Kobe Bryant on the 1-year anniversary of his tragic passing.
32 min
The Avalanche Are Coming to Town, and the Frida...
In this Friday edition, it's both a crossover special AND a mailbag episode! First, Chris Micieli (Locked On Avalanche) joins the program to preview this weekend's two-game set between Colorado and Anaheim. We discuss which lines are performing the best, and who could provide the bulk of the scoring this weekend at the Ponda. Also, JD and Chris make their predictions for both games. Finally, JD opens up the mailbag and answers some questions, one of which relates to some injury news involving the Ducks' defense. Also, a great question about why there are seemingly more left-handed shots in the NHL these days.
38 min
The Ducks Special Teams Falter, Zegras Debuts i...
The Ducks special teams woes continue in a 3-2 loss to the Minnesota Wild. Also, Trevor Zegras makes his preseason debut with the San Diego Gulls. How did he do? Also, we pay tribute to this year's 21st Duck, Angelique Fong.
23 min
John Gibson Saves the Day, and the Elite 1C Des...
The Anaheim Ducks net their first win of the season thanks in large part to a stellar performance from John Gibson. Who else played a key role in the victory, and we give some love to the #Elite1C who played a big part in that game-winning goal.
23 min
Leaving Las Vegas With One Point
The Ducks lose a heart breaker in Vegas... this is nothing new. Who were the best Ducks players on the ice? Who was both impressive and the complete opposite in the same game? Why is the Ducks power play so awful again? Also, the Gulls will have to wait to play their first exhibition game, unfortunately...
28 min
Let the Kids Play! Ducks Fall on Opening Night
After 309 days, the Anaheim Ducks finally played a meaningful game... to the stacked Golden Knights. How did the Ducks manage to hang with them for 40 minutes? Is there anything they can do to try and pull off a victory on Saturday against this same team?
24 min
Opening Night Is Finally Here!
The wait is finally over. After ten long months, Anaheim Ducks hockey is finally back with some meaningful games. The first game roster is set. Who made the 20-man team? Also, the 6-man "taxi squad" is also set. Finally, we meet the Golden Knights and make some predictions for the Ducks' upcoming season. Where will they finish in the standings? Who will reach a special milestone this season?
26 min
Zegras Goes to Gulls Camp, Willie O' Ree Honore...
Trevor Zegras is sent down to begin the season with the Gulls. How does he slot in with the rest of that squad? Also, Willie O' Ree is honored once again with another number retirement; this time, in the NHL. Finally, today is the official start of the NHL hockey season! A couple predictions are made in this one...
21 min
Should Zegras Play in the NHL Now?
With Jamie Drysdale and Trevor Zegras back in southern California, the biggest question of the past 48 hours is: Should Trevor Zegras be on the Anaheim Ducks' opening day roster? JD Hernandez explains why bringing him up immediately may not be such a great idea... for now. Also, the Ducks let Christian Djoos go on waivers, and this does not make management look good at all.
25 min
The Young Defensive Corps Could Be the Future, ...
JD breaks down some advanced defensive stats for the Ducks prospects at the WJC. Also, Anthony Stolarz signs an extension with the Ducks. How smart is this move? Also, a bit of a roster shakeup with several players on that list. Could this simply be a cap space move?
23 min
Addressing the Unrest in the US, and Zegras' Ma...
JD Hernandez begins the podcast by addressing the unfortunate events that took place in our nation's capital. Also, Ducks' coach Dallas Eakins responds with some scathing words about the riots, and other players also respond. Finally, JD talks about another dimension to Trevor Zegras' game that isn't getting talked about quite as much as his scoring prowess.
22 min
Ze-Gras Is Golden On Z Other Side
DISCLAIMER: This was recorded the night of January 5th, before the events in Washington, D.C.** Team USA Wins the Gold Medal at the World Juniors! How did they do it? How big a role did the Ducks star prospect, Trevor Zegras, play in this final game? JD breaks down the final game of this year's tournament. He also points out just how precise his predictions were. Finally, is Trevor Zegras ready to play in the NHL right now?
31 min
The Arty Party Keeps the US Alive, and a Gold M...
Somehow, the US team survived against Finland in their semifinal match... and it was spectacular! How did the Americans nearly let it slip away? Also, the return of "Charlie" leaves one commentator reaching for the earplugs. Finally, the BIG question... how in the world can the boys from the States somehow defeat the mighty Canadian squad? JD explains that there is a way this could happen... maybe.
26 min
We're Officially Back! World Juniors Quarters, ...
It's the official second season premiere of "Locked On Anaheim Ducks!" As we look back on the amazing US play led by Trevor Zegras at the World Junior Championships, both the US and Canada play big semifinal games Monday night. Could we see these two countries play for the Gold Medal on Tuesday?
24 min
The US dominates, Zegras Comparisons, and WJC P...
