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Welcome to the "Locked On Anaheim Ducks Podcast," your daily stop for Orange County's favorite hockey team, the Anaheim Ducks. Hosted by Jason "J.D." Hernandez, we are seeing a new age of Ducks hockey with Greg Cronin as the new coach, and a slew of talented prospects ready to take the hockey world by storm. Follow along with special guests, a weekly look into the Ducks' AHL affiliate, the San Diego Gulls, and much more while enjoying some beautiful SoCal weather... and excellent food. Locked On Ducks is part of the Locked On Podcast Network.

What If the Ducks Went After A Super Swede In t...
Is there a parallel world where the Ducks do NOT take Adam Fantilli with the second pick in the 2023 NHL Draft? JD Hernandez explores that world where the Ducks could explore taking the top-rated European skater, Leo Carlsson. There are a plethora of reasons why the Ducks could explore Leo in the draft, and why the powers that be should not sleep on him. Also, what makes Carlsson so endearing?
21 min
Anaheim Lands the #2 Pick in the Draft Lottery
The NHL Draft Lottery took place in New Jersey... and the Anaheim Ducks, who had the best odds to win the Bedard sweepstakes, missed out on the grand prize and settles for the #2 pick. JD Hernandez (who is two glasses deep as of this recording) starts off with some positives about the Ducks getting the 2nd overall pick, and likely drafting Adam Fantilli in the NHL Draft. However, as the episode wears on, patience begins to run a little thin...
30 min
Anaheim Ducks land 2nd-overall pick in NHL Draf...
7 min
Happy Comeback On Katella Day!
It is time to celebrate a holiday of sorts for Ducks fans. It has now been 6 years since the iconic "Comeback On Katella" took place against the Edmonton Oilers. JD Hernandez looks back on that incredible comeback and waxes poetic about a time when the Ducks were relevant. Several key figures of that game are no longer with the team, what was their impact that season, and what exactly happened with the team since then?
23 min
Possible Free Agent Targets... From Canada?
With the NHL playoffs in full swing and the off-season fast approaching, JD Hernandez looks at some more possible free agents to look out for. This time, we head up north to look at some UFAs that will surely be on the move. In particular, a couple wingers from Toronto that might be looking for some money that the Leafs cannot afford. Also, it's time to celebrate Star Wars, and JD gives his take on probably the most underrated film in the franchise.
24 min
NHL Changes Playoff Schedule, Delays NHL Draft ...
Another former Duck was a huge hero in the takedown of the Boston Bruins. JD Hernandez waxes poetic about more former Ducks at the outset. Meanwhile, the NHL decided to change their playoff schedule most notably affecting the Vegas/Edmonton series... and the NHL Draft Lottery?!? What gives?
22 min
Former Ducks Still In the Playoffs, Should Core...
The first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs was wild, including one of the most stunning upsets in NHL playoff history. Which former Duck was part of that series, and was he partially responsible for that monumental collapse? Also, JD Hernandez makes 2nd round picks, and finally talks about Corey Perry. Should he come back to Anaheim for one more season... just for old time's sake?
27 min
Off The Cuff Time! We Miss the California Gauntlet
JD Hernandez is going off-the-cuff with this episode! The Ducks draft lottery is coming... and it is NOT cursed. Also, who else misses the California Gauntlet?
26 min
Hope Is On the Horizon For the Ducks Defense!
The Anaheim Ducks defense couldn't possibly get any worse than last season. Fortunately, there is help coming soon as JD Hernandez looks at four defensive prospects working their way through the CHL Playoffs. Where could they each wind up in the coming years, and how can they contribute to both the Ducks and Gulls in the long-term?
23 min
Gulls Thursday Finale: New Coach Brings Hope Fo...
It's the final Gulls Thursday of the 2022-23 season, and we come in the news that the San Diego Gulls hired a new head coach! JD Hernandez and John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) talk about Matt McIlvane a bit, then give the fans some hope as new prospects are on the horizon. Not all of these super prospects, however, will wind up with the Ducks... which means some of them could be thriving in San Diego in the near future!
35 min
Could History Be On the Ducks Side For the Draf...
The 2023 NHL Draft Lottery is quickly approaching. JD Hernandez looks at history of the lottery as a whole, and how often the team with the worst record kept its #1 overall draft pick. Does the current format favor the Ducks more than it used to? Plus, how could this particular lottery have a major ripple effect on the rest of the league?
26 min
The Defense Of John Gibson
A certain host on TLOPN may have implied that John Gibson is "washed up" and not worth trading for. JD Hernandez comes to the defense of John Gibson and explains that there is more than meets the eye with some of these analytics. Gibson's perceived poor play is the result of some historically bad defense, but how much work did he really go through? Is John Gibson still an elite goaltender, and should he be part of the Ducks' future?
25 min
The Mailbag Is Finally Open, and Several Questi...
It's been too long since we had a mailbag episode, and JD Hernandez answered the multitude of questions that are on the minds of the fans. Which players will stick around, are the top-3 draft prospects franchise-altering players, and which players could be possible trade bait both this off-season, and possibly next season?
28 min
Former Ducks In the Stanley Cup Playoffs & Pred...