How did the US fare in their final game of pool play? Also, JD dives into who he thinks is a fair player comparison to Trevor Zegras, and why simply comparing him to a fellow teammate is just... lazy. Plus, we look ahead to the upcoming quarterfinal schedule and make some predictions.
27 min
A Locked On Ducks 2020 Retrospective
It's a bonus episode! A look back at some of the best moments of this podcast, the wonderful guests, the hilarious moments, and more! This features clips from some of the best (and most listened to) episodes from the year that was.
40 min
Massive AHL Updates, and Zegras Taking Over the...
A slew of news came out regarding the start of the American Hockey League. How will the NHL's Return to Play protocols affect the top developmental hockey league? Plus, Trevor Zegras is completely dominating the World Juniors right now. How is he doing it? What are some of the keys to his game? How monumentally important is the next game?
40 min
Matters of the Heart, and Let the Kids Play!
In this quick-hits episode, JD catches up on the Oilers and if we should even be playing. Also, news on Henrik Lundqvist and his upcoming surgery... should he play any more? Finally, JD bemoans the fact that some fans want teams like Austria out of the WJC. He explains why those fans are in the wrong.
19 min
'Twas the Night Before Hockey Christmas 2020 (f...
Happy holidays, everyone! Join Jason Hernandez and Sarah Avampato in this bonus episode as they present this year's version of the classic poem, "Twas the Night Before Christmas" with a hockey twist. How in the world did JD make all those names rhyme? Listen... and find out. Enjoy!
4 min
Ducks Schedule Released, and Ryan Miller Stays ...
The Anaheim Ducks have released their full 56-game schedule for the upcoming 2021 season. JD breaks down some of the details on the schedule. Also, Ryan Miller re-signs with the Ducks for, presumably, one more season. Where does he rank among the all-time greatest net minders? Is he a Hall of Fame caliber player?
17 min
Should We Play? An In-Depth Look at the ECHL's ...
In this special episode, Sarah Avampato (Locked On NHL) and JD take a very deep dive into how the ECHL is dealing with the COVID era in hockey. They explore how COVID-19 affects the heart, and why this is especially important for hockey players. They also go in-depth into which teams are taking the virus more seriously, and how some teams are still trying to make the fan experience as cheerful as possible around the holidays. Are there any lessons the AHL or the NHL can learn from those 13 ECHL teams that are currently operating? Which team is operating... at full capacity?
47 min
AHL Musings & Mighty Ducks Reboot Talk! (feat. ...
On this episode, JD begins by explaining how an AHL season could possibly function in this pandemic era. Where would teams play? Who could opt out? Finally, Sie Morley (Anaheim Calling) joins the program once again to talk about... the "Mighty Ducks: Game Changers" coming out in 2021! What did we like about the trailer? What are we looking forward to? Should the Ducks be considered the "enemy" in this upcoming series?
36 min
Taxi Squads, Playoff Formats, and Hockey Gambli...
Sarah Avampato (Locked On Kings) joins the party on this super-show to talk about how taxi squads will affect the SoCal hockey teams and their salary cap flexibility because of it. They also talk about the playoff formats and how this benefits Canada the most! Finally, JD educates Sarah and the general audience by explaining how online sports gambling works as we welcome our newest sponsor, betonline.ag to the Locked On Podcast Network!
47 min
More On the Upcoming Season, and Baby Ducks in ...
Sie Morley (Anaheim Calling) joins the program to talk about the fallout from last night's breaking news of the season coming back next month. We also talk about the Ducks prospects playing in the WJC this year with a focus on the USA and Canada teams. Which team will come out victorious? JD also makes a bold prediction towards the very end of the podcast!
33 min
The NHL Is Coming Back! (feat. Michael Distefano)
BREAKING NEWS! The NHL and the NHLPA announced the agreement on a 56-game schedule to start in mid-January. Michael Distefano (TSN 1050 Toronto, Locked On Leafs) joins the program to break everything down from divisional alignments, health and safety protocols, training camps, how the AHL is affected with the creation of taxi squads... and the possible playoff format.
42 min
All-Canada NHL Division in... Jeopardy!
Could the All-Canadian division be in jeopardy? With further looming restrictions, the 7 Canadian teams could be forced to play in the US for the upcoming season. Also, decals on helmets, positive cases within the WJC's German team, and Alex Trebek playing hockey on Jeopardy!
32 min
Tulsa Nets Their 1st Victory, King Henrik, and ...
The Tulsa Oilers net their first victory of the season with the help of Ducks prospect, Maxim Golod. How will he help the team, what does he bring to the table? Also, some sad news in the NHL as Henrik Lundqvist must opt out of the season due to a heart condition. Finally, some breaking news in the ECHL involving the Tulsa Oilers? Uh oh...
25 min
All About Prospects and the WJC Rosters Announced
In this special Saturday edition, JD looks at how the Tulsa Oilers fared in their season opener, and looks at the rosters for the 2021 WJC, and which Ducks prospects made it. Also, which prospects will play an important role in this year's World Juniors set to take place in Edmonton?