Which former Ducks will be competing to win the Stanley Cup? JD Hernandez talks about several of the players that used to wear a Ducks sweater currently in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Will Corey Perry finally get his first Cup in 16 years? Also, there is a common theme in certain players that have left the Ducks that are now THRIVING in their new homes... maybe one of them will get a ring. Also, JD makes some first round predictions, and maybe a little bit of chaos is ahead?
25 min
What Went Wrong For the Gulls This Season? (Fea...
It's the final episodes of Gulls Thursday for the season, and we've got a lot to cover! Thus, JD Hernandez brought on John Broadbent (Defend the Nest) to break down everything that happened and what exactly went wrong. It wouldn't be a season-in-review episode without talking about all the injuries that took place, and the awful finish to the season. Which players did not step up, and who took a step back compared to the previous season, and was this team as historically bad as their NHL counterpart, the Ducks?
38 min
Juniors Prospects Playing Into May... and June?
With no Ducks hockey on the horizon, JD Hernandez looks at the stellar prospects playing in the CHL right now... and how far they will go in the playoffs. Olen Zellweger continues to put up some monster numbers indicating that he is ready for the NHL now. Can he make it to the WHL championships? How about Sasha Pastojov? Will he continue to develop to the point that he might be competing for a roster spot in Anaheim next year... or will San Diego be a likely target?
26 min
Looking At The Ducks 2022-23 Season By the Numbers
It's that time of the year... unfortunately. JD Hernandez breaks down the Anaheim Ducks' 2022-23 season by the numbers, and there are some particularly ugly numbers for this past season. What does 323.64 and 1371 have to do with how bad the Ducks were this campaign? Which player's numbers support how hard they tried and how good they were at times? Finally, what numbers will give hope to the Ducks next season? Also, the mailbag is open! E-mail JD at lockedonanaheimducks@gmail.com to send in your questions for later this week!
31 min
Dallas Eakins Is Officially Out As Ducks Head C...
Official word came down the day after the Ducks final game that the contract of Dallas Eakins would NOT be renewed, and that means Anaheim will begin the search for a new head coach. JD Hernandez reflects on the past 8 years of Dallas Eakins in the Ducks organization, where it all went wrong, and how his legacy would be defined. Also, we look ahead to the future...
21 min
Ducks Lose 13 In A Row To Finish Season, Secure...
The 2022-2023 Anaheim Ducks season has mercifully come to an end, and they cross the finish line with 13 consecutive losses. However, the huge silver lining is that the Ducks secure the best odds to land Connor Bedard with the #1 pick. JD Hernandez breaks down what happened in the finale with the Los Angeles Kings, and which player continues to torture John Gibson? Also, there were some bad looks in the finale... what could that mean for certain players in the future?
27 min
New Coaching On the Horizon in San Diego
With the San Diego Gulls season drawing to a close, Roy Sommer made the announcement on the home finale that he would not be returning as coach. JD Hernandez explores how we got here in the first place, and what has gone wrong for the Gulls to get their 4th coach in 4 seasons. Also, the worst team in the AHL squandered leads against the best team in the AHL (as of this recording), and it's the same story again.
29 min
It's A Dozen Consecutive Losses For Anaheim, Le...
The Anaheim Ducks put up one of their best efforts of the season, but it was not enough to defeat the lowly Vancouver Canucks. It was all about the kids in this game as Jackson LaCombe made his NHL debut, Drew Helleson notched his first NHL goal, and Mason McTavish showed why he will be a menace to opposing teams for years to come... until he got injured and didn't return. JD Hernandez breaks down the 12th straight loss for the Ducks, and talks about how close the Ducks are to possible landing the best Bedard odds.
28 min
Ducks Break A New Record... and It's Ugly
The Anaheim Ducks just set a new shots against record over the weekend, and this is the cherry on top of another lost season. JD Hernandez explains what the record signifies and how we got to this point. Also, Cam Fowler set an all-time NHL record... and it wasn't pretty either. Even worse, the Ducks blew late third-period leads in consecutive games that has been a terrible pattern in the Dallas Eakins era.
24 min
Trying To Find Optimism In San Diego For Next S...
The AHL regular season is drawing to a conclusion, and the San Diego Gulls have clinched the worst record in the league. JD Hernandez looks onward to next season and what Gulls fans should feel optimistic about. Which players could make an impact, and who will likely wind up with Anaheim instead? Also, the veterans are getting the job done in Iowa!
23 min
Inching Closer To A Record As Dostal Can't Hang On
The Ducks losing streak continues as the Oilers are victorious in Anaheim... not behind McDavid?? A dubious record is now within reach... how bad can it get? Also, Lukas Dostal was stellar in net and should not shoulder ANY of the blame for the loss. JD Hernandez explains how terrific the netminder was, and how he was the best player of the night.
22 min
Defense? What Defense? Ducks Downed In Alberta
The Anaheim Ducks' defensive woes continue as they lose a pair of games to the Oilers and Flames. JD Hernandez is back to talk about just how close the Ducks are to achieving (?) some more history. They allowed a plethora of shots against two hot teams, and the goalies have done yeoman's work of keeping the Ducks in games... despite the poor defense.
23 min