31 min
The Mighty Ducks Are Back!
First, JD talks a little bit about the proposed divisional realignments for both the NHL and the AHL. Finally, the big segment of today's podcast is all about the reboot of "The Mighty Ducks" franchise! Coach Bombay is back in a new series as the first trailer dropped this weekend on Disney+... how does this new series look? Why should you watch it? How sick are those redesigned jerseys?
24 min
ECHL Happenings, and the NHL Returning Soon?
JD returns to talk about 3 more teams opting out of the upcoming ECHL season. Also, with new reports coming out that the NHL has set a new target date of January 13th, how much more needs to be done to reach that target date? Finally, what about those 7 teams that didn't make the bubble earlier this year? How much of a disadvantage are those teams in?
28 min
Could Outdoor Hockey Really Be Coming to Southe...
The NHL has a new target date to start, which means fewer games than expected... if it starts. Also, could we see outdoor hockey in SoCal for the upcoming 2021 season? What other cities would be ideal for hosting regular season NHL games?
21 min
Which NHL Fighter Could Take On Jake Paul? (fea...
We're back! JD catches up with some news about the latest jobs cuts within the Ducks organization. Plus, Taylor Blake Ward joins the program to talk about... NHL enforcers who could take on Jake Paul. Which players could possibly go 8 rounds in the boxing ring?
32 min
Jersey Talk and Forum Blue Education (with Sara...
We have another bonus episode, this time with Sarah Avampato (Locked On LA Kings) to talk about jerseys! We go into our closets to share some of our favorite threads, the jerseys that have eluded us... and a brief history lesson on why the old school Kings (and Lakers) colors were called "Forum Blue and Gold" instead of purple and yellow.
27 min
Reverse Retro Jersey Talk BONUS! (with Paul Fer...
We're back with a bonus episode talking about the just-released "Reverse Retro" jerseys with jerseyhead, Paul Fernando (borsche28). We talk about the Ducks' Wild Wing remix, and also discuss which jerseys are a hit, and which ones are a miss (and how they could have been improved).
40 min
At Season's End (For Locked On Ducks)
This is the season finale for the "Locked On Ducks" podcast as JD takes a break from regular programming. A special thank you to fellow hosts on the network, and the continued support from fans and listeners... thank you very much. Be sure to subscribe because before you know it, "Locked On Ducks" will return with regular episodes soon!
14 min
Delayed Start for the AHL and the Ripple Effects
The new target date for the AHL's return to play is February 5th. How does this affect the Ducks? How does this affect the prospects currently playing overseas? What about the other teams in the division that may be removed from the Pacific Division? Are we now at do-or-die time for the league? Also, how does this affect the 2021-22 season?
29 min
The Dodgers Are World Series Champions!
The Dodgers won the World Series last night. How did they do it? Who deserved to win the MVP award? Also, HOW did Rob Manfred screw things up with regards to COVID-19? How did he become more hated than... Gary Bettman?!?
17 min
A Fiery Start to the Week
First, JD talks about the troubles in Arizona and their questionable draft choice, Mitchell Miller. What kind of affect could this have on the league, and will he be safe from the rest of the league? Finally, JD address the very real conditions in Orange County and the Inland Empire. How are the fires affecting someone in the Ducks family?
16 min
Lukas Dostal and Other Prospects!
It's Saturday Night! JD talks about some of the prospects currently playing either in the USHL or overseas. Finally, the majority of the podcast features some Lukas Dostal talk including some insight from Catherine Silverman (Elite Prospects) and review some of his recent games. How good is this kid going to be? What does he need to work on? How soon should we expect to see him in playing in SoCal?
33 min
Big NHL Events Postponed, Mailbag Friday!
The NHL announced that the Winter Classic and All-Star Game has been postponed to next year. Why is this the right decision? Also, the mailbag is open... and one of those questions actually has to do with the All-Star Game and which recent expansion city will likely get the ASG first?
24 min
Ducks, Dostal, and Dodgers!
The Ducks may return to the ice sooner than most other teams, why is that? Also, how is hockey going across the Atlantic with Lukas Dostal? Finally, a brief description of the Dodgers Watch Party at the Ravine.
24 min
WJC Schedule and Teams Announced!
First, JD talks about another team not participating in the upcoming ECHL season. The big story is the World Junior Championship schedule has been announced! Which Ducks prospects should we expect to see play in the Edmonton WJC bubble?
19 min
Doc Emrick Retires, and the Dodgers Win the Pen...
JD starts off the program by expressing his joy that the Dodgers won the pennant and are on their way to the World Series! The majority of time is spent on the news that Doc Emrick announced his retirement from announcing after decades of amazing calls. The final portion is about Doc's amazement during Game 5 of the 2007 Cup Final, and a bizarre goal that left Doc speechless.
23 min